ROHYX Chapter 330 : Bridal Chamber

The news of the attack on the Assistant General's residence soon spread, and Zhao Er Nainai came over as soon as she got the news. When she arrived at the General's mansion, Yuxi was still sleeping and had not yet gotten up.

Mama Qu said embarrassingly, "Er Nainai, I'm sorry, Miss didn't sleep last night and just closed her eyes." It hadn't been easy for Yuxi to finally fall asleep, so no one wanted to wake her up.

Zhao Er Nainai looked sympathetic and asked, "Han Meimei was frightened, wasn't she?" The groom had gone to war on the wedding day, and his residence was also attacked. With so many bad things happening simultaneously, she guessed Yuxi was also mentally and physically exhausted. When she remembered how joyous the groom's home was when Yuxi married over, the more Zhao Er Nainai's heart pitied Yuxi.

What Yuxi wasn't aware of yet, Yun Qing was actually an undesirable bachelor here, despite his brilliant, outstanding military achievements. Otherwise, he would not have gotten married this late. On the one hand, it was also because he was too devoted to his official duties. In addition, his ever-challenging situation made it too difficult for others to marry their daughters to him. 

Mama Qu smiled bitterly, without giving any reply. It was an attitude that allowed others to freely imagine many things. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.

Yuxi slept until it was almost noon before she finally woke up. She opened her eyes and looked around the room, then lowered her head and tried to suppress the disappointment in her heart.

After lunch, Yuxi instructed, "Go and call Xu Wu over." Seeing Xu Wu, Yuxi asked, "Who sent those assassins? Northern barbarians or other enemies of the General?" Yun Qing's enemies were too many to count, even with both of one's hands.

Xu Wu was silent for a moment before he gave his answer. "It's a man of the northern barbarians called General Sukhbaru. He was the one who wanted to kill Madam." Because of Yuxi, Sukhbaru was calculated by Yun Qing. Not only did Yun Qing injure him, but he also made him lose his face. So he wanted to kill Yuxi to vent his anger. Of course, Sukhbaru also knew that he couldn't capture Yuxi alive. Thus, he tried to kill her to get back at Yun Qing.

Yuxi thought it was Yun Qing's personal enemies. Well, Sukhbaru was also one of his enemies. "Since they were the northern barbarians, someone must have passed them the information. Did we manage to catch their spies?" Without the information passed by the spies, these people could not have known the pattern of the Assistant General's residence so well and to find the inner courtyard so smoothly and quickly.

Xu Wu shook his head and replied shamefully, "No." Yu City had a rigorous investigation, but numerous spies were still around. It was impossible to prevent them.

Yuxi did not make things difficult for Xu Wu as she changed the subject and asked, "How long have you been following the General?" Hearing that Xu Wu had been with Yun Qing for ten years, Yuxi asked, "Is it possible for you to tell me about the General's past?" She knew about Yun Qing mostly from the rumours outside and what Han Jianye had told her. She didn't know anything else about him.

Xu Wu shook his head and said, "If Madam wants to know anything, Madam can ask the General himself when he returns." He was worried that if he said something wrong, he would be losing more than gaining anything after being punished by Yun Qing.

Yuxi gave out a small smile. "Okay. Go ahead with your work then!"

Xu Wu let Yuxi know before he left. "Madam, Feng Dajun has left fifty people behind. Madam doesn't have to worry about the residence's safety anymore."

Yuxi nodded for a moment. "I know."

After Xu Wu left, Yuxi rubbed her temples as she genuinely got a headache. There were too many things that had happened, and there was no single clue. Moreover, her current situation was a little too challenging to deal with.

Not long after lunch, Han Jianye dropped by. Seeing Yuxi intact and looking normal, he said with a heartfelt expression, "I've let you suffer." On the wedding night, the groom was not even there, and it must be hard for Yuxi to be left alone in the empty room.

Yuxi smiled bitterly and said, "Er Ge, this is just the beginning!" Afterwards, she started to worry about Yun Qing. After all, no one could guarantee to come back in one piece after going to war. The good thing was that she had some peace of mind knowing that at least for the next few years, Yun Qing would be fine.

Han Jianye knew that Yuxi had always been bright. Hence, it was useless for him to say anything reassuring. "You can set your mind at ease. The Su Yuan Army is extremely courageous, and Yun Qing's martial arts skills are very high. So you don't have to be worried." The army that Yun Qing led was called Su Yuan Army.

Yuxi wasn't concerned about that. What she cared about was how long Yun Qing would be busy outside. "When will he be back?"

Han Jianye weighed it in his heart and said, "He should be back tomorrow. Don't worry. After this battle, there won't be any more big battles until the ninth lunar month." One would be covered with sweat just from walking in the seventh and eighth lunar months. Where would any troops have the endurance to fight during that period?

Yuxi felt relief after hearing Han Jianye's words and her frame of mind became a lot better. As soon as Han Jianye left, she was in the mood to start cleaning up the East Room, ready to be used as her own study.

It was late at night, and the lights were still on in the main courtyard of the Assistant General's residence. When Zijin heard footsteps outside the room, she immediately went out and caught sight of Yun Qing, dressed in full armour. She sized him up and saw that he was not injured before she smilingly welcomed, "General, you're back."

Yun Qing let out a sound of acknowledgement and asked, "Where is your Madam?"

Zijin responded with a smile, "Madam is in the study reading a book. I'll go inform her." After saying that, she prepared to go into the study.

Yun Qing paused before intercepting, "No need, I'll go in by myself." On their wedding day, he didn't return to the room yesterday, and he didn't know what Yuxi thought about it in her heart.

Zijin smiled and said, "Alright."

When Yun Qing entered the study, he noticed Yuxi holding a thick book. She was sitting on the table quietly and elegantly, looking gentle and focused. The reflection from the soft candlelight on her made her appear extremely holy.

When Yun Qing looked at such a beautiful scene, he could not bear to disturb it.

At this time, Zijin called out from outside, "General, the hot water is ready for you to take bathe." Zijin didn't know how to think far ahead, but there was still Mama Qu beside her!

Zijin's loud voice brought Yuxi back from the sea of books. As soon as she looked up, she realised Yun Qing was standing right in front of her. He was wearing heavy armour, with a long sword at his waist. The blade was unsheathed, which reflected a cold light. This aura emitting from Yun Qing made him appear very imposing. If this look could already scare the general public, he would have given Zijin a fright just now. 

Yun Qing looked at Yuxi and said with shame, "I'm back."

Yuxi opened her mouth to speak, but her tears fell first before her words could come out. She didn't know why she was crying, but the tears rolled uncontrollably.

The tears struck Yun Qing's heart, making him feel unbearable pain. He took a giant stride to Yuxi's side, clumsily wiped her tears and said apologetically, "I'm sorry for making you suffer."

Hearing his words, Yuxi's tears resembled a fountain, increasingly turbulent as she cried even more. At first, her voice was small, but slowly, it became louder and louder. Even Zijin and Mama Qu could hear it from outside as if she wanted to cry out all the grievances she felt in her two lifetimes.

When Zijin heard Yuxi weeping, she thought Yun Qing had bullied Yuxi and wanted to rush in. But Mama Qu was quick to catch her. "What are you doing interfering with the affairs of the General and his wife?" Unlike Zijin, Mama Qu was relieved to hear that Yuxi finally cried. Although Miss acted calmly, she did not believe that Yuxi honestly didn't care! What woman could be calm when she was a newlywed and staying in an empty home? The more indifferent Yuxi was, the more Mama Qu worried. Now that Yuxi had cried out, everything would be alright.

Zijin was embarrassed. She was just acting on reflex, and she had already reflected on this. Miss must be feeling too aggrieved that she had cried! Thinking of this, Zijin wondered, "This is the first time I see Miss cries! We've met many bad things in the past, but Miss has never cried!" Even when Yuxi did tear up, she only did it in silence, unlike today when she cried so loudly and sadly.

For what happened to Yuxi before, Mama Qu also knew about them. But now, she could only say, "That was before, and now is now." From having no one cared about her Miss to having someone who cared about her, naturally, different situations would produce different reactions.

After Yuxi finished crying, she came back to her senses and realised that she was being held by Yun Qing. At that moment, her face reddened, and she tried to push Yun Qing away, but unfortunately, she could not. Yuxi lowered her head and said, "I'm sorry that I've just made you laugh at me." Although they were a couple now, she still couldn't get used to this intimate contact.

Yun Qing was unhappy when he heard this and spoke heavily, "Yuxi, we are a couple." Couples shouldn't be so polite with each other.

Yuxi tidied up her emotions. Then looked up and asked, "Er Ge said you would come back not until tomorrow? Is it okay for you to come back now?"

Yun Qing shook his head and said, "I have fended off all the northern barbarians, so they won't come back anytime soon." At that time, Yun Qing held his anger in his heart. So in the battle this time, he became even more murderous. He killed numerous incoming enemies, and not many managed to escape.

Yuxi was worried that Yun Qing would only come back to inform her and then leave again, but she was relieved after his words. "You should go and take a bath first. I'll go to the kitchen and see if there is anything for you to eat."

Yun Qing nodded and said, "Okay."

Zisu went to the house to get Yun Qing's change of clothes and prepared to send them to the cleanroom. When she saw Zijin come in from outside, she requested Zijin to help her send the clothes in. The first time Zisu saw him, she was already terrified of him, not to mention having to be in close contact with him.

Zijin frowned, but she still agreed. And all this fell on Mama Qu's eyes. Only a master could regard his servant with disdain, so when could it be the servant's turn to be picky and choosy? It was just that Mama Qu also knew that Zisu and Yuxi had many years of mutual affection. If it wasn't for this particular situation, it wouldn't have been hard for her to speak over this small thing, or she would be suspected of sowing discord between Yuxi and Zisu.

When Yun Qing came out of the shower, Yuxi's noodles were not ready yet. The main reason was that Yun Qing took his bath too quickly. Not even a quarter of an hour had passed before and after he came out.

Looking at Yuxi, who was busy in the kitchen, an indescribable warmth came out of Yun Qing's heart. This place was not the same as it was before. Before, this was just a house where he usually used to sleep. Now, this place had become his home.

Yuxi came in with a big bowl of noodles, put it on the table and told Yun Qing, "There's nothing else left to eat. So you should have these noodles to pad your stomach!" Since Han Jianye informed her that Yun Qing wouldn't come back until tomorrow, there was no food left in the kitchen.

Yun Qing said, "This is already very generous." The noodles were not only filled with vegetables but also with two fried eggs, which was really remarkably generous for him.

Zijin came in with a bowl of bird's nest congee and two small dishes this time. The bird's nest congee was Yuxi's midnight snack, and the small dishes were for Yun Qing to eat with his noodles. [+]

After putting down the stuff, Zijin consciously withdrew.

Yun Qing ate quickly and, with slurping sounds, finished up a large bowl of noodles. Once he was done with his food, Yuxi had only eaten a third of the bird's nest congee!

Yuxi put down her spoon and softly asked, "Are you full?" She couldn't finish that big bowl of noodles even in two sittings, and she didn't think it would be enough for Yun Qing. It seemed that Yun Qing's appetite was even better than she had imagined.

Yun Qing smiled and said, "I'm already full. You can take your time eating, don't mind me!" Yuxi's skill in preparing soup was pretty good, and her skill in stir-frying and cooking the noodles could be considered not bad, but Yun Qing still found it to be delicious.

Even though a man beside her was watching without blinking his eyes, Yuxi toughened her scalp and finished the bowl of bird's nest congee. It was not that Yuxi hadn't even thought of avoiding eating in front of him, but she felt that the couple would always have to eat together in the future. Thus, instead of avoiding it, she should try to adapt.

After finishing the meal, Yuxi called someone to clean up the table. Mama Qu came and informed her, "Madam, the water is ready for you to take a bath."

If it were before, Yuxi wouldn't feel anything when hearing such a phrase. But this time, with Yun Qing standing next to her and thinking about what would happen later, her face started to burn.

Yun Qing looked at the blushing Yuxi and said indifferently, "You can go ahead!" Last night, they didn't do anything in the bridal chamber. But today, he would make sure to make up for it.


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