ROHYX Chapter 337 : Crisis-ridden

As soon as Yun Qing arrived at the barracks, he saw Fu Tianlei, Fu Qingluo's elder brother.

Fu Tianlei smiled and joked, "Yun Qing, nowadays everyone in Yu City knows that someone has wrapped the high-grade well-tempered steel General Yun has around her finger." He didn't expect that a grown-up man like Yun Qing would accompany his wife to go shopping. Not to mention other people, even he felt incredible after knowing about it.

Yun Qing had a good relationship with Fu Tianlei, so he didn't feel embarrassed by this statement at all. He reasoned out. "She is a stranger in a strange land, so I brought her out to let her get familiar with Yu City. It will be difficult for me to have the opportunity to do so in the future."

When Fu Tianlei heard his words, he pretended to be helpless. "Do you know, when my wife heard about what you've done, she kept complaining to me, saying I was not as good as you were!"

Yun Qing laughed. Fu Tianlei and Da Nainai Fu grew up together as green plums and hobby-horse. Thus, their relationship had been particularly good, and he used to envy them! However, now that he had Yuxi, he didn't have to be jealous of Fu Tianlei anymore.

Fu Tianlei came to find Yun Qing this time because he had something important to inform him. "Yun Qing, I got news this morning that Qin Zhao will bring Qin Yue along with him to the capital this time." Qin Yue was Qin Zhao's biological younger sister. She was sixteen years old this year, just reaching marriageable age.

Yun Qing's expression changed. He asked, "What does he want to do?" Qin Yue was Marshal Qin's most beloved granddaughter. Still, he never thought Qin Zhao would reduce her to a tool for his own interests.

Fu Tianlei said, "I guess he wants to marry Qin Yue to the Song family!" Without Marshal Qin, no one could suppress Qin Zhao anymore.

Yun Qing shook his head. "That's unlikely. With Qin Zhao's ambition, he will not marry Ah Yue to the Song family. If he really wanted to marry Qin Yue off, he would marry her to a prince."

Fu Tianlei looked at Yun Qing and smiled bitterly. "If it happened like that, does this mean he is really incorrigible?" Although Qin Yue was good looking, she had grown up in the border city since she was young and had a simple nature. Wasn't the act of sending Qin Yue to join a prince's residence the same as delivering a lamb into a tiger's den?

Yun Qing sighed. "With the Marshal gone, no one else can stop him." Because of this, Qin Zhao had acted even more recklessly now. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.

Fu Tianlei had another layer of worry. "My father said that if Qin Zhao continues like this, it might implicate all of us." Seeing Yun Qing looking at him, he made his meaning clear, "Yun Qing, my father said that if Qin Zhao continues on like this, Yu City may become the second Tong City." Today's Tong City had been entirely under the control of the Song family.

Yun Qing's expression turned ugly. The Tong City tragedy had left him without parents and a family, which had caused a permanent pain in his heart. "What does General Fu mean?"

Fu Tianlei shook his head. "I asked my father, but he wouldn't explain." His father always liked to speak only half a sentence and then left the other half out, which could annoy others to death.

Yun Qing's mood was heavy.

When Yun Qing got home that evening, he didn't look happy. Yuxi noticed his condition and asked, "What's wrong? Did something happen in the military camp?"

Yun Qing thought for a moment before giving an exclusive account of Fu Tian Lei's words to her. "The Song family is like a wolf cub with a savage heart. It isn't unreasonable for General Fu to have this kind of fear." He did not want the Northwest Army to fall into the hands of the Song family.

Yuxi, however, asked a question that was totally unrelated, like wind, horse and ox. "Husband, what kind of person is General Fu?" She didn't know what General Fu had in his mind by saying something that could poke into Yun Qing's heart. He was fully aware that the Qin family's favours towards Yun Qing were weighty as a mountain. For this reason, Yun Qing couldn't do anything to Qin Zhao.

Yun Qing's assessment was quite pertinent. "General Fu is a frank and straightforward person who fought bravely in battle. But now that he is old and wounded, he cannot go into war anymore."

These words had little practical value. Yuxi asked curiously, "Qin Yue is sixteen years old this year. Why didn't the Marshal betrothed her before?"

After listening to Yun Qing's explanation, Yuxi realised that half of the girls in the border city were not arranged to be married until they were over sixteen. For one thing, this side of the border city was unlike the capital. There were more men and fewer women here, with women being relatively delicate. Secondly, men would have to go to war when they came of age. If the woman settled their marriage much earlier, just in case their fiance died on the battlefield, the women's reputation would be damaged. This was also the reason why Qin Yue did not settle down.

Yuxi stated, "Currently, the only prince in the capital that can burn your hand and make you feel the heat is Xuan Wang. If Qin Zhao really wants to marry Qin Yue off, the most likely candidate for her husband will be Xuan Wang."

Yun Qing had no favourable impression of anyone in the Song family, including the 9th Prince, Xuan Wang, and the 10th Prince, Jing Wang.

Yuxi stated, "Husband, Qin Yue is Qin Zhao's biological sister. And Qin Zhao is an elder brother who is just like a father to her. If he wants to marry Qin Yue away to the capital, we are in no position to stop it. As for the rest, let's wait and see what will happen." Yun Qing was obviously unable to deal with Qin Zhao. Otherwise, he would hold the reputation of someone who had forgotten favours and violated justice. With such a name, not to mention revenge, it would be impossible for Yun Qing to gain a strong foothold in Yu City.

Yun Qing did not care about Qin Yue in any way. What bothered him the most was what General Fu said. He could not let Yu City repeat the mistakes of Tong City.

After knowing Yun Qing's concerns, Yuxi softly said, "It hasn't come to that yet, so you don't have to worry." After a pause, she continued, "Husband, Yu City is not Tong City. As long as we take enough precautions, nothing like that will happen." However, Yun Qing's concern was also justified. The Song family could even betray the Yan family by colluding with the Donghu people for their benefit. This time, it was likely that they could plot with the northern barbarians just to get Yun Qing killed. There was no need for them to make any profit from it. Yuxi was sure they would already be satisfied by giving the northern barbarians the chance to kill Yun Qing. Therefore, they had to be on guard against Qin Zhao. It was also necessary for them to protect themselves from the Fu family.

Yuxi's head hurt a little. She originally wanted to live a peaceful life, but she never expected to be in a complicated situation.

Bai tie a.k.a Ming chi (name card)
It was originally written on a piece of bamboo before the paper was made.
Image Credit | 原平故事 (回顾 | 清代名人“拜帖”, July 5th, 2019)
The next day, Yuxi was settling the household account inside the house. Mama Qu walked in and handed her a bai tie. It was from the Qin family, saying they wanted to visit Yuxi. She didn't know what this visit meant.

Yuxi looked at the bai tie, thought back to what Yun Qing told her yesterday, and guessed why Madam Qin wanted to visit her. "Take the bai tie and tell the person who sent it that I am free tomorrow."

Zijin snorted coldly as she asked. "Miss, when a weasel gives new year's greetings to a hen, doesn't it usually have ulterior motives?" This visit from Madam Qin must definitely be up to no good.

Mama Qu also felt that this was not right. "Madam, this is indeed not right." If they were just talking and chatting, they would have sent a qingtie to her Madam, rather than a bai tie.

Yuxi smiled and said, "Husband told me yesterday that Qin Zhao wanted to send his sister to the capital. I guess Madam Qin should want to ask me about the affairs in the capital when she sent me the bai tie. Since there is something she wants to ask, it is natural for her to take the initiative to visit." If Qin Zhao really wanted to send Qin Yue to Xuan Wangfu, naturally, he wanted to know more about something. Even if they only knew some superficial things, it was still better than knowing nothing.

Yuxi's guess was not wrong, but what she did not expect was that Xu Shi did not only come by herself but also brought Qin Yue with her.

Qin Yue had a dainty appearance, her eyes were like a vast of clear water, and her complexion was fair and delicate. Such a good complexion was rarely found in this northwest area.

After Qin Yue bowed to Yuxi, she said with a smile, "I have always heard Saozi talk about Madam. Today I finally have the honour to meet Madam." The last time Yuxi went to the Qin Residence as a guest, Qin Yue was sick and could not come out.

Nobody didn't like to hear good words, and Yuxi was no exception. She inquired with a smile, "I wondered what Madam Qin said about me?" No matter what nastiness one had in private, one should still show how harmonious and happy one was on the surface.

Qin Yue replied, "My Saozi said that Madam is not only beautiful, but also proficient in the four arts painting, and Madam's embroidery is also unparalleled." While she said these words, she looked at Yuxi with adoring eyes. Fortunately, Yuxi was a woman and did not become confused. If it had been a man, it was guaranteed that he would have grovelled at the feet of her pomegranate-coloured skirt.

Yuxi said with a smile on her face, "Those who know will know that you are talking about me. But those who didn't know will think you're talking about a fairy that has descended down to earth! Only a fairy would be this perfect." Her face was smiling, but she had a new perception of Qin Yue in her heart. She thought Qin Yue would be like Fu Qingluo and the others, a straightforward and bright woman. However, now she knew she was wrong. Qin Yue was fair-looking but also impatient. Even if they married her to Xuan Wang, she should at least get the position as his Ce Fei with the Qin family as her backer.

Qin Yue praised sincerely, "In my heart, Madam is indeed a fairy descended down to earth." Looking at how Qin Yue spoke, no one would suspect that she was telling any lies. [+]

Yuxi was so flattered that she felt she was about to fly to the sky.

Zisu brought up tea and snacks. Xu Shi ate a piece of sweet pumpkin glutinous rice with jujube filling. The pastry was sweet, glutinous and tasted very good. "This is the first time I've eaten this kind of pastry."

Qin Yue also ate a piece. After eating, she inquired. "Madam, I have never been to the capital, but I only heard from my Dage that the capital is huge, several times bigger than Yu City. And I heard that the capital is very prosperous and has everything. As long as you have money, you can buy anything? Madam, is this true?"

Yuxi smiled and nodded. "It's true that the capital is much bigger than Yu City. I don't think one could finish walking to its every corner in three days. There was also a wide range of goods available. They sold everything from the north to the south, such as velvet antlers and ginseng from Liaodong, silk and rouge from Jiangnan, Pu'er tea and caterpillar fungus from Yunnan, pearls from the South China Sea and so on. All kinds of snacks are also available. If you want to eat them all, you will have different kinds for each day in a month." After saying that, she smiled and pointed at the phoenix hairpin with emerald gemstone on her hair bun and commented, "Two days ago, I went to look at the jewellery store. The workmanship of all the jewellery pieces there was too rough, not even half as delicate as the treasured Linglong Pavilion in the capital."

Xu Shi said with a smile, "That's right. The capital city is prosperous that even the northwest can't compare. By the way, if I remember correctly, Madam's jiejie seems to be the 10th Prince's fei, right?"

Yuxi smiled and nodded. "My San Jie is married to the 10th Prince and gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix twins at the end of last year."

Xu Shi exclaimed, "What a blessing!"

Qin Yue said with an admiring face, "Madam, I have heard that Jing Wangfei is very attractive. I don't know if I will have the chance to meet her in the capital this time."

Finally, they got down to business. However, Yuxi acted surprised and asked, "Miss Qin is going to the capital?"

Qin Yue nodded. "Yes, my Gege said he would take me to the capital to see the world. I don't know anything about the capital. I wonder if Madam can tell me more about it."

Yuxi smiled and nodded while saying, "I can tell you everything, as long as I know about it." Even if she didn't tell her these things, the Qin family could just as easily ask others.

Qin Yue asked Yuxi a lot of questions. Yuxi was cooperative and answered with all that she knew. Though Qin Yue asked more about Xuan Wang and his wangfei.

They chatted until the day reached wushi (11 am-1 pm) hours. After lunch, the two people went back. 

After sending people away, Yuxi said with a smile, "I'm used to dealing with Zhao Er Nainai and the others, but now, I'm a little unaccustomed to dealing with this Miss Qin."

Mama Qu shook her head and commented, "As far as Miss Qin's scheming is concerned, it is not enough for her to survive once she enters the Xuan Wangfu." Not to mention Xuan Wangfei, even Heshou Xianzhu was not a benevolent person either.

Yuxi smiled and said, "That's just the thing." But this was what she could say at that moment since she knew that as long as Qin Zhao was still around, it was enough to keep Qin Yue safe and sound in the Xuan Wangfu.


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