My Housekeeper Chapter 1.3

Qiu Xiaoya didn't think that she would pass the interview because she was getting sick of the house's mess and cooking some dinner!

As she thought till here, Qiu Xiaoya, who successfully passed the interview with Secretary Xu, couldn't help but smile. However, she had lived here for two days but hadn't seen her real boss——Han Yinglei. The whole house seemed to have become her own, which made her suddenly feel that this housekeeper job was much easier than she had imagined!

Secretary Xu said that Han Yinglei was a workaholic. Sometimes when he was busy with work, he simply slept in the company and didn't return home. No wonder Hanying Group's turnover had risen since he took over as the general manager. Since a boss would fight this hard, his subordinates didn't dare to be lazy!

However, she seemed to be considered Han Yinglei's subordinate, but she was somehow a bit idle. If Han Yinglei never came home, it would appear like a bit of a cheat for her to charge someone 80,000 NTD a month…

Every time Qiu Xiaoya did a job, she would do her best to do it well, but she didn't like to take advantage of other people, so maybe she should just talk to Secretary Xu another day…

While thinking about it, she habitually patrolled the doors, windows and gas inside the house before going to bed. Even though she knew that Tianhai Pavilion's maintenance was first-class, she still ensured that all the doors were closed. She yawned and went into the guest room, where she would stay for half a year, as she got ready for bed.

After she had just changed into her pyjamas and was lying on the bed, a sudden noise caught her attention. She immediately jumped up, and when she could not find anything that could be used as a weapon, she grabbed a random wooden hanger and carefully walked to the room door, with her entire nerves tensed.

With her ear pressed against the door, she could hear someone moving around, and her heart began to beat faster. Her head muddled together, unable to think at all. She had forgotten that she now lived on the fifteenth floor. Everyone who wanted to enter the house had to go through a cumbersome identification system that identified no more than three people who could enter or leave the house.

What to do? What to do? She had only been living here for two days. How could she encounter someone trying to break into the house? If something was stolen, what should she tell Han Yinglei when he returned? She hadn't figured out how she should deal with the people walking outside when the door against her body was suddenly pushed open——

"Ah——" Her first reaction was to scream, and her second was to hit the person who opened the door with the wooden hanger in her hand.

"Who is it?" He didn't expect that someone from inside would hit him with a hanger when the door was opened. When he felt an aching pain in his shoulder, Han Yinglei quickly turned on the light and took the hanger away. A noob translator きつね translated this noob translation. Please read this chapter at

"You crazy woman! Who are you? What are you doing in my house?" As soon as he got home, he only wanted to go back to his room to take a shower when he heard a noise coming from the guest room. He was the one who built the Tianhai Pavilion, and he had high faith in the building's designed identification system. He thought that if there were someone in the guest room, it wouldn't be some kind of burglar who broke into the house. Thus, he had opened the door without any precautions…

Han Yinglei stared irritatedly at the woman in front of him. With his shoulder faintly hurt from being hit by the hanger, his face looked even more horrifying.

"Your home!?" Her only self-defence weapon had been taken away, and Qiu Xiaoya immediately fell to the ground with a blank mind. Her trance mind had difficulty catching up with his last words as she stared up at the man for a while.

"This is nonsense!" Han Yinglei stretched out his hand to soften the place where he had been hit. His unhappy tone could clearly be heard.

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In front of him, the woman wearing cotton-padded clothes and pants as her pyjamas had a pitiful face, but he did not have the slightest pity for her. Except that he had suspicion while guessing her identity.

"You... you're Han Yinglei?" With her frightened heart still hadn't calmed down and her still livid face, Qiu Xiaoya stuttered a bit.

"Crazy woman, who are you?" Han Yinglei's chin was slightly raised, and he looked at her condescendingly, with no intention of pulling anyone up.

"I'm Qiu Xiaoya, your new housekeeper." Once she knew that the man in front of her was not the thief she initially thought, Qiu Xiaoya quietly breathed a sigh of relief, only to remember that she had seemed to hit him just a moment ago…

She stole a glance at his still ugly face and dropped her small face before she tried to apologise, but he spoke before her——

"Housekeeper? It just so happens that I'm hungry, woman. Go get me something to eat." When he heard her claim to be his housekeeper, his work-filled brain just remembered that Secretary Xu had mentioned that he had found a housekeeper for him.

Although she committed the following crime of beating him with a hanger, he didn't want to argue with her when he saw that she was still scared. It was more important to fill his stomach first.

"General Manager Han, I'm sorry, my name is Qiu Xiaoya. So please don't call me 'woman' in such a rude tone." She frowned and swallowed her words of apology. Instead, she corrected his rude name-calling.

"Woman, you are my housekeeper. Hence you should just be obedient." Her soft protest had no lethality, and Han Yinglei's expression remained the same as he turned away after leaving her with his words.

"How can a person act like this..." muttered Qiu Xiaoya as she watched his back as he left, but she knew full well that if she still wanted the housekeeper job, she was bound to have to meet the big boss's demands. She wasn't foolish enough to think that by leaving, he was abandoning his side of the bargain!

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After Qiu Xiaoya replaced her pyjamas with more formal clothes, she walked out of the room and entered the living room. At first glance, she saw Han Yinglei take off his coat and rub the red and swollen stripes on his shoulder with green oil. Suddenly, a trace of guilt came to her mind.

Originally, she was thinking of lecturing him, but now she couldn't say anything, so she went into the kitchen and made some noodles to feed someone. A noob translator きつね translated this noob translation. Please read this chapter at

A short while later, she placed the cooked noodles and cutlery on the dining table, then walked to the living room and respectfully said, "Boss, please come eat some noodles."

"Bring the noodles to the living room." Han Yinglei didn't look at her as he put away the green oil and put on his clothes while instructed.

"Boss, the living room is not the place for you to eat. You should eat at the dining table."

"Are you the boss, or am I the boss?" He gave her a sidelong glance. The implication was that he was the boss, and she only had to do what she had been told.

"Yes, Boss." In response to his arrogant attitude, she could only suppress her dissatisfaction and try to hypnotise herself in her heart: he was the boss, he was the greatest, and she only needed to do her job properly!

It wasn't that she hadn't had difficult employers before; it was just that she had never met one like him, who spoke and acted arrogantly like he was a cut above others!

However, dissatisfaction aside, it was her duty as a housekeeper to meet her employer's demands. She only needed to obediently carry the noodles from the dining table to the coffee table in the living room.

She stood behind the sofa and suddenly caught a glimpse of his suit jacket and tie being thrown randomly on a single-seat couch at the other end. She stepped forward and mumbled a few words in her mouth, but she dutifully hung up his coat and tie.

As soon as he finished his noodles, as if she had radar on her body, she automatically brought the empty bowl into the kitchen and then washed and dried it. After that, she came out of the kitchen with a rag to wipe up some of the soup that had dripped onto the coffee table.

With a full stomach and a much clearer mind, Han Yinglei had a chance to take a good look at the housekeeper whom Secretary Xu had chosen for him.

Aside from the fact that Qiu Xioaya loved to give somebody some scolding, she was a good cook, good at tidying up, and she didn't have any nymphomaniac attitudes when she saw him. Maybe this housekeeper could succeed in staying until her contract is up!

"Housekeeper, I'm going to sleep, and wake me up at seven in the morning." Her ability to work met his requirements. Thus he released her with a bit of kindness. He also felt that it didn't seem reasonable to call her 'woman' all the time, so he changed how he addressed her. However, his tone of voice still had a strong command flavour.

"Yes, Boss." Qiu Xiaoya, who had already accumulated a belly full of discontent, didn't want to pay attention to how he had addressed her. She respectfully stood up to see her great boss back to his room, ending their not-so-great first meeting.


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