ROHYX Chapter 439 : The Return (2)

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In the morning, the rooster crowed to announce the arrival of dawn. Yuxi opened her eyes to see a bright red light shining through the window.

Mama Xi was waiting in the bedroom. When she saw Yuxi wake up, she rushed over to help her up. With a nine-month pregnant belly, it was not easy for Yuxi to turn over, let alone stand up.

Yuxi rubbed her stomach and smilingly said, "I remember when my Er Sao[1] was pregnant, her legs and feet were swollen. I'm almost nine months along and still as good as a maiden. I have such a good child."

Mama Xi smiled. "That's because the young master loves Madam very much!" But in her heart, she muttered, 'The Second Lady is pregnant with a son, so it was natural for her to suffer a little while pregnant'. She had already told Yuxi that their child would most likely be a daughter, but Madam and the General treated her statement with indifference, and they were as happy as ever, so she said nothing more.

After breakfast, Yuxi went through the usual internal affairs and then sat down to sew clothes again. According to Zijin, her Madam was a person who could not remain idle.

Shiliu entered the room and reported to Yuxi, "Madam, Madam Zhao has come to visit Madam."

Yuxi smiled and said, "Please invite Madam Zhao in." Madam Zhao had requested a visit yesterday, and Yuxi had agreed. It was just that she had not expected Madam Zhao to come so early.

When Madam Zhao came in, she was surprised to see Yuxi looking so well. It was rare to see a woman not a bit concerned about her husband's life and death. Madam Zhao kept these thoughts to herself without letting them show on her face. Madam Zhao said with a smile, "Why do you still come out to greet me if you are inconvenienced? Let's go inside quickly." Speaking of which, Han Shi also had a bitter life. She already had such a big belly, and with her husband's life and death still unknown, she still dealt with everything alone.

With a smile, Yuxi invited Madam Zhao to sit down. As Yuxi strolled to her seat, she smilingly said, "The physician advised that I should walk more when I'm pregnant. Otherwise, I will have a hard time when giving birth."

Once inside, without exchanging pleasantries, Madam Zhao immediately sat down next to Yuxi and gently patted her hand. "It must have been hard for you all this time." Yuxi's deeds—setting up a school, organising civilians to help soldiers at the frontline, donating medicine and food—had caught the public's attention in Yu City.

Yuxi replied smiling, "If you want to talk about hard work, it would have to be my steward and Zijin who need to take the credit. I just moved my lips."

Madam Zhao said with a very gentle expression, "You are also too modest, child. Who is in Yu City today doesn't know that you have the heart of a Bodhisattva[2]?"

Yuxi responded firmly, "Madam, I don't deserve that much praise. At that time, I only thought about contributing as much as possible. I didn't think about anything else."

Madam Zhao smiled a little. "That makes it all the more remarkable." She would have been a fool to think Yuxi had nothing else on her mind at the time. Even if she knew, she did not have the determination and courage that Yuxi had.

Yuxi was reluctant to say too much about it. It was better to do more than just talk about it. Yuxi then changed the subject by asking, "Counting the time, it's been more than two months since Tu Jiejie[3] went to the provincial capital. She should be back soon, right?"

Madam Zhao nodded slightly. "A letter had been delivered there. She should be back soon." Since Yucheng was fine, that daughter-in-law of hers would definitely come back.

While they were talking, there was a sudden clatter of footsteps outside. Yuxi frowned at first, and then her expression changed to one of joy. She couldn't care less about Madam Zhao at that moment and stood up, using the arm of her chair for support.

Madam Zhao was startled to see Yuxi's agile movements. "Madam Yun, where are you..." Before she could finish her question, she saw Yuxi bouncing towards the entrance, unlike a pregnant woman.

When Mama Qu saw Yuxi behaving like this, she was so horrified that her face turned pale with fear.

By the time Yuxi reached the centre of the yard, all the people from outside had also entered. Yuxi stared at the man with the unshaven beard and ragged clothes in front of her and burst into tears.

Yun Qing stepped forward, held Yuxi gently in his arms, and said, "I'm back..." He had been on the road rushing for days and nights, worrying if something terrible had happened to Yuxi. Fortunately, Yuxi was stronger than he imagined. Not only did she not have an accident, but she also did so many things these days.

Master Yang, following behind Yuxi, looked at Yuxi's appearance and pointed out, "Han girl has passed out." Her eyes were closed, and there was no sound coming from her. It looked as if she had fainted.

Yun Qing supported Yuxi's shoulders with both hands and realised that she was indeed unconscious. Now Yun Qing started to panic. "Yuxi? What's wrong with you, Yuxi? Physician? Please call for a physician quickly!" He had never been so scared, even when surrounded by the 40,000-strong army of the northern barbarians.

Not to mention Yun Qing, all the others were also terrified by this scene. Mama Xi immediately stood up and said to Yunqing, "General, hurry up and carry Madam into the room."

Yun Qing carried Yuxi into the room and carefully laid her on the bed. Mama Xi rushed over and put her finger under Yuxi's nose first, only to discover that she was breathing evenly. Then she touched Yuxi's belly and found that the child was okay. Madam only fainted, and it was not because she was suffering from pregnancy complications.

Mama Qu was flabbergasted. She asked, "Why did Madam pass out if she had no pregnancy complications?" Whether Yuxi was too happy or too sad, it was still considered extreme stimulation for her current condition.

Mama Xi shook her head, indicating that she was unsure.

When Master Yang heard Mama Xi say that Yuxi had not fainted because of pregnancy complications, he guessed: "I think the Han girl probably fainted because of the stench. After saying this, Master Yang said to Yun Qing, "Yun Qing, you'd better hurry and wash up! Otherwise, Han girl will faint again when she sees you."

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At this point, Yun Qing didn't care about being angry and asked Master Yang, "Is what you're saying true?" He had never taken a bath since he left for the expedition, and his body was covered with not only human blood but also the blood of wild animals. Besides, he had spent so much time in the jungle that it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the stench on his body could be smelled three miles away. The people of the Yun Residence didn't care if he stank, as they were excited to see him return safely.

Master Yang laughed a little and said, "If you don't believe me, just pinch her philtrum, and I guarantee she'll wake up soon."

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Unwilling to let anyone pinch Yuxi's philtrum, Yun Qing looked at Mama Xi and asked, "Is Madam really  all right?" He hoped it was just like Master Yang said that Yuxi had fainted because of his stench.

Mama Xi shook her head. "Madam's breathing is steady, and the child is normal. There is nothing unusual about her." She was only worried about Yuxi's condition before, but now that she could smell the stench coming from Yun Qing's body, she had the urge to vomit! It would have been strange if Madam hadn't fainted after being held by the General.

Hearing this answer, Yun Qing hurriedly called out: "Prepare the water."

After Yun Qing went out, Zijin said, "This room needs to be cleaned as well. Otherwise, Madam will feel uncomfortable when she wakes up."

Mama Qu nodded. "We'll light some incense and smoke the room later." She would call someone to clean the floor immediately. As for the brocade bedspread, it could only be changed after Madam had woken up.[T/C]

When the doctor arrived, Yun Qing was still taking a bath in the clean room, and herbs had been specially added to the wooden barrel to drive away his body odour. Yun Qing usually didn't like to take baths, especially this kind of medicinal bath, which he thought was highly wasteful. It was just that he had made his wife faint today, and he could only compromise.

When the physician had finished checking Yuxi's pulse, Zijin asked, "How is my Madam?" Although she also trusted Mama Xi, it was much safer to let the physician take a look.

The physician's expression looked odd after checking Yuxi's pulse. He rechecked it, then stood up and said, "Madam's health is fine."

Before, everyone doubted Master Yang's words. Now, with the physician's words, everyone truly believed that the General had knocked Madam unconscious.[T/C]

Zijin was a great believer in her master. Therefore, she was not too surprised by the result, but she still asked, "Sir, you also know that there have been a lot of things going on in our residence lately. My mistress has been worried about the General's disappearance during this time. So, would you please take a serious look at her and see if she's genuinely all right?"

The physician shook his head and said, "Madam is in good health, but the child will be born in a month or so. It is not suitable for her to work hard at this time, and she needs to be cared for properly." Everyone in Yu City was aware of Yun Qing's defeat and disappearance. If the physician were to say so, it was already a rare thing that Madam Yun could take care of herself so well.

Zijin nodded. "I will advise my Madam to get some rest." Too much had happened in the last half month, but it was all over now.

The physician gave them a few words of advice and left with his medicine chest without even writing a prescription.

After rinsing three more times, Yun Qing dried his hair and changed into the light chrysanthemum-scented clothes Mama Qu had sent him before entering his bedroom. When Yun Qing saw Yuxi sleeping peacefully, he felt guilty and relieved at the same time. Guilty that he had worried and frightened Yuxi all this time and relieved that she was convinced that he was still alive. This showed that his wife had faith in him.

After standing in front of the bed for a while and seeing no sign of Yuxi waking up, he went to see Huo Changqing. When Huo Changqing saw Yun Qing, the first thing he said was: "It's good that you're back safely." Although he was sure that Yun Qing could escape his pursuers, he constantly worried until he saw the actual person.

Yun Qing looked at Huo Changqing, lying motionless on the bed and said softly, "Uncle Huo, I've made you suffer." Looking at Huo Changqing's appearance, Yun Qing knew that his injury at that time had been life-threatening.

Huo Changqing smiled a little. "What's a little suffering if you can save your life? After being separated from me, how did you get through all this time?"

Yun Qing told Huo Changqing in great detail everything that had happened to him in the last ten days. "Yu Cong, Yuan Ying, and the others are still in the jungle. I've asked Xu Wu to pick them up personally."

Huo Changqing nodded briefly, then said, "It's good enough that they are alive." If they were injured, they could nurse them for a while.

Hearing this statement, Yun Qing said sadly, "I will send someone to find the bodies of Jiang Bo and Guo Xun and bury them properly when I find them." Guo Xun and Jiang Bo had been with him for over ten years and were no different from his real brothers.[T/C]

Huo Changqing shook his head. "Too much time has passed, and there are not enough people." It had been more than ten days since the incident, so finding their bodies would not be easy. Besides, if they wanted to discover the bodies of their people, they would need at least a few hundred people. But they didn't have that many people available now.

Yun Qing's face filled with anguish.

Huo Changqing looked at Yunqing and asked, "Do you remember what you said to me when we parted that day?" This grief must be avenged. Not only for his two dead adopted sons but also the twenty thousand innocent soldiers.

Yun Qing nodded. "I still remember. Uncle Huo, don't worry. I won't show Qin Zhao any mercy in the future.

Huo Changqing let out a sigh of relief. As long as Yun Qing no longer cared about old feelings, he would not have to be afraid of any of Qin Zhao's tricks. "However, you should discuss everything with your wife in the future. She not only has a long-term view but also acts in a way that is incomparable to ordinary people." Looking at what Yuxi had done during this period, he could only utter one word: admiration.

Yun Qing nodded. "I will."

Footnotes Full List
  1. er=second, sao=elder brother's wife; sister-in-law
  2. heart of compassion (or pity); a heart of mercy; kind-hearted; merciful; compassionate
  3. elder sister
  4. How bad was Yun Qing's smell? 🤔
  5. Seriously, how bad was Yun Qing's smell?
  6. Awww…Guo Xun is dead? 🥺

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