ROHYX Chapter 458 : Business (1)

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It was the middle of the sixth lunar month, and it was starting to get hot.

Yuxi said to Mama Xi beside her, who was fanning her, "It's lucky that Zaozao was born in the fifth lunar month. She would have suffered during the confinement if she had been born now." In the fifth lunar month, the weather was still relatively cool, so Yuxi did not have to go through much during her confinement, except for being unable to bathe or wash her hair. But the situation would be different if she had to experience it now. Her suffering would have been even worse when she thought about the current hot weather and the inability to use ice in the house!

Mama Xi smiled. "This is also a blessing for Madam."

Shiliu walked in and stated, "Madam, the Old Master invites you to come to his place." Old Master was what the people in the mansion called Huo Changqing. It was something that Yuxi had instructed everyone to change when addressing him before she gave birth.

Yuxi thought that Huo Changqing might be looking for her for something, so she took Shiliu and Mama Xi into the front yard. As soon as they entered, they heard Zaozao giggling.

When Yuxi heard this joyful laughter, a smile also appeared on her face. That being said, she was a little puzzled. This girl not only loved to laugh, but she also loved scenes with bustling noise and excitement. The more bustling and exciting the place, the more interested she was. Neither she nor Yun Qing was fond of such scenes, so she didn't know whose trait the child had taken on.

When Huo Changqing saw Yuxi, he said with a smile, "Zaozao is getting even more active now." Huo Changqing could now take a few steps on his own with his crutches, and the physician who saw him was surprised at the speed of his recovery. The physician estimated that Huo Changqing would have to stay in bed for at least half a year before he could get out of it, but he didn't expect him to be able to do so in just two months. This speed was astonishing.

Yuxi smiled in agreement. "That's right! These hands and feet are so strong that they always kick off her little brocade blanket when she takes her midday nap." The little one was so badly behaved that she had to be tucked safely into her little blanket when she went to sleep. She'd catch a cold if she weren't covered up in time.

Huo Changqing was pleased to hear this. "The fact that the child has strength proves she is in good health." Zaozao was now the apple of Huo Changqing's eye, and whatever she did was good in his eyes.

Yuxi was no longer impressed by this scene. Not only was Huo Changqing's attitude like this but Yun Qing's as well. It seemed like she would be the one who would have to sing in black face[1] from now on. "Uncle Huo, is there something important that you called me here for?" Since he specifically called for her to come over, it was definitely not for a chat.

Huo Changqing grunted in response and motioned for Mama Lan and the others to withdraw, then handed Yuxi the ebony token she had returned to him earlier and said, "I don't have much energy to use now, and I get dizzy easily even when I do a little work. I've thought about it for a while and decided that you should take care of these things." This statement was tantamount to leaving the task of spying and gathering information to Yuxi.

Yuxi did not take the token from Huo Changqing. When Huo Changqing went to war then, she was in a particular situation and time, so she treated the token differently. At that time, she intended to keep it temporarily for Uncle Huo and use it only in times of crisis. But now, the circumstances were different. If she accepted the token, it would mean that she would be in charge of this matter from now on. The cost of spying and training a spy required not only significant finances but also a massive amount of one's effort.

Yuxi considered this momentarily before she said to Huo Changqing, "Uncle Huo, I need to discuss this matter with He Rui to find out his opinion first." On the surface, it looked like she wanted to see Yun Qing's attitude, but in reality, she had yet to decide whether or not to take over this matter. Once she took over, she could not get out of it later.

Huo Changqing was satisfied that Yuxi had to discuss everything with Yun Qing. Husbands and wives should always discuss things together. Therefore, he nodded. "Okay."

Remembering what Yun Qing had told her earlier, Yuxi asked, "Uncle Huo, He Rui told me earlier that you wanted to marry Yan Shi out. Is that true?"

Huo Changqing made a sound of agreement. "Yes. You should choose a commoner for her. Please prepare some dowry for her, and marry her off within these two months!" Although Yan Shi had not acted strangely at the moment, she was not from a clean background, so it was better not to keep such a person around.

After hearing Huo Changqing's words, Yuxi turned her head to call Yan Shi over. Looking at Yan Yiyi, who looked a little haggard, Yuxi asked, "You should know about Yang Shi and Ke Shi, right?" Yang Shi was Qin Zhao's concubine, and Ke Shi was Zhao Zhuo's concubine, both of whom were now long gone.

Yan Shi's face turned pale with fear, and she knelt on the ground and said to Yuxi, "Madam, I beg you to understand, I have done nothing wrong to the Yun family and Old Master." Ever since she found out that Ke Shi and Yang Shi had died, she had been unable to rest easy day and night.

Of course, Yuxi knew that Yan Shi had behaved appropriately since she arrived at the Yun Residence. Otherwise, how could she have been kept there until now? Yuxi said, "I have something to ask you. If your answer satisfies me, I can let you live. If not..." If not, it went without saying.

Yan Yiyi responded hurriedly, "Madam, you can ask me anything. I will tell you everything I know."

Yuxi asked, "Did anyone give you any instructions before you came to Yu City?"

Yan Yiyi knelt on the ground with a torn expression. It was apparent that she was inwardly struggling with what to say. In the end, the thought of wanting to live prevailed. "Before I came, the steward told me to keep an eye on everything the General does. If anything was out of the ordinary, I had to pass the information to Postmaster[2] Lu at the post station."

Yuxi was not surprised. The Crown Prince could not have rewarded an official with beauty for his meritorious service. He must have wanted to keep an eye on the official. "What else?"

Yan Yiyi shook her head. "There is nothing more." Seeing that Yuxi's expression remained unchanged, Yan Yiyi gritted her teeth and said, "Madam, there really is nothing more. If you don't believe me, I can swear an oath."

After watching Yan Yiyi swear, Yuxi said, "Just now, Uncle Huo requested me to find you a new family. I want to ask you, what kind of person do you want to marry?" With these words, Yuxi made it clear that she was not asking for Yan Yiyi's opinion but merely informing her of the matter.

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Yan Yiyi's expression changed. She had not expected that Huo Changqing would no longer want her. For the past six months, she had been so gentle and considerate towards Huo Changqing, but she still couldn't warm up this man's heart. Yan Yiyi lowered her head and said in a mosquito-like voice, "Madam, I don't want to marry anyone. I want to become a nun." Her body was already broken; if she were to marry again, it would only be with ordinary people. Although she had seen it with her own eyes, she had also heard about how poor the lives of ordinary people were. Therefore, even if she had another marriage, she would not want to live in poverty, where she could not eat three proper meals daily.

Yuxi said indifferently, "You do not even appreciate the opportunity you have been given. If it were the General or Uncle Huo handling this matter, they would be less accommodating than I am." Yuxi's words were not a threat but the truth. Since she handled this matter, and after considering how hard it was to live as a woman in their time, she would find a man with a good temperament in all aspects for Yan Yiyi. If she had left it to Yun Qing and Huo Chang Qing to handle this, they would have married Yan Yiyi to some random man.

Yan Yiyi replied with a pale face, "It's up to Madam to decide." After staying at the Yun Mansion for so long, she understood Yun Qing and Huo Changqing's temperament. These two people were not kindhearted people. If someone annoyed them, their lives might end up worse than death. It was better to have a bad life than a good death. Even if her future marriage wasn't good, she still be alive.

Yuxi said, "Don't worry. Uncle Huo said that since you have served him for a while, I should buy you a dowry." Preparing for a generous amount was impossible, but at least it had to look passable on the surface.

Yan Yiyi breathed a sigh of relief as she said, "Thank you, Madam." Since she would be given a dowry, she would have some money to go elsewhere if she could not make a life in Yu City.

After Yan Yiyi left, Yuxi massaged her temples. She was so tired of dealing with all the big and small affairs of the residence. Yuxi asked Mama Xi, standing beside her, "What kind of family do you think we should find for Yan Yiyi?" She didn't want to find someone too bad because of Yan Yiyi's status, and they would not get along well if the groom's conditions were too bad. But she couldn't find someone too good, either. If she came up with someone too good, it would be harmful if Yan Yiyi got them into trouble in the future.

Mama Xi knew about Yuxi's concerns and said, "Madam, you're just worrying too much. Once a woman has given birth to a child, her heart will be with her husband and child. If you feel bad for her, just find her a good low-ranking soldier." There were many bachelors in Yu City. Although Yan Shi was no longer a virgin, someone would surely come to their door if they spread the news about her dowry.

Yuxi shook her head. "We should do it privately." After all, this would be a second marriage for Yan Yiyi, and Yuxi did not want rumours to spread about it.

This matter could have been done slowly, but the problem was that Huo Changqing wanted to marry Yan Yiyi off within these two months, which was too much of a rush.

Zijin entered the room and reported to Yuxi, "Madam, Da Nainai[3] is here, and she has brought an unfamiliar-looking woman with her."

Hearing this, Yuxi roughly guessed who this unfamiliar-looking woman was. It was most likely Da Nainai[3] Fu's maiden saozi[4]. "Invite Da Nainai[3] Fu in!"

Da Nainai[3] Fu soon came in. Yuxi cast a glance at the woman next to Da Nainai[3] Fu. She was wearing a cerise-coloured summer dress, her hair pulled back in a peony bun[5], adorned with a complete set of pure gold jewelled headdresses. She had ample bosom and a plump bottom. She was immensely charming.

Yuxi asked with a smile, "Saozi[6], this is......" Yu City was different from the capital in many ways, including aesthetics. In the capital, a woman with an outstanding character and a pleasant temperament was most sought after; here, people found a woman with ample bosom and plump bottom attractive.

Da Nainai[3] Fu had already written a visitation post for the two families to meet today. So Yuxi had dressed formally, wearing a sea-green coloured dress full of lotus flower patterns. She tied up her inky black hair into a simple bun with an emerald jade hairpin set diagonally into it, making her complexion look like smooth jade and her temperament even more extraordinary.

Da Nainai[3] Chen also took a look at Yuxi when she came in through the door. After sizing Yuxi up, she thought to herself:  not only is this Han Shi great at scheming and strategising, but her looks are also first class—no wonder she can grasp General Yun so quickly.

Da Nainai[3] Fu introduced the woman to Yuxi, "This is my Dasao[7] from my maiden family." Da Nainai[3] Fu was somewhat annoyed that she hadn't introduced the woman first in her post.

Da Nainai[3] Chen was also amiable and immediately praised Yuxi from her head to her toes, almost saying that she was a fairy who had descended from heaven. Da Nainai[3] Chen had a knack for complimenting people without boring them.

Yuxi smiled. "Da Nainai[3] Chen is overcomplimenting me." As expected from a merchant. Da Nainai[3] Chen's mouth was really good at talking. She overpraised her for half a day without repeating herself.

Footnotes Full List
  1. to play the role of the strict parent (or superior etc). It was based on Chinese opera where the villain character would wear a black mask.
  2. a person in charge of the post station
  3. da=eldest, nainai=a young mistress of a family
  4. (coll.) older brother's wife; sister-in-law
  5. Peony Bun from 乔元之三好图 (Qiao Yuan's Three Good Pictures) painting
    Image Credit | 禹之鼎 (Yu Zhiding) via Baidu (牡丹头:你们要的科普,难道就是用错误将历史拱手赠予韩国?, Jul 24th, 2018)
  6. another meaning for saozi: friend's wife
  7. eldest sister-in-law

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