My Housekeeper Chapter 2.1

"...the construction project of Kenting Holiday Resort will be implemented with a new system developed by the company’s architectural design department. Since the design department had used two years to make this system and already successfully tested it, I believe this project will succeed. As an old saying goes, as long as I am the general manager of this company, my request is to be the best. Dismiss." Han Yinglei looked around at all the managers and above manager level who attended the meeting with sharp eyes and unquestionable authority.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when he said the word 'dismissed', but it wasn't until he himself had walked out of the conference room first that the expressions on their faces dared to truly relax.

"Secretary Xu, pour me a cup of coffee." Back in the general manager's office, Han Yinglei reached out his hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. His tired head was in urgent need of a cup of coffee to refresh itself.

Hanying Group started out as a construction group. However, now, the entire group had 800 architects, and it was renowned in the industry for its architectural designs. In recent years, the company's architectural design department began developing new software to build a bridge between existing design drawings and architectural drawings, saving time and cost for the company.

With the successful test result of the new system, and its effectiveness had also been proven in a small-scale construction project, for this reason, it had also been decided that the new system should be mainly implemented in Hanying Group's latest holiday resort project.

To demand success from this project and not to let Hanying Group's top signed project fall to the ground, Han Yinglei and a group of his subordinates had been holding meetings for the past few days. Since he demanded the highest standards of himself, he simply slept in the lounge attached to his office these days. As a result, his physical and mental fatigue continued to accumulate together with the pressure of self-expectations.

"General Manager, please have some coffee." Secretary Xu put a cup of hot coffee on the desk, and soon afterwards, with Han Yinglei's signal, he quietly withdrew from the general manager's office.

Han Yinglei took a sip of his coffee and suddenly felt that something was wrong. The scent didn't seem genuinely rich. He didn't feel it when he was busy. Now that he was taking his break, he felt the coffee was a bit weird.

He drank a few more sips. It was still the taste of coffee that he usually drank, but he felt that he seemed to have drunk the finest coffee that was more fragrant and smoother than this cup of coffee. Could it be because he was too busy these days that his senses got a little confused?

He shook his head. He lost interest in the coffee that he had only drunk a few sips. He now needed coffee to refresh his mind. He simply ordered Secretary Xu to change his cup of coffee, but he could not drink one or two more sips of the replacement coffee. So he put it aside. Even the coffee that Secretary Xu brought back from the famous coffee shop outside the company was neglected.

Finally, the big boss was pricked by his conscience. Thus he cut Secretary Xu secretary some slack and picked up the official document on the table as he began to read it. His mind concentration had made him completely shrug off the strange feeling he just had.

As he became swamped, the middle of midnight came once again, and he was the only workaholic left in the company building as he was unwilling to take even a bit of break. When he reached a certain paragraph, he closed the official document, stood up and stretched himself.

After spending three consecutive nights at the company, Han Yinglei decided to go home to rest and relax his tense mind since tomorrow would also be the weekend.

When he returned home, he was surprised when he was greeted not by the usual pitch-black living room but rather by warm dusky lights. He was stunned at first before it occurred to him that he had a housekeeper inside his house, and those warm lights should have been her outstanding work!

Taiwan Meal Box
Image Credit | Sean Marc Lee via (Even Train Rides Are a Chance to Eat Outrageously Well in Taipei, March 6, 2019)
When he thought of the nagging housekeeper, he also recalled the delicious breakfast and fragrant coffee he enjoyed three days ago...suddenly, his gluttonous stomach awoke and asked its owner to feed it with delicious food instead of the meal boxes he ate every day in the office.

"Housekeeper, get up." It was better to act right away once his desire aroused, and Han Yinglei completely put this rule into practice. He walked to Qiu Xiaoya's room, and even though it was already in the middle of the night, The Boss knocked hard on her door.

If Qiu Xiaoya hadn't locked the door, this man, who didn't know the first thing about manners, might have opened it and brought the person out himself.

"Who is it?" The sudden knock on the door woke Qiu Xiaoya up, who was asleep, as her strong, lovely sleepy voice came out from the room.

"Your boss." Han Yinglei wrapped his hands around his chest and stood in front of her door while waiting for the woman inside the room to come and open the door while looking terrified.

"Oh! Boss..." But Qiu Xiaoya, who was still dazed from being sleepy, clearly ignoring what the man outside just said, as her mouth unconsciously repeated the last word she heard, as she fell asleep again.

"Open the door!" When there was no further response, Han Yinglei slightly frowned, then he started to speak in a full commanding tone, with the knock on the door got stronger than ever.

"What do you really want? It's three o'clock in the morning. It's time for people to sleep!!" Because of the loud noise, it was hard for her to go back to sleep. Thus Qiu Xiaoya, who was still wearing cotton-padded clothes and trousers, really scolded him when she finally opened the door.

"I'm hungry." However, the man who had just gotten scolded treated it as something insignificant since it was really hard to hear the slightest anger in her childlike voice.

"You're hungry?" Qiu Xiaoya repeated his words dumbfoundedly as she looked up and took a closer look, only to find that the one who had noisily disturbed her sleep was her boss, who had never been home for the past three days.

Unexpectedly, when he finally came back, he not only picked the time to be in the depth of the night but also rudely forced her to wake up——just because he was hungry!

"Boss, do you know what time it is? Three o'clock in the morning, three o'clock! Even if you can't sleep, no need to wake me up!"

"You are my housekeeper, and it is your responsibility to meet my needs." He replied with his hands around his chest as he arrogantly stated.

"Even so, you should at least speak in a more polite tone. After all, you're the one who's disturbing people's dreams at three o'clock in the morning!" She thought that she had already calmed down after that incident three days ago, and she clearly understood her own boss's bad character. But regretfully, she couldn't hold back her anger whenever she saw his arrogant attitude.

"Go cook me supper." In the face of her complaint, it was as if he hadn't heard her at all, and he still ordered her around as he turned and left.

"Yes, bo, ss." She could only grit her teeth as she 'respectfully' said these words behind him.

Han Yinglei's state of mind


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