ROHYX Chapter 349 : Funeral

When Yuchen arrived at the State Residence, Zhou Shi was still unconscious. The Imperial Physician came over and saluted Yuchen before informing her, "Niangniang, this small official has done his best." The subtext of these words was that Zhou Shi would not be able to pass this hurdle, so they should prepare for her funeral arrangements.

Yuchen's tears trickled down at the Imperial Physician's words. In response to Yuchen's condition, Momo Gui asked, "Mister Physician, isn't there any other way?"

The Imperial Physician turned to face Yuchen and bowed as he apologised. "Please forgive me, Niangniang." He was only an Imperial Physician, not a God. Suppose the patient did not listen to his advice nor follow his medical advice and repeatedly got herself angry. In that case, even Hua Tuo couldn't help her if he was still alive.

Hearing these words, Yuchen threw herself on the bed and cried, "Grandmother, Grandmother, can you please wake up. Please wake up!" Yuchen was brought up by Zhou Shi, and she was able to live so comfortably in the Han family because of Zhou Shi's shelter. This kind of affection was incomparable to others.

It was unknown if it was because of the deep love between a grandparent and a granddaughter; the Great Old Lady opened her eyes in the middle of Yuchen's cries. Yuchen was pleasantly surprised that she called out, "Grandmother, Grandmother, you are awake."

The Imperial Physician watched as Zhou Shi became conscious and quietly reminded Han Jianming and Han Jingyan, "Great Old Lady is currently in the final radiance of the setting sun condition. If you have anything to say to her, better do it now." After saying this, the Imperial Physician retreated. It was already considered a hopeless case when one was told to be in the final radiance of the setting sun condition. Therefore, it was useless for him to stay here. He then simply went out and waited outside.

Zhou Shi looked at Yuchen, and relief flashed in her eyes. But soon, she babbled something to Yuchen. Unfortunately, even outsiders could not understand what she was saying.

Yuchen asked anxiously, "Grandmother, what are you trying to say? Grandmother, there's no hurry. Take your time. I'm listening!" Unfortunately, no matter how much she listened, she still did not know precisely what Zhou Shi was talking about.

Ye Shi was smart enough to ask Mama Luo, who knew Zhou Shi's mind the best. "Mama Luo, what exactly does Great Old Lady want to say?"

Mama Luo's expression looked awkward. Under everyone's gaze, she could only toughen her scalp and say it out loud, "The Great Old Lady doesn't allow the Fourth Miss to observe mourning for her. She does not acknowledge her as her granddaughter. If everyone disagrees, she will not die in peace."

Yuchen's face stiffened. Not allowing Yuxi to observe mourning for her? What kind of last words were these?

Han Jingyan said coldly, "Mother, don't worry. We won't let the Fourth Girl observe mourning for you." His mother's dying words of regret definitely needed to be obeyed.

Zhou Shi looked at Yuchen and babbled several times more. Mama Luo explained spontaneously, "Niangniang, the Great Old Lady told you to be well and always stay proper."

Yuchen burst into tears. She leaned forward from the edge of the bed and wept so much until she nearly lost her breath. "Grandmother, Grandmother......" The Great Old Lady was still thinking about her when she was on her last breath, so how could she not be grieved?

Zhou Shi took another look at Yuchen, tilted her head, and passed away.

When Mama Lou received a signal from Ye Shi, she immediately stepped forward. She put her finger under Zhou Shi's nose and realised she had stopped breathing. Her legs went weak, and she sat down directly on the ground. She cried loudly and shouted, "Great Old Lady, Great Old Lady, how come you left so soon!" With her master now gone, it was time for her to retire from the residence.

As soon as these words were out, the room was suddenly filled with cries. Momo Gui was so intimidated by this scene that she hurriedly called out, "The Imperial Physician, quickly invite the Imperial Physician in."

Luckily, the Imperial Physician was just waiting outside. When he heard that Jing Wangfei had fainted, he hurriedly entered the room. After checking Yuchen's pulse, the Imperial Physician said that Yuchen was pregnant. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.

Momo Gui was pleasantly surprised.

When Han Jianming heard the Imperial Physician's words, he immediately instructed someone to send Yuchen back to her wangfu. She was carrying a royal descendant, and the Han family couldn't afford to be responsible if anything happened to her unborn child while she was in their residence. In addition, Yuchen was already a married girl. It was enough for her to come over just to mourn. There was no need to bother her with anything else.

Yuchen soon woke up and did not want to return even when she knew she was pregnant. "I want to stay here for Grandmother's wake, so I'm not going anywhere."

Han Jianming persuaded her, "Even if Niangniang doesn't think about Niangniang's own health, Niangniang should think about the royal descendant in Niangniang's belly."

Finally, under everyone's strong persuasions, Yuchen could only cry and return to her wangfu.

After sending Yuchen away, everyone in the Han Residence started working on Zhou Shi's funeral. Since Zhou Shi had been sick for so long, her coffin and burial clothes had been prepared beforehand.

Qiu Shi had been an arm-flinging shopkeeper before, but she could no longer be as free this time. Since this was her mother-in-law's funeral, as a daughter-in-law, she must be the one who took care of it, or her reputation wouldn't be good. Of course, Ye Shi and Lu Xiu were there to play her second fiddle. Thus, it was unlikely for her to get worn out.

Qiu Shi had no problem with the funeral arrangement since it was her duty in the first place. Only Zhou Shi's last words made her heart clogged with panic. She asked someone to call Han Jianming so that she could ask him. "Will you send someone to the northwest to report the funeral?"

Han Jianming nodded and said, "Not immediately, but I'll send someone tomorrow morning." Han Jianming was the eldest di grandson, and as the pillar of the family, he needed to observe mourning for three years. While Han Jianye, the second grandson, only needed to do it for a year, and he did not require to complete the filial mourning.

Qiu Shi suggested, "Let's ask your Didi to come back!"

Han Jianming hesitated. "Mother......" Han Jianming did not want Han Jianye to return. Now was the time to build a successful career; if he had to return, it would only delay his progress.

Qiu Shi tried to reason, "It won't be that bad if he doesn't build a successful career this year. Moreover, you have to tell Yuxi that she can not observe mourning for the Old Lady. If your Er Di does not come back, people will gossip about it." If Yuxi did not come back, outsiders wouldn't care much. After all, she was already a married girl and belonged to someone else's family. Her youngest son was a descendant of the Han family. Therefore, he could not carry a reputation of being unfilial.

When Han Jianming heard Qiu Shi's determination, he nodded right away. He said, "Alright then, I will write a letter to Er Di requesting his return. I hope he can make it in time for the burial." The burial would be two months later. If there was no accident along the way, it would still be possible for Han Jianye to make it.

Qiu Shi sighed and asked, "What do you think about your Grandmother's last words?" The Great Old Lady didn't even talk about the property division. She surprisingly left a sentence, forbidding Yuxi to observe mourning for her instead. Qiu Shi really thought her mother-in-law had become muddled-headed because of her sickness.

Han Jianming smiled bitterly and said, "Mother, I can't go against Grandmother's last words." These were his grandmother's last words on her deathbed, and he would be accused of being unfilial if he didn't abide it. Of course, if San Shu wasn't there, he could still obscure this matter. However, with his San Shu watching nearby, he did not dare to do anything.

Qiu Shi wiped a handful of her tears and questioned, "How deep do you think your Grandmother's hatred for Yuxi was? Before she died, she even left this kind of request." Did the Great Old Lady want everyone to say that Yuxi was not the Han family young lady by denying Yuxi's right to observe mourning for her?

Han Jianming comforted her, "Mother, you do not have to worry. Yuxi has already married, and she is far away in the northwest. No one will accuse her of anything even if she does not observe mourning for Grandmother." In fact, he himself didn't understand his grandmother's behaviour. What was even the point for her in doing this! Yuxi was already married to Yun Qing. Even if they really remove Yuxi from the clan, the Han family would be the one who lost in the end. Many women needed the support of their natal families to get along well with their husband's families, but Yuxi didn't have to.

Qiu Shi's eyes got red again as she said, "It's good if things are as simple as you say. If word of this gets out, how will Yuxi conduct herself in the future? You say, she had two granddaughters with the same status. She held Yuchen up to the sky while stepping on Yuxi into the mud puddle." It was no wonder that Han Jingyan was so biassed when the root was in her mother-in-law.

Han Jianming pointed out, "Yuxi is in the northwest. Even if there are any rumours about her in the capital, she won't hear about them." Han Jianming naturally knew that this matter could not be concealed. There were so many people in the house at that time that it was impossible for this matter not to leak out. But Yuxi was not weak in nature, and this gossip wouldn't be able to give her a blow.

When Qiu Shi heard his words, she felt even worse. "How can your Meimei has such a miserable life? She has to come across two elders who are so biased and prejudiced." One must treat the deceased with the most importance. No matter how outrageous her mother-in-law's words were, her last words must be observed by all, and she could do nothing about it.

Han Jianming could only respond with a bitter smile.

The funeral service was very tedious and tiring. Qiu Shi had to wail for the deceased and, at the same time, take care of the household chores. Plus, Yuxi's matter made her heart annoyed and flustered. Not more than a few days later, her body started to be a bit overwhelmed. After Han Jianming found out about this, he immediately asked Ye Shi to take over all the household chores so that Qiu Shi could have more time to rest.

Today, Qiu Shi was busy until midnight again. When she returned to her room, Mama Li quickly brought over medicine and put it on her. Then, she gently massaged her body.

Qiu Shi's heart was sour as she remembered that Yuxi used to give her massages. "I wonder how that child Yuxi is doing in the northwest?"

Mama Li knew what was on Qiu Shi's mind and said, "Old Lady, don't you remember? Didn't the Second Master write to say that the Fourth Guye was very good to the Fourth Miss and treated her like an apple of his eyes?" Regardless of what kind of reputation Yun Qing had outside, it would still be alright so long as he was good to the Fourth Miss.

Qiu Shi expressed her wish. "I hope Yuxi will give birth to a son sooner, and then she can be considered in a completely stable foothold." Men tended to be unreliable when it came to things that they liked. When newlywed, they would naturally treat women like the apples of their eyes. But who would know what happened after that period? So, women ultimately needed to rely on their sons. With a son, a woman would have more confidence. If she did not give birth to two outstanding sons, where would she have been right now?

Mama Li agreed with this statement.

It was unknown how Zhou Shi's last words got out. Within a few days, it had spread all over the capital. Even Qin Yue, who had just arrived in the capital not long ago, heard about it. [+]

When Qin Yue heard the news from her maid, she asked Qin Zhao with great astonishment. "Er Ge, why did Dowager Old Lady Han not let Madam Yun observe mourning for her?"

Qin Zhao didn't think much about this matter and reminded, "This is a matter of the Han family. Only the Han family's people know exactly why." It was a pity that Dowager Old Lady Han's last words were only about not allowing Han Shi not to observe mourning for her and not removing her from the clan. If she was dismissed, Yun Qing would also lose the support of the Han family. But when he remembered that Han Jianming had to fulfil his filial mourning, the support could also be considered as none. Hence, Qin Zhao just let the matter go.

Although Qin Yue looked like she was inferior in scheming, by nature, she was actually not. She wondered strangely, "I have met with Madam Yun twice, and she was a very good-natured!" This was also what Qin Yue found very weird. Madam Yun was obviously such a kind and affable person. So why would she be so disgusted by her own grandmother?

Qin Zhao felt that Qin Yue's concern was not on point. "What the Han family is currently doing has nothing to do with you. The most important for you to do right now is to prepare for the marriage with ease of mind while waiting for your wedding next month." Qin Yue's marriage has already been set to the 9th Prince, Xuan Wang. But by the time Qin Yue was already married, the 9th Prince would no longer be Xuan Wang but the Crown Prince. Qin Yue's status would not be Ce Fei anymore at that time, but Liang Di.

Qin Yue collected her thoughts and remarked, "Er Ge, last time I attended the banquet, the 9th Prince's Fei looked relatively kind to me, but the Ce Fei and Heshou Xianzhu were not." Only when she arrived in the capital did she realise that at this point, her appearance meant nothing at all.

Qin Zhao didn't think of it this way. "Barking dog seldom bites. Not only do you have to be wary of Heshou Xianzhu, but towards the 9th Prince Fei, you have to be even warier."

Qin Yue nodded her head and said, "I know Er Ge." After saying that, she asked blushingly. "Er Ge, does the 9th Prince look like a jade tree blown by the wind, just like a celestial being?" She had never met the 9th Prince, but she had heard many rumours about him.

Qin Zhao nodded and said, "There is no need for Er Ge to lie to you." Since his meimei was going to marry His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, he wouldn't have to look at the Song family's faces anymore as His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, was going to be his backer.

Noob Translator's Musing

Ah, that Great Old Lady was still as annoying as when she was still alive.

If only she could see that the ones she relied upon to bring honour to the Han family name would be the ones who bring it down.


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