ROHYX Chapter 380 : Preaching (2)

Yuxi, however, looked at Fu Qingluo and said, "If you don't mind, I would like to have a few words with you alone."

Hearing this, Da Nainai Fu immediately said, "Qingluo, I will wait for you outside." It would be great if Yuxi could give some good advice to her sister-in-law.

Zijin was dead set against going out. Who knew if this Fu Qingluo would go crazy and hurt her Miss. The last time it happened, it made Zijin's heart palpitate. [T/C]

Fu Qingluo said, "If you have anything to say, just say it! It doesn't matter if she's here or not." She had no deep friendship with Han Yuxi, so she certainly wouldn't say anything confidential.

In response, Yuxi could only say, "Today, you have taken the initiative to come to me and say you want to teach these children martial arts. I thank you on behalf of these children for that." No matter what, it was good that Fu Qingluo had this intention.

Fu Qingluo didn't expect Yuxi to say this to her. "Did you deliberately tell me to stay behind just to say this?"

Yuxi smiled and shook her head. "What I want to say is that Da Nainai Fu loves you very much, and I heard from He Rui that Dage Fu also has the same feeling for you. They both love you so much, and you should cherish it."

Fu Qingluo's face changed slightly, and she asked, "What do you mean by that?" What did it mean to cherish it? It seemed to imply that if she didn't do it, she would be disliked by her brother and sister-in-law in the future.

Yuxi looked up at Fu Qingluo.  "Don't you think your conduct and deeds have made things difficult for your brother and his wife? The last time you did something, not only did your brother apologise to Yun Qing, but your sister-in-law did the same to me. This time, you dragged your sister-in-law over to talk about this matter. Don't you think you're embarrassing her by doing this?" It was all because Da Nainai Fu loved Fu Qingluo dearly. Otherwise, she would not have come over. At least if it were Yuxi, she wouldn't have gone to suffer being looked down upon.

When Fu Qingluo heard this, she sneered. "My sister-in-law and I have a good relationship, so it's useless for you to sow discord between us."

Yuxi couldn't help laughing as she said, "You overthink. I'm not interested in sowing discord between you and your sister-in-law. I just want to give you two words of advice because you want to do your part for those children. Your brother and sister-in-law are now good to you. Because of that, you have to cherish them. Don't always cause trouble only for them to take care of the aftermath. Once or twice a year or two, they can help you deal with the consequences, but if there is too much of them, even they will also feel weary. Not to mention, you have two nieces? Do you think having a willful aunt like you will not affect their marriage?" Parents could still tolerate you even if you have gone too far. But between siblings, if they blindly demanded things, they would finally run into a dead end.

When Fu Qingluo heard this, her expression looked very unpleasant.

When Yuxi noticed that Fu Qingluo did not say anything against her words, she knew that Fu Qingluo was listening to them. At that moment, she confessed, “To tell the truth, I actually envy you for having such a loving brother and such a tolerant sister-in-law. Not everyone has this blessing." Han Jianye was also very good to her, but compared to Fu Tianlei, who doted on his sister without principle, it still fell short. Of course, Yuxi was also very content.

Fu Qingluo was silent and did not say anything.

Yuxi said, "If you think what I said is incorrect, you can take it as a breeze blowing past your ears." It would be inappropriate to go any further into the subject.

When Fu Qingluo heard this, she looked up at Yuxi with a complicated expression. She softly said after a long time, "Thank you." She knew that Yuxi was saying these words for her benefit.

Yuxi shook her head. "Don’t mention it. There's no need to make a big point. I just want to tell you that people won't have favourable winds throughout their journey, and they will always encounter hurdles. If you can overcome this hurdle, you will be fine; if you don’t, you will be stuck in it for life. You should have heard that I have stepped over my life’s obstacles, and now I'm doing very well. In the same way, if you step over your stumbling block, you will also live a good life in the future." The incident back then must have given Fu Qingluo a deep shadow, which she couldn’t remove overnight. However, it would be good if she could stop digging herself into a bull's horn. After all, Fu Tianlei and Yun Qing were good brothers. If she could persuade Fu Qingluo, it would be equivalent to helping Fu Tianlei. Of course, if there were no today's incident, Yuxi would not have held this conversation.

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When Fu Qingluo heard this, she gritted her teeth and said after half a second, "Han Yuxi, didn’t you hate it at all at that time?" She truly hated and was disgusted with her former fiancé. Therefore, when she finally couldn't bear it anymore, she made that person into a eunuch.

Yuxi smiled bitterly. "You may not know, Song Guifei tried to assassinate me twice back then. If I hadn't been lucky, I would have died."

Fu Qingluo's eyes widened. She did not expect so many complicated things to happen in the middle of Yuxi’s life.

Yuxi continued, "I am not a saint. How could I not hate the enemy who wants my life? But the other side is too powerful, and if they wanted to kill me, it would be as easy as crushing an ant. If I showed even a bit of hatred, I might die, so I had to act as if I knew nothing about it. So, I envy you and admire you. You have the courage and ability to let the people who harm and disgust you get the punishment they deserve. On the other hand, I don't have the ability or the courage to seek revenge on them."

Fu Qingluo responded, "That's because your enemies are too powerful. As for me, I have to endure the insults."

Yuxi smiled a little.

Fu Qingluo paused briefly before asking, "So, do you think you are really happy now?" In fact, there was no need to ask. Looking at Yuxi's appearance, one could tell she was living a good life.

Yuxi nodded with a smile. "It's my good fortune to be married to He Rui. I will cherish this blessing that God has given me."

Fu Qingluo smiled a little. "Han Yuxi, you are the strongest woman I have ever seen. I admire you. Also, I want to thank you for telling me all this." This was the first time someone had said these words to her all these years.

Yuxi said, "There's no need to be so polite." As long as Fu Qingluo listened to her and acted more restrained in the future, her earnest and well-meaning advice would not have been in vain.

After Fu Qingluo left, Zijin asked, "Madam, why did you tell her about that? In case she spreads them, what should we do?"

Yuxi smiled a little. "It won't happen. Don't worry!" Besides, her matters were not a big secret. Many people in the capital already knew about it. [T/C]

Zijin would speak out about the things that made her uneasy. 

Remembering what had just happened, Yuxi reprimanded Zijin. “From now on, you're not allowed to interrupt when I'm talking to someone, you hear me? You didn’t even help me but pull on my leg instead."

When Zijin heard this, she instantly became well-behaved. “Don't worry. I won't do that again." She thought she was doing a favour for Madam, but her act had embarrassingly become more of a hindrance than a help.

Fu Qingluo followed Da Nainai Fu back. When they arrived at the gate, for the first time, they did not ride a horse to return home but took a carriage instead.

Da Nainai Fu felt that the sun was coming out of the west. She got into the carriage and asked, "What did Madam Yun say to you?" This situation was too strange.

Fu Qingluo let out a bitter laugh and asked, "Saozi, tell me the truth, do you sometimes find me particularly troublesome?"

Da Nainai Fu snorted and kept asking, "What exactly did Madam Yun say to you?" She felt Madam Yun was very measured and should not say anything unpleasant.

Fu Qingluo leaned against the carriage and unhurriedly said, "Han Yuxi said it was my good fortune to have such a good brother and sister-in-law like Gege and you. She asked me to cherish my blessings."

Da Nainai Fu didn't quite understand and said, "What does that mean?"

Fu Qingluo put a hand stove in her hands and asked, "Does Saozi think Han Yuxi has a point in saying this?" As for Yuxi's comment that she often got into trouble and Fu Tianlei had to deal with the aftermath, she would never say that. She would lose her face if she let that out!

Da Nainai Fu didn't know how to answer this question.

Fu Qingluo put the hand stove on the ground before stating, "I know." She was not stupid. She knew very well that Yuxi was not trying to scare her. If she didn't restrain herself, what Han Yuxi said would most likely come true.

Da Nainai Fu was bewildered. What did Fu Qingluo know? She didn't even say anything! She didn't understand what Madam Yun had said to her xiaogu. However, from xiaogu’s performance, it should be good. Well, she must drop a visit there on another day to inquire about it.

After returning home, Fu Qingluo locked herself in the house. She didn't come out even until the evening, worrying Da Nainai Fu to death.

When Fu Tianlei returned in the evening, Da Nainai Fu hurriedly told him about this matter. "I already asked someone to inquire about it, but Madam Yun said she didn't do anything to Qingluo. They were just having a casual conversation." There was no way someone could suddenly change from a casual conversation. There was nothing she could do since Han Yuxi wouldn’t say anything about it. Please read this chapter at xin-shou dot site.

In response, Fu Tianlei hurriedly went to see Fu Qingluo and asked, "What's wrong? Did Han Shi bully you? Don't worry, Ge will help you vent your anger."

Fu Qingluo, who was in a heavy mood, broke into tears when she heard this. "How will you vent my anger? By beating up Han Yuxi?"

Fu Tianlei's face froze. "I can't do that. It's too much for a man to beat a woman. But can’t I beat her man? I'll beat up Yun Qing. I’ll beat him to the ground until he can't get up as a way to vent your anger."

Fu Qingluo laughed her head off. “Ge, can you even beat Yun Qing? When you try to hit him to the ground, he has knocked you out first.” Although Yun Qing was still young, only a few people could beat him in Yu City.

Fu Tianlei didn’t take any offence at her words. "You are too disrespectful to your Gege. It’s enough that you know it in your heart. There’s no need to say it out loud!" He was just bluffing. How could he even hit Yun Qing? Besides, since this matter concerned Yun Qing’s treasured person, Han Shi, not a word of this could be mentioned outside. 

After listening to this, Fu Qingluo’s heart ached. "Ge, don't worry. I'll listen to you from now on. I won't make trouble for you and Saozi anymore." Han Yuxi was right. She had such a good Gege. Therefore, she should not make it difficult for him.

Fu Tianlei thought there was a problem with his hearing that he hurriedly asked afterwards, "What did you say? Did I hear that right?" To be sure, Fu Tianlei asked another question, "What did Madam Yun say to you?" How did she manage to change his Meimei's attitude? He had been trying for three years without success!

Fu Qingluo tilted her head and playfully answered, "This is a secret between Han Yuxi and me." Since it was a secret, she couldn't tell him!

Fu Tianlei didn't inquire deeply into it. As long as his Meimei no longer dug herself into a bull’s horn was already enough. But through this incident, he felt grateful to Yuxi.

The Fu Couple's Reaction

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