ROHYX Chapter 456 : Ransom

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The next evening, Mr Xia sent a message saying he would stay and help Yun Qing for a short while.

Yun Qing was relieved to hear this news; with Mr Xia's help, his burden would be much lighter. Most importantly, he would have time to train the recruits if everything was handled before their arrival.

When Yun Qing returned home, he told Yuxi, "I want Yu Zhi to join the military. What do you think?" Yu Zhi was one of Yuxi's people, and if he wanted Yu Zhi to be part of the military, he had to get her consent.

Yuxi was a bit helpless. Yun Qing had taken the initiative to invite Yu Zhi, who didn't want to be enlisted in the military, while Zijin, who wished to join one, had no chance at all. "I don't mind, but I'm worried Yu Zhi won't agree." 

Yun Qing stated, "I'll ask him."

Yu Zhi knew what Yun Qing was up to and refused. Influenced by Master Yang, Yu Zhi had no desire to protect his country and make a successful career out of it. He just wanted to live his own little life. No matter what Yun Qing said, he could not be persuaded.

Yun Qing could only go back to his backyard in frustration.

Yuxi smiled and said, "Since Yu Zhi is out of the question, we can let Xu Wu and the others return to your side. I'm sure if Xu Wu knew he could go back to the barracks, he would jump for joy." Compared to guarding the Yun Residence, Xu Wu would prefer to be in the military camp, where he should stay.

Without even thinking about it, Yun Qing shook his head. "No, who will guard the house if Xu Wu leaves?"

Only then did Yuxi tell Yun Qing about her plan to replace Xu Wu with Zijin, and when he refused, she argued, "Don't look down on Zijin. She is no less capable than Xu Wu." In terms of martial arts skills, Xu Wu was no match for Zijin.

Yun Qing shook his head. "Just because she is good at martial arts doesn't mean she can protect the Yun Residence." It wasn't that he looked down on Zijin, but she was an impatient maid who couldn't keep her head above water. She could not afford to take on such a big responsibility as guarding the residence.

Knowing she could not force such a thing, Yuxi suggested, "First, let Zijin learn from Xu Wu for a month, and after a month, you can ask Xu Wu. If Xu Wu says she can do the job, give it to her then. If Xu Wu says she is not up to it, you can just forget about it." Being forceful would not lead to good results. Only by letting Yun Qing see Zijin's skills can he be reassured.

Yun Qing was not at ease with Zijin but with Xu Wu. He nodded his head. "Alright. If Xu Wu says she is fine, then he will return to my side at that time." There were too few useful people around him. If he could have one more, he would accept it.

Yuxi made a sound of appreciation and asked, "It's been a day. Do you think Qin Zhao can get his children back?" It would take days to reach where the horse thieves had settled, even if he spurred his horse on at full speed[1].

Yun Qing was silent momentarily before replying, "If Qin Zhao can give the horse thieves 100,000 taels of silver, they will release the mother and her two children." The horse thieves also had to be trustworthy. If they took the ransom and killed the hostages, no one would pay them the next time they captured someone.

Yuxi said softly, "I hope they will be safe."

Yun Qing was so surprised that he exclaimed, "I thought you hated Xu Shi!" Yuxi and Xu Shi had a grudge against each other.

Yuxi couldn't help laughing as she said, "I do hate her, but those two children are innocent." She didn't care if Xu Shi was dead, but for the evil things Xu Shi and the Xu family had done, it wouldn't be too much to execute her nine clans. However, the two children of the Qin family were innocent.

Yun Qing said, "Qin Huai grew up around the Marshal, so he is good in every way." Marshal Qin was afraid that Qin Zhao and his wife would lead Qin Huai astray, so he taught him personally. Although Qin Huai was only ten years old, he was outstanding in all aspects of character and talent.

Yuxi muttered, "No wonder." She had never met Qin Huai herself, but she had heard Yun Qing talk about him to the others, and they all said that he was a good boy. At that time, she had thought it was just a rare good shoot from bad bamboo, but this was the real reason.

Yun Qing said, "Yuxi, if possible, please let Mama carry the baby to the front yard tomorrow for Uncle Huo to see." Huo Changqing still couldn't walk. The last time Yuxi gave birth, he still needed someone to help him come over.

Yuxi nodded. "Don't worry. As long as the weather is good in the future, I'll have Mama Lan carry the baby to Uncle Huo."

After hesitating, Yun Qing added, "When you are out of your confinement, please find a family for Yan Shi to marry her off."

After expressing her surprise, Yuxi asked, "How could Uncle Huo think of marrying Yan Shi off when he was well?" Yan Shi was Huo Changqing's people, and it could only be Huo Changqing's idea to marry her off.

After asking this, Yuxi remembered what had happened earlier and asked, "Did Luo Shi's matter make Uncle Huo uneasy?" After the incident of Luo Shi leaking military information became public, the two women who followed Zhao Zhuo and Qin Zhao, died of illness. Yan Shi was the only one left of the four women the Crown Prince had rewarded.

Yun Qing nodded. "Uncle Huo said that Yan Shi had been married to him for at least a while, so he wanted to give her a way out." Huo Changqing was not a charitable person, and there was no telling how many people had died at his hands. However, since he and Yan Shi had been husband and wife for one day, they shared a hundred years of concern[2], and the time they spent together as a married couple wasn't that short. Besides, Yan Shi had been content with her lot[3] ever since entering the Yun Residence, so Huo Changqing wanted to offer her a way out.

Yuxi nodded and said, "We'll discuss this more when I'm out of my confinement." Because of Luo Shi's case, not to mention Huo Changqing, even she was unsure about Yan Yiyi. It was just that Yan Yiyi was married to Huo Changqing. It wouldn't be easy for Yuxi to deal with this matter.

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Yun Qing also agreed with what Yuxi said about not letting her deal with this now.

Mr Xia volunteered to assist Yun Qing with the city's affairs the next day. Mr Xia had followed Marshal Qin for over twenty years and was more than familiar with these matters. With such a good helper, Yun Qing came home earlier every day.

In Yu City, the breeze was still, and the waves were quiet[4], so Yuxi could relax during her confinement.

That day, Da Nainai[5] Fu dropped by for a visit. Yuxi was so bored during her confinement that she loved having someone come to her house to chat. Although she hadn't been close to Da Nainai[5] Fu before, she was still happy to see her. "Saozi[6] is here!"

Da Nainai[5] Fu looked at Zaozao and said with a smile, "This child is really good-looking." The child was so chubby and white, just like the little children in the New Year paintings, that when Da Nainai[5] Fu saw her, she felt cheerful and wished she could take her home.

Yuxi pinched Zaozao's little fleshy face and complained, "She only knows how to eat and sleep every day. Because she only does those things, her flesh has grown like this." She spoke as if disgusted with her daughter, but she was smiling. Only when children ate and slept properly could they be healthy.

Da Nainai[5] Fu commented, "It's a blessing for her to be able to eat and sleep." After saying that, she looked at Yuxi's smooth, jade-like face and said enviously, "Not to mention the child, even Dimei[7] has been raised well! When Dimei[7] goes out after confinement, no one who sees you will believe you have given birth."

Everyone loved to hear these words of praise, and Yuxi was also an ordinary person. When she heard those words, her face became full of smiles as she said, "Saozi is overpraising me."

After talking about a few words of gossip, Da Nainai[5] Fu told Yuxi, "General Qin took 100,000 taels of silver to ransom Xu Shi and their two children. He must have been rich enough to take out 100,000 taels of silver just like that." All Fu family's possessions did not even amount to 100,000 taels of silver, yet Qin Zhao took it out without blinking an eye. One could only imagine how much money Qin Zhao must have had.

Yuxi pointed out with a smile, "The Qin family has accumulated so much over the years. It's not surprising that they can come out with 100,000 taels of silver just like that." She knew very well that Qin Zhao had a lot of money. It was just that these matters were not something that she and Yun Qing could pursue.

In response, Da Nainai[5] Fu stopped talking about the Qin family and changed the subject. "Ahem, Dimei[7] may not know that since my family Da Gunainai[8] was aware that Miss Zijin had killed the enemies on the battlefield, she recently made a fuss about it to the Eldest Master, saying that she too wanted to train as a soldier and fight in battle in the future."

Yuxi smiled a little as she responded, "At that time, Yu City was in a very dangerous situation. I also wanted to do my part, so I agreed to let Zijin go to the city platform to kill the enemies."

There was another reason for Da Nainai[5] Fu to bring up this matter. "I'm worried that if Da Gunainai[8] cannot convince the Eldest Master, she will come to plead with you. Dimei[7], you must not agree with her at that time!" What good would it do for a girl to think about leading soldiers into battle all day? The military camp was full of men, so what would a woman like her do there? If Fu Qingluo really went there, she would never have gotten married.

Yuxi chuckled. "It's useless even if I agree to such a thing!" When she saw Da Nainai[5] Fu burning with anxiety, she smiled and said, "Don't worry, I won't."

Only after receiving Yuxi's reply did Da Nainai[5] Fu feel relieved.

After Da Nainai[5] Fu left, Yuxi couldn't help but shake her head. This Fu Qingluo was far too impatient. It was not easy for a woman to achieve something for herself. If she wanted to accomplish something, she had to take it one step at a time, keeping her feet firmly on the ground[9] rather than trying to achieve it in one leap[10].

"Wa......" Zaozao's cry interrupted Yuxi's thoughts.

Yuxi unwrapped the swaddling clothes and saw that the child had neither peed nor pooped, so she gently nibbled on Zaozao's little round face and said, "What a little piggy, hungry again so soon." It was lucky that Yuxi had enough milk. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to feed the little one.

After Zaozao had eaten enough, Yuxi told Mama Lan, "Please take the child to Uncle Huo to have a look." Since Yun Qing had made the request, she naturally had to do it.

Huo Changqing was overjoyed to see Zaozao. He was not yet well enough to hold the child, so he looked at her earnestly.

In response, Huo Changqing was greeted by Zaozao's sweet smile.

Huo Changqing loved it so much that he praised, "This child has such a pretty smile." Everyone liked a delightful child.

Xu Wu, Xu Daniu and a few others rushed over to see the baby when they heard she was being carried out. Although Zaozao was born more than ten days ago, they hadn't seen her closely yet. They had only heard that Zaozao looked like Yun Qing.

When Xu Daniu saw Zao Zao, he couldn't help but exclaim, "What a resemblance. She looks like she was cast from the same mould as the General."

Xu Wu scolded in jest. Although the child's appearance resembled the General, she was much more adorable. The General had been wearing a serious expression for years. Nowhere had they ever seen him with such an amusing smile.

Even with so many people watching her, Zaozao showed no fear as she looked at them all with her big, round, dark eyes.

Xu Daniu wanted to hug the child so much that he asked Mama Lan, "Can I hug her?" She was such a cute child—no wonder the General couldn't let her go.

Mama Lan shook her head. "No." These old men were so careless that it would be bad if they accidentally hurt the child. Yun Qing was her master, so she had no way to refuse him, but she could not agree to these people's requests.

Xu Daniu was a little disappointed.

Seeing his reaction, Mama Lan said with a smile, "The Eldest Young Miss is too young now. You can hold her when she is a bit older."

Xu Daniu immediately replied happily, "Then I'll wait."

The room was filled with laughter, and the atmosphere was particularly warm. When Huo Changqing saw this situation, a rare smile also appeared on his face.

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Footnotes Full List
  1. Chinese idiom: to go as fast as possible
  2. a well-known Chinese phrase: once a man and woman are husband and wife for one day, they will have feelings for each other forever
  3. Chinese idiom: to know one's place
  4. Chinese idiom: tranquil environment
  5. da=eldest, nainai=a young mistress of a family
  6. lit. elder brother's wife; sister-in-law. Saozi is also a general term for a young married woman.
  7. younger sibling
  8. (da=eldest, gunainai=(coll.) form of address for an unmarried girl or woman, expressing affection or reproach/(a respectful form of address for a married woman used by members of her parents' family) married daughter. For this sentence, the first meaning of the word is used.
  9. Chinese idiom: realistic without flights of fancy
  10. settle a matter all at once

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