ROHYX Chapter 272 : Frightening (2)

The maid holding Yuxi's wrist tried to reach for Yuxi's throat with her other hand as she wanted to strangle Yuxi to death.

Unfortunately, before her hand could touch Yuxi's throat, she received a heavy blow to her back. Zijin was already strong. When she was six years old, she could even lift things weighing 40 to 50 pounds. Since she had also been exercising for many years, her strength had increased even more significant. As she hit the opponent with anger, one could imagine how heavy her force was.

With this one blow, the maid holding Yuxi spit a mouthful of scarlet blood on Yuxi's clothes and her hand, which was holding Yuxi, also released its grip as she fell to the ground fainted. When the other maid saw this situation, she immediately rushed up. The pass out maid was not on her guard, and that was why Zijin could successfully attack her. But this time, it was not easy for Zijin to do the same to the other maid. Thus, the two of them soon fought.

Since Momo Tian had been in the Imperial Palace for many years, her psychological quality had become excellent. If something went wrong, she would try to get Yuxi first. She planned to capture the ringleader first before catching the thieves by subduing Yuxi with her maids, making her unafraid that Yuxi wouldn't give in. Unfortunately, her imagination might look beautiful, but the reality was cruel. Not only was she unable to restrain Yuxi, but on the contrary, her plan was stopped by Yuxi instead.

Yuxi pulled off the golden phoenix hairpin from her hair and put its tip on the aorta of Momo Tian's neck. When Momo Tian struggled, she thrust it deeper. The pain made Momo Tian's forehead break out in a cold sweat. With the year-round cantilevered character practice and her adherence to the exercise, Yuxi's hand strength had gotten stronger. "Don't move. If you move, I will puncture your neck. At that time, even the immortals of the highest heaven cannot save you." Yuxi was very familiar with the meridians of the human body. As long as she pierced a hole on Momo Tian's neck and let the blood gush out, even the immortals could hardly save her.

Momo Tian had heard that there was a strong maid beside Yuxi, so she had deliberately brought two maids with martial arts backgrounds to come with her. But she didn't expect that this girl would be not only strong but also a skilled person. With this martial arts skill level, even the Imperial Guards might not be able to beat her. What's even more mysterious was that Han Yuxi, a young lady from a wealthy family, was also skilful in martial arts. Momo Tian has been in the palace for so many years and has seen a lot of delicate, pretty girls who could easily be toppled by wind blowing. This was the first time for her to see such a tough girl. The main thing was that although Yuxi was tall, her rules and etiquette was pretty good, and she was also a pure well-bred girl. This condition had led Momo Tian to underestimate her enemy.

Yuxi actually did not know martial arts, but after practising wuqinxi over the years, her movement became highly agile. Her early preparedness against someone like Momo Tian, who was also gullible, allowed her to subdue Momo Tian easily.

Zijin quickly beat the other maid till she fell on the ground spitting blood, then walked to Yuxi's side while looking at Momo Tian, who was held by Yuxi, and asked, "Miss, what about her?"

Panic flashed in Momo Tian's eyes, and she warned, "Fourth Miss, I am Guifei Niangniang's people. If anything happens to me, Guifei Niangniang will not spare you."

Yuxi sneered. "In your Guifei's eyes, you are just a dog." After saying that, she told Zijin, "Knock her out."

Zijin slapped Momo Tian, and she fell to the ground. Zijin's eyes were full of a murderous look. "Miss, should we just finish them all off?" Anyone who wanted to kill her Miss deserved to die. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.

Yuxi shook her head and said, "You can't kill people inside the wangfu." It was not that she was being merciful, but if she let Zijin take other people's lives here, the matter would become very complicated. She believed that even if she didn't kill these people, Yuchen would personally dispose of them.

Zijin walked over and gave Momo Tian a supplementary slap. Zijin had excellent control of her strength. This slap would not kill Momo Tian, but it would make her life worse than death. As for the other two, they were already useless anyway. It didn't matter if she killed them or not. What Master Yang taught her was not flashy without substance kind of stuff, but deadly moves that could kill people.

Yuxi did not stop Zijin's behaviour since she only told her not to kill Momo Tian. She was just concerned that they were in the wangfu. If they killed these three people, there would be a lot of consequences they had to face in the future. This situation did not mean that she did not want to kill them. She wasn't a saint where she wouldn't do anything while others were bullying her to the end.

When Zijin saw a motionless Yuxi, she urged, "Miss, we have to get out of here quickly. Someone will come soon."

Yuxi requested with a wry smile, "Carry me on your back! We'll go back the same way." It wasn't that she didn't want to go. She just couldn't go as her whole body had suddenly become stiff. Although her previous life was very rough, she had never encountered such a situation. How arrogant was the perpetrator trying to kill her in broad daylight just because she was in someone's way?

When Zijin trained in the mountains, carrying hundreds of pounds was just like playing. So even now, with Yuxi on her back, she could still walk as if she had wings.

Fortunately, Momo Tian was confident that the two maids she had with her could take care of Yuxi, so the others didn't know about her plan. On the way, Yuxi had already instructed Zijin. Therefore, when Zijin met the maid guarding the door, she said with a face full of anxiety, "Our Miss is suffering from an old illness and must hurry back to take her medicine. If it's late, my Miss will lose her life."

No one dared to stop her when they heard that Yuxi would die. If they delayed the treatment and Yuxi got killed, the nine of their servants' lives would not be enough to compensate for it. So Zijin carried Yuxi to the second door and met Ye Shi.

As soon as Zijin saw Ye Shi, she immediately repeated what she had just said, "Da Nainai. Miss is suffering from an old illness. She must hurry back to take her medicine, or it will be too late."

Ye Shi was stunned. What old illness did Yuxi have? How come she didn't know about it? But Ye Shi's response was quick. Fearing that something had happened, she hurriedly instructed, "Hurry, quickly carry your Miss into the carriage."

The coachman was also an old-timer servant of the State Residence. He knew something was wrong when he saw this situation, so he immediately took a stool and put it outside the carriage. Zijin stepped on it and got inside.

Ye Shi put down the curtain and commanded the coachman, "Hurry back."

The coachman did not dare to stay any longer and hastily drove the carriage away from Jing Wangfu. He didn't know what happened to the Fourth Miss to be in such severe straits.

Zijin put Yuxi down. Yuxi's body was still stiff. This incident must have really scared her.

Ye Shi's face turned blue when she saw the blood on Yuxi's clothes. The good thing was that Ye Shi had a reasonable tolerance. She quickly suppressed her panic and asked, "Yuxi, where did you hurt yourself?" How could Yuxi get an injury after she just went to get things from Yuchen? When Ye Shi thought of this, her hands were a little shaky. Something must have happened to the Wangfei. But thinking about the speed of Yuxi's return, plus the wangfu was also calm and quiet, she put down her worry. [+]

Yuxi leaned against Zijin's body with a pale face. "This blood is not mine. It's from the assassin sent by Momo Tian."

Ye Shi seemed to have heard something hilarious, but Yuxi's wretched appearance was not a joke. "Why did Momo Tian want to kill you?" Momo Tian couldn't even hit Yuxi with eight poles (), so why would she want to harm Yuxi?

Yuxi could roughly guess that it could be that one thing in her heart, but she couldn't say anything until it was confirmed. "I don't know. I followed her to meet with San Jie, but the road she took me on was not the original road at all. When it got even more remote, I didn't feel it was right and didn't want to follow her anymore. I didn't expect her to change her face when she saw that I wasn't going with her, and she asked the two maids following her to kill me. If it weren't for Zijin's little martial arts skills, I would have died there." This explanation was too modest. If people were only aware that Zijin knew little martial arts, no one would dare say she was skilful in martial arts too.

The fact that Zijin was born to practice martial arts, coupled with her desire to do it without distractions after she went to the mountain, she had progressed very quickly. This condition was also why Master Yang discarded the differences between men and women and wanted to take Zijin as his closed disciple. He tried to overcome his prejudice, but he didn't expect Zijin to refuse his offer. Unfortunately, Zijin was firm with her decision and was determined to return to Yuxi, no matter how much Master Yang persuaded to no avail. For this reason, one could imagine how upset Master Yang was.

Zijin added, "That old fool said Miss was in the way and wanted to get rid of Miss so she could make way for the person behind the scene." To this day, Zijin hadn't figured out whose path Miss had blocked.

Ye Shi also could not figure out whose way Yuxi had obstructed. Thus, she simply stopped thinking about it. "Yuxi, how are you now? Can you get up?"

Yuxi replied bitterly. "I'm not hurt. I was just scared." In her two lifetimes, this was the first time she had encountered such a thing.

An old woman servant in charge hurriedly reported the matter to Yu Xiyu. "Wangfei, Momo Tian had been knocked unconscious in the courtyard by some people, and she is still out cold."

Yu Xiyue froze for a second but quickly covered up her unusual reaction and inquired, "Are there other people besides Momo Tian?"

The old woman servant nodded and reported, "There are also two women dressed as the wangfu maids. However, those two women were confirmed not to be the people of the wangfu."

Yu Xiyu asked, "Does Jing Wangfei know about this?" Yu Xiyu was aware of what kind of people those two maids were. Even if she knew about it in her heart, she had to pretend otherwise.

The maids nodded and said, "Niangniang just knew about this."

After the old woman servant left, Yu Xiyu quietly instructed the maid beside her, "Go to the front yard and ask if the Fourth Miss Han has returned?" Momo Tian was unconscious, and Han Yuxi was not around. So, there was only one possibility where Han Yuxi had escaped from Momo Tian's clutches. However, speculation was one thing. This matter had to be confirmed.

Soon, her maid returned and informed her, "The Fourth Miss Han family has gone back. I heard from one of the old women servants guarding the second door, the Fourth Miss Han had come up with her old illness and had to be rushed back to take her medicine. Seeing the unconscious Fourth Miss Han, the Lady of the State went back in a hurry." A few of the old women servants guarding the door felt a bit strange at first. Since Yuxi had a reoccurrence of her old illness, she should have been treated at the wangfu. Wouldn't the bumpy ride in the carriage aggravate her condition? After hearing that Momo Tian and two maids with her were unconscious, they all knew what was going in their minds. The matter regarding Momo Tian being comatose must have something to do with Fourth Miss Han. Although Momo Tian was given by Guifei, the Fourth Miss Han was Jing Wangfei's sister. Everyone knew which one was more important. That was why everyone was sensible enough to shut their mouths and did not dare to say more.

Yu Xiyu nodded and commented, "I didn't think that the Chen family attached so much importance to Fourth Miss Han." Yu Xiyu thought Yuxi could escape this calamity because the Chen family had secretly sent someone to protect her.


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