ROHYX Chapter 164 : Chen Ran

As Jiang Hongfu helped Old Madam Jiang into the house, he asked, "Grandma, how did Han Biaomei burst into your courtyard?" His grandmother's courtyard was in a different direction from the Master Courtyard, so Yuxi couldn't have come this way by mistake.

Old Madam Jiang replied with a smile, "Just now, the maid didn't keep the ducks under lock, so they all ran out. When I asked the maid to drive the ducks back, I met your meimei and Yuxi. That child was frank. When she saw me alone, she stayed to talk with me. If you hadn't come back suddenly, she would have accompanied me for lunch." [T/N]

Jiang Hongfu was a little surprised. He never expected Han Yuxi to be so considerate. At the same time, he felt very guilty. When he was in his hometown, his tang di and tang mei would always be around his grandmother, so her courtyard would always be bustling every day. Unlike in the capital, where she would always be alone and lonely. [+]

When Chen Ran saw this situation, he interjected, "Great Aunt, Shixiong is also worried about you being alone, so he specially came back to accompany you." Both Chen Ran and Jiang Hongfu studied under Teacher Shan Changmin of Baitan Academy, which was why Chen Ran accompanied Jiang Hongfu back to the Jiang residence.

Old Madam Jiang patted Jiang Hongfu's hand and said with a smile, "You truly are a filial child."

There was a specially prepared small kitchen inside the Old Madam's courtyard. Jiang Wenrui was afraid that his mother would not be used to the capital cuisine, that he especially invited a cook who was good at cooking Jiangnan cuisine.

Old Madam Jiang pointed to the stir-fried (Chinese) cabbage and spinach during the meal and smilingly said, "That child, Yuxi, handpicked these two vegetables. That child is pretty good, and she's even familiar with groundwork. Speaking of which, what's the deal with that child? She doesn't look like a spoiled little girl."

Jiang Hongfu explained, "Her mother died early, and her managing mama brought her up." Even if Yuxi didn't have her birth mother with her, a nanny should have brought her up. But he didn't know why her managing mama raised her.

Madam Jiang said with a nod, "No wonder that child is so sensible. It's because her own mother died early!" All motherless children were precocious and understanding. Her eldest grandson was no different. [T/N]

Chen Ran was the childe of Marquis Taining Residence, and he had been taught to not speak while eating. He remembered the first time he accompanied Jiang Hongfu to Jiang residence. He was startled when he saw the Old Madam talked to Jiang Hongfu while she ate. By this time, he had gotten used to it. "Great Aunt, it looks like you like that Miss Han a lot!"

Old Madam Jiang smiled in agreement, "Yes, that child has a good heart, good temper and is very capable." After that, she added, "Her body is also very good." That child had accompanied her by picking vegetables and talked with her. That child certainly didn't sit in her boudoir every day. So, the Old Madam didn't find anything strange with Yuxi's behaviour.

To Chen Ran, her first sentence sounded all right, but he couldn't understand her latter sentence. He thought it must be related to that girl's nature, so he didn't ask the Old Madam.

After lunch, Old Lady Jiang had something to say to Jiang Hongfu. Thus, Chen Ran sensibly said that he would like to return to Marquis Taining Residence.

After Chen Ran left, Jiang Hongfu looked at Old Madam Jiang and smilingly asked, "Grandma, what do you want to tell me?" He didn't remember his grandmother had ever whispered to him before.

Old Madam Jiang said, "Grandma seldom goes out, so Grandma only knows very few young noble ladies, but Yuxi is such a nice child."

When Jiang Hongfu heard this, he quickly informed her, "Grandma, it's not that you don't know my situation. My teacher and Father have already arranged my marriage a long time ago." His teacher wanted him to marry his youngest daughter Min Qiongxu. The two families had already agreed to discuss their marriage after his Metropolitan Examination next year.

Old Madam Jiang was not satisfied with Min Qiongxu. Even when everyone said that Min Qiongxu's appearance and temperament were first-class, Min Qiongxu had feeble health and could get sick five to six times a year, which certainly made her not a good candidate for her grandson. According to the Old Madam, a wife's duty was to manage the household and care for her husband. But when her grandson married a sickly beauty, he would be the one who had to look after his sick wife instead. It was a pity that not only her grandson agreed to the marriage, but so did her son. When the Old Madam finally knew about this matter, it was too late for her to do anything about it. Old Madam Jiang angrily said, "I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about Hongjin." Even if she was not satisfied with Min Qiongxu, since her son and grandson had agreed to the marriage arrangement, she couldn't ask them to go back on their words.

Jiang Hongfu frowned and stated, "Grandma, I have to apologise as I'm going to say something unpleasant. Mother won't even look at Han Biaomei. Moreover, Jin Di's temper does not match with her." Yu Shi's characteristics had been looking at people higher than the sky when it came to Jiang Hongjin's marriage. Where would she let Jiang Hongjin marry a girl whose background was lower than his father's position? As for Jiang Hongjin, he was also a person who looked higher than the crown of people's heads. Where would he be willing to marry a girl whose appearance and talents could not be considered outstanding?

No matter how dissatisfied Old Madam Jiang felt towards Yu Shi, she would not speak ill of her in front of her grandson. She immediately said, "Since you say it is inappropriate, then just forget about it. But that child's temperament is excellent." Sigh, she may like Yuxi, but what was the point if Yu Shi and her grandson did not have the same view as her.

Jiang Hongfu smiled at these words and inquired, "Is Han Biaomei as good as Grandma said?" However, his grandmother had only met with Yuxi this once, so how could she be so sure that Yuxi was good or not!

Old Madam Jiang laughed. "Although we only met this once, it's enough for me to see if there are any issues with her. That child has studied pharmacology, knows how to farm and has a considerate nature; a person whom you can't find even with a lantern. Your meimei is a far cry from her." The Old Madam added, "You can't eat a meal with all that zither and poetry stuff. It's only proper for a girl to learn how to do needlework, know how to cook and take care of the household!"

Jiang Hongfu smiled at this. "I heard that Han Biaomei is good at chess and painting, but I didn't expect her to know about medicine and farming also. That's indeed quite rare."

Old Madam Jiang proudly said, "I told you this girl was competent!" Yuxi was really good at everything!

Jiang Hongfu smiled and coaxed Old Madam Jiang with a few more words until he managed to make her eyebrows arched. Looking at the happy old lady, Jiang Hongfu felt even more guilty. He knew that his grandmother would stay in the capital for his sake, for fear that he would suffer another deadly blow from Yu Shi. Thus, Jiang Hongfu would come back to visit Old Madam Jiang whenever he could. It was just that he had very little time to spare as he was currently busy preparing for next year's Metropolitan Examination. It was already rare for his grandmother to meet someone she could get along with, so he thought he should think of a way to get Han Biaomei to come over again and spend more time with her. [+]

While the grandparent and grandchild were warm and happy, on Yuxi's side, the atmosphere was not so harmonious. Ever since Yuxi returned to the Master Courtyard, she has been subjected to Jiang Qi's scornful glance. Everyone else also received Jiang Qi's wink to exclude Yuxi from their group. However, Yuxi didn't even mind it. She already knew what Jiang Qi was like. She was willing to come to the Jiang residence this time around because she needed to confirm something, and now that it was verified, she would not come to the Jiang residence anymore.

After lunch, Yuxi went back to their official residence with Wu Shi. Halfway there, she unexpectedly ran into Chen Ran.

Chen Ran remembered Old Madam Jiang's comments saying that Yuxi was good everywhere, especially the sentence that said her body was also very good. He took a serious look at Yuxi. Her skin was white, and her face was ruddy. Right. People nearby were heavily panting when they walked, but Miss Han's complexion was usual. Her body indeed looked pretty good.

It was difficult for Yuxi to ignore him when she was being looked at like this. In her heart, she continuously criticised him, but she did not show it on her face. She instead smiled and introduced him to Wu Shi, "Mother, this is Second Young Master of Marquis Taining Residence. He and Hongfu Biaoge are fellow apprentices."

After Chen Ran greeted Wu Shi, he took his page and left. Yurong immediately asked, ready for any gossip, "Is Si Jiejie familiar with Second Young Master of Marquis Taining Residence?"

Yuxi explained with a smile, "Today was the second time we have met. Last year, we happened to run into each other in the garden when I attended Marquis Taining's banquet, and it was the Eldest Young Lady of Marquis Taining who introduced me to him." Although large families were very particular about the differences between men and women, a greeting when they met on the road would not be criticised.

When Wu Shi caught sight of Yurong's manner, she urged, "All right, let's hurry back." When they got to the gate, Wu Shi directly asked Yuxi to share a carriage with Yurong, while she asked Qiu Yanfu to join her.

Yuxi glanced at Qiu Yanfu in surprise. Since they entered Jiang residence, Qiu Yanfu didn't speak much, as if she wanted to keep silent until the end of the visit. Though Yuxi didn't know why Qiu Yanfu acted like this.

On the way back, inside the carriage was not as quiet as when they had come. Yurong had many questions that she wanted to ask Yuxi, "Si Jie, have you ever met Second Young Master Jiang before?"

When Yuxi saw that Yurong was going to say something more, she asked, "What about Second Young Master Jiang? What does he have to do with us?" She was not Yurong's close friend, nor she was her trusted maid for Yurong to blabber about an outside man with her. Yuxi didn't know what idea had struck Yurong that made her asked this question.

Yurong was rendered speechless by Yuxi, but she quickly changed the subject, "What did Si Jiejie do in Old Madam Jiang's courtyard today?"

Yuxi said, "I picked some vegetables in the backyard and accompanied the Old Madam for a while. Then. Eldest Young Master Jiang and Second Young Master Chen came over. After I greeted them, I went back to Master Courtyard."

Yurong smiled and told Yuxi, "I've been told that Eldest Young Master Jiang has been betrothed to Miss Min, his teacher's daughter."

Yuxi glanced at Yurong with a puzzled look as she pointed out, "We are not familiar with the Jiang family. Whether Young Master Jiang is already betrothed or not, what does it have to do with us?"

Yurong was stifled once more, but then she smilingly switched to another topic, "Si Jie, I heard that Old Madam Jiang used to be a peasant girl and she married into the Jiang family because of an arranged 'warding off marriage..."

Yuxi swept a glance at Yurong and asked with a cold face, "What exactly do you want to say? Since Old Madam Jiang is from a lowly background, do you think that I am degrading myself by accompanying her?"

Yurong really had this idea in her heart, but she would not admit to Yuxi's accusation, "What nonsense is Si Jie talking about? I never have this kind of idea."

Yuxi reminded her with a cold snort, "It's best if you don't have. If you tell this matter to others, they may think you are mocking Old Madam Jiang's lowly background. If this word reaches the ears of the Jiang family, the two families may have to break off their relationship, and when that time comes, Father will not going to spare you." It didn't matter what Old Madam Jiang's origins were or how lucky she was, her son was now a Third Rank Official in the Imperial Court. Hence she was now a Third Rank Gaoming Furen by virtue as the mother of her son.

Yurong felt so aggrieved that tears came out of her eyes, "I only wanted to gossip with Si Jiejie, but what Si Jiejie ever did is to pour a basin of dung over my head."

Yuxi responded coolly, "How come I don't realise it that way? When did you become so close to me that you even want to gossip with me like that?"

These words coming from Yuxi almost choked Yurong to death.
Noob Translator's Musing

I don't have any problem with Old Madam Jiang, and I kind of like her. But the way she thought of Min Qingxu kind of turned me off a bit. I thought she would be more understanding since her husband was also a sickly person before. Okay, if she doesn't understand Min Qingxu's circumstances, it will explain why she acted that way. But we won't know, right? It seemed, in a way, being married to a noble family had changed her mindset a bit. 🤷🏻‍♀️

On a lighter note, it was nice to see Old Madam Jiang became so proud of Yuxi like she was her real granddaughter. ☺️

And Chen Ran, don't you know it's not good to stare at a girl like that? Fortunately, you were staring at Yuxi where she won't think much about it other than cursing you in her heart. But if it were another young lady, she would feel that you have taken an interest in her. 🤣


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