My Housekeeper Chapter 2.2

Qiu Xiaoya was a well-planned person. Every day, she would assign the time on what to do. Such as making breakfast at six o'clock in the morning, getting her boss up at seven o'clock, going out to buy food at eight o'clock, cleaning the living room at ten o'clock, and preparing lunch at half-past eleven...but it happened that she met an extremely uncooperative boss, who was either too busy to go home, or came back in the middle of the night. Then, he would noisily wake her up in passing and let him dictate her around.

At first, she thought she was taking advantage of others by taking 80,000 NT a month, doing nothing much, but now she thought she was losing a lot!

As soon as all her schedules met the expression on her boss' face, they would all scatter, and she once again had to relocate her schedule. Just like yesterday, he suddenly ran home in the middle of the night, dragged her from Duke Zhou just to help him cook supper, and then he told her that he had to get up at eight o'clock. She miserably went back to sleep for less than three hours, and then she had to get up again to prepare him breakfast.

After breakfast, his boss patted his butt and went to the living room to read the newspaper. She could only tidy up in the kitchen, and make coffee to deal with the glutton in the Boss' stomach, even if he turned to the study to deal with some of the works that he had brought back from the company. For her own official business, she still failed to follow her schedule. It was because the Big Boss who worked in the study still called her from time to time, and she had no time to do what she had scheduled earlier.

Although she knew that she only had one day off in a month, she started to think about taking that one and only day off right now!

"Boss, lunch is ready. You can come out to eat." Qiu Xiaoya sighed softly in her heart as she went to the study to invite Han Yinglei to eat.


When he came to the dining table, there were three dishes and a soup on the table——sweet and sour spare ribs, stir-fried shredded pork with three colours peppers, stir-fried asparagus, and seaweed sprout soup. Their beautiful colours and their fragrant smell could incite anyone's appetite. As soon as Han Yinglei sat down, Qiu Xiaoya immediately added a bowl of rice and scooped a bowl of soup for him.

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"One more bowl." Han Yinglei had tasted each of the dishes on the table one by one. Although he had eaten delicacies from land and sea before, he still found her home-cooked dishes were much more delicious, and they whetted his appetite.

"Why are you standing there? Aren't you hungry?" After finishing his first bowl of rice, he saw a small hand took his empty bowl as she went to the kitchen to add more rice. That was when he realised that Qiu Xiaoya had been standing behind him on his left ever since he sat down to eat, waiting to serve him.

"You are the boss, and I am your housekeeper." It was unknown whether she was intentional or not, Qiu Xiaoya took what he often said to her as a response to his question.

"So what? Just sit down and eat." He spoke in his usual commanding tone as he took the bowl that she had handed over.

"Yes, Boss." Since the boss had spoken, then she wouldn't be polite.

Qiu Xiaoya took her lunch out of the kitchen and sat down. She just took a bite of her rice when she caught an unexpected glimpse of his picky eating out of the corner of her eye. She waited until she had swallowed the rice in her mouth before she spoke.

"Boss, green pepper is a vegetable with great nutritional value, including vitamins A and K. It is also rich in iron, which helps build blood, while vitamins A and C can strengthen the body's resistance, prevent heatstroke and promote resilience...Boss, you're not a kid, so don't be picky with your food."

She saw the grown man in front of her, who considered himself unexcelled in the world, carefully avoided the green pepper when he was picking up the stir-fried shredded pork with three colours peppers. Even if he accidentally clamped it together with his chopsticks, he would still pick out the green pepper and put it on the table before he continued eating his food. Did she suddenly have a strange delusion? It was as if the one who sat next to her at this moment was a picky boy rather than her arrogant Big Boss.

"Just eat your food." When he was directly pointed out as a picky eater, his response was by giving her a bold stare and then continued his act of picking out green peppers.

"Boss, picking at your food is a bad habit…

"Shut up." Although her soft childish voice sounded pleasing to the ear, listening to someone muttering in his ear during mealtime would only make him feel bored, even if the voice was pleasing to his ear.

"Yes, Boss." When she was aware of his displeasure, she had to keep her mouth shut for fear that she would affect his appetite. Still, her eyes slipped onto him from time to time, and her eyebrows unconsciously frowned, especially when the green peppers on his tabletop accumulated more and more over time.

"Housekeeper, I know that I have a handsome look, but your stomach won't be full if you keep on looking at me." He was already so full that he deliberately scoffed when he saw that she hadn't eaten more than a few bites from her bowl of white rice. It wasn't that he hadn't noticed her spying on him, and he knew by heart why she was spying on him.

"Boss, I don't look at you because you're handsome." After hearing his arrogant tone and ensuring that he had eaten enough, she followed suit by putting down her bowl and retorted.


"Boss, how can a big man be picky about food? Especially when you spend so much time at work every day, you should take balanced nutrition and keep yourself healthy..." While she ignored his manner of speaking that considered his action was never wrong, she just lectured him directly.

"Have you eaten enough, housekeeper?"

"Not yet." She answered subconsciously, without understanding why he suddenly popped up the question.

"Then eat your food and mind your own business." She was already skinny enough. If she kept on being only concerned with him, she wouldn't eat. Even if she wanted to lose weight, he didn't have a penchant for maltreating his employees.

"Mind my own business?" She was doing it for his own good. "Fine! Since you think I'm a busybody, so I'll not mind my own business and stick my hot face on your cold ass..."

She didn't hear the caring tone in his words. She just mumbled that she hated him for always being arrogant. Thus she decided not to talk to him anymore.

As he listened to her talk to herself and watched her chew the food she had stuffed into her mouth as if she was letting off her steam, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly. He suddenly took a slight interest in her, and for the first time, he left his work behind and sat down with her as they quietly ended their lunch.

The Translator Squealed

He took an interest in her, even if it was just slightly.


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