ROHYX Chapter 193 : Wicked Trick (12)

After regaining his composure, Han Jianming said to Yuxi with a cold face, "Yuxi, I will take care of this matter properly."

Yuxi didn't nod or shake her head but asked Han Jianming another question, "Dage, there is one thing I didn't want to ask. But this time, I think I should ask. "

Han Jianming nodded and said, "Ask away." As long as it wasn't confidential, he would answer it.

Yuxi was going to ask about Han Jianming marrying a second room. "Dage, you know it's hard for Dasao to conceive again. Are you planning to marry a second room?"

Han Jianming glanced at Yuxi in surprise before finally nodded and said, "Yes, I'm going to marry a second room." The word used was 'marry', not 'take'.

Yuxi just wanted to remind Han Jianming that it was not her decision whether he married or not. "Dage, Ye Shi can't even tolerate Lu Xiu. Do you think she can tolerate a second room? Or a second room that will give birth to the heir to the State Residence?" Initially, Yuxi did not want to get involved in this matter, but through the incident with her Er Ge, she felt that Ye Shi was too narrow-minded. To avoid getting involved in a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law battle in the future, she thought that she had to let her Dage deal with this matter on his own.

Han Jianming asked, "So what do you think?"

Yuxi wouldn't worry about Han Jianming. Worrying about an intelligent person would only be looking for abuse on herself. "Dage, Dasao is smart but too selfish. In future, Dage might as well spend a little time in the backyard! Otherwise, when you marry the second room, the State Residence will be like flying chickens and jumping dogs."

Han Jianming nodded. "I will take care of this matter."

Yuxi jumped on the previous topic again, "Dage, you need to find a calm, reliable aide who is also good at strategy for Er Ge. It's fine for him to be like this in the capital. I just don't feel comfortable if he goes out of here." It was easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one's character. Even if Han Jianye learned a lesson from this incident, it would be difficult to turn him into a vigilant and calculating person. Since she could not change Han Jianye, she could only seek help for him.

Han Jianming laughed bitterly, "Reliable and resourceful aides are not so easy to find. People like this have long been taken away by others. Unfortunately, if you are a man, you can be Jianye's aide." Darn, why was it getting depressing that Yuxi was not a man! If Yuxi were a man, she would be a real asset to the brothers!

Yuxi said, "When the time comes for the metropolitan examination next year, you should have someone pay attention to it. There might be a useful talent!"

Han Jianming nodded. "Yuxi, you can often come here when you have time in the future." He could discuss some incomprehensible things with Yuxi.

Yuxi shook her head and said, "I can't. My Father said that I am already old enough to start avoiding suspicion. If I always come to your study, Dage, people will gossip."

When Han Jianming heard this, he first felt disbelief. He asked in a low voice, "San Shu said such things to you?" He was Yuxi's dage. Even if she frequently came to his study, some outsiders would only think that she had come to learn something, which should not be enough for people in the residence to spread gossip.

Yuxi revealed a mocking expression. "Last time he called me to his study, in addition to reprimanding me, he also gave me several books such as «Lessons For Women», «Women Virtues», and «The Book of Rites». He told me to study them well, carefully figure them out, copy and transcribe them more often when I have nothing to do. Of course, if Dage didn't believe me, there was nothing I could do. If this hadn't happened to me, I wouldn't believe it either." Now Yuxi believed the idiom 'hating the house and its crow'. No matter what she did or how many things she did to please Han Jingyan, it was useless. As it was, she wouldn't waste her efforts in the future.

Han Jianming's face twisted, and after a while, he finally said, "It has been hard for you. I'll go to your side if there's something in the future. There's no need for you to come over." Although he was the head of the State Residence, he had no right to interfere with the Third House's internal affairs. Plus, San Shu was his elder. There were things he could not do anything about.

Yuxi nodded in agreement, "Okay."

After Yuxi had gone out, Han Jianming sighed. Many parents were eccentric. For example, his mother was also partial to his Er Di, but she also cared for him. But to be biased like his San Shu was a bit unimaginable.

When Yuxi returned to Taoran House, it was already dark. Zisu greeted her, looked at the hand stove in Yuxi's hand and asked, "Miss, is this hand stove still hot?" When she reached out, it was already ice-cold. [+]

Zisu hurriedly took the hand stove off and gave Yuxi a replacement.

Yuxi took the replacement hand stove and asked, "Is there any hot soup left? Bring it to me." She wondered why she was not tired from chatting with Yuchen and the girls, but every time she finished talking to her Dage, she would be hungry and tired?

Pork Belly Wrapped Pigeon
Image Credit | 惜时绽放的栀子花╭♥ (猪肚包乳鸽汤) via Xiachufang
Zisu replied with a smile, "The kitchen has prepared pork belly wrapped pigeon for the Miss tonight. I will bring it over to Miss right now." This was the best thing about her Miss. She didn't mind eating meat and vegetables as late-night snacks every day. But no matter how much she ate, she wouldn't gain weight, which made them all envious!

After eating it, Yuxi said, "This is a good stew. We'll stew another one in a couple of days." Yuxi's standard of living had been quite good, and because of this, she was now more than a head taller than she was before.

Zisu asked, "Miss, what did Master Shizi call you over for? Is it about the Second Master?" She had heard that the Second Master was also in Han Jianming's study.

Yuxi nodded a little and said, "Er Ge was also in Dage's study." Seeing Zisu's expression of wanting to know, Yuxi was in no mood to solve her doubts. "Dage and Er Ge will take care of this matter." Now there was only one problem left, and that was how to explain this matter to the Lu family. But in this case, Yuxi felt that it was not for her to step forth anyhow.

Against all expectations, Han Jianye came over early the following day. At this time, Yuxi was just finishing her shadow boxing and was about to enter her study to read a book. Seeing Han Jianye, Yuxi asked, "Er Ge, are you here for something?"

Han Jianye nodded and said, "Well, I thought hard all night about what you said yesterday. Yuxi, you're right about everything. With just the way I am now, how can I lead an army into battle? But I won't make such a foolish mistake again."

Yuxi had never doubted Han Jianye's ability to lead troops into battle. After all, that was what he had learned from Master Yang. It was just that even if he was good at fighting, he couldn't fight other people's schemes. "I believe that Er Ge can do it." She had to admire Han Jianye's toughness. If it were her, she would have to think for at least three days and three nights to recover. But, in one night, Han Jianye had become as energetic as if he had been injected with chicken blood.

Han Jianye scratched his head. "Yuxi, I'm going to the Lu family today to talk to them about this matter. Yuxi, what do you think is the best thing for me to say?"

Yuxi did not know whether to laugh or cry. So he came over early in the morning for this matter. At the same time, Yuxi was a bit speechless. After last night's incident, Er Ge had taken her as his personal aide. However, in the face of Han Jianye's pleading, she could not refuse. "You have to tell the Lu family the truth about this matter. Do not avoid it. Admit your mistakes to them, and finally, tell the Lu family what you have prepared to do about this matter. By the way, Er Ge, how are you going to arrange Qiu Yanfu?" As long as Han Jianye had a good attitude, the Lu family was unlikely to withdraw from the marriage.

Han Jianye thought about it all night last night, and this question naturally came to his mind. "Qiu Yanfu has lost her innocence, so I have to take her as a concubine. However, I will only treat her as a decoration in the future."

Yuxi nodded and said: "Well, this is a good idea. However, it would be better to let Qiu Yanfu, like Xiao Qian and the others, stay at the hamlet until Er Sao gives birth to her firstborn son! I think that there will be no more objections to such a decision from the Lu family." Xiao Qian was Han Jianye's tongfang, and she had been sent to the family hamlet.

Han Jianye thought Yuxi's idea was quite good.

Yuxi advised, "Er Ge, although I do not have much contact with the outside world, a human heart is unpredictable. Er Ge, in the future, try to think before doing things. Do not rely on your passion before taking action. Otherwise, it is easy for you to end disastrously."

Han Jianye nodded and said, "Well, I listen to you."

Yuxi was embarrassed. What do you mean you listen to me? "No, listen to me. If what I said makes sense, then you can just stop. Er Ge, in the future, it is better to ask Dage more when things go wrong!" In fact, for so long, Yuxi felt that there was something wrong with the way Han Jianming handled certain problems. Otherwise, the Han family wouldn't have been in that mess in the previous life. But Han Jianming's only problem was that he ignored the inner courtyard matter, so it wasn't that big of a problem.

Han Jianye smiled, "Well, in the future, I'll go and ask Dage if I have some problems." After a pause, he added, "If there's anything I don't understand in the future, I can also come over and ask you."

Yuxi wanted to roll her eyes again, but to give Han Jianye face, she held back and reminded him again about the many things he needed to be aware of when he went to the Lu family. [+]

After sending Han Jianye away, Yuxi shook her head slightly. The family was still too partial to her Er Ge, not allowing him to worry about anything and to prepare everything for him, so how could he mature? To protect a child too well was harmful, which couldn't be considered love for the child.

Yuchen had his breakfast and went to the qin room to play the qin.

Momo Gui walked in and reported, "Miss, the Second Master went to the Lu family, with only Han Yi by his side. I heard the gatekeeper say that the Second Master looked relatively relaxed when he went out."

Yuchen plucked the strings and said, "Yuxi stayed in Dage's study for almost half an hour yesterday. She talked with Dage and Er Ge for so long, and today Er Tangge went to Taoran House early in the morning to look for Yuxi. Momo, what do you think Yuxi talked to them about?" Yuchen thought for half a day but could not figure out what Yuxi was up to.

Momo Gui replied, "It should be about Qiu Yanfu."

Yuchen shook her head and said, "You think too highly of Qiu Yanfu. Don't look at Yuxi's constant targeting at her. Yuxi doesn't even put her in her eyes." If Yuxi hated Qiu Yanfu, she would not have targeted her on a small scale.

Momo Gui also thought for a moment and said, "I can't guess. But, Miss, the Second Master is definitely going to take Qiu Yanfu as his concubine. Isn’t it time for Qiu Lilong to be settled too?"

Hearing that name, Yuchen seemed to hear something dirty. "In any case, there's nothing wrong so far. It will settle in these two days!"

Momo Gui watched Yuchen sitting there for a little while with her pretty eyebrows still frowning. She said, "Miss, don't think about it anymore. If Miss really wants to know, I do have an idea."

Yuchen did want to know exactly what Yuxi had learned from Dage and the outcome. Yuchen was used to having everything under her control, and this kind of thing that she knew nothing about made her feel quite bad. "What's the idea?"

Momo Gui's idea was to reveal this to Qiu Shi so that she could ask Yuxi about it. Qiu Shi was a person who couldn't keep secrets, so they would find out about it when the time comes.

Yuchen thought for a moment and nodded. "You can give it a try, but don't let Yuxi notice." Although she wanted to know all the ins and outs of Yuxi, she didn't want to have a bad relationship with her.

PS (the author): o(╯□╰)o, I saw some readers questioning the appearance of things like shaved ice, so let me explain. A crossover girl appeared in the previous life, and she made stuff like shaved ice and juice. Heshou had eaten them before, and now she has copied them. However, there will not be a crossover girl in this book.
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