ROHYX Chapter 331 : Wedding Candles

It was only when the sun was up that Yuxi finally woke up. After waking up and feeling sore all over, she turned her head to look at the other side, but unfortunately, her side was empty. Yuxi didn't think anything of it. After all, it was already a pleasant surprise that Yun Qing came back last night, and this time, she was afraid that he might have rushed back to the military camp.

Hearing noises from inside the room, Mama Qu walked in. She said, "Madam, the General is in the outer courtyard and instructed me to tell him whenever Madam wake up." What this meant was that Yun Qing was still in the mansion.

Last night, Mama Qu had sent both Zijin and Zisu out, and she waited in the courtyard, along with Mama Xi. It was also apparent in her mind what happened inside the room last night.

There was a smile in Yuxi's eyes. She thought Yun Qing had gone back to the military camp, and she didn't expect him to remain in residence. "Go prepare water. I want to take a bath."

As if she didn't see Yuxi's strange appearance, Mama Qu said, "I'll go have water prepared."

When Yuxi got out of bed, she felt unsteady on her feet, and her back was very sore. Mama Qu came forward and helped Yuxi into the cleaning room.

Looking at the bathtub sprinkled with dried flower petals, Yuxi smiled a little. Mama Qu's preparation was still insufficient. She should have prepared some medicinal herbs from yesterday so that her body wouldn't still be uncomfortable after soaking. Therefore, Yuxi could only say that Mama Qu lacked experience. If only Momo Quan was here.

Usually, when Yuxi was bathing, the person who delivered the clothes would either be Zisu or Zijin. But this time, despite Zisu's discontent, Mama Qu was the one who brought the clothes into the cleaning room. "Madam, Miss Zisu isn't married yet, so she was not allowed to come in."

Knowing that Mama Qu meant well, Yuxi nodded her head and said, "I know." She also knew that Zisu had many problems, but now she didn't have the energy or time to deal with this matter.

After taking a bath, Yuxi did feel somewhat comfortable. Yun Qing was also seemed to be able to calculate her timing. When Yuxi had fully dressed, he came over. He looked at his wife like a freshly bloomed peach blossom, and he couldn't take his eyes off her.

Yuxi asked with some embarrassment, "How come Husband didn't call me when Husband has gotten up?" As a wife, the first thing one had to do was served one's husband well. Although Yuxi didn't think that a woman's life was only about her husband and children, she still had to behave when she had to.

"You were tired last night, so I just let you sleep more." After saying that, Yun Qing took Yuxi's hand naturally and said, "Why don't you come with me to meet with Uncle Huo first?"

Yuxi knew that this Uncle Huo was referring to Huo Changqing and nodded towards Mama Qu. Mama Qu knew that Yuxi was asking her to bring the prepared things over with them.

The Assistant General's residence was empty inside and out, similar to the place that Han Jianye had bought. Although Yun Qing often rested here, this big man also had another place to sleep in. Moreover, he was also busy and did not have time to do any decorations. As Yuxi walked from the inner courtyard to the outer courtyard, she thought it would take her some time to adorn such a vast mansion.

Yun Qing looked at Yuxi with her head down and asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Yuxi wondered softly, "What if Uncle Huo doesn't like me?" It was said that Huo Changqing brought Yun Qing to the border city. When Yun Qing managed to grow up safely, he personally admitted that Huo Changqing had hugely contributed to the achievements he received today.

Yun Qing smiled a little and said, "Don't worry. Uncle Huo likes you very much." He knew Uncle Huo was delighted with his wife.

Yuxi replied softly, "Then that's good." She was worried that their bestowed marriage would upset Yun Qing's marriage with the Zhao family. In return, it would have harmed Yun Qing's interests and made Huo Changqing displeased with her.

As soon as Yuxi entered the house, she saw a person standing in the middle of the room. He wore grey clothes and was about forty years old. The corners of his mouth were pursed, his waist was straight, his gaze was very sharp, and the lines on his face were rigid. At first glance, he looked like a person who was hard to get along with.

Yun Qing naturally called out, "Uncle Huo......"

Yuxi performed a junior greeting towards Huo Changqing, "Greetings to Uncle Huo." Huo Changqing was different from Yun Qing, so she would treat him like an elder from today onwards. Even if he didn't like her, she still had to do what a junior should do to one's elder.

Mama Qu stepped forward and presented the clothes and shoes prepared by Yuxi. Since they would treat Huo Changqing as an elder, all preparation for meeting an elder should not be left behind.

The look on Huo Changqing's face softened a bit before saying, "In the future, you husband and wife should live peacefully and harmoniously so that you can open branches and scatter leaves for the Yun family as soon as possible."

Yuxi blushed and lowered her head. Then, she answered softly, "Yes." She also wanted to have her own child sooner. Only by having a child could she be considered to have a complete family.

When Huo Changqing returned last night, Xu Wu told him what had happened on Yun Qing and Yuxi's wedding night. For Yuxi's disposition, Huo Changqing couldn't be more satisfied. Having such a wife that could hold things together, Yun Qing would have nothing to worry about in the future. At first, Huo Changqing was worried that Yuxi was one of the aggressive women. However, now that he had seen the actual person, his worry was finally gone. He said, "You are now the mistress of the mansion. All the mansion's affairs will be left to you in the future."

After the meeting with Huo Changqing, Yuxi returned, bringing along account books with her. It was not yet time for her to go through the account but instead the time to have breakfast.

Yuxi knew that Yun Qing hadn't eaten breakfast either, and his act of waiting specifically to have it with her made her feel his action to be a little sweet. She didn't even want to tell Yun Qing not to be like this either. Because of what happened last night, it was the first time she got up late this morning, and she vowed that she would not wake up that late again. Later, it turned out how naive this idea of hers was!

After finishing breakfast, Yun Qing informed Yuxi, "I may return a bit late in the evening, so you should rest early." No matter how busy he was with military affairs, he still had to go home. It did not mean much to him in the past, but now it did matter.

Yuxi's jade-like face blushed again as she responded softly, "I'll wait for you to come back." It was only natural for a wife to wait for her husband.

Yun Qing felt that everything was fine with Yuxi, but it wasn't good for her to blush at every turn. She was a little too shy.

Yuxi was about to look at the accounts when Xu Wu had someone bring in a large box. Xu Wu smilingly said, "Madam, these are first time meeting gifts from Yifu to Madam." The bride was expected to prepare a gift for her first meeting with the elders in the capital. Having been in the capital before, Huo Changqing was also well aware of this, so he had prepared a return gift.

Yuxi was a little surprised. She thought that the Old Master would not care about this small thing. The main thing was that the first impression that Yun Qing had left on Yuxi was too deep. Since he didn't even know about the process of inquiring whether their marriage was good or not through their birth dates, how could she expect him to be aware of other things?

The people in the courtyard staggered when they looked at a box of things. Other people would give the same or slightly different things as the return gifts, but this elder was good enough to deliver a box of them. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.

Zijin couldn't help but ask, "What is this stuff?" Seeing Xu Wu's embarrassed face, she was a little surprised and went up to open the box.

What Huo Changqing had sent over was a box of jade, and all of them were Hetian jade. The largest one was as big as a washbasin, and the smaller one was only the size of a fist. Their colour also varied. There was white jade, green with white jade, green jade, topaz coloured jade, ink coloured jade and several other colours, but most were white jade.

Yuxi smiled a little. She had been worrying about what to send back home! This was good. With this large box of jade, she didn't have to worry anymore. It was a good thing that these jade stones had never been carved. She could just send them back to her mother and dasao and let them ask a master to sculpt them into any style they liked. As for why Huo Changqing would have so much of them, Yuxi was not surprised. The western region was rich with jade. It was usual for them to get a box of jade during their year-long war expeditions.

After looking at the jade, Yuxi smiled and said, "These things are good. I like them very much. Please help me thank Uncle Huo." She didn't expect that Uncle Huo, who looked so serious, had quite a good heart.

Qiu Shi, who was on Yuxi's mind, happened to return to the State Residence from Lingshan Temple. Her original intention was to stay in the mountains until mid-autumn but did not expect to catch a cold. After Han Jianming found out about this, he personally went to bring her back.

She couldn't resist her son's persuasion, so she had to follow him back. Back in residence, when her sight fell on her grandchildren, she threw her point of dissatisfaction to the back of her head. In the mountains, everything else was good. The only bad thing was she could not see her grandchildren.

Seeing Qiu Shi's appearance, Ye Shi said, "Mother, since Mother has gone down the mountain this time, please do not go there again. As long as one's heart is sincere, it's the same as doing it at home." Seeing Qiu Shi became a bit hesitant, Ye Shi added, "Does Mother know that ever since Mother went to the mountain, the Lord had not been at ease. He was worrying about Mother until he had a headache. When he heard that Mother was sick this morning, he had become so anxious."

Qiu Shi held her youngest grandson, Boy An, and said, "Then, I'm not going anymore. I'll just stay home." It was the same for her to fast and pray for Buddha at home, and she could even see her grandchildren.


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