ROHYX Chapter 427 : Difficult Labour (1)

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The weather was sunny and breezy.

Yuchen said to Momo[1] Gui, "I want to go for a walk in the garden." After being cooped up inside the house all day, it was time to go for a walk and relieve her boredom.

When Yuchen arrived at the garden, she saw a blue lake with weeping willows on the shore, with their green silk ribbons of leaves dancing lightly in the morning breeze, which reflected on the rippling blue water, with a few peach blossoms laid on the shore, making it picturesque.

After walking for more than a quarter of an hour, Yuchen was a little tired of walking, and as it happened, Plum Blossom Pavilion was just next to her. The pavilion was called the Plum Blossom Pavilion because it was very elaborately built, with a plum blossom-shaped plane. Yuchen said, "Let's sit over there for a while!"

Hearing this instruction, the maid beside her went to the pavilion first and spread the thick mink cushions on the cold stone stools. After Yuchen sat down, Momo[1] Gui asked, "Niangniang[2], would you like some pastries?" The maid behind her carried a food box with steaming cakes inside.

Yuchen shook her head. "No." She wasn't hungry, so she didn't need to eat any pastries.

One of the maids standing beside Momo[1] Gui suddenly exclaimed in surprise and then pointed to the lake. "Niangniang[2], aren't there some people on the lake?"

Following the direction pointed out by the maid, Yuchen looked up and found a small boat swinging at the other end of the lake. Yuchen frowned and asked, "How can anyone go down to the lake?" It was surprising that she, the family's mistress, did not know about such a big event.

Hearing this question, Momo[1] Gui said, "I'll go and see what's going on?"

When Momo[1] Gui left, Yuchen stood up and looked at the small boat floating towards her. As she got closer, she could clearly see it was covered by a light gauze, which was exquisitely made. Before Yuchen could say anything, a pleasant sound of qin came out of the small boat.

Seeing this scene, Shiqin said, "Madam, it is Li Meiren[3] the small boat." Li Meiren[3] was one of the two beauties given to Jing Wang[4] by Song Guifei[5]. This woman was proficient in music and was very much loved by Jing Wang[4]. Apart from Li Meiren[3], there was also a Wang Meiren[3].

Yuchen hmmed and did not speak anymore. She continued to sit in her chair, looking at the peach blossoms in the distance while her thoughts flew off to nowhere.

Shiqin noticed Yuchen's unhappy appearance and could not decide what to do, so she did not dare to interrupt Yuchen and just stood by her side.

Not long after, Momo[1] Gui returned and informed Yuchen, "Niangniang[2], this small boat was made for Li Meiren[3] by Wangye[6]'s order and was only launched today." It just so happened that Yuchen had stumbled upon it.

Yuchen let out an 'oh' and said indifferently, "Let's go back!" She didn't react to the fact that Jing Wang[4] had secretly given Li Meiren[3] a small boat and kept it from her.

Yuchen had yet to go far when she saw Song Ling'er walking towards her with her maid. Yuchen raised her eyebrows but didn't change her expression.[T/C]

Song Ling'er took a look at Yuchen's bulging belly, and her eyes flashed with jealousy. That resentment in her gaze seemed to be able to destroy everything. "Wangfei[8] seems so free today. Is Wangfei[8] coming to the garden to enjoy the flowers too?" Song Ling'er had been pulling strings and doing so many sinister things for the past two years, causing Jing Wang[4] to be so disgusted with her. Therefore, Song Ling'er never conceived again after her miscarriage at that time.

Yuchen smiled lightly. "It's nice to go to the garden to look at the flowers and enjoy the view after staying in the house for a long time." How could Yuchen not see the bloodthirstiness in Song Ling'er's gaze? However, she had more than ten maids and old women servants around her. Even if Song Ling'er wanted to harm her, she wouldn't be able to do so.

Song Ling'er was about to speak when a silvery voice suddenly came from the middle of the lake, and her expression instantly changed. "Does Wangfei[8] know that Li Meiren[3] went boating?"

Yuchen responded with a smile, "Unfortunately, I am too pregnant to go into the water. Otherwise, it would be a great pleasure to go boating in the lake and listen to a few songs on such a nice day." In front of Song Ling'er, Yuchen had never fallen into a disadvantage.

Song Ling'er looked at Yuchen and suddenly asked, "Wangfei[8], I always have this question in my mind. Have you ever loved Biaoge[9]?" Song Ling'er had always addressed Jing Wang[4] as biaoge[9]. But it wasn't wrong for Song Ling'er to call him that way since they were indeed first cousins through Song Guifei[5]'s side.

When Yuchen heard the word love, the corners of her mouth twitched, and she answered with a smile, "Wangye[6] is my husband, so I naturally respect and love him." However, there was one thing that Yuchen had to admit. Song Ling'er did love Jing Wang[4] very much, and she feared that Song Ling'er would even risk her life for Jing Wang[4]'s sake. Unfortunately, only Song Ling'er had this affection towards Jing Wang[4], while Jing Wang[4] did not like her at all.

Song Ling'er chuckled and said, "Han Yuchen, why do you need to tell a bare-faced lie? You don't love Biaoge[9] and don't have Biaoge[9] in your heart. Otherwise, you wouldn't have indifferently watched him dote on Li Meiren[3] and Wang Meiren[3]."

Yuchen's expression remained unchanged as she said, "If Song Ce Fei[10] is not feeling well, you may as well call the Imperial Physician to the residence for a check-up. There's no need to talk crazy here."

Song Ling'er laughed loudly. "The world says you are flawless, but in my eyes, you are the most hypocritical person. If Biaoge[9] weren't a prince or a wangye[6], you wouldn't have married him. Han Yuchen, you're truly unworthy of being with my Biaoge[9]."

Seeing Song Ling'er's reaction, Yuchen did not bother to talk nonsense with Song Ling'er anymore and said to Momo[1] Gui, "Song Ce Fei[10] is very ill. Take a pair of tablets and ask the Imperial Physician to examine her. Let's go back to......" Before she finished her sentence, someone she knew very well came before her.

Song Ling'er saw Jing Wang[4] and said, "Biaoge[9], I have long said that this woman does not love you. She only loves your position and your power, but you do not believe it. If she truly loved you, it would have been impossible for her just to watch you being intimate with other women, not to mention letting another woman bear your child. Biaoge[9], she doesn't have you in her heart at all. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been so unconcerned, nor would she be this calm." Usually, Li Meiren[3] and Wang Meiren[3] would go out together, but Wang Meiren[3] was pregnant. Therefore, she was busy nursing her pregnancy in her courtyard and did not come out.

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Momo[1] Gui looked at the somewhat frantic Song Ling'er and thought that woman had gone mad. Only mad people would say such things in public.

Yuchen didn't want to argue with Song Ling'er at all. She looked at Jing Wang[4] and asked, "When did Wangye[6] return to the residence?" Song Ling'er did not fear losing her face by talking about such things in public. While she still had her self-respect.

Jing Wang[4] was also waiting for Yuchen's response, but Yuchen refrained from responding. There was no denying that he was disappointed. "I just returned." Even Jing Wang[4] did not notice that his voice was a little cold when he said this.

Yuchen was not stupid. How could she not see that Jing Wang[4] was unhappy with her? Thus, she put her hand on her waist and said, "Wangye[6], I am a little tired. I will go back first."

When Jing Wang[4] looked at Yuchen's belly, his displeasure just now disappeared. Yuchen was his wife, the woman he loved, the mother of his child, and the woman he wanted to spend his life with. How could he doubt her? Jing Wang[4] looked at Yuchen and said softly, "I will accompany you."

Yuchen looked up at Jing Wang[4] and gave a brilliant smile. "Okay." That dazzling smile could make the flowers hide in shyness.

Looking at Yuchen, who was expressionless just a moment ago, immediately smiling because of his words, it would be impossible to say that Yuchen didn't have him in his heart. Jing Wang[4] felt comfortable and walked over to support Yuchen. "Alright, let's go back."

As soon as Jing Wang[4] walked over, all the maids and ladies around Yuchen took two steps back.

The blood in Song Ling'er's body rushed to her head as she watched the husband and wife acting sweet and loving before her. No, she must expose this hypocritical woman, and she could not let her Biaoge[9] be deceived by this woman again. Thinking of this, she rushed forward and grabbed Jing Wang[4]'s arm. As a result of this momentum, Jing Wang[4] retreated two steps back. Since he was holding Yuchen, she was also dragged along with him. As Yuchen was caught unaware, she could not stand still and ended up falling backwards.

The maids beside Yuchen were well-trained. One of the maids standing behind her saw this scene and immediately rushed forward to help Yuchen. However, she was not strong enough to support her, and she fell backwards too.

Momo[1] Gui's face turned white with fear as she rushed to Yuchen's side and asked, "Are you alright, Niangniang[2]?" Who would have thought that Song Ling'er would actually go mad, and in front of Wangye[6] at that?

Yuchen shouted painfully, "My stomach. My stomach hurts......" This was not a pretence, but her stomach felt very painful.

Seeing this scene, Jing Wang[4] shouted, "Call the Imperial Physician! Call the Imperial Physician......"

After a flurry of hands and feet, Yuchen was sent back to her courtyard. When they arrived there, Momo[1] Gui was horrified to see that Yuchen was bleeding and shouted, "Call the midwife! Someone go and call the midwife!" This was a sign of miscarriage, and the child would have a premature birth.

Later that night, Duke Han's family received the news that Yuchen had gone into labour. Qiu Shi disliked Han Jingyan, but she still had a heart of Bodhisattva. When she heard the news, she could not help but ask, "I remember that Yuchen's baby was only eight months old, the same as Yuxi's. How come she is about to give birth?" The expected delivery date was clearly at the end of the fifth lunar month.

Ye Shi shook her head as she answered, "I'm not sure about this for now, Mother. I'll go over and take a look first!" There was no other way. The Third House currently had no mistress. They couldn't let Yurong go to the wangfu[11] to check the situation, could they? It would be inappropriate to send an unmarried Yurong there. So, only she, both their Dasao[12] and the patriarch's wife, could go over to take a look.

Qiu Shi didn't stop her and said, "Then hurry up and go over. You might be able to help!" Although she did not get along with Han Jingyan, she still hoped that Yuchen, the mother and her child would be safe this time.

After Ye Shi replied, she took her maids to Jing Wangfu[11].

Qiu Shi sighed. "Yuxi is due to give birth in two months, and my heart is always on edge." If she knew what was happening to Yuxi, she would be unable to eat or sleep again.

Mama Li said, "Madam, the Fourth Miss is blessed, and she will give birth to her child safely."

Qiu Shi commented, "Yuxi doesn't have any elders around to guide her. How can I not worry? When a woman gives birth to a child, it's the same as crossing the gate of hell[13]. If she is not careful, she will lose her life instead." She didn't know how many lives were lost to childbirth...Even Yuxi's, and Yuchen's mothers died that way.

Footnotes Full List
  1. a term for an elderly lady
  2. addressing or referring to an empress or an imperial concubine
  3. lit. beautiful lady. Used as a rank for a royal consort
  4. king
  5. noble consort
  6. wang=king, ye=lord
  7. Ah…I have to revise older chapters that contain Song Ling'er's name. I used to type it as Song Linger when it's supposed to be written as Song Ling'er since it was read as Ling+Er, not Li+Nger
  8. wang=king, fei=consort
  9. older male cousin via the female line
  10. side consort
  11. wang=king, fu=residence
  12. eldest sister-in-law
  13. danger spot; trying moment
  14. Chinese idiom: the spectator sees most clearly

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