My Housekeeper Chapter 1.4

Being his housekeeper might not be a blessing for her since The Boss had to be woken up at seven in the morning. By five o'clock, Qiu Xiaoya had already woken up. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she put on an apron and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Although Secretary Xu said Han Yinglei did not have the habit of eating breakfast, she still woke up early in the morning to prepare it. Today, she would cook Chinese breakfast——sweet potato congee, pickled radish omelette, blanched vegetables, and even fried a small plate of peanuts with salt. It was a simple breakfast, but the dishes emitted an aroma that kept people's fingers moving. Even if one did not eat breakfast, like Han Yinglei, they would be drawn by the delicious food on the table.

Qiu Xiaoya, who had just taken off her apron, was about to wake her boss up. However, when she turned around, she caught sight of a neatly dressed Han Yinglei sitting at the dining table. "Good morning, Boss."

"Morning." Han Yinglei had already picked up the tableware on the dining table and filled his bowl with sweet potato congee. After replying to her morning greeting, he simply started eating.🤔

Qiu Xiaoya was very happy when she looked at how well he was eating as a few plates of food quickly emptied, yet she couldn't help but feel confused. How could it be said that Han Yinglei didn't eat breakfast? If she hadn't cooked a little extra for herself, she wouldn't have had any breakfast to eat today.

After he filled his appetite, he still felt dissatisfied until he smelled the strong aroma of coffee and remembered what was missing. "Coffee."

"Yes, Boss." Hearing his words, she brought out the coffee brewed while he ate his breakfast and put the sugar and creamer on the table.

He grabbed the coffee cup and sniffed at the fragrant aroma without looking at the sugar and milk beside it. Then, he put it to his lips and sipped it slowly. After one to two sips, he started to taste the bitterness with the sweet flavour of the coffee spread around as it smoothly entered his mouth…

His eyes turned suddenly bright. It seemed that Secretary Xu had helped him pick a good housekeeper! He didn't know that she was a good cook as well as a good coffee maker!

"Boss, may I ask if you have any preference for food?" He didn't say anything, but she could tell Han Yinglei liked the coffee she made, so she hadn't wasted time learning it.

Who told her that she was his housekeeper now? It was also her responsibility to satisfy The Boss' stomach. In addition, Secretary Xu was entirely ignorant, so now, she had to ask him personally!

"No." He answered just enough to satisfy her, then cast a sidelong glance at her while handing her the empty cup in passing, indicating that she should pour him another cup of coffee.

"Boss, drinking too much coffee in the morning is not good." She took the empty cup with a slight frown.

"Housekeeper, even if I had too much coffee and got a stomach perforation, that's none of your business." He lectured her back, then gave her a disdainfully cold humph. "Coffee."

"Yes, Boss." Qiu Xiaoya couldn't scold him back, even though her heart was burning with anger after she saw the arrogant look he presented when giving orders. She could only hurriedly go to the kitchen to pour coffee into the cup. Otherwise, she suspected that if she spoke to him any longer, she would be unable to resist the urge to smash the cup in her hand over her boss' head.

When she was in the kitchen, she kept telling herself that she was his housekeeper now, and her job was to take care of his home. Even if he was arrogant and obnoxious, she couldn't make the mistake of killing her boss on impulse.

That's right! The more demanding the boss was, the more she had to complete the job perfectly!

The flame that was full of fighting spirit was burning in her eyes. She forced herself to smile professionally and served the coffee to her obnoxious boss.

"I'm going to work." After finishing his coffee and checking the time, Han Yinglei grabbed his briefcase and headed out.

Having eaten and drunk to his heart's content, he did not utter a word of praise or thanks just because she was his housekeeper, and it was only natural that he should enjoy her service.

"Boss, take care." She walked him out the door and turned back to the dining table. She was thinking of bringing out her breakfast from the kitchen when she saw a set of keys on the seat where Han Yinglei had sat. So she had no choice but to grab them and chase after him through the door.

"Boss, your car keys." However, Han Yinglei had already taken the elevator down. She had to turn back, take the magnetic card, close the door and chase him downstairs.

"Boss, here are your car keys." -The elevator came to the underground parking lot just in time to see Han Yinglei waiting for the elevator to go up, and she respectfully handed over the keys to him with both hands.

When he saw that his preach-loving housekeeper sent the key he accidentally dropped, the arrogant man, concerned with saving his face, felt she had gotten ahold of him. Thus, he severely scolded her with a harsh tone. "Who wants you to be a busybody?"😮‍💨

"A busybody?" Qiu Xiaoya didn't expect her good intentions to result in a scolding. "Boss, what's wrong with you? I was kind enough to deliver the keys, but you didn't even thank me and called me a busybody?!"

"I'm your boss. When I said that you're a busybody, you're a busybody. What's the use to argue so much about it?" He snatched the keys from her hand with an arrogance that made one want to strangle him to death.


Without waiting for her to say anything else, he opened the car door and got into the driver's seat, leaving her alone in the underground parking lot.

"Ah——does being a boss make him that great?!" She stared hatefully at the disappearing shadow of the car before she screamed out in a fit of exasperation and paced heavily around before she left the spot.

Footnotes Full List
  1. How long did these two sleep? Especially that man!
  2. Boss, she only wanted to give you the keys, not to preach you for being careless. Calm down, please.

Qiu Xioya's state of mind

🦊 : I know Xiaoya, I know. Release your fury with the comb! Release it!


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