My Housekeeper Chapter 2.4

For the first time, she found out how useful her friend was. Xiao Wen was worthy of being the confidential secretary to the president of Cangtian Group, and she knew every well-known director in the business world as if she enumerated her family valuables1. She not only knew about their family background but also their eating and drinking habits…

For a large group like Hanying, although Han Yinglei now handled most company affairs, its President and wife would sometimes attend some banquets together. Therefore, Xiao Wen had a clear understanding of their eating habits.

As Qiu Xiaoya sat in the living room while holding a fax from Yan Yuwen regarding the eating habits of the Hanying Group President and his wife, a sweet smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. She believed the Han family luncheon on May 7th would go off without a hitch!

She would ask Xiao Wen out some other day to thank her. Without her help, the information she gleaned from Secretary Xu was useless. Not to mention her arrogant boss with his eyes over his head2 who wouldn't give her any useful information other than saying that it was her job.

It happened that he was also the one who ordered her to prepare a meal to everyone's satisfaction, huh! Did he think she was omnipotent?

She sometimes wanted to deliberately mess up the luncheon on May 7th. Still, her perfectionist personality wouldn't allow her to easily sabotage her work for the sake of anger. So she had no choice but to resign herself to her fate and study the information she had on hand to see how she would prepare for that day!

Han Zaiyuan, president of Hanying Group, had mild hypertension, and his diet should have a limited amount of sodium, low in oil and high in fibre… he loved meat. He did not like vegetables with a strong taste, such as green pepper and onion… 🥰

Seeing this, Qiu Xiaoya couldn't help but smile. President Han and her Boss were worthy of being a father and son, as their picky eating habits were exactly the same.

One of the sub-species of Moth Orchids, Phalaenopsis aphrodite, can naturally be found in southeastern Taiwan.
Image Credit | To its rightful owner via World of The Flowering Plants & Pinterest
Cheng Meiyi, the president’s wife, preferred a light diet and had little demand for her food. However, the cleanliness and decoration of the dining room environment would indirectly affect her appetite. She was fond of light-coloured tones decorations. She loved moth orchids the best. She had a special love for the famous flower arrangement master from Japan——Kiyo Izumi, who created numerous harmonious and elegant flower arrangement works…

After reading the beneficial information, Qiu Xiaoya's head started working rapidly. One dish after another came to her mind. Then she picked up the paper and pen on the coffee table in the living room and wrote down all the ingredients for the menu and how to cook them, with each recipe accompanied by small illustrations beside them. She even considered the colours, patterns of the tablecloth, and the type of flowers she would lay on the dining table

As her mind continued to think, her cell phone suddenly rang.

"I'm Qiu Xiaoya. May I know who's calling?" Qiu Xiaoya asked politely, her eyes still reading the machine-written words on the paper.

"Xiaoya, this is Xiao Lian. Isn't this Saturday Xiao Lan's engagement day? I'm afraid I'll forget her engagement time again. Can you just pick me up at my house that day?" Chen Lianxin was aware of her tendency to forget things, so she had to ask someone to remind her not to miss her best friend’s engagement event-!

"Xiao Lian, I can't attend Xiao Lan's engagement day. I have to stay in Kaohsiung."

"You can't go either? Then I'm the only one free to attend Xiao Lan's engagement!" Chen Lianxin said with some distress when she heard Qiu Xiaoya's answer.

"Xiao Wen is not free to go either?" Why didn't she hear about it the last time she asked Xiao Wen to help her find information about the Han family?

"Yeah! Xiao Wen sent me a text message last night, saying that she had no time to attend Xiao Lan's engagement banquet and asked me to help her with the red envelope first."

"Oh, then, can you help me pay the red envelope first, too? I'll pay you back when I return to Taipei on my next vacation." When Xiao Lian mentioned the red envelope, Qiu Xiaoya asked for help in passing.

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"No problem, it's just that I'm afraid I will forget about Xiao Lan's engagement by that time." Since it was her, this was very likely to happen.

She had no idea what was going on with her sack of melon seeds4. Except for her favourite TV show, she could remember them clearly, including the time slot for the reruns, which she could even recite them backwards fluently5. For the rest of her life, whether big or small, it would have been amazing if she could remember it for over an hour.

"Xiao Lian, your memory is still so bad...never mind, I'll call you again on Saturday to remind you." She knew that Xiao Lian was very forgetful. Xiao Lian had tried to improve her memory, but whether she wrote it down in her notebook or set the ringtone for her appointment, she still couldn't do anything about it. Even Qiu Xiaoya was at her wit's end. Thus, she didn't know what to tell Xiao Lian to do anymore.

"OK, Xiaoya, thank you." Without noticing the helplessness in Qiu Xiaoya's tone, Chen Lianxin smiled and thanked her as if Qiu Xiaoya had solved some of her troublesome matters.

"Don't mention it. Xiao Lian, I'll hang up now if there's nothing else."

"OK, Xiaoya, you must be busy. Bye-bye then."

"Bye." When she finished the phone call with Chen Lianxin, Qiu Xiaoya focused on the paper lying on the coffee table.

With only three days left until Saturday, she had to step on the gas6!

Footnotes Full List
  1. Chinese idiom: very familiar with a matter
  2. Chinese proverb: regard everyone as beneath one's notice
  3. 🦊: 2 of my favourite vegetables!
  4. mental capacity
  5. Chinese idiom: know sth. thoroughly by heart
  6. (fig.) to make an extra effort


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