ROHYX Chapter 426 : Regain Consciousness

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Yuxi saw that after she had called out several times, Huo Changqing still did not wake up. She looked down and thought for a moment, then said towards Huo Changqing, "Uncle Huo, if Yun Qing can't control himself and hurt the child and me, there is no way I can live with him. Although I can't leave the marriage since it has been decreed, I can still take the child back to the capital." Seeing Huo Changqing's hand start moving again, Yuxi knew that what she had just said had worked.

Picking up where she left off, Yuxi continued, "I love him dearly, but for the child's sake, I can't help but take that action. Uncle Huo, in case I go back to the capital with the child and am no longer with him, and with you gone too, Uncle Huo, Yun Qing will be alone then. If that happens, Yun Qing's condition will get worse over time. At that point, he will genuinely hurt the people around him."

Yuxi didn't know if it was because of her pregnancy, but her original plan of stimulating Huo Changqing ended with her being distressed again as she spoke. She eventually cried on her own.

Zijin didn't even know how to persuade Yuxi. She wasn't even sure if Yuxi was just acting or genuinely crying.

Huo Changqing struggled to open his eyes. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Yuxi sitting on the edge of the bed, crying in sorrow. Huo Changqing wanted to speak, but his throat was so sore that he couldn't utter a word.

Zijin gently nudged the sadly crying Yuxi and said, "Madam, Uncle Huo is awake."

Yuxi was so caught up in what she had just said that she didn't even notice that Huo Changqing had woken up. When Zijin reminded her, she saw that Huo Changqing had opened his eyes and looked at her, so she broke into a smile. "Uncle Huo, you're awake."

Seeing that Huo Changqing looked like he wanted to speak but couldn't, Yuxi said, "Don't worry, Uncle Huo, I won't take the child back to the capital. I wanted you to wake up sooner; that's why I'm talking nonsense." Even if Yun Qing's condition worsened, she would not give up easily. What she said just now was just to stimulate Huo Changqing. She knew Huo Changqing was raising Yun Qing as if he were his son. As a parent, how could one let one's children suffer? So, with this stimulation, Huo Changqing finally woke up.

Huo Changqing gave a slight nod; it was already remarkable that Yuxi had made it this far. Moreover, he knew in his heart that he would not have survived without Yuxi's help this time.

Before Yuxi could say anything, Xu Wu rushed in from outside. When he saw that Huo Changqing had woken up, he knelt in front of the bed, grabbed the blanket and cried, "You're awake, Yifu[1], you're awake......." Such a big man was crying like a child.

Yuxi was helped up by Zijin, as she called for Shiliu, "Go and ask Master Yang to come over." Master Yang's medicine had a miraculous effect as Huo Changqing awoke in just one day.

Master Yang came over, took a look at Huo Changqing and told Yuxi, "Since he has woken up, his life is no longer in danger. But his physical loss is too great and needs to be properly recuperated." It would not be an exaggeration to say that Huo Changqing had taken a turn at the gate of hell[2]. It was good that they managed to pull him back from King Yan's Palace.

Hearing this diagnosis, Yuxi said, "In that case, I'll ask a physician to look after him." Although recuperating the body was something that Yuxi was good at, she should still let the physician take a look at Huo Changqing beforehand. If she had a specific understanding of Huo Changqing's body condition, she could get twice the result with half the effort.

In response, Master Yang spoke, "You can deal with the physician yourself. But if you want him to get better faster, I'll give him another medicine change tomorrow." It took a lot of herbs to wipe Huo Changqing's head to his feet, and he had already used most of the ones that Yuxi had given him. If he were to change the medicine again, he would have to ask more from Yuxi.

Yuxi nodded. "Then please change it again. If anything is missing, please write me a list, and if I don't have enough here, I'll buy them outside." After all Master Yang had done before, the result was not that far off. If the herbs were gone, she could spend money to buy more, but the loss would be huge if something happened to Huo Changqing.

The physician soon came over, and after checking Huo Changqing's pulse, he said a bunch of technical terms. No one understood anything he said before. As a result, not only Yuxi understood them, but she also asked him quite a few questions.

This situation caused the physician to be in high spirits. Not only did he answer all of Yuxi's questions seriously, but he also gave her a lot of good advice. Then he left a prescription and went back with the medicine box on his back.

Yuxi handed the prescription to Xu Wu and said, "Please get this medicine!" Huo Changqing was too severely injured, and this medicine was indispensable.

When Xu Wu saw that Huo Changqing's life was no longer in danger and that he was willing to cooperate with the treatment, he could finally let go of his worry. At that moment, it was time for him to handle the primary matter.

Yuxi returned to the backyard and selected herbs to prepare a medicinal meal for Huo Changqing. Zijin asked, "Madam, you said that Yun Qing has a disease? What kind of illness does he have?" It was a dereliction of duty on her part not to know anything about such a significant matter beforehand.

Yuxi's hand paused, then her expression quickly returned to normal, and she said, "You don't need to know this." If one more person knew, one more person would look at Yun Qian in a different light. This situation was not what Yuxi wanted to see, as it would not be good for Yun Qing's condition.

Zijin became even more anxious. "What are you saying, Madam? The last time your shoulder was red and swollen, wasn't it because he couldn't control himself and hurt you?" This Yun Qing was too dangerous. This wouldn't do. She must find a way to stop this.

Yuxi looked at Zijin and warned, "Don't tell anyone about this. I have my sense of proportion." Seeing Zijin's reluctant face, Yuxi's tone was a little stern as she reminded, "Zijin, don't tell anyone else about this, do you hear me?"

Zijin's eyes were red as she argued, "Madam, Yun Qing will hurt you! He'll even hurt the child later."

Yuxi smiled a little at these words. "What nonsense? Even a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs[3]. Yun Qing isn't crazy, so how could he hurt his child? What I said just now was meant to stimulate Uncle Huo, and you still took it seriously."

Zijin countered, "But he hurt you before."

Yuxi responded, "Don't you remember I sent Yu Zhi over to the barrack with medicinal food every day before? That's how I nursed his health. Now, he's almost well enough, so don't worry. It won't happen again."

Zijin would be d*mned if she believed that.

Yuxi didn't have the time to talk to Zijin about such idle matters and added, "You still don't know what kind of person I am? Would I joke about my life and the life of my child? You just blindly worry." If Huo Changqing was fine, Yun Qing should be fine too.

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Zijin knew she couldn't talk some sense into Yuxi. "Madam, let's discuss this matter when the General returns!" It was useless to say anything now as the main person involved was not even there. As for saying that Yun Qing might be gone, Zijin didn't even think about it. Her Madam's confidence also caused Zijin to believe that Yun Qing must still be alive.

That afternoon, Xu Wu came in from outside and told Yuxi the news he had found out. "Madam, Qin Zhao has arrested quite a few people today."

Yuxi asked, "Is Luo Shi among them?"

When Xu Wu heard Yuxi mention Luo Shi and then recalled what she had said to him earlier, he answered Yuxi's question with admiration, "Luo Shi hit her head on a rock when she fell this morning, and she's gone." This method of death might sound absurd. However, with previous incidents of wives and concubines fighting, those who did not know the inside story would think that Xia Hong's wife had taken advantage of Xia Hong's absence to murder his favourite concubine, Luo Shi.

After listening, Yuxi thought for a moment and asked, "When will Xia Hong and Kang Donglin return to Yu City?" It had been several days already, and these two had yet to return, which was too slow, in her opinion.

Xu Wu answered somewhat unnaturally, "Kang Donglin returned at noon, bringing back over eight thousand men. Xia Hong hasn't returned yet, but I guess he will be back in the city tomorrow at the latest."

Yuxi calculated the time and had a sad look on her face. "The northern barbarians' army should arrive in the next few days." Their army had suffered heavy casualties, and it would be a bloody battle to defend Yu City.

Xu Wu's face was sober as he suggested, "Madam, why don't you take Zijin and the others to Xinping City? It's safer there." With Yun Qing away and his lack of confidence in Qin Zhao, he was worried that Yu City would not be able to hold on. Once the enemy broke into the city, Madam would be in danger.

Yuxi shook her head. "I'm not going anywhere. I'll just wait here for Yun Qing to return." If she wanted to go, she would have left long ago, so there was no need to wait until now.

Xu Wu was a bit anxious and urged, "Madam......"

Yuxi waved her hand. "No need to persuade me anymore. I will not leave Yu City. If the city breaks down, it will be the fate of my child and me." By now, there was no point in saying anything about leaving the city to her.

When Xu Wu heard this, he knew he could not persuade Yuxi.

At that moment, Qin Zhao crumpled the confession paper into a ball. It was confirmed that the Song family had something to do with this military leak, but the Xu family was also involved. Qin Zhao was too close to the Xu family, who had helped him in many of his previous endeavours. Besides, the Xu family had information that could be used against him, so he could not turn his back on them right now. This situation not only meant Qin Zhao must not poke his nose into this matter but must also help them sweep it under the carpet. Otherwise, if the Xu family turned into a cornered dog that would jump over a wall[4] and call out on him about what he had done, he would be done for.

Mr Xia waited until midnight but had yet to receive any summons from Qin Zhao. He had arrested so many people for interrogation, but when the interrogation was over, Qin Zhao did not call him to come for the meeting. If he were the only one Qin Zhao didn't call, it would have been fine because he knew that Qin Zhao didn't trust him and was wary of him. But Qin Zhao did not summon the rest of his staff, which was unusual.

Mr Xia was not foolish. On the contrary, he was very keen. If Qin Zhao didn't make a move halfway through his investigation, it was in all probability that he was somewhat involved in the matter. Qin Zhao himself might not have personally taken part in it, but the only one who could make Qin Zhao feel concerned was the Xu family. The Xu family must have been entangled entirely in this matter. Hence, Qin Zhao did not dare to investigate any further. Marshal Qin was reluctant to let Qin Zhao marry Xu Shi because he was worried that if Qin Zhao got too close to the Xu family, they would become his burden in the future. Thinking of this, Mr Xia sighed and muttered softly, "Marshal, the thing you feared most has finally happened." In the past two years, he had said what he should have said and advised Qin Zhao what he should have advised, but unfortunately, it was all to no avail. Now that Qin Zhao had reached this point, no one could save him. As for him, it was about time he found a way out of his current predicament. A scholar would die for his bosom friend, but Qin Zhao was unworthy for him to die for.

Footnotes Full List
  1. adoptive father
  2. danger spot; trying moment
  3. Chinese idiom: even wild beasts look after their young
  4. Chinese idiom: to be driven to desperate action

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