ROHYX Chapter 376 : Hot Temper

Zijin yelled at a seven or eight years old little girl, "I've told you so many times to punch with your right hand. How come you still can't even differentiate between the left hand from the right hand after I taught you for a long time?" Her voice was so loud that even the people outside the schoolhouse could hear it clearly.

"Wa......" The little girl wailed when she saw Ziji's aggressive appearance.

Zijin was so furious that she threatened, "I will leave if you continue to cry." She had never seen such a stupid child that couldn't even distinguish between her right and left hand.

When the little girl heard this, she was so scared that she didn't dare to cry anymore, but her tears were still flowing. That look, if one had to say, made her even more pitiful.

Zijin took a deep breath and then said to a group of people, "Punch with your left hand." Alright, finally, there is no mistake.

Enduring her anger, Zijin taught the children for another shichen. Then she waved her hand and said, "Rest for a quarter of an hour." Teaching these children is more tiring than learning to read.

Walking out of the room, Zijin said to Yu Zhi, who was outside, "You will teach them later." She thought it would be easy to teach these children, but she never imagined it would be so difficult.

Yu Zhi handed Zijin a peeled chestnut and said with a smile, "You must be patient when teaching the children. But you are so impatient, so how can you teach them well?" When those children saw Zijin looking so fierce, naturally, their hearts would become afraid. Because of this fear, they tended to make mistakes. So to speak, it was still Madam who had the foresight. Knowing that Zijin's temper was so violent, she had demanded Zijin not to beat and scold those children.


Zijin laughed when she heard this comment. "This job isn't something an average person can do." One couldn't be a teacher if one didn't have enough patience.

For the next shichen, it was Yu Zhi's turn to teach. Yu Zhi was very patient, so there were no more children crying.

Jing Bai had work to do at home, so she hurriedly went back to her house after having her meal. Halfway there, she was stopped by someone. Seeing that the person was Zijin, Jing Bai let out a sigh of relief. "Zijin Jiejie, what can I do for you?"

Zijin handed the box to Jing Bai and said, "This is the Four Treasures of the study given to you by Madam. I hope you can use them well."

Jing Bai's eyes lit up at once she heard this. She took the box with both hands and bowed toward Zijin. "Thank you, Madam, and thank you, Zijin Jiejie." She had wanted to write with a writing brush for a long time, but it was too expensive for their family to purchase.

Zijin smiled. "Your mouth is quite sweet. Oh, by the way, only you should know about this, and don't tell others." The shot would hit the bird that poked its head out first. Yuxi did not want others to be jealous of Jing Bai because of the set of four treasures she gave her.

Jing Bai nodded heavily. "Don't worry, Zijin Jiejie, I won't tell anyone except my mother." Jing Bai originally had two younger brothers, but they could not save them. Now she and her mother were the only two people in the family. But Jing Bai's mother was different from Shen Yi's mother. Jing Bai's mother was very shrewish that people generally did not dare to bully the two of them.

Zijin commented, "Madam said you are hardworking and laborious. You are also very talented. As long as you persevere, you will definitely become a talent in the future. So, you must study hard and learn martial arts well. Don't let down Madam's expectations for you."

Hearing this, Jing Bai asked unbelievingly, "Did Madam really say that?"

Looking at the glowing Jing Bai, Zijin responded with a smile, "Of course, why would I be lying to you? Well, I must go back now, and you should hurry home too!"

Jing Bai waved her hand and said, "Goodbye, Jiejie."

Back home, when Jing Bai's mother, Zeng Shi, saw her daughter's face smiling like a flower, she heckled her good-naturedly. "Seeing you looking happy like this, did you pick up any money?"

Jing Bai smilingly urged, "Mother, let's come inside. I want to show you something good."

After saying that, Jing Bai pulled her mother into the room, opened the box, and pointed to the writing brush, ink, paper and ink stone. "Mother, this is the writing brush, ink, paper and ink stone that Madam gave me. Madam said that if I learn well, I will definitely become a successful person in the future."

Seeing the radiant look on her daughter's face, Zeng Shi's heart went sour as she said, "Since Madam thinks so highly of you, you should learn well in the future."

Jing Bai nodded and vowed, "Mother, don't worry. I won't let down Madam's hope for me. I will not only read and write well, but I will also try to learn martial arts. When I learn them well, I will be able to protect Madam just like Zijin Jiejie." From now on, Zijin had become Jing Bai's goal.

Zeng Shi stroked Jing Bai's head and agreed, "En, when you finally learn the real skills, you will repay Madam well." Without Madam's kindness, her daughter would not have had the opportunity to be literate and practice martial arts.

When Zijin returned to the Yun residence, she complained to Yuxi, "Madam, it's difficult to teach these children. Not only are they stupid and slow to respond, but they are also timid and cry whenever I said a few words, which vexed me so much."

These comments successfully provoked laughter from Yuxi. "You need to have the patience to teach the children. With your hot temper, how can you teach those half-grown children?"

Zijin replied indifferently, "If I can't teach, then I won't teach anymore! I'm just joining in the fun anyway." If Yuxi wanted to go out, Zijin had to follow her along. Since she could not leave Yuxi's side, where could she really have the time to teach those children?

After hearing this, Yuxi asked with a smile, "It's fine if you don't want to teach the children at the school, but what will you do when you have your own children then? When that time comes, you can not just give up!"

Zijin answered with a carefree look, "What's there to worry about? If I have a girl, she'll follow me into the inner courtyard, and if I have a son, I'll ask Yu Zhi to bring him along."

Yuxi shook her head helplessly. "You still want to be irresponsible when becoming a mother." Raising a child was not as easy as that!

Zijin was not worried about this at all. "I'll do my responsibility in feeding and clothing them. I'll beat them to death if they still don't know how to be satisfied." When she was young, she couldn't even eat. It was only after she followed Madam that she was able to have enough to eat every day.

In response, Yuxi no longer said anything about this matter. Now, she was thinking of finding an opportunity to talk to Yu Zhi about it. If Yu Zhi and Zijin had any children in the future, whether boy or girl, Yuxi must let Yu Zhi teach them himself!

In the evening, Hao Dazhuang brought a letter from Mr Chen. He handed out the letter with both hands and said, "Madam, Mr Chen said that it was imperative that I personally hand it to you. I think it should say something very important."

Zijin did not even need Yuxi to ask her to fetch it. She just went forward and took the letter. She opened it and flipped through it. When she saw no problem with it, she handed it to Yuxi.

After reading the letter, Yuxi's eyes flashed with brightness. "Is this what Mr Chen asked you to give to me?"

Hao Dazhuang nodded. "Yes."

Yuxi's face had returned to normal by now, and she said lightly, "I know." After saying this, Yuxi didn't say anything else.

Hao Dazhuang waited for a long time but did not hear any other response from Yuxi. So he could not help but ask, "Madam, how do you think I should reply to Mr Chen?" This situation was bizarre.

Yuxi thought for a while and said, "When you leave later, I'll have Mama Bai load up a few jin of bacon and sausage. You can send them to Mr Chen." Seeing that Hao Dazhuang still looked dumbfounded, she continued, "If you give the stuff to Mr Chen, he will understand."

Hao Dazhuang was confused and took another package back.

After Hao Dazhuang left, Zijin asked Yuxi, "Madam, what did Mr Chen write in his letter?" Why did the content look a bit odd?

Yuxi smiled a little and handed the letter to Zijin to read.

Zijin looked at it, but she was still slightly puzzled after reading it. "What does this letter mean?" One moment, the content talked about the Qin family, one moment the Fu family, one moment the Zhao family, and one moment the Xia family. Even if she had read it for a long time, she still could not understand.

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Yuxi explained, "This letter introduced the influence of each powerful family in Yu City. The Qin family is the most powerful, the Fu family is not far from the Zhao family, the Xu family is the next, and finally Yun Qing."

Zijin reread the letter and somewhat understood. "Why is the General's strength so bad?" What a terrible position to be ranked fifth.

Yuxi shook her head. "He Rui's roots in Yucheng are still too shallow. It's already good that he is ranked fifth." Of course, this was referring to the overall strength. It would be different if they got rid of Qin Zhao and Yun Qing became the Commander-in-chief.

Zijin still didn't understand and asked, "Madam, what does Mr Chen mean?" What was the point of telling her Madam about this?

Yuxi took the letter from Zijin's hand and said, "Why are you asking so much? Ask Xu Wu to come over." Since Mr Chen had written this letter to her, it was apparent that he wanted to take refuge with them. From these things written in the letter, Mr Chen still had some talents. It was just that his identity was still inappropriate. They still had to consider it carefully if they wanted to use him.

Xu Wu soon came over.

Upon seeing his arrival, Yuxi said, "Go and find out what crime Mr Chen committed back then." If she really wanted to use Mr Chen, she must first remove his criminal status.

When Xu Wu heard Yuxi's question, he immediately answered, "Mr Chen was from Zhangzhou, southern Fujian. When drinking in a restaurant, he had a dispute with the prefect's brother-in-law. As a result, the prefect's brother-in-law fell to his death, so Mr Chen was exiled here."


Yuxi's heart felt relieved after hearing that Mr Chen was from Fujian but frowned when she listened to the case. "Fell to his death? Did Mr Chen push him down?"

Xu Wu replied with a smile, "No, the prefect's brother-in-law stepped on his foot and fell from upstairs. His head landed first, so he died. The deceased's servants all said that Mr Chen pushed him down. At that time, aside from Mr Chen and the prefect's brother-in-law, there was another person. That person was Mr Chen's friend. What Mr Chen did not expect was that his friend would come forward and make a comment by saying that Mr Chen pushed the man down. Fortunately, the Chen family had some local contacts there, and Mr Chen's father spent a lot of money to establish the relationship. Mr Chen was not sentenced to death but was exiled instead."

The case was actually straightforward. There were only three people upstairs at the time of the accident. No other people saw the clash between Mr Chen and the prefect's brother-in-law; Mr Chen's friend had always been jealous of Mr Chen because he felt Mr Chen was overpowering him in everything. That's why after the incident, he was able to accuse Mr Chen of pushing the man down. When Mr Chen lost his reputation, he wouldn't get in his way any longer.

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