ROHYX Chapter 235 : Betrothal (1)

The matchmaker from the Marquis Taining Residence came to the Han residence to propose marriage and Qiu Shi straightforwardly agreed. The two families exchanged gengtie right away. Afterwards, Qiu Shi sealed a sizable red envelope and sent the matchmaker out of the courtyard with it. There was a big smile on Qiu Shi's face. She now had to start preparing for the engagement.

Since the matchmaker had come to the residence, naturally, the marriage could not be concealed. Ye Qing was the most surprised one in the State Residence. When she received the news, she did not quite believe it. "Is there a mistake? Did Guma ask a matchmaker to come to the residence for Er Biaodi?" Her Guma was such a demanding person. How could she have suddenly taken a fancy to Yuxi!

Old Woman Hua said, "This news is absolutely true, and there should be no mistakes." This matter made Old Woman Hua feel uncomfortable. For such a big thing, Lady Gu, as her Miss' closely related Gumu, did not even reveal the news to them.

Ye Shi thought about this deeply. "I guess it wasn't Guma who had her eye on Yuxi. Otherwise, there's no way Guma wouldn't even ask me about Yuxi."

Old Woman Hua was a little stunned. "If it's not Lady Gu, then who?" She also found this news a bit odd. Lady Gu had such a high standard in choosing her daughter-in-law. She expected her daughter-in-law to be good at everything. So how could she have chosen the Fourth Miss? Of course, it was not that the Fourth Miss was not good. But the fact that she had lost her mother at a young age did not meet Lady Gu's requirements for a daughter-in-law.

Ye Shi spoke with a smile as she hugged her daughter, "Who else could it be? It must be my Er Biaodi. But this may not be a bad idea. Yuxi marrying into the Chen family will only bring me advantages, not disadvantages." If Yuxi married into the Chen family, she would be inclined to side with her in future matters.

Yuchen also heard the news for the first time. "Marquis Taining Residence has come over to invite a matchmaker to propose marriage? How come there was no word of this before?" She did not think that Yuxi was not good enough for Chen Ran. She was just a little surprised. She was astounded that not even a hint of it had been leaked.

Momo Gui said, "It has not been long since the Third Lady passed away. Even if the two families have the intention, it would be hard for them to let this matter out." Also, Yuxi had been adopted by the Main House. She couldn't even get engaged if she was still in the Third House!

Yuchen stood up and said, "It's time to congratulate Si Mei on her big happy occasion." The last time she was engaged, Yuxi was the first one to congratulate her. As a reciprocal, it was now Yuchen's turn to congratulate Yuxi.

Momo Gui nodded. "We should. Speaking of which, Liao Tong Shifu must have made an error of judgement on the Fourth Miss. Otherwise, how could he have given that kind of commentary? The Fourth Miss is clearly very fortunate." First, she had been adopted by the Main House, and now she had been given such a good marriage. What was it if not good fortune?

Yuchen spoke with an unchanging face, "Without Liao Tong Shifu's blunder, Si Mei wouldn't be living this good right now." Without this, Yuxi would not have saved Chen Ran at the hamlet and could not have gotten such a good marriage. For Yuxi, this was a blessing in disguise.

Momo Gui agreed with this statement very much.

When they arrived at Taoran House, Yuchen heard Yuxi was practising calligraphy in her study. Zisu said, "Since the study door is not closed, Third Miss can just go in."

Xuan Brushes
Xuan Brushes
One of the most expensive writing brushes in ancient China. They are called Xuan brushes because they are made in Xuan Cheng. The most costly Xuan brush is made from a hare's fur. It's hard to get a hare's fur since they are best collected from September to January, when its fur is the thickest while not too hard nor too soft.
Image Credit | 罗雁 LuoYan (Xuan Brushes for Chinese Brush painting and calligraphy, Aug 18, 2016) via INKSTON
Yuxi has been practising her calligraphy with her Xuan writing brush for the past eight years. Her cursive handwriting was so good nowadays that even Han Jianming praised it. He would then laughingly say that it was Han Jianye's fault. After all, it was Han Jianye who had given this cursive script to Yuxi. [T/N]

Yuxi put down her brush and said with a smile, "San Jie, come and see how well I have written this pair of characters?" What Yuxi had written were the characters of 'Heaven rewards diligence'. Every time Yuxi felt she had made progress, she would write these characters and compare them with the ones she kept from before. The improvement could be clearly detected in it.

Yuchen carefully observed and then commented, "The strokes are thick and robust without being bloated. The thin ones are clear and elegant without being weak, but the lines are not smooth enough, so you must continue to work on them." Only when the characters were written smoothly and fluidly, in such picturesque disorder, with their interchangeability of twists and turns and alternating between wide and narrow, could they be considered an outstanding achievement. [T/N]

Yuxi responded with a smile, "I will continue to work hard." Only Yuxi knew how much suffering she had to endure, from drawing a dipper with a gourd as her model to writing as it was now. As for what Yuchen had said, she could only listen. The requirements that Yuchen said were the standards of calligraphy masters, which she could hardly meet.

Kufu brought in a basin of water at that moment. Yuxi went over to clean her hands and smilingly asked, "For San Jie to personally come here, has something happened?"

When Yuchen saw Yuxi's breezy attitude, she wondered if Yuxi knew that the Chen family had come to propose marriage. Yuchen asked, "Did you know that the Lady of Taining had asked an official matchmaker to propose a marriage to you for her second di son, Chen Ran?"

Yuxi wasn't surprised at all, "I know......" Before she could finish her sentence, the two of them heard a thud. When she turned her head to look, the sound came from the copper basin in Kufu's hand that had fallen to the ground. The water in the copper basin poured out, spilling all over the floor.

Kufu noticed the coldness in Yuxi's eyes, and her face went white. She immediately knelt on the floor, begging, "Miss, this handmaiden deserves to die."

Yuxi frowned a little as she said, "I didn't say anything yet to you, so why are you giving me this look? Those who don't know will think I'm treating you harshly!" After saying this, Yuxi turned around and told Yuchen, "San Jie, let's go to the small parlour!"

Walking out of the study, she said to Caidie, who approached her, "Go and clean up the study." Originally, Yuxi wanted to find a practical reason to let Kufu leave with dignity after the first lunar month had passed. But today's incident showed her that Kufu could not stay here any longer.

Yuchen didn't ask about Kufu. This was Yuxi's courtyard affairs. How to deal with this issue was Yuxi's business. She shouldn't intervene. "You already know about the Lady of Taining coming to our door to propose marriage?"

Yuxi nodded her head. There was no need to hide it from Yuchen. "Yesterday, I went to Lingshan Temple with my Mother to meet the Lady of Taining and Second Master Chen."

Yuchen sincerely wished her, "Congratulations, Si Mei." The Chen family was indeed very good, and Chen Ran was also excellent and worthy of Yuxi.

With a grateful look, Yuxi replied, "Thank you, San Jie. I also didn't expect to be blessed this way for a mere act of kindness." Yuxi meant that the Chen family had come to propose marriage because she had inadvertently saved Chen Ran that day. This reason was more convincing than Chen Ran's desire to marry her.

Yuchen smiled, "This is also a blessing for you. When the marriage is settled, you will also have to start embroidering your dowry." Yuxi was too busy during the week, and her embroideries were few and far between. Hence, once Yuxi embroidered her own dowry, they would certainly be eye-catching.

Yuxi looked shy. "Even if the marriage is already fixed, there are still two years to go, so there is no hurry. But you, San Jie, have to postpone your marriage because of San Shen's matter!"

Yuchen didn't hide it from Yuxi as she sighed, "May as well be married a bit later since the most comfortable place for us is in our own home." After she married, she had to please her mother-in-law and her younger sister-in-law and manage the household. She also had to deal with her husband's Ce Fei and other concubines. Where would it be as unrestrained as being a young miss at home?

After a few more words, Yuchen left and returned to her yard.

Zisu came over and asked, "Miss, what happened to Kufu just now?" Kufu had served Yuxi for many years, yet she managed to knock over a copper pot in front of the two young misses. Such a big mistake should never be made by a personal maid.

Yuxi nonchalantly explained, "When she heard that the Chen family had just come to propose marriage, she was surprised and knocked over the copper basin."

It was no wonder when Zisu asked Kufu what happened just now, she refused to say anything. But why did this girl react too strongly just because the Chen family came over to propose marriage?

Yuxi did not give Zisu any chance to think as she instructed, "Call Kufu in!" Since Kufu did not cherish her last chance, there was no need for Yuxi to be merciful either.

Kufu looked at Yuxi's expressionless appearance and knew that she was doomed. "Miss, the handmaiden is wrong. Please give this handmaiden another chance!"

Yuxi reacted indifferently, "You have been given many chances, but you do not cherish them. Considering that you have served me for many years, I will give you your last dignity. I will also consider the friendly sentiments between master and servant." The so-called last dignity was to let Kufu's parents arrange a marriage for her. Yuxi would let her go with the excuse that Kufu was preparing for her wedding, which was much better than just being swept out like rubbish which would only disgrace her.

When Kufu heard this, she didn't wait for Yuxi to finish before kneeling on the ground and kowtowing vigorously to Yuxi, "Miss, please don't drive this handmaiden away. Miss, please don't drive this handmaiden away!" No servant who was driven away by his master would end up in a good place. The difference between seeing Yuxi getting better over time and her being driven out was poles apart.

Yuxi was not a soft-hearted person. She had her own rules and guidelines. She coldly said, "I have left you your last dignity. If you're still unsatisfied with that, you can get out of Taoran House immediately."

Kufu's whole body stiffened. She did not dare to plead for mercy again.

Zisu walked over, helped Kufu up and said, "Go back inside and tidy yourself up. Otherwise, if outsiders see you in this state, they will think that Miss has mistreated you. If you ruin Miss' reputation, no one will end up well if the Lady finds out." Miss' current status was not what it used to be. The Lady would still suppress it even if it was rumoured that Miss had mistreated Kufu. Therefore, Zisu was not afraid at all.

Kufu walked out with her head down.

Zisu informed Yuxi, "It's good to let Kufu leave. Something hasn't been right since she came back here." Without this incident, Zisu would have reported to Yuxi about Kufu's problems.

Yuxi summarised, "She has lost her level-headedness." Kufu should have sensed that Yuxi didn't want to keep her. Since she was scared of being kicked out, she worked with a sense of caution. She did not know that if she acted too carefully, it would be much easier for her to make a mistake.

Zisu changed the subject. "Miss, with Kufu gone, your personal maid's quota will have one vacancy. Should we promote Xuntao?"

Yuxi shook her head and said, "Xuntao has been here for the shortest time. We still have to keep her under control for a bit more. Shanmei is a pretty good maid. Promote her rank up!" Shanmei was Yuxi's second-class maid and had never been very noticeable before. After Yuxi's departure to the hamlet, some maids who stayed behind in Taoran House used their social connections to find a way out. Most of those who had no social relationships were full of complaints all day. Shanmei, however, was not impetuous at all. Before Yuxi returned, she cleaned Yuxi's bedroom and study three times a day without even missing a day for half of the year.

Zisu nodded in agreement. "Yes, Shanmei is really good."

Yuxi said, "This matter will be announced after Kufu leaves." This was considered the last line left for Kufu.

Zisu thought that Yuxi was honestly a kind-hearted person. "I only hope Kufu can remember Miss' kindness."

Yuxi didn't care about it at all. She only wanted to do what was right for her conscience. Whether or not Kufu remembered her did not affect her even for a bit.

Noob Translator's Musing

Kufu should have acted normally rather than being too cautious. The more careful you are, the easier it is for you to make a mistake. Though, it's surprising that her reaction would be that strong.


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