ROHYX Chapter 454 : Confinement (4)

Just after Yuxi had finished feeding the baby, Yun Qing came in, took the baby from her and said with a smile, "Zaozao, it's daddy. I'm your daddy!"

He was responded to by Zaozao bubbling up.

After teasing the child for a while, Yun Qing asked Yuxi, "When do you think Zaozao will be able to open her mouth and call me father?" He was looking forward to that day.

Yuxi responded with a smile, "I asked Mama Lan. She said there are early and late talkers; the early ones are about ten months to one year old, and the late ones are up to two years old!"

Yun Qing stated confidently, "My Zaozao is so smart that she will definitely be able to speak before she turns one."

Yuxi chuckled. "How can you see that this girl is smart when she does nothing but eat and sleep?" Looking at Yun Qing's attitude, she feared he would spoil the child to the sky in the future. At that time, Yuxi could not do the same to the child, or she would have a headache when her daughter grew up. She had seen people who pampered their children too much, and the children ended up being either arrogant and domineering or arrogant and rude. So, the child could be loved but not spoilt.

Yun Qing disliked hearing these kinds of words. "My Zaozao is definitely a smart child." She would be like him or Yuxi, both of whom were smart.

Yuxi was a little amused by the look on Yun Qing's face, but at the same time, she felt relieved that the Yun Qing of today was no longer as cold and icy as the first time she saw him in the northwest. "You've been too busy lately. Have you hired help?"

Yun Qing replied, "I wanted to hire Mr Xia, but he didn't accept my offer."

Yuxi asked, "Are you talking about Mr Xia, one of Qin Zhao's aides?" She had heard of Mr Xia but had never met him.

Yun Qing nodded slightly and told Yuxi, "Mr Xia is very talented. He had often advised the Marshal. The Marshal also thought highly of him and always consulted with him. It's a pity that Qin Zhao doesn't like him as much. Otherwise......" Yun Qing didn't continue with his following words. If Qin Zhao had been willing to reappoint Mr Xia, he would have ended up in a different situation than he was in today.

When Yuxi heard these praises, she knew that Mr Xia was reliable. At that moment, she said, "So he is familiar with the affairs of Yu City. If you have his help, it will be much easier for you." Such a talented person should never be let go!

Yun Qing smiled wryly. "It's a pity that he rejected me and will leave Yu City in a couple of days." Mr Xia said that he was going home to retire. In fact, Mr Xia was only in his forties and had yet to reach retirement age. But that was just an excuse he made because he didn't want to help Yun Qing.

It was a bit troublesome that Mr Xia would be leaving in a few days. Yuxi bowed her head in thought for a moment, then asked, "What kind of person is Mr Xia?" One had to understand Mr Xia's temperament before thinking of a solution.

Yun Qing said, "Mr Xia is a man of high moral character."

Yuxi mulled over it for a long time before she said, "It's not impossible. It just depends on whether you are willing or not?" A person of high moral character was a person who cared a lot about his reputation. Such a person would not agree to be Yun Qing's aide. Once he did, it would be equivalent to betraying his master in the eyes of outsiders. Therefore, there was only one way to get Mr Xia to agree.

With a look of joy on his face, Yun Qing asked, "What is the solution?"

Yuxi answered, "Talk to Qin Zhao and get him to agree to let Mr Xia help you with your trivial matters. That way, Mr Xia might agree to assist you." Since they had the original owner's consent, no one would accuse him of betraying his owner.

Yun Qing hesitated momentarily before asking, "Will this work?" If he could get Mr Xia to help him, he would be okay with talking to Qin Zhao about it.

Yuxi shook her head. "Of course, it's not enough, but if you don't let Qin Zhao agree, he certainly won't help you. And if Qin Zhao agrees, then you have a chance to convince Mr Xia." After all, talents were hard to find; even if you found one, you had to worry about that person's loyalty. Therefore, this method would stop Mr Xia from leaving.

After pausing, Yuxi continued, "When Qin Zhao agrees, you can ask Mr Xia to stay. If he doesn't want to, you can tell him to help you for a while for the sake of the tens of thousands of soldiers and people of Yu City, and then tell him that he can leave at any time once you are familiar with all the affairs. I think he will agree."

Yun Qing asked, "What if he still doesn't agree?"

Yuxi shook her head. "Although I have never met Mr Xia, I am sure he is a man of great righteousness and will consider the interests of the whole. For the sake of the people and soldiers of Yu City, I'm sure he won't mind helping you for a while." As for becoming a member of Yun Qing's staff, that was impossible for now. But as long as Mr Xia stayed in Yu City, she was sure that she would be able to convince him when the time came. Now, well, there was no need for them to be in a hurry.

Yun Qing nodded. "Qin Zhao will be departing for the capital the day after tomorrow, so I will seek him out tomorrow to speak about this." Qin Zhao could stay for a few days because the Imperial Decree did not call for him to be punished, and because many things needed to be handed over, his departure was postponed for a few days. Mr Xia had planned to leave Yu City in a few days, just after Qin Zhao had left.

The next day, Yuxi was so bored that she asked Mama Xi to get some books from the study for her to read. When Mama Xi refused, Yuxi tried to explain: "I just want to read for a while. It's a nice day, and there's plenty of light, so I can just read for a short while, right?" She would only become foolish if she continued to be locked in her room like this.

Since Mam Xi couldn't resist Yuxi, she said, "Then Madam can only look at it for half a shichen[1] at most."

Yuxi set the condition: "Half a shichen[1] in the morning and half a shichen[1] in the afternoon. As for the evening, the light was too dim for her to read.

Mama Xi had no choice but to comply. When she left the house, she complained to Lan's mother, who was busy outside: "I don't know why Madam likes to read so much?"

While Yuxi was reading a book, Shiliu came in from outside and said, "Madam, Er Nainai[2] Zhao has come to see you." Zhuye was also put on duty in the inner courtyard, but Yuxi would not allow her to become her personal maid. It was good that Zhuye could read and write, so Yuxi put her in charge of the courtyard accounts, replacing Zisu. Even though Zhuye had dispelled her doubts, Yuxi was still unsure. She had been used to being cautious all these years, and without full assurance, she would not let Zhuye serve her personally.

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When Yuxi heard this, her face flushed with joy as she put the book under her pillow and said, "Quickly invite Er Nainai[2] Zhao in." After being away from Yucheng for so long, she finally returned.

Seeing that Tu Shi was much thinner than when she left Yu City but still looking well, Yuxi asked, "When did you get back?"

Tu Shi placed the gift she had prepared for jianmanli[3] in Zaozao's swaddling clothes and replied, "I arrived yesterday afternoon, and when I heard you had given birth, I came over to see you." After saying this, she picked up the baby, who was quite heavy in her arms. Tu Shi smilingly said, "You have lost out here; this child looks just like General Yun."

Yuxi chuckled. "That's true!"

After holding the child for a short while, Tu Shi returned the child to her original place and asked, "I've heard that General Yun loves the child so much that he even changes her nappies and clothes. Is that true?"

Yuxi laughed. "You just got back yesterday and already know so many things? You are extraordinarily well-informed."

Tu Shi didn't hide it either as she explained with a smile, "It was my Dasao[4] who told me. She said that General Yun loved his daughter like the apple of his eye and held her in his arms whenever he came home and wouldn't let go."

Yuxi's face sank when she heard these words. How could the matter in the inner courtyard spread to the outside? However, on second thought, she felt she had overthought. With Mama Qu's ability, she would not have been the one to leak it. Holding back her discomfort, Yuxi smiled at Tu Shi and wondered, "I didn't expect the people outside to know about this?"[T/C]

Tu Shi's eyes widened as she exclaimed, "Is what my Dasao[4] said true? Did General Yun indeed change the child's nappies and clothes?" It was no surprise that he loved her daughter like the apple of his eye. The child resembled Yun Qing so much; since it was his first child, he would naturally love her dearly, but changing the child's clothes and nappies was a bit unbelievable.

Naturally, Yuxi would not say it would be good for Yun Qing's illness if he got closer to his daughter. She just responded with a smile, "What's wrong with that? The child is his too. If I, the mother, can change the child's nappies and clothes, why can't he, the father, do the same?"

Tu Shi froze for a moment before suddenly laughing. "I truly admire you for getting the mighty General to change the baby's nappy. Speaking of which, aren't you afraid he might hurt the baby with his rough movements?" A newborn child was very soft and could get hurt if one was not careful.

Yuxi had a bellyful of words she wanted to brag to someone. "He is cautious not to hurt the child. You don't know how much he cares for her. He is so afraid of scaring the baby that his voice has unconsciously softened. The first thing the General does when he gets home is hold her, and he won't let go once he does. Seeing him like that, I'm really worried about how he will spoil the child in the future."

Tu Shi patted Yuxi and said, "Isn't it good that General Yun loves his child? Although my Second Master also loves Yao-er, he has never held her since she was little, let alone changed her clothes and nappies. Therefore, your Zaozao is very fortunate!"

After muttering a few words about their children, Yuxi asked Tu Shi, "Did you get anything out of your trip to the provincial capital this time?" It would have been a wasted trip if there was nothing to gain.

Tu Shi replied smiling, "The physician gave me a prescription to regulate my body, and I feel much lighter after taking it. That physician is very famous, and after taking his medicine, I'm sure I'll be fine soon." This meant that the treatment was working.

Hearing this, Yuxi said, "It's good that it's working." There would be nothing to worry about even if she had another daughter; the inability to have one made people anxious. Ziyao was already so old; if Tu Shi couldn't conceive again, she might have to have the eldest shu[6] son.

There was nothing Tu Shi couldn't say in front of Yuxi since they were both mothers. "It happens that there is no war during this period, and the Second Master will stay in the mansion for a long time. I hope I can take advantage of this time to conceive."

Yuxi held Tu Shi's hand in return and said, "I'm sure you'll be able to conceive." Although she liked having sons and daughters, Yuxi still hoped her next child would be a son. With a son, the Yun family would have a legacy, and she would have more confidence.

Footnotes Full List
  1. 2 hours
  2. er=second, nainai=a young mistress of a family
  3. a present given at the first meeting
  4. eldest sister-in-law
  5. born from a concubine

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