My Housekeeper Chapter 1.1

'Rich Know-All Manpower Assignment Company' was supposed to be a company, but it only rented a floor in a building as an office, with less than five personnel working inside. The other assigned workers of the company were old mothers who wanted to earn part-time money or consisted of college students. As long as there was a commission from the employer and the price was reasonable, the company's boss would pick suitable candidates and contact the employer.

In the office, the boss was solemnly reading the commission application form faxed by the employer. When she saw the high salary offered by the other party, her eyes suddenly lit up. She didn't want to let go of this excellent job, and she already had a suitable candidate in her heart.

"Xiaoya, come in here for a minute." The boss dialled the inside connection and called the candidate of her choice into the office.

"What can I do for you, Boss?" Qiu Xiaoya knocked on the door outside. She didn't come into the office until she got a response from inside and respectfully stood in front of the boss's desk.

"Xiaoya, didn't I tell you that you don't have to be so polite when only the two of us are here? After all, I am your cousin." The boss—also known as Huang Shuyuan—looked at the girl she practically raised with a helpless smile on the corners of her mouth.

Xiaoya's parents divorced when she was ten years old, and none of her parents was willing to bring her to their side when they remarried. Thus, Xiaoya was kicked around like a ball until her paternal aunt, who couldn't stand by and watch, finally adopted her. Except that her aunt and her husband had been abroad all year long. As a result, the responsibility for taking care of her fell heavily on her older female cousin, who was fifteen years older than her.

"But you are also my boss." She should not abandon courtesy. In private, since they were cousins, they could joke and play freely. However, while they were in the company, she would maintain respect for her since she was still her boss. [+]

"You, ah...just forget it! I called you in because I want you to take this housekeeper job." After all, being a family member who had lived with her since childhood, Huang Shuyuan knew her temper very well. Therefore, she stopped trying to persuade her and handed her the fax in her hand.

"These are the terms and conditions for hiring a housekeeper this time. The salary offered by the employer is for a fixed period of six months. Although one has to wait for orders all day long and only has one day off in a month, the offered monthly salary is at a high price of 80,000. I've thought about it, and I think you're the only person in the company who's best suited for the job."

The employer required a housekeeper who was a good cook, had ways to turn a pigsty into a clean environment on short notice, could stand on one's own feet, possessed a sense of responsibility...and most importantly, had no intention of climbing onto the employer's bed. This was a point not written on the fax but mentioned by the other party when they talked on the phone.

Huang Shuyuan looked at Qiu Xiaoya, who was reading the fax carefully. Every job Xiaoya took, she would always do it to her employer's satisfaction, and some even asked her directly for a job after being suggested by others. As a result, she believed Xiaoya could meet this new employer's requirements.

Kaohsiung or Gaoxiong of Taiwan.
Image Credit| Taiwanese Secret
"The location is in Kaohsiung?" Qiu Xiaoya raised her perfectly manicured eyebrows after reading the contents of the fax one by one.

She didn't believe the employer couldn't find a housekeeper in Kaohsiung. In that case, why did the other party seek from afar what lay close at hand by seeking their company?

"Yes, the employer this time is the General Manager of Kaohsiung Hanying Group——Han Yinglei, and I have been approached by the General Manager Han's secretary——Secretary Xu. I heard that they had called several housekeepers. As a result, those housekeepers were blamed for climbing onto the rich, handsome General Manager Han's bed, or they could not meet his one has been able to stay there for more than one month. That's the reason why they have come to our company." Huang Shuyuan was aware of the doubts expressed in Qiu Xiaoya's words. That was why she had to explain it clearly to her.

She didn't know how handsome Han Yinglei was, but she was clear about Xiaoya's idea of surrendering herself only to her husband. In addition, Xiaoya demanded perfection for herself and others. It wasn't that she wanted to be like when Old Wang sold melons and praised his goods, but she truly believed that this job belonged to Xiaoya!

"Oh." Qiu Xiaoya was piqued by the description of her boss' words, as her lips that had been coated with lip gloss perked up slightly.

At first, she only worked in this workforce assignment company run by her elder cousin to help her. However, after seeing the challenge in this job, she gradually became interested and gained achievements and fun from completing it.

Instead of being worried, she was happy to hear she had such a demanding employer. It was because this represented another challenge for her to deal with.

"Although Secretary Xu said that he has to conduct an interview first with the person sent by our company, Xiaoya, I really believe you can do it."

"Okay." Qiu Xiaoya nodded her head as a response after thinking deeply about it.

"Since you agreed, I'll contact them immediately and tell you the departure time." Hearing her positive response, Huang Shuyuan followed with a smile.

"Boss, I'll go out first, then." Since the matter had been concluded, Qiu Xiaoya politely excused herself.

When Huang Shuyuan finally nodded, she gracefully exited the office while her head began to think about the preparations for her work in Kaohsiung…

Noob Translator's Musing

It seems like Kaohsiung is an exciting place to visit...based on this video by Expedia at least.


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