ROHYX Chapter 156 : Princes

When Yuxi reached the outside of Liuli Palace, she suddenly had stage fright. She didn't know if that bald donkey Tong could perceive anything from looking at her. If she was called an evil spirit, she didn't know if Song Guifei would kill her on the spot.

As if by reflex, Yuxi turned to look at Yuchen. She saw that Yuchen was still smiling and talking with Qinxin. Yuchen didn't look nervous at all. When Yuxi thought about it, Yuchen was an open-hearted kind of person, so naturally, she would not be afraid of the bald donkey Tong. While she, Yuxi, had something to hide, thus, of course, she would have a guilty conscience.

Yuxi walked into Liuli Palace step by step with her heart filled with uneasiness.

They hadn't entered the inner room yet when they heard a man's voice coming from inside. Qinxin's eyes suddenly lit up as she quickly walked towards the inner room.

As soon as Yuxi and Yuchen entered the palace, they heard Qinxin exclaim happily, "9th Imperial Brother, 10th Imperial Brother, I made a new friend today. Let me introduce you to her." After that, they heard her call out loud, "Yuchen, come in quickly!" Qinxin directly ignored Yuxi.

Song Guifei smilingly said, "You, this child, don't you know how old you are already? Why are you still crying out loud?" Her mouth might be complaining, but she couldn’t hide the smile on her face.

Yuxi, as usual, followed behind Yuchen. When she was aware that the bald donkey was not inside the palace and didn't notice any displeasure in Song Guifei's words, her heart became relaxed at once.

The two greeted the Princes together, and Yuxi didn't even dare to lift her head when they had done their greeting.

Qinxin, on the other hand, came over and took Yuchen's hand as she introduced her to the two princes. "9th Imperial Brother, 10th Imperial Brother, this is my new best friend, Chen Jiejie."

When the 9th Prince, Chaixuan, saw Yuchen, there was a flash of astonishment in his eyes, but his reaction was only limited to this. For him, the Imperial Palace did not lack any beauties. Although he hadn't officially married yet, his current Ce Fei was also a bewitchingly charming beauty. [+]

Whereas the 10th Prince, Chaijin, at the moment he came face to face with Yuchen, he stared at her in a daze. He didn't even hear what Qinxin was saying as he continued gawking at the beautiful young lady.

Qinxin was a very simple-minded person, and once she saw the 10th Prince's reaction, she didn't shy away from making fun of him at all, "Tenth Imperial Brother, I didn't expect that you're ogling at Chen Jiejie."

The 10th Prince ignored Qinxin's words of teasing as he asked Yuchen seriously, "Miss Han, have we met before?"

When Yuxi heard his words, the corners of her mouth couldn't help twitching. She didn't imagine that the 10th Prince, who had a look of a banished immortal, would use such a poor taste way to hit on a girl.

Yes, the 10th Prince was handsome. He had a complexion as clear as jade, ink-stained eyebrows, and a sculpted face with distinctive features. Truly unmatched handsomeness.

Yuxi had seen the 10th Prince in her previous life when Yuchen visited her maiden home after her marriage. At that time, it was indescribable how well matched the two, as they stood next to each other. In Yuxi's opinion, they were truly a beautiful couple.

The words spoken by the 10th Prince were somewhat rash, but Yuchen was not angry either. She just blushed, shook her head slightly and then said, "Chen nu has never met His Highness before."

Qinxin smiled particularly without restraint, "10th Imperial Brother, I guess you've seen Chen Jiejie in your dreams."

Before the 10th Prince could open his mouth, Song Guifei laughingly scolded her, "Really impudent. You even dare to make fun of your own 10th Imperial Brother."

Qinxin noticed that the 10th Prince's eyesight kept on glancing at Yuchen from time to time. Thus, she said with a giggle, "Look, Mu Fei, 10th Imperial Brother is secretly looking at Chen Jiejie!"

Yuchen naturally could feel the 10th Prince's eyes were on her. After hearing Qinxin Gongzhu's teasing words, she blushed so much that she wished she could make herself invisible.

Yuxi also felt that someone was looking at her. Even without looking up, she knew that the person must have been the 9th Prince. There were only six people in the inner hall. The 10th Prince was currently putting his attention solely on Yuchen. Song Guifei and Qinxin Gongzhu would definitely not be looking at her, so that left the 9th Prince.

The 9th Prince looked at Yuxi, who kept her head down and pretended to be a quail. He found her very interesting. Therefore, he said, "What are you doing with your head down all the time? Raise your head." For Yuxi to be rumoured as an evil spirit, at any rate, he had to see the true face of Mount Lu.

Yuxi knew that the command was for her. Her hand suddenly started to tremble, but she didn't dare to defy the 9th Prince's order. So she toughened her scalp and raised her head, then quickly lowered her head in fright. This time she was not pretending. She was terrified.

The 9th Prince's appearance was also outstanding, but at the same time, he was too terrifying. Those deep eyes seemed to be bottomless, dark, and boundless. The shadow cast between his eyes made him unfathomable, and not even the slightest emotion could be seen between his eyebrows. For her, being watched by him seemed like he could see through her.

Song Guifei looked at the expressions of her two sons. Then she lovingly told Yuxi and Yuchen to go back. Even when Qinxin Gongzhu had coquettishly requested Yuchen to stay for lunch, Song Guifei refused her request.

Qinxin knew there was no way to change Mu Fei's mind. For that reason, she uttered dejectedly, "Then I'm going back to my palace." She next turned her head towards the 10th Prince and spoke, "10th Imperial Brother, you come with me."

The 10th Prince glanced at Song Guifei. When he saw her nod, only then did he agree, "Okay."

When only two people were left inside the room, Song Guifei asked the 9th Prince, "What do you think of these two girls from the Han family?"

The 9th Prince replied, "If Mu Fei has anything to say directly to this son, then just let it out."

Song Guifei elaborated, "Before Heshou went to Wutai Mountain, she told me that Han Yuchen would turn you, two brothers, into enemies." If Han Yuchen was just a commoner's daughter, why would she get into such trouble to summon her into the palace when she could just directly kill her? However, Han Yuchen had the Duke of the State Residence and Marquis Pinging Residence behind her. If Han Yuchen were killed because of Heshou's word, it would cause officials to fear her and thereby blamed her for future disasters. [+]

When the 9th Prince heard these words, a sneered appeared at the corner of his lips, "Did Mu Fei really believe her nonsense?" That woman would do anything to kill the two girls of the Han family. Before, he wondered why Heshou was so desperate to kill those two Han girls, but today, he finally understood.

Song Guifei didn't reply to his inquiry, but she instead pointed out, "You saw your brother's appearance just now. He has taken a fancy to that girl from the Han family." She was very clear about her younger son's attitude, but she couldn't figure out her oldest son's thinking.

The 9th Prince knew the meaning behind Song Guifei's words, "Mu Fei, the Han girl is indeed gorgeous, but there are many beauties under the sky. She is not the only one." As long as he reached the throne in the future, he could have any kind of beauty. Ergo, why would he be so classless as to steal a woman from his younger brother? Heshou had underestimated him.

Song Guifei's heart was truly relieved. If her eldest son had any thoughts on Han Yuchen, she would have had to get rid of the girl even if it would cause her future trouble. Now that her eldest son didn't have such intention, she didn't have to take this step anymore. As for her younger son's fancy for Han Yuchen, whether her family, appearance, talent or character, Song Guifei couldn't find anything wrong with her. Plus, she didn't have dissatisfaction towards Yuchen based on Tong's spoken words. [T/N]

The 9th Prince remembered that Yuxi was looking like a white rabbit just now. Her face paled with fright simply from his glance. He let out a remark, "It's interesting to look at the Fourth Miss Han, though."

Song Guifei felt a bit odd when she heard the words coming from her son's mouth. Her eldest son's sight was peculiar. He was the only one who paid attention to a person who was as timid as a mouse-like Han Yuxi. Song Guifei quickly reacted, "That girl's eight characters are not good, and her fate will bring you misfortunes." People who had fates full of trouble and misfortunes would bring trouble to those around them. Song Guifei wouldn't allow such a person to stay with her son.

The 9th Prince laughed at his Mu Fei's statement. He responded, "You're thinking too much, Mu Fei. I just find that girl interesting, nothing else." That girl did not even open up when she was around him, so how could he suddenly fall for her?

Once Yuxi was out of the Imperial Palace gate, she immediately got on her carriage. When the car curtain was lowered, she let out a long sigh and muttered, "I'm finally out." In the Imperial Palace just now, she was holding her breath.

When Yuchen got into the carriage, she didn't look at Yuxi. She just sat quietly by herself on the left side. No one knew what she was thinking about.

Yuxi asked, "San Jie, what's wrong with you? Are you still thinking about the 10th Prince?" The 10th Prince's eyes were so revealing that it was impossible for Yuchen not to feel the meaning behind them.

Yuchen looked at Yuxi and instead asked Yuxi back, "Si Mei, what's going on with you today? Why are you so afraid of playing chess with Gongzhu? What were you thinking?" Yuxi's expression might look very real. If she didn't know Yuxi very well, she would deceive her too. As far as Yuxi's temper was concerned, even if she were nervous, she would not have been afraid like that. Unless it was Yuxi's intention.

Yuxi didn't admit that she was faking, "San Jie, I was terrified. For that Gongzhu, she's a real Gongzhu! The Gongzhu who could crush me with her bare hands!" Yuxi was dealing with all of this today with the same kind of mindset that she had in her last life. The results showed that it worked very well.

Yuchen would not accept Yuxi's excuse as she continued to ask, "Why did you do this?"

Yuxi decided to tell her the truth. Since the two of them had spent time together for so long, they could distinguish the truth and false in each other's words simply by hearing them, "I don't want to go to the Imperial Palace. I don't want to be careful when dealing with Song Guifei, Qinxin Gongzhu and the others. San Jie, I'm not the same as you. You are destined to have a fate with the Imperial Palace while I..." Yuxi didn't finish her following words. She just let Yuchen complete them herself.

Yuchen was silent for a moment before saying, "Even if you don't like going into the Imperial Palace, you don't need to use such a method." Yuxi's method was so humiliating.

Yuxi smiled and said, "I was already frightened merely from seeing Guifei Niangniang. Even if this matter were passed out, I would not lose any face nonetheless." It was usual for her to feel nervous since it was her first time entering the Imperial Palace. Even if people heard about this, they would at most laugh it off.

Yuchen really couldn't understand Yuxi. In her opinion, Song Guifei and Qinxin Gongzhu were very easy to get along with, but Yuxi avoided them like they were snakes and scorpions.

Yuchen was thinking too much. Yuxi simply didn't want to have more contact with Song Guifei and Qinxin Gongzhu. For the sole reason that the more contact she had with them, the more trouble would she have to face in the future. Moreover, temporary camouflage could be flawless, while for her to pretend every day, she should not reveal any of her flaws. She hadn't reached that level yet. However, unbeknown to Yuxi, the two women whom she didn't want to be close to would change the fate of her life. Because of these two women, she would embark on a completely different path from what she had been expecting.

Yuxi looked at Yuchen's frown and cheerfully stated, "San Jie, you should be happy then. Today, the 10th Prince has been keeping his eyes on you. San Jie, since the 10th Prince is a noble descendant, with a handsome and dashing-looking appearance, make you two a match made in heaven! you think the 10th Prince will immediately ask the Emperor to sanction a marriage to you?"

Yuchen snapped, "Don't be so outspoken." If one ignored the blush on her face, her words would have been more intimidating.

As soon as Yuxi heard Yuchen scolding her, she immediately pleaded for mercy, "San Jie, you can rest assured that I will never tell anyone about today's affairs, even to Grandmother and Eldest Aunt."

Yuchen stared coldly at Yuxi, but she didn't say anything else.

Yuxi smilingly wondered, "San Jie, seriously, you really never met the 10th Prince before? He said he had seen you previously."

Yuchen said with a cold face, "If you speak about him again, I won't talk to you anymore."

Yuxi wouldn't dare to make any fuss anymore after hearing Yuchen's threat. "I'll take a short break then. Today has been exhausting." Today, she had consumed a lot of her energy.

P/S (Author): Female lead's words: What a tragic way to be a female lead. I don't even get to be with the pretty boy or the cool boy!

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