ROHYX Chapter 170: Three Obediences And Four Virtues

Yuxi walked to the door, then turned around and asked, "Dage, what actually did you want me to come over for?"

Han Jianming felt that Yuxi was also confused at times, "I just want to give you these books. The books are given to you, so read them carefully."

Commentary on the Water Classic
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Yuxi looked at the book in her hand, and the title big words «Commentary on the Water Classic» came into view. She didn't know what kind of book it was, but by looking at the old pages, she knew it was an ancient book. Such books were very valuable, thus Yuxi sincerely said, "Thank you, Dage."

Back in Taoran House, Yuxi looked at the books Han Jianming had given her. In addition to «Commentary on the Water Classic», the other two were «Geological Map of the Great Zhou Dynasty» and «Shoushi Li»".

Yuxi flipped open the book and looked at it carefully before expressing her utter speechlessness. The «Commentary on the Water Classic» was mainly the recording of rivers and mountains, natural geography, human geography and so on, where they were recorded in great detail. For example, the rivers were recorded from their origins to their entry into the sea, including main streams, tributaries, river valley widths, river bed depths, water volumes and seasonal changes in water levels.

The «Geological Map of the Great Zhou Dynasty» was mainly an introduction to all the states and counties of the Great Zhou Dynasty, describing the origins of these places, as well as customs, character anecdotes and so on. As for «Shoushi Li», it was about astronomical knowledge, with so many formulas that made Yuxi become dizzy after reading a few lines.

Yuxi muttered, "I don't know what Dage was thinking in giving me these books." She could read the first two books, but the latter one was like a heavenly book that she couldn't even understand one bit of it.

Although it was impossible for Yuxi to understand what Han Jianming was doing, she still solemnly put these three books next to «Comprehensive Mirror to Aid in Government».

Mr Zhao, Han Jianming's aide, was also puzzled by his actions, "Why did Master Shizi give those books to the Fourth Miss?" For books on astronomy and geography, not to mention a girl in a boudoir, even most men were rarely interested in them, and well, only a few people could truly understand them.

Han Jianming smiled and said, "They were just sitting there anyway, and it won't hurt to show them to that girl." Yuxi was a very earnest child. Since the books had been given to her, she would still read them even if she couldn't understand. Han Jianming had this notion because Yuxi had learned medical books by heart before this. [+]

Mr Zhao was puzzled, "Master Shizi, what are you doing by showing these things to the Fourth Miss?" His meaning was that even if Master Shizi let Yuxi read those and somehow she understood them, it would not benefit them. If they educated her well, she would only be someone else's family member later on, and it would not help the Han family much.

Han Jianming smiled and did not clarify it for Mr Zhao. If Yuxi were his younger brother, he would definitely work hard to cultivate her. However, Yuxi was the daughter of his family. He never thought of spending his energy and time to do so. But he felt it was a pity for such a good seed, so he decided to give her some guidance. As for whether Yuxi would need it in the future, he didn't think that far. [T/N]

What Yuxi didn't expect was for Han Jingyan to call her over to his study the next day. Han Jingyan's study was far away from Yuxi's Taoran House, and it would take three-quarters of an hour just to go back and forth.

Yuxi silently cursed in her heart. Fortunately, she exercised daily. If it was Yuchen instead, she would probably have to be helped to get back.

Han Jingyan looked at Yuxi, who was standing earnestly, and asked, "Did you go to your Dage's study again yesterday?"

Yuxi nodded as she replied, "Dage had given me a few books. He told me to go over there and get them." Seeing that Han Jingyan did not say anything, she continued, "Dage gave me the «Discourses of the States», the «Commentary on the Water Classic» and the «Shoushi Li». I can still understand the «Discourses of the States». However, I'm amidst the clouds and mist with the other two books, especially the «Shoushi Li», which seems to be about astronomy. I truly can't understand any of its contents."

After hearing this, Han Jingyan raised his head and questioned, "I heard that you still read history books and art of war books. When did you start reading them?"

Yuxi answered, "Last time I went to borrow books from Er Ge, he told me that «Sun Tzu's Art of War and 36 Stratagems» and «Comprehensive Mirror to Aid in Government» were all good books and that reading them would make me wise. Only later did I learn that it was Dage who had given them to him. But he didn't want to read them himself, so he stuffed them all to me." The two books, «The Book of Han» and «The Records of the Grand Historian», had been secretly bought and read, so the Old Lady and Han Jingyan would not know about them. This was something that Yuxi was really sure of.

The expression on Han Jingyan's face was very light, so people couldn't see what he was actually thinking, "What do you think after reading them?"

A smile appeared on Yuxi's face, "The book «Sun Tzu's Art of War and 36 Stratagems» is very interesting. The beauty trap, ruse of self-injury, sowing discord among enemies, and killing with a borrowed knife had made me neglect my sleep and forget about my food. Er Ge truly didn't bluff me. After reading «Sun Tzu's Art of War and 36 Stratagems», I really feel like I was so foolish before."

Han Jingyan's expression was not looking very good when he said, "These kinds of books should be read less in the future." Why would a noble young miss be given a book on the art of war to be read? Only that youngster Han Jianye would do such a muddle-headed thing. This noob translation was translated by a noob translator, きつね. Please read this chapter at

Yuxi stole a glance at Han Jingyan, then cautiously requested, "Father, can I keep the «Comprehensive Mirror to Aid in Government»? San Jie is also reading this book. It's supposed to be a good one!" What she meant was that the book that Yuchen could read, she should also be able to read.

Han Jingyan swept a cold glance at Yuxi. This girl was playing with him. "You don't have to return the books, but you don't have to read those books anymore and don't go to Jianming's place. You are already twelve years old. There are some things that don't need me to personally teach you." Men and women were different. Even if they were cousins, they still had to avoid doing anything that might arouse suspicion.

After hearing this, in Yuxi's mind, she really wanted to spit blood, but on the surface, she respectfully answered, "Yes, I won't go to Dage's study anymore."

Han Jingyan also gave Yuxi a few books. "Take these books back and read them well."

Yuxi, who came empty-handed, went back with a few more books in her hands. With those books in hand, Yuxi had a decent smile on her face all the way. That was until she reached Taoran House, with only her trusted maids left in the room, where she threw the books onto the floor with a cold face and cursed, "To hell with his Three Obediences and Four Virtues!" The three obediences were to obey one's father at home, one's husband after marriage, and one's son after the husband's death; the four virtues were a woman's moral character, rhetoric, manners, and skills. Han Jingyan gave these books to Yuxi in hope that she would remember a woman's proper role, which was to follow the three obediences and the four virtues.

Zisu rarely saw Yuxi get so angry that she asked her in a small voice, "Miss, what is wrong with you? Did the Lord reprimand you again?"

Kufu, on the other hand, lowered her head and picked up the books on the floor. These books were given to Miss by the Lord. If people found out that Miss had thrown away what the Lord had rewarded her, there would be another round of quarrels between the daughter and father.

Yuxi coldly instructed, "You all withdraw! I want to be left alone." She had long ceased expecting anything from Han Jingyan, but Han Jingyan's behaviour this time really made her angry. In her previous life, she was a puppet on a string, and in this life, he still wanted her to be a puppet on a string.

Kufu wanted to put the books on the table, but Yuxi didn't want to see them. Thus she ordered, "Put them on my bookshelf." If it were not for some scruples, she would have just burned those books by now.

After leaving the room, Zisu took the three books in Kufu's hand. After reading their titles, she finally understood why Yuxi had been so angry. The books were «Lessons For Women», «Women Virtues», «Taming of Women» and «The Book of Rites».

When Yuxi was angry, she could only hide and sulk in her room. After that, she had to go on with her life. In case Han Jingyan found fault with her again, Yuxi spent most of her time helping Qiu Shi with household chores instead of studying hard in her study.

In the morning, Yuxi had to take care of the household chores, and in the afternoon, she had to learn and practice her flute. She didn't even have time to read her medical book. As she noticed that she was unable to complete the tasks she had set for herself, she couldn't help but mutter, "Don't you think it would be nice if there are 24 shichen for a day?" 12 shichen was not enough for her!

Zisu laughed, "Qingxuan said before that Eldest Miss complained that she didn't have enough time and wished there were 24 shichen for a day. I didn't expect that I could hear the same thing coming from Miss."

Yuxi became speechless. "How can that be the same?" Yuru said that way because she was already too tired that she wanted to rush to finish her dowry; Yuxi felt that she was too busy even to have time to read. Thus, one mustn't speak of their reasons on the same day.

On this day, Yuxi received an invitation from Duan Xinrong, who had invited her to visit the Duan Residence. In fact, it was not really an important event. Duan Xinrong just wanted to get together with her best friends to talk and gossip.

Yuxi was afraid that Qiu Shi wouldn't be able to let her get away. But she really wanted to go. She had been cooped up at home all day, and it was about time for her to go out and let off some steam.

When Qiu Shi found out about the invitation, she waved her hand and urged, "Go and have fun! You don't need to worry about the affairs of the residence." She could manage without Yuxi, but she would be just a little bit tired.

Only then did Yuxi accept Duan Xinrong's invitation as she told Zisu, "It has already been half a year since we last got together at Zhou family residence."

Zisu muttered, "Wasn't it because Miss had always been busy and didn't have time? Otherwise, you would have been able to get together nearly every day." Duan Xinrong and Zhou Shiya were the kinds of people who weren't busy. Only her Miss tended to bury herself in her study every day. Well, recently, the phenomenon had somewhat taken a turn for the better. In addition to managing household chores, her Miss also played the flute and embroidered. She was no longer burying her head in a book all the time.

Jujube Red
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The day before Yuxi went to the Duan family, the sewing room sent over a new set of clothes for her. Yuxi looked at the new clothes that were delivered and asked in confusion, "Why are they in jujube red colour..." Yuxi liked clothes in bright colours such as red, blue, green and orange. Dark colour like jujube red was not to Yuxi's liking.

Zisu looked at the clothes and said, "I think the sewing room has made a mistake, Miss. Let me take the clothes and change them!"

Yuxi shook her head and instructed, "Ask Bingmei to go!" Bingmei's old mother worked in the sewing room. If this relationship were not used right now, it would have been wasted.

Half an hour later, Bingmei returned with a set of bright pink clothes. Bingmei told Yuxi, "A few new embroidered ladies have arrived in the sewing room. They were not familiar with the residence situation that they had confused Miss' clothes with Fifth Miss'."

By the end of the year, Han Jianye would be married, and everyone in the residence had to wear new clothes from top to bottom. As a result, the sewing room had been overwhelmed, and several new embroiderers had been hired.

Yuxi didn't mind knowing the inside story, but she still said, "Bingmei, tell your mother to have someone familiar with my clothes deliver them over next time."

When Bingmei saw that Yuxi was not angry, she put her heart down, "Don't worry, Miss. My mother said that next time she will ask Xiaojuan to send the clothes over." Xiaojuan was Bingmei's cousin, and she worked in the sewing room.

Yuxi was not angry, but Yurong was. It was because her clothes were made of ordinary satin, while Yuxi's clothes were made of tribute satin and gilt brocade, which could not be bought if you didn't have enough money. This made Yuxi several notches above her in terms of dressing. However, it was useless for Yurong to be angry, as the materials for Yuxi's clothes were taken out of Qiu Shi's private account. Since it was Qiu Shi's private account, it couldn't be said they were from the public account.

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