ROHYX Chapter 167 : Flute

After playing a song, Yuchen asked Yuxi, "The day after tomorrow is your birthday. What do you want as a gift? San Jie will give it to you."

Yuxi had forgotten about this, as she smilingly replied, "I would have forgotten about it if not for San Jie. I don't need anything, so San Jie doesn't need to spend money on me." Every gift Yuchen had sent to her was all worth several cities, so Yuxi was unwilling to accept more.

Yuchen smiled and said, "I knew you would say that." After saying that, she got up, took a brocade box sitting on the shelf, and handed it to Yuxi, saying, "This is my birthday present for you."

Yuxi opened it and saw the content of the brocade box turned out to be a jade flute. "San Jie, what do you give me the jade flute for? You know I can't play the flute."

Yuchen gave Yuxi a look and said, "Even if you don't know how to play, don't tell me you can't learn to play it. The flute is the easiest instrument to learn, and you can even start learning it today."

Yuxi told her that she did not want to learn, but Yuchen ignored her opinion and began to teach her how to play the flute earnestly. Faced with the passionate Yuchen, Yuxi could not resist and could only learn it seriously.

When Qiu Shi arrived at the Main Courtyard, she told the Old Lady about Ye Shi's situation, "Mother, Ye Shi is no longer able to conceive any more children. What should we do now?"

The Old Lady's complexion was not good either. Anyone who knew that their eldest granddaughter-in-law couldn't have children anymore would definitely not have good expressions unless they were not their own grandson's real grandmother. "Has her situation been determined?" She used to consider Ye Shi a good wife candidate for her grandson, but she wasn't aware that Ye Shi would harbour evil intentions.

Qiu Shi nodded and said, "Imperial Physician Le told me about it himself. There should be no mistake."

The blue veins on the Old Lady's hand gripping the Buddha beads started to rise. Although both di grandson and shu grandson were still their grandchildren, both the Old Lady and Qiu Shi had been wishing that their first grandson would be a di. But now that the matter had come to this, it was useless for them to be upset and angry. "Since Imperial Physician Le has confirmed that she can't give birth to a child anymore, you should let Ming-er marry a secondary wife." Since Ye Shi could not have more children, the Old Lady had no choice but to let Ming-er have a secondary wife.

Although Qiu Shi was very angry with Ye Shi, in the end, she was still a soft-hearted person. When she thought that Ye Shi had just given birth to a child and then her mother-in-law was already planning to marry her son to a secondary wife, she requested, "Mother, shouldn't we handle this matter slowly?"

Knowing Qiu Shi's scruples, the old Lady nodded and said, "Then let's discuss this matter after Ye Shi's confinement! You can choose the second room candidate."

Qiu Shi still shook her head and said, "Mother, I won't be able to find the time to handle it after her confinement since Miss Lu will be going through our door in the twelfth lunar month. Why don't we wait until after the New Year to discuss it more?" Since her eldest daughter-in-law could not have more children, she could only rely on her second daughter-in-law to give birth to her first di grandson.[+]

The Old Lady thought about it for a moment and felt no urgent matter needed to be dealt with in these few upcoming months, "Then let's wait until after the New Year! You have to handle Jianye's marriage properly."

Qiu Shi nodded, "I will take good care of it." Since Ye Shi could not give birth to another grandchild, thus she could only rely on Lu Xiu for her future grandson. As she thought of Lu Xiu's figure, she presumably would be able to hold her grandson soon enough. [T/N]

Yuxi had learned from Yuchen at Tingyun Pavilion for more than a shichen, and when she finally left Tingyun Pavilion, she was still feeling dizzy. "How did I get muddle-headed and learn to play the flute from San Jie?" She had obviously refused at first, but why did she compromise later on?

Zisu happily complimented, "Miss, don't you always say you have no musical talent? Look, you've only been learning for a shichen or so, and you already know how to blow it like it should be." Although her words seemed a bit exaggerated, the sound that Yuxi had blown out just now was no longer sounding so horrifying.

Yuxi looked at Zisu, who was smiling like a blooming chrysanthemum. She hesitated a little and asked, "Do you also think I should learn how to play the flute?" She really thought it was useless to learn it!

Zisu replied, "Of course. You can just look at other young misses in residence. Who hasn't learned to play a single piece of music? Only Miss who does not know how to play one. How humiliating it would be to talk about it later on!" She wanted Yuxi to learn a musical instrument, mainly for the sake of her Miss face.

Yuxi was still torn about whether she should learn it or not.

After Yuxi left, Momo Gui asked Yuchen in puzzlement, "For what reason does Miss have to force Fourth Miss to learn musical instruments?" Whether Yuxi learned musical instruments or not, it had nothing to do with her own Miss.

Yuchen didn't clear up Momo Gui's confusion but said with a smile instead, "Si Meimei has always said that she has no musical talent. Today, what I saw was not that she didn't have any talent, but rather her mind had not been focusing on the instrument."

Instead of continuing this topic, Momo Gui informed her, "Miss, I just heard some news." She told Yuchen regarding Ye Shi's inability to give birth once more.

Yuchen frowned briefly, "How dare Dasao to hide such a big thing?" An heir was the most important thing in a family, especially when Dage was the shizi, and this was concerning the inheritance of the title. The Imperial Court had a law where the title of nobility had to be inherited by a di son. Ye Shi's behaviour had indeed been very unduly.

Momo Gui also thought Ye Shi had enough nerve to do it, and she would have been cast away if her husband's family had acted more ruthlessly. However, since Master Ye was an important official with a massive military in hand, Ye Shi would definitely not be cast away. Still, there was a possibility that she would probably be detested by her husband and mother-in-law.

Back at Taoran House, Yuxi did not continue practising her flute but went back to her study to read a book. Not until lunch was served did Zisu call her out of there.

Zisu muttered, "Miss, you just learned how to play the flute today, so you must practice more before you can properly play it." There was an old saying that practice made perfect. She believed that as long as her Miss practised more, she would surely be able to play the flute very well in the future.

Yuxi smiled as she responded, "Let's just wait and see."

Kufu quickly interjected, "Miss, think about it. After you have mastered the flute, you can play and tune it up once you are tired of reading. Won't that be good?"

Yuxi still said the same thing, "There's no rush." She had one trait when learning something. If she didn't want to, she wouldn't learn it. If she wanted to, she would learn it well. Therefore, this matter must be treated with care.

That afternoon, Qiu Shi called Yuxi over to the Master Courtyard.

Xisan or giving a bath to a baby girl 3 days after his/her birth.
T/N: The baby looked like he/she had a beard.
Image Credit | To its rightful owner (Chinese Baby Customs) via Plan The Perfect Baby Shower
Yuxi was very surprised when she heard that Qiu Shi wanted to celebrate her birthday, "Eldest Aunt, how can we celebrate my birthday when the day after tomorrow will be the day when Big Girl has her bath after three days of her birth (xisan)?" She didn't care at all about such things as birthdays. This was mainly due to the influence of her previous life as well.

Qiu Shi was furious with Ye Shi, but she was not that furious to not celebrate the day her eldest di granddaughter had her first bath after three days after her birth. "Her bath ceremony will be held in the morning, while your birthday celebration will be held in the afternoon, so there will be no conflict."

Yuxi still thought this was not a good idea, "I better not. Big Girl's bath ceremony is a big deal. How can it be mixed with my birthday celebration? Moreover, I still have my whole life, so it is fine if I don't celebrate it this time."

After Yuxi's repeated excuses, Qiu Shi finally gave in to Yuxi's wishes. "If you say you really don't want to, then we won't do it. You, this child, like to overthink everything." Qiu Shi always felt that Yuxi always liked to overthink something, which was not a good thing for Qiu Shi.

Yuxi smiled as she asked, "Eldest Aunt, has Big Girl been given a name yet?"

Qiu Shi shook her head, "Not yet. Let your Dage worry about it. I won't get involved." The great event of naming a child was usually a man's business. And since they were also from different generations, she didn't want to bother about it either.

Yuxi looked at Qiu Shi's expression and carefully asked, "Eldest Aunt, don't you like Big Girl?" Just by looking at Qiu Shi's appearance, she was afraid that her aunt wouldn't like the child because of her hate toward Ye Shi.

Qiu Shi's face was a little unnatural. As long as she thought of Ye Shi's deception, she couldn't get close to that child. However, she could not tell the truth to Yuxi. For she knew deep in her heart that the child was innocent. "There is no such thing. Well, let's not talk about that. I heard from the maid that you have started learning the flute?" In the past, Yuxi had always said she had no talent for learning musical instruments. This noob translation was translated by a noob translator, きつね. Please read this chapter at

Yuxi was embarrassed. "I didn't know what was going on with San Jie today that she desperately dragged me to learn how to play it. I couldn't resist, so I learned from her for a while and found out that it wasn't that difficult to learn."

Qiu Shi patted Yuxi's hand and encouraged, "If you think you can learn it, then learn it well."

Yuxi wondered why everyone wanted her to learn a musical instrument. "Eldest Aunt, is it terrific to learn a musical instrument?"

Qiu Shi's reasoning was much more straightforward, "It's better to learn a musical instrument than to stay in the study all day long. If you go on like this, I'm worried you'll become a bookworm." After she had said that, she smiled and continued, "Although this aunt of yours is not very knowledgeable, I have heard that learning a musical instrument can possibly make one engage in self-cultivation and cultivate a person's temperament. If you think you can learn it, then learn it!" [T/N]

Yuxi was a bit embarrassed, "Eldest Aunt is exaggerating. How can that make me a bookworm?" She just liked to read books, so how could she become a bookworm?

Qiu Shi said, "Aunt has no objection to your love of reading books, but you can't just stay in the study and read all day. A girl should get together with every one to talk and laugh." Yuxi was too quiet, too quiet for a twelve-year-old girl.

Yuxi didn't expect Qiu Shi to think she was too quiet for a young girl. "Since Eldest Aunt says it's good to learn an instrument, then I'll learn it!" The flute wasn't challenging to learn, and everyone had been telling her that it would be good for her to know how to play it, so she might as well go for it!

Yuxi had found out a long time ago that listening to a piece of music, be it a qin piece or any other piece, when she was tired made her feel remarkably relaxed afterwards. This was also why she did not object strongly when Yuchen asked her to learn to play the flute. Otherwise, even if Yuchen forced her to learn it and she really didn't want to, there was nothing Yuchen could do about it.

Just then, a maid came in and informed Qiu Shi, "My Lady, Da Nainai is awake!" Ye Shi had fallen asleep immediately after giving birth, and she had finally woken up.

Qiu Shi's expression was lukewarm. "I know." Even when she knew about it, she did not get up and say she would visit Ye Shi. With Ye Shi's previous deception, Qiu Shi now had a level of disgust for her.

It was no good for Yuxi to advise her aunt on such matters, so she had to get up and say, "Eldest Aunt, I'll go back then." Since Ye Shi could not have any more children, sooner or later, the matter of her Dage marrying a secondary wife would have to be put on the agenda. She hoped it wouldn't be the same as before when the fight between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law would be bitter.

Qiu Shi didn't stop Yuxi, but she did say one thing before Yuxi left, "Your Er Ge>'s wedding will be held in a few months, and it will be a busy time for the residence, so help me with the household chores." The end of the year was already hectic for her, and she couldn't do everything alone with her son's upcoming wedding.

Naturally, Yuxi would not be so slow to react, "Alright! As long as Eldest Aunt needs me, just give me an order. By the way, Eldest Aunt, has the wedding date for Dajie been set?"

Qiu Shi shook her head as she answered, "The Zeng family hasn't come to talk about it yet, but your Dajie is only 15 this year, so there's no rush. Only your Er Jie's marriage is a big problem." Now that Yuru was already engaged, it didn't matter if the wedding would be held a year later. The most troublesome thing right now was Yujing, who already had a bad reputation outside. Those who had come to their door to propose marriage for her were not only to the Old Lady's dissatisfaction but also to Qiu Shi's eyes. Even though she hated Concubine Rong, she had already passed away, so she had no hatred for her daughter. She just decided to ignore her. However, as a shu daughter, for Yujing to be disregarded by her formal mother, she would indeed not have a good time in the residence.

In matters of other people's marriages, Yuxi would not interfere. "Then, I will go back first, Eldest Aunt. If Aunt has anything want me to do, just have the maid call me over."

Qiu Shi gave her a little nod as a response.
Noob Translator's Useless Thought

Based on how long Ye Shi has to be in confinement after giving birth (30 days), with Han Jianye's wedding following after she has done her confinement, I deduct Yuxi's birthday fall in the 10th lunar month.
I must be really bored thinking of this useless information.


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