ROHYX Chapter 165 : Ye Shi Gave Birth (1)

Back at the State Residence, when the group got off the carriage, except for Yuxi, who looked normal, Wu Shi and Qiu Yanfu had dark expressions, while Yurong's eyes were red and swollen. It was obvious that she had been crying.

When Wu Shi noticed Yurong's expression, her face turned dark even more. With many people at the gate and her already lousy reputation in the State Residence, reprimanding Yuxi in the open would only stir another trouble. Moreover, Yuxi had the gift of the gab. If she blamed Yuxi, Yurong's reputation could also be tarnished. Based on these thoughts, Wu Shi didn't say anything to Yuxi but said to Yurong instead, "Go back!"

Yuxi returned to Taoran House with Zisu. This time, instead of immediately drilling herself into her study, Yuxi went into the clean room, and after she had her bath, she immediately climbed into bed.

Seeing that Yuxi had fallen asleep, Zisu quietly retreated. Yuxi had this habit of not liking people to be around her, no matter whether she was reading or sleeping.

When Yuxi heard the door finally closed, she opened her eyes and looked at the top of the bed. Although she had no proof and her idea might be absurd, her sixth sense told her that Jiang Hongjin had married her because of Yuchen. It was because of this ill intentions, he had ruined their marriage, which made her suffer humiliation. Even her corpse ended up not looking properly intact. [+]

As Yuxi thought about the pain of being burnt by fire and the despair and grief that she had felt, even if she lived another life, she would not be able to forget them. She would definitely want to bring Jiang Hongjin down if she had the chance. If she wasn't given the opportunity, she would have to leave him alone. After all, compared to the grudges and grievances she had in her past life, living well in the present world was still the most important thing for her.

As she thought about this matter, she somehow fell asleep without realising it.

At this time, Wu Shi asked Yurong, "Did Yuxi bully you?"

Yurong didn't nod or shake her head. "I said something wrong and was taught a lesson by Si Jiejie. Mother, what's wrong with you? I realise that your expression is not looking good."

Although Yu Shi did not like Wu Shi's conduct and bearing, she certainly did not show it on the surface, as that would be too degrading for her to do. What made Wu Shi uncomfortable was Qiu Yanfu. Madam Yang Shi, the wife of the newly appointed Director of the Ministry of Revenue, whom she met earlier at the Jiang Residence, had implicitly stated that she had a nephew of the same age as Qiu Yanfu, who was also a bachelor.

Wu Shi also wanted to solve the great event in Qiu Yanfu's life problem. After all, Qiu Yanfu was already sixteen this year, and it was not a good idea to delay it any longer. Therefore, as soon as she saw the other party's intention, she checked that Madam Yang's nephew had abandoned the official path and his family had a few assets, so she was a bit tempted. However, when Qiu Yanfu heard that the other party was now managing the prisons for the Ministry of Justice, she flatly refused. She said that the so-called managing prison of the Ministry of Justice was just a jailer, and she did not want to marry a jailer.[T/N]

Yurong had been studying with her nursing momo for the past two years. Thus, she was no longer as innocent as she was before. She had long known that Qiu Yanfu couldn't marry into an official family. "Since biaojie is unwilling, what kind of family does she want?"

Wu Shi shook her head and said, "When I asked her, she wouldn't say anything. Who knows what she is looking for." She now had some regrets. She shouldn't have promised to bring Qiu Yanfu here. Because of Qiu Yanfu, she didn't know how many faces she had lost.

When Wu Shi saw that Yurong had something to say, she stopped her and said, "This is not something you should be worrying about. When you see Yuxi in the future, you should just let her go. She is just like a hedgehog. If you provoke her, it will be you who will be in pain." As long as you don't provoke that damned girl, that damned girl wouldn't actively seek trouble with her, and then everyone could get along peacefully.

Yurong nodded and assured her, "Don't worry, Mother. I won't do it again." She had just wanted to gossip today but had not expected to be reprimanded by Yuxi instead. Her mother was right; Han Yuxi was just like a hedgehog. Anyone who touched her would indeed be pricked. So it was better to stay away from her in the future.

As the mother and daughter talked, a maid came in and reported, "My Lady, Fifth Miss, the Third Miss has returned from the palace."

Yurong felt uncomfortable in her heart. "She comes back whenever she wants to. What's there to tell?" Now the whole State Residence only cared about Yuchen. While everyone else's matters had been thrown into the nooks and crannies.

Wu Shi let the maid withdraw, then spoke to Yurong, "Your San Jie has a bright future. You should take this opportunity to visit her more. It will only do you good and no harm once you have built a good relationship with her." As far as Yuchen's appearance and talent were concerned, she was also loved by Song Guifei and the Gongzhu. There was hight possibility for Yuchen to become a Prince's Fei.

It wasn't that Yurong didn't want to get close to Yuchen. But since the lying incident, Yuchen had always been indifferent to her. Even if she wanted to get close, she didn't have that thick skin to do so. "Mother, it's not like you don't know that San Jie doesn't like us."

Wu Shi felt that her previous actions had been too unwise. She wondered if it was too late for her to remedy the current situation.[T/N]

After Yuchen returned to the State Residence, the first thing that she did was to go to Taoran House, bearing gifts. When she entered Taoran House, she heard Yuxi was still sleeping and hadn't gotten up yet. Yuchen was very surprised. "How come Si Meimei is still asleep until now?" As far as Yuxi's diligence was concerned, she couldn't believe that Yuxi would sleep in. Did the sun just come out from the west?

Zisu explained, "Miss had gone to the Jiang family as a guest with my Lady this morning, and fell asleep immediately after returning. Handmaiden reckons that Miss will wake up soon." In fact, Zisu also found it strange. She had been following Yuxi throughout the day, and nothing extraordinary had happened to Yuxi. Hence she didn't understand why Yuxi would be too tired. Also, she felt it was not good of her to mention these things to Yuchen.

Yuchen didn't go back either, so she waited in the parlour. When she started to get bored, she said to Zisu, "Go to the study and bring me a book to read."

Zisu went into the study and looked for a travel note, "Third Miss, will this one do for you?"

Yuchen was only using it to pass the time. Thus, it didn't matter what type of book it was. She took the book, looked at it, and nodded a little. She then said, "Yes."

After about a quarter of an hour, Yuxi finally woke up. When she heard that Yuchen had come to see her, she quickly got herself dressed up and walked out, smilingly say, "I thought San Jie would stay in the palace for a while!"

Yuchen answered with a smile, "The Emperor has bestowed a wedding to the 9th Prince. Hence, Guifei Niangniang is busy with the 9th Prince's wedding. Therefore, it is no longer good for me to stay in the palace."

Yuxi knew that Yu Xiyu was the 9th Prince's Zheng Fei, but she wasn't aware when the Emperor sanctioned the marriage. "The Emperor bestowed a wedding to the 9th Prince? Is it to Xiyu Jiejie?"

Yuchen nodded and replied with a smile, "There have been rumours before, but now that the Imperial Edict has been issued, the matter has been nailed to the board with a nail. The wedding date is also set for the tenth lunar month next year. The Imperial Clan Court has begun to get busy with the 9th Prince's big wedding arrangements." So many things that needed to be prepared for when a Prince or a Gongzhu got married. A period of a little more than a year could be said to be barely enough.

When Yuxi waved her hand, all the servants in the room withdrew, with Zisu considerately standing guard outside the door. Only two people were left in the room before Yuxi said, "San Jie, what do you think the Emperor means? The Empress and the Crown Prince have been gone for six months already. How come the Emperor hasn't made a single move yet?" The so-called no movement meant that the Emperor had not made Song Guifei the new Empress, nor had he made the 9th Prince the Crown Prince. Of course, the whole body would surely move just by pulling one hair. If Song Guifei had been installed as the new Empress, then the 9th Prince as the di eldest Prince, would nail the board as the new Crown Prince.

Yuchen also shook her head, "I'm not sure." After saying that, she smiled and asked, "When did Si Mei become interested in national affairs?"

Yuxi told her the prepared made-up reason. "After the palace rebellion, some ladies and girls I met during the banquet became prisoners in the blink of an eye. So it's quite scary when I think about it. Therefore, I want to learn more about the affairs of the Imperial Court. At least in the future, I can be well informed and not be so helpless." This was a very subtle statement, meaning that she was sure she would marry into an official family in the future. Hence, it was not good for her not to know matters involving the Imperial Court's backyard affairs. If she was prepared now, she would not have been caught unaware in the future. This noob translation was translated by a noob translator, きつね. Please read this chapter at

Yuchen smiled, "Si Meimei is really thinking too far ahead. Meimei doesn't have to worry. The Emperor always favours Guifei Niangniang, and he loves the 9th Prince."

Yuxi remembered the last time she was at the Liuli Palace, where she had been frightened by the 9th Prince's glance that her back sweat. It wasn't good to pick a fight with this man, either. "That's good."

The two spoke for a while before Yuchen eventually went back.

Zisu asked in a small voice, "Miss, it's currently circulating outside that His Highness the 10th Prince has taken a liking to the Third Miss and wants her to be his Fei. Do you think this rumour is reliable?"

Yuxi swept a glance at Zisu and said, "Since the Imperial Edict for sanctioning such marriage has not yet come, just consider it a false rumour. And don't speak about this matter anymore in the future."

Zisu nodded obediently.

That night, as Yuxi was practising her calligraphy in the study, she heard Zisu knocking on the door. She put down her writing brush and said, "Come in!" She usually wouldn't let others enter her study unless there was something urgent she wouldn't want others know about.

Zisu wouldn't have come to bother Yuxi if she had nothing important to relay. She went into the study and reported, "Miss, I just got the news. Da Nainai is going to give birth."

Yuxi softly let out an 'oh' and asked, "What else?" The matter regarding Ye Shi giving birth to her child has nothing to do with her. She could just go and have a look at her tomorrow morning.

When Zisu saw Yuxi's calm attitude, she felt she had just written a lengthy article on a small subject. "What does Miss want to eat tonight? I'll let the kitchen prepare it for you. "

Yuxi thought for a while and then said, "Ask the kitchen to make a bowl of lotus root meatballs!" Now Yuxi felt that the lotuses in the lake were really useful since all parts of the plants could be eaten.

Lotus Root Meatballs

When Zisu was on her way to the door, Yuxi added, "Once Dasao has given birth, let me know." Knowing whether the baby was a boy or a girl was important.

Zisu thought Yuxi really didn't care. After listening to Yuxi's words, she smilingly said, "Miss, it hasn't been long for Da Nainai to start to feel she is going to give birth. She won't give birth that soon."

Yuxi nodded and started to practice her calligraphy once more.

Even when Yuxi finally left her study, there was no news of Ye Shi's delivery being successful. Yuxi muttered, "It's not another difficult birth, is it?" Back then, Concubine Rong also had a difficult birth. Unfortunately, Concubine Rong's luck wasn't good. She had a difficult labour, where both mother and child ended up lost.

Not knowing what Yuxi was thinking, Zisu said, "I don't think so. The first child usually takes a little longer."

Yuxi suddenly asked, "How is Er Jie recently?"

Zisu didn't know that Yuxi's thoughts would jump around like this. She just jumped from Da Nainai's delivery to Second Miss in seconds. "Recently, Second Miss has been staying in her own yard, and she doesn't come out very much. Her specific situation, though is not clear to us." They didn't put any people in Yujing's yard.

Yuxi went to bed with an 'oh'. Before closing her eyes, she muttered to herself, "I hope she will give birth to a son!" If Ye Shi gave birth to a son, there would be fewer disputes in the State Residence. There would be too much trouble if the child was a daughter. It was already rare for Yuxi to live a few days of leisure. She hoped she could live such a quiet life all the time and didn't want any trouble to come her way.

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