ROHYX Chapter 375 : The Return Of Qin Zhao

When Qin Zhao returned to his home, he immediately instructed the main steward to come see him as he wanted to ask about what happened in Yu City during his absence in the past few months.

Steward Qin Zhong reported, "Other matters aren’t that serious, but the issue regarding Fourth Master Xu's is very troublesome. His behaviour has not only caused public anger, but most of the officers and soldiers in the army are also very unhappy with him." No one was that foolish. Fourth Master Xu dared to be this rampant because he was relying on the strength of the Qin family through Madam Qin! The people were not only unhappy with the Xu family, but also with the Qin family. But the Qin family was very powerful, so people did not dare to provoke them openly.

One couldn’t help but say that the effect of the Rong family fanning the flames behind their back was unusually good. At least, the Qin family’s current reputation had turned terrible.

When Qin Zhao heard that Xu Shi dared to write a letter to threaten Assistant Prefect Mu, he questioned coldly, "For such a big thing, you couldn’t even stop her?" It was a trivial matter but had turned into a big deal and Xu Shi still dared to act so. Was she afraid that others would not know how powerful the Qin House was? When Qin Zhao thought of this, his anger rose up.

Qin Zhong answered with a wry smile. "General, it's not that I didn't stop her, I just couldn’t." Because of this act, Xu Shi scolded him while pouring the dog's blood on his head.

Qin Zhao also knew Xu Shi's nature and did not think Qin Zhong was lying.

Qin Zhong hesitated for a moment, but he still told Qin Zhao. "General, Han Shi also opened a school called Qingming Hall in Yu City. The school collected the children of soldiers who died in battle or were seriously wounded from the military camp belonging to Yun Qing. This matter has created a great stir in Yu City, and now the people and soldiers of Yu City are talking about Han Shi's charity and benevolence."

Qin Zhao was not a fool. Naturally, he knew the significance of this matter. "Why don’t you stop such a big thing? Letting Han Shi do as she wishes by starting up this school."

Qin Zhong felt some bitterness in his mouth. "General, I dare not stop this matter." If he dared to stop it, he would be forbidding Han Shi to help the families of the soldiers who were in a difficult situation. If this were to get out, not to mention that the officers and soldiers under Yun Qing's authority would be angry, and even those under the Qin family army would have chill hearts. After all, Yuxi was doing a good deed, and it was merciful for her to take care of those who had a hard time. No one could guarantee that they would come back alive and unharmed after going to battle. In this case, they naturally hope it would be better to have more people like Yuxi, so that, if something happened to them in the future, there would be someone taking care of their family.

A flash of sternness flashed in Qin Zhao's eyes. "She has hidden herself really deep." The Han Yuxi he inquired about in the capital was an unfilial, unlucky, cold-blooded and heartless person. As for talent, he heard that, other than writing and drawing, Yuxi did an excellent job in embroidery with few positive comments. But now, looking at what Han Shi was doing, she was actually not a simple person.

Thinking of this, Qin Zhao informed his main steward, "Before the Great Old Lady Han passed away, she forbade Han Yuxi from observing mourning for her. I need you to spread this news out." Letting it be known that Han Yuxi was an unfilial one would at least temporarily suppress her and not allow her reputation to rise any higher. 

Qin Zhong shook his head. "General, many people already know about this."

Qin Zhao was a bit surprised and asked, "Already know? Who released this news?" The capital was so far away from Yu City. Whose news would be so fast?

Qin Zhong smiled bitterly as he answered, "It was Han Shi herself who said that. She had also fallen ill over this matter. But Han Shi's argument was that the Great Old Lady Han's mind had gotten muddled because of her sickness.  Otherwise, she wouldn't have left such last words." What Han Shi said was not important. The most significant thing was that many people believed her.

After a pause, Qin Zhong continued, "I felt that there was something fishy at the time, and told Madam about it, but the Madam did not care. Now, more than a month has passed. If the old story is being brought up again, it won't be good for us." If there were rumours that Yuxi was unfilial just as soon as Qin Zhao returned to Yu City, people would definitely feel that he had taken the opportunity to slander Yuxi. By then, Qin Zhao's reputation would not look too good.

If it was Yuxi, she would surely not use someone like Qin Zhong. No matter what the matter was, the steward's position was so important that he had to do everything he could in making sure to get things done. Even if it couldn't be handled well, he should never put the blame on his master.

Taking advantage of his face, Qin Zhao stopped commenting on Yuxi with Qin Zhong, but asked instead, "In addition to these two things, are there other news?"

Qin Zhong reported, "From the time the General left until now, there have been four major and more than 20 small battles, with more than 8,000 people perished and more than 20,000 people injured."

Qin Zhao heard that all the four major battles were led by Yun Qing, who won three and lost one. The situation was getting worse right now. Qin Zhao immediately instructed, "Go and call Mr Xia over." Yun Qing's promotion to Deputy General of lower second rank was basically a nail in the coffin. Qin Zhao was now only a principal second-rank officer, and if Yun Qing went up further, Yun Qing would have replaced him.

Yuxi did not know that Qin Zhao was upset because of them, husband and wife. After she finished eating, she called Xu Wu and asked, "Did General Qin bring back some beauties?"

Xu Wu looked at Yuxi with wide eyes and asked, "How do you know, Madam? General Qin did bring back four beauties."

Yuxi laughed a little. "I was just guessing blindly." In fact, it was not a blind guess, but a well-founded one. She knew that Qin Zhao had left the capital right after Qin Yue's marriage, and Qin Zhao rode on horseback. The same with the people he brought with him. At normal speed, they should have arrived in Yu City at the first third of the eleventh lunar month. But this was already at the end of the month, a full twenty days late. Then again, Yuxi believed Song Guifei might not want her to live too comfortably and would definitely give her a hard time. Rewarding a few beauties to Yun Qing was the best way to do that.

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Xu Wu still exclaimed with admiration, "Madam is really amazing." She could even guess correctly despite only making a wild guess.

Yuxi smiled a little before speaking, "You withdraw first! If there is anything, tell me immediately." It was not a good thing that Qin Zhao had returned. However, it was useless to worry about countering the soldiers with arms, and water with an earth weir for now. With Yun Qing around, she only had to guard against Qin Zhao's secret tricks.

Zijin and Yuxi said, "Madam, since you let those girls in the school learn martial arts, then who will you invite to teach them martial arts?"

Yuxi looked at the excited Zijin and asked with amusement, "What? Do you want to be their master? You, yourself, haven't become a master yet, and you want to be someone else's master."

Zijin replied with a smile, "Madam, I just want to take them to a class so I can feel what it's like to be a master." Watching Yuxi giving a well-delivered lecture today, she was itching to give it a try.

Yuxi smiled. "I won't stop you if you want to, but you have to promise me that if those children can't stand the pain or don't want to learn, you can't scold them, and you can't do anything about it. If you scold them, you will not be allowed to go out for three months, and if you hit them, not only will you not be allowed to go out for three months, but you will also not be able to eat meat."

Zijin responded without any care at all, "Just look at what Madam is saying. I'm going to teach them martial arts, not to teach them a lesson, so I won't scold them." It was even more impossible that she would hit them.

Yuxi reminded her, "Just remember what you said. You wait for a bit. I need to get into the room to get something." After saying that, Yuxi went into her study.

Seeing this scene, Zijin followed her in.

Yuxi took a set of four treasures and gave it to Zijin, saying, "This set of four treasures is for that little girl named Jing Bai. Give it to her in private, and don't let others see it."

Zijin felt a bit strange. "Madam, why did you give this set of writing brush, ink, paper and ink stone only to that little girl only?" That little girl did look pretty good, but not so much that she could impress Madam!

Yuxi said, "That child is not only very intelligent but also works very hard. When I saw her seriousness, I couldn't help but think of myself as a child." At that time, she was also unusually hardworking. However, fortunately, she persisted, otherwise, she wouldn't have been where she was today. Please read this chapter at xin-shou dot site.

Zijin took this set with her and went to school.

Yuxi waited for Zijin to leave before calling for Mama Qu and asked, "How did Fan Shi and her son behave at the residence these days?" Fan Shi was working outside in the kitchen, and Shen Yi was in the outer courtyard. Yuxi asked Xu Wu to pick a guard who could read and write to teach Shen Yi.

Mama Qu reacted, “Although Fan Shi's nature is a bit soft, she’s very nimble and also very diligent, which is pretty good. Shen Yi these days is either reading or martial arts, and he never plays outside. He works so hard that even Guard Xu praised this child by saying he would have a bright future."

Yuxi nodded her head. "Observe him for a while longer." If his character is good, she would make an extra effort to cultivate him. If his character was only average, no matter how intelligent and courageous he was, she would have to let him go.

When Mama Qu heard this, she knew what Yuxi meant and assured her, "Madam, don't worry. I will pay more attention." If Madam wanted to cultivate this child, then she must be careful and watch him carefully.

Yuxi smiled a little.

Mama Qu weighed the matter in her heart before letting it out, "Madam, this Qin Zhao has brought back four beauties, and I don't know who he will reward them to."

Yuxi smiled. "There will definitely be one for our home, and Qin Zhao himself will definitely keep one. As for the other two, I guess one will go to his most trusted aide, and the other one will probably be given to General Fu." Even though Yun Qing allied with the Zhao family, he had become sworn brothers with Fu Tianlei. This made Yuxi hope that Fu Tianlei was not a man who could easily be seduced by beauty. Otherwise, with the loss of Fu Tianlei's help, Yun Qing's situation would be even worse.

When Mama Qu heard these words, she couldn’t stop asking, “Madam, if the General really brought someone back to the house, where would that person be placed?” The front courtyard was where the guards live, so that person definitely couldn't be housed there. The second courtyard was where Huo Changqing lives, and they couldn't let her live in the same courtyard as Huo Changqing. Thus, to find a place for this woman was really a hassle.

Yuxi's heart felt uncomfortable when she heard this, and said lazily, "There is no hurry. Let’s wait for the General to come back and see what he wants to do with her."

Mama Qu realised that Yuxi’s mood was not good and said, "Madam, we can all see how the General treats Madam. Madam has to trust the General." Seeing how Yun Qing loved his wife that much had turned the place into a honey jar.

Yuxi wasn’t worried about this since Yun Qing wasn’t the type that could easily be lured by a beauty’s charm. Moreover, who would know if the beauty rewarded by the Emperor was also a spy? "I naturally believe in the General. I was just thinking since Qin Zhao has taken in a gorgeous-looking woman this time, the Qin residence will be more lively in the future." Xu Shi was not a person who could just submit herself to humiliation. How could she bear it when someone came to steal her husband from her? Yuxi could only hope that the beauty kept by Qin Zhao was strong enough to fight with Xu Shi.

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