ROHYX Chapter 219 : Adoption (2)

After Han Jianming returned to the State Residence, he had people investigate. It was not enough just to have Gu Shi as a witness. The evidence had to be sufficient.

After Han Jianming gathered complete evidence, he went to the Main Courtyard to tell the Old Lady about it. He was from the younger generation. Thus, he could not be the one to dispose of Wu Shi. The Old Lady, on the other hand, was the most suitable person for the job.

Green fire emerged from the Old Lady's eyes as she turned towards Han Jianming and said, "You should leave this matter alone. I will take care of it." She didn't know what kind of vision her youngest son had to marry such a thing. It was okay for Wu Shi to be stupid at home before, but the Old Lady had never thought Wu Shi would do such a thing. Didn't this fool know that if this rumour ruined Yuxi’s reputation, it would also implicate other unmarried girls in residence?

Mama Luo cursed in her heart. Wu Shi herself sought her own death, and somehow she had to drag others down with her.

The Old Lady did not immediately ask Wu Shi to come over for questioning but waited until Han Jingyan returned to the residence and paid respects to her before she spoke about this matter. "The evidence is complete, Yan- er. What are you going to do about it?" It didn't matter if a person was stupid, but if they were stupid enough to harm the Han family, then it was not okay.

Han Jingyan knew the Old Lady's nature. She would not say such things without sufficient evidence. After a half-hearted pause, Han Jingyan said, "Mother, I will deal with this matter myself."

The Old Lady nodded and said, "Good, then you can do it yourself. Your Dasao has already chosen the date today. The eighth day of the seventh lunar month is good. When the time comes, just open the clan shrine, put Yuxi under Qiu Shi's name, and nothing else needs to be done." Initially, when adoption was made, one had to inform friends and relatives. Then, they would invite everyone to a meal or something. Nowadays, all of those had to be omitted.

Han Jingyan was in a bad mood and didn't have the right state of mind to talk about it. He said, "Mother, it's up to you." The adoption was decided by his mother anyway.

The Old Lady was not in a good mood when she saw her son in this state. What a sin, marrying such a jinx. "You don't need to think too much. Just go back and get some rest first. We'll talk about other things later." There was no hurry to deal with Wu Shi at this moment.

Han Jingyan walked out and stood outside the door for a short while before heading towards Tingyun Pavilion. Before he reached there, he heard pleasant music.

When Yuchen saw Han Jingyan's bad complexion, she asked with a worried look on her face, "Father, what's wrong with you? You look so bad. Are you not feeling well?"

Hearing this, Han Jingyan was in a better mood and said with a smile, "I'm just a little tired. I'll be fine after a rest."

When Yuchen saw that Han Jingyan didn't want to say more, she stopped asking. She just said, "Father, let's have dinner here today!"

His wife's foolishness and his second di daughter's disobedience and unfilial made him feel very frustrated. But looking at Yuchen, these frustrations immediately dissipated. Han Jingyan nodded his head and replied, "Okay." [T/N]

After finishing his evening meal, Han Jingyan stayed at Tingyun Pavilion for another two-quarters of an hour before leaving. After sending Han Jingyan away, Yuchen immediately ordered, "Go and find out what happened." If her father was so upset, it was certainly not a trivial matter. [+]

The following day, Momo Gui told Yuchen the news she had found out, "Miss, the rumours outside about the Fourth Miss were put out by Wu Shi. That day, when the rumours of Fourth Miss having a bad fate were circulating outside, Wu Shi also stuck her foot in."

Yuchen was furious. She had always known that Wu Shi was stupid, but she had never imagined that she would be this stupid. Yuchen asked, "What will Grandmother and Father do with her?"

Momo Gui shook her head. "I'm not sure, but the Lord will certainly not be able to forgive Wu Shi for doing such a thing. Miss, it is not appropriate for you to interfere in this matter."

Yuchen would certainly not intervene with the matter herself, or she would be ridiculed for it.

Momo Gui told Yuchen another thing, "Miss, I heard from Mama Luo that the Third Lord went to Red Jujube Hamlet a few days ago and had a row with Fourth Miss, which was said to have been very violent." This matter was revealed by Mama Luo. The few attendants who had followed Han Jingyan there that day had all been sternly warned. So, no one dared to reveal a single word. Mama Luo dared to disclose it to Yuchen because of Yuchen's special status. Plus, she knew that Yuchen would not do anything out of the ordinary.

When Yuchen heard these words, her face looked worried. "I don't know why Father doesn't like Si Mei so much?" Without anyone explaining why Han Jingyan went to Red Jujube Villa that day, Yuchen knew in her heart. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for father and daughter not to make any noise.

Momo Gui had another concern. "Miss, for the Fourth Miss dares to make trouble with the Lord, I'm afraid she's ready to risk everything." Before, with filial piety weighing Fourth Miss down, she had been peaceful and quiet. But now, no one knew what she would do. The Fourth Miss was not Wu Shi. If she set her mind to scheming, something big would definitely happen at that time.

Yuchen was silent for half a second before saying, "Let's go to the Main Courtyard." There were so many things going on in the residence lately, one after another, without a pause, and there was no telling when it would calm down.

After hearing what Yuchen was worried about, the Old Lady explained, "Your father has promised to pass Yuxi on to the Main House." By adopting Yuxi to another house, father and daughter would no longer have to look at each other in disgust.

Yuchen did not expect the Old Lady to do this, but when she thought about it, the most appropriate way was to pass Yuxi for adoption. "Grandmother, has the date been set?"

The Old Lady nodded and informed her of the adoption date. "It's not a glorious event. We will just open the ancestral hall, amend the genealogy when the time comes, and then notify friends and relatives after some time has passed." What she meant was that she was not going to make a big event of this matter.

Yuchen responded, "This is good." Although it would somewhat affect her Father, the effect would not be too significant. It would also avoid any further conflict between Father and Yuxi in the future.

On the eighth day of the seventh lunar month, Han Jianming and Han Jingyan invited some clan elders to open the ancestral hall together. Han Jianming took out the family tree, crossed out Yuxi's name from the Third House and put it under Qiu Shi's name. With black and white writing as physical evidence and several clan elders as human witnesses, the adoption was settled.

Qiu Shi wanted to visit Yuxi in Red Jujube Hamlet the following day but was stopped by Han Jianming. "Mother, let's see Yuxi some other day! There is no hurry. "

Qiu Shi was reluctant. "I haven't seen that child for so many days. I don't know how thin she has become. No, I must go to see that child tomorrow. "

Han Jianming felt a bit helpless. He had told his mother that Yuxi was fine and there was nothing wrong with her, but his mother didn't believe him. She thought that Yuxi must be suffering since she couldn't eat or sleep in the countryside. "Didn't Mother always want to see Great Teacher Pu Yuan? In just two days, Mother can take Yuxi to Lingshan Temple to meet Great Teacher Pu Yuan."

Qiu Shi's eyes lit up as she asked, "Great Teacher Pu Yuan has agreed to see Yuxi and me?"

Han Jianming nodded and said, "It has been agreed. The date is set for the day after tomorrow." Great Teacher Pu Yuan was very famous in the capital, but like Great Master Huineng, she was not involved in the mundane world and concentrated on her spiritual training at Lingshan Temple. Thus, there were very few opportunities to see her. Of course, in comparison, it was easier to ask to see Great Teacher Pu Yuan than to ask to see Great Master Huineng. Great Master Huineng was someone who even the Emperor and Song Guifei could not see. Therefore, citizens like them would have even less chance to see him.

Ever since Yuxi's bad fate rumour came out, Qiu Shi has thought of asking Great Teacher Pu Yuan to set Yuxi's name straight. She was unable to do so herself, so she forced Han Jianming to think of a way. It took Han Jianming a lot of effort to get the opportunity to meet her. Whether she would rectify Yuxi's name, they would have to wait and see after the meeting.

When Yuxi heard that her name was already written under Qiu Shi's name, the stone hanging in her heart fell away. From now on, she would have nothing to do with the Third House and would no longer be under Han Jingyan's control. Yuxi was in a good mood at the thought of not having to act carefully in the future.

What's in Yuxi's mind.

When Zisu found out about this, she excitedly took Yuxi's hand and asked, "Miss, really? Have you been adopted to the Main House?" Since Yuxi came to the Red Jujube Villa, Zisu could not eat or sleep well since she always worried about their future. But to her surprise, now the willow trees made shade for them, and the flowers gave them light, as the Main House had adopted her Miss. With how much the First Lady doted on Miss, the future would certainly not be bad.

Yuxi was also in a good mood. "Naturally, it's true. We can go back to the residence after the Mid-Autumn Festival." By being adopted to the Main House, she would no longer have to be careful in her actions and do whatever she wanted.

Zisu wept with joy.

The messenger waited for Yuxi to calm down before he added, "Miss, the First Lady is going to the Lingshan Temple to offer incense the day after tomorrow. My Lady asked me to tell you that she would like you to go to the Lingshan Temple with her as well."

Yuxi smilingly answered, "Okay."

Zisu waited for the messenger to leave before she happily said, "Miss, let's add more dishes for lunch today!" On such a big happy occasion, there must be some indication.

Yuxi shook her head and said, "It's not appropriate. We should not publicise this matter for the time being." Now that the timber had already been turned into a boat, it didn't matter if they publicised it. However, Yuxi was afraid that the Old Lady would not be pleased, so she thought it would be better to keep a low profile. After all, the Old Lady was the one who had a say in the State Residence. [+]

When the day of the appointment arrived, Yuxi dressed up a bit. Qiu Shi must have been worried about her all these days. Hence, she had to look her best when she met her.

Qiu Shi was waiting for Yuxi halfway down the road. When she saw Yuxi, she touched her rosy pink face and said with teary eyes, "You've lost weight, and you don't look well. Poor child. you must have suffered a lot these days!" [T/N]

Yuxi was a little embarrassed. She ate and drank so well in the hamlet, and she had gained some weight. "Eldest Aunt, I am doing fine in the hamlet, and I have not suffered any hardships. Eldest Aunt doesn't have to worry."

Mama Li smiled and said, "Fourth Miss, it's time to change the way you call the Lady." Now that Yuxi had been placed under Qiu Shi's name, it was time for her to change the way she addressed Qiu Shi.

Yuxi had always treated Qiu Shi as her own mother in her heart, so she didn't squirm a bit about changing the way she called her, and she immediately called out, "Mother."

Qiu Shi answered happily, then said, "From now on, Mother will never let you suffer again." She had always wanted a daughter, but unfortunately, she could not get what she wanted. Now that Yuxi had truly become her daughter, it was a feeling that she could not describe in just a few words.

The relationship between Yuxi and Qiu Shi had always been similar to that of mother and daughter. Now that they had gone through the adoption, they only had to change how they addressed each other and still got along no differently than before.

Qiu Shi took Yuxi's hand and asked how Yuxi's life on the hamlet these days.

Yuxi smiled and told her, "At the villa, it's the same as at home." All the things she usually did in the villa were the same as what she did at the State Residence.

Zisu took pleasure in saying, "How can it be the same? My Lady doesn't know that the backyard is taken care of by Miss and all the vegetables are growing very well. The vegetables she eats every day are all picked from there! When Master Shizi came over two days ago, he also ate them and praised them for tasting very good."

Yuxi blushed, glared at Zisu and said with a smile, "Don't listen to her nonsense. The vegetables were all left behind by Steward Chen. I do not plant them."

Qiu Shi responded with a smile, "Somehow, you also have taken care of them. Wait for a few more days. I will also come to taste them, to see if they taste as good as Zisu has said?"


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