ROHYX Chapter 418 : The Great War (1)

Huo Changqing only stayed at the Yun Residence for a short time. After taking his things and explaining some stuff to Xu Wu, he returned to the military camp.

Yuxi looked at the token with several odd patterns carved into it, which was made from a relatively rare buried wood[1]. After carefully observing it, Yuxi placed it in a box under her bed. Just as she had told Huo Changqing, she would not use this token until the moment of crisis.

Zijin looked at Yuxi seriously before asking, "Madam, when Uncle Huo gave you this token, doesn't it feel like......" The words that followed were too unlucky that she didn't know how to say them.

Yuxi responded, "The General will return unharmed." In her previous life, when she died, Yun Qing was still alive and well! Yun Qing would definitely be alright. But she was unsure whether something would happen to Huo Changqing. There were many rumours about Yun Qing outside, but there were none about Huo Changqing. Yuxi guessed that Huo Changqing must have died in an accident in his previous life, or else Yun Qing would not have become so oppressive afterwards. She had done everything she could, even cutting down the precious ginseng just in case, but she only hoped that Huo Changqing would return safely this time.

Zijin nodded continuously. "The General and Uncle Huo will both return safely." Huo Changqing was not only the General's right-hand man but also someone he respected and loved, so nothing must happen to him.

Huo Changqing returned to the barracks with his things.

When Yu Cong saw that Huo Changqing returned empty-handed, he smilingly said, "I thought Madam would have packed a small bag and asked yifu[2] to bring it over!" Usually, when the General did not return home, Madam would send clothes and food now and then, which showed how considerate she was. But this time, she didn't send anything.

Huo Changqing took out what Yuxi had given him from his sleeve. "This is from Madam. It contains some medicinal herbs that can stop bleeding and some ginseng slices. That ginseng is precious as it is nearly four hundred years old and has grown on Changbai Mountain." There was another thing that he didn't say that there were also a few detoxifying pills in it. Of course, Huo Changqing didn't understand why Yuxi had put a few in there, but since it didn't take up much space, he just let it be.

Changbai Mountain
It's a beautiful place. But can tourists come to this area? I had never heard of any tourists visiting this place.

After hearing this, Yu Cong exclaimed in awe, "My goodness! For such four hundred years of ginseng, it can already be considered a supernatural being. How did Madam get her hands on this treasure?"

Guo Xun had a look of appreciation in his eyes. "Madam is so thoughtful." If one were seriously injured and had such ginseng in one's mouth, it could save one's life. However, no one would normally be willing to take out such a rare treasure, but Madam was willing to do so.

Yuxi had won the respect and admiration of people around Yun Qing with her practical actions in the past half year. Besides, not everyone was as generous as her.

Yun Qing nodded his head. "Uncle Huo, you can keep that!" One could not buy a good thing like this with money.

Huo Changqing nodded his head.

Yun Qing didn't say anything else and instructed, "Call all the high-ranking officers of our battalions to come over." It was time for a meeting, as they would start to move tomorrow, and many things had to be explained again.

Yuxi didn't fall asleep until midnight and was up before dawn the next day. As soon as she opened her eyes and looked out at the darkness, Yuxi said to Mama Qu, "I don't know if the army has set off yet?" This time was different from the past. In the past, they had fought in small groups, and even if there was a battle, they were backed by the ones staying in Yu City, and their side had good terrain. However, this time everything was unknown.

Mama Qu shook her head. "They should have set off at dawn." She had a lot of experience watching many concubines play tricks and schemes in the harem. But she was too much of a layman to comment on such matters as going off to war.

Yuxi wished softly, "I hope everything goes well!"

Mama Qu thought for a moment before suggesting, "If Madam is not at ease, why doesn't Madam try reading the scriptures?" Whether the prayers for peace using the scriptures would be helpful, at least the person reciting them would have peace of mind.

Yuxi nodded a little. "Please clean up the vacant wing. I want to make an offering to the Bodhisattva." The daily chanting of the Buddhist scriptures could give one peace of mind.

After breakfast and a two-quarter-hour walk, Yuxi went into the wing chamber to recite the sutra. As a result, she came out after a short time. The scent of sandalwood was too strong for her to bear. 

Mama Qu was taken aback. Sandalwood had the effect of concentrating and calming the mind, but this was the first time she had heard of someone who could not stand its scent.

Yuxi rubbed her stomach and said, "I used to burn incense in Lingshan Temple, but I had never felt uncomfortable being in the main hall." However, she wasn't accustomed to the smell today. Most likely, it was because of this child.

Mama Qu looked at Yuxi's belly and was a little surprised. Unexpectedly, some children could not stand the scent of sandalwood. She had learned something new today.

Yuxi suggested, "Let's wait until I finish reciting the sutra before lighting the incense next time." Since she couldn't smell the fragrance from the incense, she could only light it after she finished reciting the sutra. After she has given birth, she should not have this problem anymore.

Mama Qu nodded. "I'll remember."

The next day, after Yu Zhi returned from outside, he went into the inner courtyard to talk to Yuxi about something. "Madam, the Eldest Miss Fu, Fu Qingluo, is also following Madam's example of gathering the children of those soldiers' families. However, Madam accepted both boys and girls, while Eldest Miss Fu only welcomed girls."

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Yuxi smiled a little and asked, "Are there any qualifications?"

Yu Zhi nodded. "They should be six years old and above but not more than fifteen years old. They must also be in good health. It's already sufficient if they meet these two conditions. Miss Fu promised that the children would be fed and provided with accommodation. However, Fu Qingluo let it be known to the public that she would only accept sixty people, but these sixty people would be subject to selection, not just whoever came first."

After hearing this answer, Yuxi asked, "Are there any other requirements?"

Yu Zhi shook his head. "No."

Yuxi shook her head and didn't say anything. When she first started her school, she had numerous requirements. First of all, the children must come from the families of soldiers who served under Yun Qing, and they lived a life where they had nothing in their pot[3]. Plus, there was an age limit, and finally, they must be committed to going through all the lessons. This way, those who were not selected felt that if they couldn't make it this year, their children could enter next year and have a buffer period. Most importantly, children who entered the school could go home daily, reassuring their parents and elders. The way Fu Qingluo did hers was obviously unnerving, and with her reputation, families who loved their daughters would unlikely send them off to her. Of course, it was not true that no one wouldn't send their children there. Those with nothing in their pot[3] and who couldn't make a living would undoubtedly send their children there. In any case, it was a way for their children to stay alive.

Zijin also knew what Fu Qingluo wanted to do and asked, "Madam, how can she find satisfactory candidates if she does this?" There were more than twenty girls in the school, and only six were suitable to be selected. This showed how low the odds were.

Yuxi responded, "Whether someone is satisfied or not, it's not something we need to worry about." Fu Qingluo was one of those people who had nothing better to do than to feed their egos. It didn't matter if it didn't work out this time. It would only be a waste of money and time without any significant damage.

As Zijin had predicted, Fu Qingluo's side was unable to collect any satisfactory children. The children sent over were all yellow-faced, skinny little girls who could not train in martial arts and would probably faint if they were allowed to stand for a while. Fu Qingluo had never considered that no good family would let her train their daughters.

After assessing the girls for a long day, Fu Qingluo couldn't help but feel discouraged and complained to Da Nainai[4] Fu. "Why is it so difficult for me to do something when Han Yuxi started her school so smoothly?" She didn't even consider how much preparation Yuxi had done before starting school. After its establishment, many rules and regulations were laid down, which made it possible for the school to run peacefully and steadily without any trouble.

Da Nainai Fu replied with a smile, "If you think it isn't good, then don't do it." She thought her xiaoguzi[5] was only fooling around. Did she believe children were easy to raise?

Fu Qingluo stated, "No, I can't give up halfway. Otherwise, I would be too useless. I must persevere to the end."

Unfortunately, Fu Qingluo didn't last for a few days before she gave up. None of the children sent over was her cup of tea. After all this fooling around, Fu Qingluo ran out of her trustworthiness.

When Yuxi heard about this, she shook her head helplessly. "She's just playing house!" Fu Qingluo had no perseverance or determination in her work, but she was still thinking of training a female army to fight on the battlefield. Such a daring thought.

It started drizzling on the sixth day of the army's departure. Yuxi looked at the rain falling from the sky and wondered, "It's raining. How can they spend their time outside?" Last year, when it rained on her way to Yu City, the feeling was unbearable.

Mama Qu didn't know what to say at this point.

This kind of rain was nothing to the soldiers. They dreaded the heavy downpour since it would make it impossible to cook and spoil their food.

On the night of this day, the army set up camp at a secure mountain stronghold as they propped up pots and pans and started cooking. When the meal was ready, Yu Cong brought it to the tent and gave it to Yun Qing.

Yun Qing looked at the rice with a piece of bacon and two sausages on top. Without saying anything, he picked up the bowl and gulped it down. After eating, he waved and instructed, "Take it away." Even if it were good, one would get tired of overeating it. Although Yun Qing was not yet tired of eating this sausage and bacon, he did not feel they tasted as good as the first time.

Huo Changqing looked at Yun Qing, who was staring intently at the map and asked, "Is there something wrong?"

Yun Qing pointed to a place. "This is the path we must take to get to the gorge. Uncle Huo, this is dangerous terrain. It's easy for anyone to defend and difficult for others to attack. Once we're ambushed here, it will be fatal for us." Yun Qing was very familiar with the geographical location of this area.

Huo Changqing's face sank after hearing this answer. He asked, "Do you mean Qin Zhao will betray us?" How could anyone set up an ambush here in advance unless the army itinerary had been revealed to the enemy?

Yun Qing replied, "It may not be impossible. Since Qin Zhao cannot kill me, he probably uses the northern barbarians' hands to get rid of me." If the battle was on plain ground, Yun Qing was not worried. But if the enemy took up an advantageous position, they would suffer heavy losses.

Huo Changqing nodded. "Let's send more scouts to go and check." This step was necessary. They were not afraid of dying. Since they had joined the army, they had prepared to die in battle. But if possible, they should avoid unnecessary sacrifices. Thus, they must be cautious for the safety of their 20,000 soldiers.

Footnotes Full List
  1. hardwood which has long been buried in the earth
  2. adoptive father
  3. very poor; go hungry
  4. da=eldest, nainai=a young mistress of a family
  5. husband's younger sister/sister-in-law

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