DBAFSC Ch 6 : On The Safety Of Dishwashing Liquid

Island Restaurant's predecessor attracted a wave of viewers with its gimmick of celebrities opening a restaurant in an exotic location and personally cooking for late-night customers.
By the seventh season, however, the ratings had dropped to 5.7.

Not only had the show lost its freshness, but the early appeal and humour had also disappeared with the departure of all the regulars from previous seasons.

It was no secret that the show was on its last legs. Those in the know knew that Season 8 was under serious threat of cancellation by the network - if it didn't perform, it would be axed.

Even so, for a Z-list celebrity like Bao Ruanruan, being on the show was an excellent opportunity, especially for a struggling actress with much negative publicity and limited talent.

"Follow instructions, don't act on your own, and get along peacefully with the other guests," Xue Jing instructed Bao Ruanruan before she left for the island. He could not follow her as he had other work to attend to.

Temperatures had soared to thirty-seven degrees, and the azure sky was adorned with fluffy white clouds. At the same time, golden sands stretched along the coastline, punctuated by the occasional graceful flight of seagulls.

Most beautiful women would wear short skirts and shorts in this weather.

In stark contrast, Bao Ruanruan was carrying a hiking backpack that almost reached over her head and dressed in foggy grey sportswear that was tightly wrapped from head to toe, leaving no skin exposed.

"Don't worry," she said, pushing down her sunglasses, "I love peace." Peace brings safety.

She understood that.

Xue Jing glanced at her but didn't force her to change.

"Boss, are you going to the branch office?" Chen Feng interjected.

With one hand in his pocket, Xue Jing waved his left hand back at him and was about to get into the car for his next destination.

But no sooner had he lifted his foot than a small, milky-white hand tugged at the corner of his shirt.

A soft girl's voice rang out, "Can you help me read a line?"

Xue Jing turned around and saw her browsing Baidu Baike2 on her phone.

--The six characters of 唵嘛呢叭咪吽 (om mani padme hum).

--When recited with sincerity, this mantra contains the endless blessings and compassion of the Buddhas.

Xue Jing: "......"

This girl is quite superstitious.

He lowered his peach-blossomed eyes and glanced at the girl, who blinked at him frantically and said, "Read it yourself."

Bao Ruanruan's face fell.

If I didn't think of your voice as a substitute for the game-clearing little brother, I wouldn't even bother asking you!

"I probably, probably won't be able to wash the dishes."



Empowered by the 'spiritual boost', Bao Ruanruan felt that her luck was at its maximum today and was sure that no evil would come near her.

As soon as she entered the makeshift restaurant for the shoot, she happily hummed a song and changed into her cat costume.
But like a bolt from the sky, she realised she would again meet her 'enemy'.

Lu Wenhao is also a regular.

As soon as she heard that, her whole cat's shoulder slumped down.

A voice substitute is just a substitute, after all.
It's not effective, huh?
She hung her head dejectedly.

When Zheng Mingchang saw this scene, he became even more convinced that the Lu family had wronged her.
Look at how scared that kid is.

She had gone to cause a scene at the wedding reception without any background, so she must have been pushed to the limit beforehand.

Zheng Mingchang expressed his sympathy by reassuring her, "Keep your hood on. He doesn't know it's you, and even if he finds out, he won't make things difficult for you on camera."
The Lu family still cared about their reputation.

When Bao Ruanruan heard this, she immediately prepared to stick herself with the camera.
She would follow wherever the camera went.

Zheng Mingchang smiled and told her, "Xiao Bao, try to make your performance on this show as impressive as possible. If you're interesting enough, I can also find a way to give you more airtime."

Bao Ruanruan didn't care how much screen time she got, as the appearance fee was the same anyway.
Although Chen Feng had been continuously brainwashing her for the past few days, claiming that appearing on camera more often would help her clear her name faster, she hadn't seen any results yet.

It was just nonsense.
Even her parents wouldn't recognise her in a costume, so it was absurd to think she could clear her name that way.

But the good thing about this job was that it was safe.

Bao Ruanruan thought about it but didn't say anything.

Zheng Mingchang mistakenly thought she had agreed and continued to instruct, "You don't need to help with the cooking; you'll mainly be a waitress, serving dishes and helping with the washing up when you're free. You know how to wash dishes, don't you? In reality shows, as long as you act real, that's all that matters."

She also did a lot of dishwashing in the game. After all, it was a life+survival game called 'How Many Days Can a Female Celebrity Survive?'.

Bao Ruanruan immediately nodded. "Yes."

"Then you can take a break; the others haven't arrived yet. There are cameras in the kitchen, but you don't need to worry about them." Zheng Mingchang turned around, reassured.

For reality shows, fixed cameras were placed in all directions to ensure the guests could be captured from all angles.
In addition, the production team had camerapeople ready to adapt and follow each guest.

Once the cameras started rolling, all the recorded footage had the potential to be edited into the final episode.
However, due to time constraints, boring footage or footage featuring lesser-known celebrities was usually cut and not included in the final episode.

Zheng Mingchang told her not to worry about the camera angles, clearly implying that the footage of the restaurant before it opened and her individual activities would be edited out.

Cameraman Li Qiu, who had stayed in the restaurant, breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the voiceover and then, shouldering his camera, drifted off into a daydream.

Bao Ruanruan watched as he slacked off and effortlessly followed suit.
She yawned and playfully wiggled her furry cat paws.

Based on her mascot character from Happy Saturday, this pink mascot costume was designed exclusively for washing dishes and serving food. The two cat paws were intended to be detachable for ease of work.

After studying her paws for a while, Bao Ruanruan sat comfortably at the kitchen's long counter table. She lazily used her cat's paw to slowly fish out a stack of papers out of her bag and took out her mobile phone.
She tilted her head.
"Big Brother Cameraman, do you have a pen? Can I borrow one?"

Xue Jing had mentioned that being polite in front of the camera was important.;
Even if you didn't want to be filmed, you had to put up with it.
If you reached a point where you couldn't take it anymore, you could use the excuse that you had to go to the restroom to get out of it.

Bao Ruanruan imagined her retired life after whitewashing, gritting her teeth, and maintaining a dazzling smile inside her headgear.

Muffled by the headgear, her sweet voice buzzes slightly, creating a charming effect when paired with the fluffy pink cat costume for a delightful sugar rush.

Li Qiu was instantly struck.
It was as if he had gone from a tropical summer on the island to the dazzling fireworks of March in Yangcheng.

"Here. What do you need a pen for?" He couldn't help being curious and, incidentally, turned the camera lens in her direction.

Bao Ruanruan tilted her head, her two cat paws facing each other, "Hmm, let's do... A 'Comparative Analysis and Investigation Report on All Dishwashing Liquids Available on the Market'."

Li Qiu: "?"

More than ninety-nine per cent of housewives washed dishes every day.
Therefore, it was essential to know the detergent's ability to remove stains, its effect on the skin, and even the level of chemical residues on the dishes...... these were important indicators that affected life safety.

Lived life to the fullest.
It was all about the details!
Not a single detail could be overlooked.
Otherwise, who knew whether an accident or tomorrow would come first?

Bao Ruanruan took the pen and immediately began working earnestly.
She flipped through her phone, diligently recording reference data from the internet while muttering words under her breath.

"The primary component of dishwashing liquid is sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate... Hmm, even after rinsing it 12 times with tap water, it still shows a residual amount of 0.03%... Alarming!"

"About 0.5% of the chemicals that come into contact with the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream. If there are wounds on the skin, the absorption rate increases more than tenfold... High risk!"

Li Qiu: "......!"
Good heavens, using a detergent sounds about as dangerous as a nuclear weapon!

He raised the camera, unconsciously moving to her side to focus on the paper she was scribbling on.
Occasionally, he would push the lens close to her cat headgear, capturing her earnest analysis that contrasted with her cute and fluffy appearance.

Half an hour later, Bao Ruanruan had finally filled all three sheets of paper with writing on both sides.
Tapping her left hand on her right palm, she concluded, "OZ dishwashing liquid is the best choice; it is gentle on the hands, strong in cleaning power, and has minimal chemical residue after rinsing. I'm buying it!"

A sudden burst of laughter rang out from the kitchen.

Bao Ruanruan raised her small face, only to find Director Zheng standing behind her, accompanied by Lu Wenhao, who had a backpack slung over his shoulder, sunglasses, and a head of silver-grey hair.

The cameraman, Li Qiu, moved to the other side just so they could get a clear view of what she was writing.

Lu Wenhao had a face full of barely suppressed laughter, which made Bao Ruanruan feel creeped out.

Although she had to work with her 'enemy', she could find ways to minimise the time they spend together as much as possible.

Bao Ruanruan stood up, thought about it for a moment, and then said, "Director Zheng, the shooting hasn't started yet. Can I go out and buy some OZ dishwashing liquid first?"

Zheng Mingchang opened his mouth, "We've already bought......"
He looked at the two bottles of dishwashing liquids next to the sink.

This was what the assistant had just bought, a Superclean brand from the Lu Group.
Although the dishwashing liquid was not sponsored, and the brand name would be pixelated later, Director Zheng was still willing to give the Lu family a little convenience by showing off the particular lime-orange colour of the bottle.

But when Bao Ruanruan looked at them, she felt highly disgusted.

Zheng Mingchang: "..."
You're very particular!
"Just use them for a few days. Please bear with them for now."

Bao Ruanruan shook her head. "The loss of a life is all from a gradual accumulation of small things."

The corners of Zheng Mingchang's mouth twitched.

Bao Ruanruan had just finished her research, where her memory was at its best, "Director, the Super Clean brand dishwashing liquid you have prepared is the most harmful to hands. 3% of the purchase reviews state that after washing with it, the bowls and chopsticks still have a residual smell, which is the worst of all."
"Only OZ is safe and reliable; I believe it is the best choice."

Zheng Mingchang: "......"

After Bao Ruanruan finished speaking, she looked at Zheng Mingchang, who had a complicated look on his face, "Director, I'll go out and buy some. I'll be back soon."

As soon as she said that, she slipped away as fast as she could!

After she left, Lu Wenhao finally reacted.
This girl presented the data systematically, with a clear train of thought... she had a tenth of his most admired elder brother style.
"She still has some brains."

Zheng Mingchang: "?"

Lu Wenhao raised his chin in pride. Proud JPG1.
She was one of his fans.
"Director, please take more care of her."

Zheng Mingchang: "...??"

You're actually happy that someone said your family's product is not good?


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Soon, the other guests of the show began to arrive.

The show was recorded throughout the day, with Bao Ruanruan shuttling back and forth between the kitchen and the lobby.

The other guests were all more established than her, so they didn't interact with her much, and she didn't take the initiative to talk to them either.
Fortunately, there was no need for communication when it came to serving and washing dishes.

After closing time, Bao Ruanruan wore plastic gloves and diligently washed each bowl.
She didn't even pay attention to the camera that was filming her.

She washed them quickly and cleanly in an incredibly smooth and efficient way.;
This brought great relief to the original dishwasher, Lu Wenhao.

——She has a crush on him. She definitely has a crush on him. She's his girlfriend fan3
——Why else would she be a waitress and wash so many dishes for him?

The more Lu Wenhao thought about it, the more satisfied he was with the cat.

A girl who was quiet and reserved, who liked him but didn't use any tricks to get his attention, didn't steal glances at him, and just did things for him in silence.
Such a girl was simply 100 Eiffel Towers better than Bao Ruanruan.

"Did you get the three autographs I gave you the other day? I brought some endorsement gift bags this time; you can take one later." Lu Wenhao said as he winked at his agent.

Bao Ruoruo: "? No need..."

"Don't refuse. Everyone else is taking one." Lu Wenhao said, glancing at her.
Doesn't ask for favours.

Bao Ruanruan blinked.

At the same time, Lu Wenhao was immediately captivated by her slender fingers holding the blue and green porcelain bowl. The subtle hues of the porcelain complemented the milky white of her fingertips as the water flowed over them. Due to the force she was exerting, a hint of peachy pink appeared on her fingernails, adding an exquisite charm.

Lu Wenhao's eyes were completely glued to her hand.

However, Bao Ruanruan quickly stacked the bowls and plates, dried her hands, and put on her cat-paw mittens, instantly blocking out the recently juxtaposed scene of cool white skin among the blue and green porcelain.

"Now that everything's washed, I'm off. Bye, everyone." Bao Ruanruan waved her cat-paw mittens and said goodbye to each guest.

Only then did Lu Wenhao suddenly come to his senses.


After the recording was finished, Bao Ruanruan got into the waiting nanny car.

When Chen Feng asked her if there were any interactive scenes that could be included in the final footage, Bao Ruanruan tried to recall for a moment before shaking her head.

"No, it was quite busy. There were a lot of guests and dishes to wash, so there wasn't any time for interaction."

Chen Feng and Xue Jing exchanged glances, a terrible premonition flashing through their minds. "Then how did you communicate with the other artists?"

"They told me which table the dishes were for, and I served them. Or they would bring me the dirty dishes, and I would wash them."

This... is outrageous!

"You recorded for twelve hours and only spoke a few sentences in front of the camera?" Chen Feng covered his forehead, "Did you show off your agility and skills?"

Xue Jing also lowered his crossed legs, his peach blossom eyes staring at her.

Bao Ruanruan blinked her eyes. "You probably don't know this, but villains usually die from talking too much."🦊

"What the hell!" Chen Feng instantly fainted in the driver's seat.

"Big Brother Xue, I think you can go home early; you don't have to wait for the betting deadline at the end of the year!"
There was no doubt that Bao Ruanruan would lose!
Anyone could become famous, but not her!

She's obviously Wonder Woman but doesn't know how to express herself!

Xue Jing felt his brain ache. He pressed his index finger to his temple and took a deep breath.

"From now on, you must watch half an hour of variety shows every day. Chen Feng, you make a list for her."
They had no choice but to start from scratch.

Newcomers who stole the spotlight on variety shows could be resented, so he didn't tell her to try to dominate the screen time.
But not stealing the spotlight didn't mean being completely silent.

What the hell is Huangtai doing? Did they raise her to be a salty fish and not teach her the ropes to be a guest in a variety show?

Xue Jing propped his forehead with his index finger, "Slowly cultivate your sense of variety. You will go to the film city for an audition in three days, so you should read the script tonight."

Bao Ruanruan had just opened a bottle of multivitamins and poured out a pill. Upon hearing the remark, her face drooped.

"I work from nine to five. I'm closed after five in the evening."


She rummaged through her bag again and pulled out a gift box and three signed photos. "Oh, right, I forgot to take these out last time. Can I sell them for money?" She would use that money to buy health supplements.

The signed photos and the gift box were all signed with Lu Wenhao's extravagant signature.

"...Where did you get those?"

"He gave them to me."


The Second Young Master Lu didn't seem to be very bright.


A week later, as Bao Ruanruan was on her way to an audition, 'Island Restaurant' aired on schedule.

The show, which usually only had a loyal following, surprisingly shot up to the eighth spot on the trending topics list!

#This Big Meow Dishwasher Is Cracking Me Up#

Xue Jing, who was about to board his flight, felt his phone vibrate.


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Footnotes Full List
  1. Something like this:
  2. Baidu is China's version of Google Search, and Baike means encyclopaedia. It looks more like a Wiki to me. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. A type of fan who imagines herself to be their favourite celebrity's girlfriend.
  4. That's true. I suddenly remembered Naruto. Didn't all the villains there talk too much before they lost or died? Oh wait, doesn't this happen in every anime?

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