My Housekeeper Chapter 2.3

Although it had only been less than two weeks since Qiu Xiaoya took the job as a housekeeper, every time she faced her overbearing and arrogant Big Boss, she would always become irritated. Hence, she felt that she needed to rest so that she wouldn't die from an excess of anger one day.

After she informed her day off to Han Yinglei, she hitchhiked north with only her carry-on bag to find the person who was always at home while enjoying her lazy life, He Ruolan.

It was just that she, who had gone to find someone to spill her grievances, was shocked by the news that He Ruolan was getting engaged. After all, it was 'Xiao Lan' who was getting engaged, the one who didn't even bother to put on makeup or go out to take a walk!

Her good friend was going to get engaged, and of course, she would go to congratulate her-! Therefore, when she returned to Kaohsiung, she first informed Han Yinglei about He Ruolan's engagement time, lest something happened that day and she couldn't leave.

"No." Han Yinglei, who had just returned home from work, was surprised to find that she had returned from her day off. A faint smile flashed on his tired face. However, when he heard she had to take another leave in less than two weeks, he even refused to think much about it.

"Why? It's written in the contract that I have one day off a month, and that day's date is up to me." Qiu Xiaoya glared resentfully at him as she argued based on reason.

So what if he was her Boss? It was her right to take leave once a month!

"I have something that day." He sat on the sofa and loosened the tie around his neck after leaving aside his briefcase, coat, and even socks at random when he entered the living room.

"You have something? What does it have to do with me?" It was ten o'clock at night, and her day off wasn't over yet, so she didn't have to respect his identity as her Boss.

She might think it this way, yet she couldn't tolerate his habit of leaving his things around, as she frowned and started tidying up.

"If I've to say, Boss, this is your house! Can't you make a habit of cleaning up after yourself?" Of course, her mouth did not forget to scold him with a few words.

"That's your job. "

When she heard him say that, her cleaning snapped to a halt, and she turned to yell at him in exasperation, "Yes, it's my job to clean up, but it's still my time off, and you have no right to act like a boss to me."

Her soft, childish voice was not very powerful when she yelled. Han Yinglei glanced at her half-finished cleaning action and spat out his words indifferently, "Then you can leave it for tomorrow."

Unable to say anything to counter, Qiu Xiaoya could only turn her head back resentfully and continue clearing things away.

When she finished tidying up everything, she ensured that she had controlled her newly stirred anger before speaking again, "Boss, May 7th is my friend's engagement day, and I'm going to take my leave."

"Is your memory that bad, housekeeper?" Rather than saying no directly this time, he cast a sidelong glance at her instead.

"I know you disagree, but I want a reason why I can't take my leave on May 7th?" She continuously took a few deep breaths, trying to prevent herself from putting her hands on her waist and threw up a tantrum like a shrew.

Qiu Xiaoya was aware that whenever she felt dissatisfied with what she saw or heard, she couldn't help but open her mouth to correct it. However, it was only because of her personality. Most of the time, her nagging didn't have any anger in it. Only when she met her current boss that everything would go wrong!

She must have owed him something in her previous life that she suffered in all respects in his hand in this life!

"You're my housekeeper."

"Yes, I am your housekeeper. You don't have to always remind me, and I remember it clearly. But what is the connection between my request for leave and me being your housekeeper?"

Oh, she was so pissed off! How could there be such an obnoxious boss in this world?

Even more infuriating was that even if she regretted it now, she couldn't do anything about it since she had already signed the housekeeper contract with him for half of the year. So, as long as the deadline wasn't up, she would just have to endure it!

"Because you must stay and do your duty as a housekeeper." When he heard her voice get higher over time and her face turned red, it suddenly seemed like he was looking at a fascinating toy. He was finally willing to look her in the eye, only to find that she was wearing a thin layer of makeup tonight, which gave her a different and beautiful look than her usual plain face.

As he thought of why Father Yan wanted to come to his home to see him, he looked at his beautiful housekeeper, who was still full of anger. A plan came to his mind, and his smile couldn't help but overflow.

"That day will be Saturday, and it isn't a holiday. Can't I take a leave?" When she saw Han Yinglei smile for no reason, she stared at him suspiciously and suddenly had a bad premonition in her heart as her voice returned to normal.

It was the first time she had ever seen her Boss smile, and there was no denying that his smile was beautiful, but why did she suddenly feel nervous?

"My parents will be coming over around noon that day, so you'll have to cook a big feast to entertain them. Remember, make sure they'll be satisfied."

"What a coincidence?!" She was stunned at first. However, after hearing his usual commanding tone, she struggled to suggest, "Boss, can't you just have lunch with them outside?"

There were plenty of hotels and restaurants outside, and the masters' skills were better than hers. Why must she be the one who had to prepare lunch? Moreover, he stipulated that his parents should be satisfied. She didn't know his parents. What she knew was just ordinary home cooking. How could she make a lunch that satisfied his parents?

"Unless you don't want this job." Ignoring her drowning like a struggle, he lifted his chin lightly, acting as if he was the one who had the final say.

"Does it need to be so serious? Isn't it just lunch? I will stay and just leave the cooking to me..." She murmured, knowing that she would not be able to have a day off on May 7th!

Since Qiu Xiaoya couldn't take a day off that day, she couldn't allow herself to make any mistakes in her work, and as she thought of her Boss' picky appetite, she wondered if his parents also had the same bad eating habits...

Maybe she should have collected some information beforehand, but it was useless to ask the Boss directly since he wouldn't give her proper answers, after all, so to whom should she go to ask about it?

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"You should prepare lunch for five people. Once you've done, remember to clean yourself up, change into something nice, and put on some makeup." While she was thinking so hard about how to make lunch to the satisfaction of Han Yinglei's parents, he spoke up again.

"Huh?" Did she just hear it right? She and the Boss, plus the Boss's parents, added up to only four people, so how could there be one more person?

Moreover, it was Boss' business to have dinner with his Han family members. What did it have to do with her, the housekeeper? Who was she dressed up for?

"You are my housekeeper, and you represent me. When you meet my parents for the first time, you should dress well and leave them a good impression." He noticed that her face was full of doubt, so he certainly wouldn't lay it in line1 and just explained it in his usual tone.

No matter how she heard his words, she still felt that something was wrong with what he said, but she didn't know how to refute him.

"In short, you just have to do as I say." After saying that last sentence, he stood up from the sofa and turned around to go back to his room.

"Boss, wait a minute and explain everything clearly..." When she finally saw that he was about to leave, she tried to follow up with another one of her questions after she collected her thoughts, but Han Yinglei had already walked into his room and was completely ignoring her.🙄

Oh, my God! He was so irresponsible to drop these unclear words, and he expected her to make his lunch date on May 7th to be perfect! Did she cheat him out of his feelings or his money in her last life, that she could only let him push her around in this life?

May 7th...come on! She, Qiu Xiaoya, would not just concede defeat like this. She would ensure this big, baffling Han family luncheon would be done perfectly!

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  1. Idiom: tell the truth
  2. 🦊: This jerk boss must have been smiling when he walked into his room while thinking - 'Mission accomplished!'

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