DBAFSC Ch 7 : Audition For The Role Of A Palace Maid Who Is Going To Die

After boarding the plane.

Xue Jing put on his headphones, searched for the plane's wifi, and opened the 'Island Restaurant' feature episode.

As soon as the episode appeared on the screen, he was hit by a barrage of bullet comments.

[Why invite a mascot who dresses like this to work? Attention-seeker!]

[I'm back from the 12th minute again, hahahaha, I want to watch the dishwasher Meow Meow again, it's so funny. I apologise for questioning her just now!]

[Me too! Rewatching today's happiness again!]

[+1, see you again at 12 minutes and 39 seconds, comrades!]

"Are they talking about Xiao Baozi1?" This was the nickname Chen Feng had given to Bao Ruanruan.
He turned his head to look at the said girl who was sitting across the aisle from them on the plane.
She was wearing noise-cancelling earplugs, a light-blocking eye mask, and a blanket, sleeping sideways.

Such a carefree person!

Chen Feng shook his head and leaned over to look at the screen of the pad Xue Jing was holding.

In the scene on the screen, a fully armed Bao Ruanruan was the first to appear. Even before anything happened, some bullet comments were already laughing in advance.

What is going on?
Chen Feng was dying of curiosity and wanted to quickly fast-forward to 12 minutes.
But the next second, the scene changed to Bao Ruanruan entering the restaurant, swaying in a soft and cute plush cat costume, her furry paws carefully held in front of her.

As the island breeze blew in through the window, she tilted her head, and her cat ears seemed to sway in the wind, looking pink and tender.

The bullet comments were a bunch of [Ah, I'm so shallow and ignorant. Do variety shows still have mascots? So cute!], [That seems to be Meow Meow from Happy Saturday?], [Can a variety show mascot actually visit other variety shows? It feels unexpectedly familiar?], [Can it cook and work in that outfit? Doubtful] ...

Chen Feng clicked his tongue and sighed. "With her wearing a headgear, 99% of her attractiveness index has been sealed."
Is the costume enough to attract the audience?

If Bao Ruanruan took off her headgear, her appearance would be pure enough to attract geeks and fragile enough to attract mature men.
The range of damage was very wide.
If she didn't act out because of her love-filled brain, Huangtai Entertainment wouldn't have let her go.

Xue Jing glanced at him.

Chen Feng immediately shut up.

As he lowered his head to continue watching the show, he saw the scene on the screen change.
Bao Ruanruan waddled into the kitchen, and instead of doing the dishes that would be used for today, she borrowed a pen to write.

She began to draw a rectangle on the paper.

The cleaning power of the dishwashing liquid, the degree of damage to the hand, the residual chemical composition, and the amount of fragrance.
There were four points in total...

The big cat paw calculated seriously in front of the camera.

Chen Feng: "!?"

His eyes almost popped out of his head. What was she doing?

[Hahaha! Meow Meow is even serious about washing dishes!]
[I thought she was writing a paper! Are you sure she's washing dishes?]

A bunch of giggling and laughing barrage comments floated by.

Bao Ruanruan, on the screen, finally came to a conclusion.
"** dishwashing liquid is the best choice; it is gentle on the hands, strong in cleaning power, and has minimal chemical residue after rinsing. I'm buying it!"
"Director, can I go out and buy some ** dishwashing liquid?"

The amazing thing was that as soon as she mentioned the brand, her clear words were replaced by a beeping noise.
The subtitles were also blocked in post-production.

Later, the production team covered the dishwashing liquids, which she cheerfully bought back, with a mosaic.

Obviously, the brand was not a sponsor of the show, and the show refused to reveal the brand name.

This move is just too cheap!
Chen Feng didn't know what else to think.

The barrage of comments scrolling across the screen echoed the thoughts that were forming in his mind.

[Production team, you better show me the name of the dishwashing liquid!]
[What, even us, the paid Blu-ray VIPs, can't look at it?]

[I'll give you three minutes, production team, to tell me the name clearly! Otherwise - I'll get down on my knees and beg you to tell me.]
[Look at the last stroke she wrote — it looks like the radical for '斤 (jin)'?]

[斤 (jin)? Two words - OZ2 dishwashing liquid?]

[F*ck, the case is solved! Sure enough, the comments here are omnipotent! Comrades, I'm going to place an order now!]

This type of ad, which was unsponsored and abruptly inserted, actually stimulated the audience's desire to buy.
Even celebrities appearing on TV use this product!
Everyone had a herd mentality to follow the trend. After the barrage mentioned it, many people went looking for OZ dishwashing liquid.

After all, the mascot had seriously analysed three pages of paper on the subject and even looked up several papers on the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), looking very professional!

"I've done a horizontal comparison, integrated experimental data, and buyer reviews..."
"** is the worst among the 13 options..."

Bao Ruanruan's voice, which had mentioned the brand name in the video, was beeped again.

However, there were plenty of sharp-eyed detectives among the barrage of comments.

[Two characters?]
[Wow! The last character she circled seems to have the 'two water dots (冫)' radical.]
[It seems like there's also a 'right falling stroke3']
[Is it the Super Clean4 brand?]
[Oh my, I just bought a set of three bottles yesterday during 618]!
[Oh wow, thanks for the info, I'll return it immediately.]

The barrage of comments was all about the dishwashing liquids.

And then, everyone saw the scene of the big cat about to wash the dishes.

She clapped her hand twice, took off her two cat paws, and just as everyone was about to burst out laughing, they saw her reveal a pair of slender, fair wrists, less than a third the size of the cuffs, from the wide sleeves of the cat mascot costume.

Slim jade hands5, long slender longer fingers that were as delicate as scallions.
When those fingers held the greasy dishes, everyone on the bullet comments sighed.

No one expected a pair of beautiful hands, normally used to flick a zither and brew tea without disharmony, to emerge from the funny-looking suit.
Even the scorching heat of the summer was dispelled by her cold, fair skin.

[Hand complex benefit!]
[A bit sudden, but are those hands really free for me to see?]

[Suddenly, I understand why the cat cares so much about dishwashing liquid. With hands like that, of course, you have to find the best!]

The big cat in the scene quickly put on two layers of plastic gloves, carefully and meticulously, a somewhat unreasonable gesture that everyone found normal after seeing her beautiful hands.

She cleaned every nook and cranny of the dishes, finally boiling them in boiling water and righteously suggesting that Director Zheng buy a steriliser.

"Disease enters through the mouth. Sterilisation is our responsibility for the health of our bodies."

The audience laughed and was moved.

[She's so attentive.]
[If every restaurant had a dishwasher as responsible as her, I could let my child eat there without worry.]

[I never thought a mascot would be more particular about life than I am!]

[This is where we should @OZ, you owe the cat an advertising fee!]
[Director, buy a steriliser!]

For the next hour and a half, the footage had nothing to do with Bao Ruanruan.
However, Chen Feng took a deep breath and fully understood why she had become a trending topic.

"Big Brother Xue, you have an exceptional eye!"

Xue Jing's peach blossom eyes flickered, and in business class, he shifted his pair of long legs that could be fully stretched uncomfortably.
For the first time, he felt a little guilty about being praised.

"Oh, could it be that the six-word mantra you recited that day was actually effective?"


And in the next second, Cheng Feng's phone vibrated.
An unread email popped up from the email provided by the Weibo studio.

"Hello. I'm Zhu Guangsheng, the marketing manager of OZ. This email address was given to me by Director Zheng. I wonder if the Big Cat mascot would be willing to become an ambassador of our brand?"

Chen Feng: "......"

After a long silence, he swallowed.
"Big Brother Xue, OZ is the brand you invested in and acquired during your university days, right? Could it be that OZ's sales have suddenly skyrocketed because of her?"

Xue Jing asked the flight attendant for a glass of champagne and switched the view on the pad screen to the company's internal account.
At a glance, he read the data on the screen:
#OZ's hourly sales increased by 2549% year on year#

His peach blossom eyes twitched.

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In the central business district of Jiang City, on the 30th floor of the Hengyao Building, in the president's office.

"President Lu, the compensation for the unexpected elevator incident has been completed, and the public relations department has also issued an apology letter, but our share price is still falling."

Lu Wenyue did not lift his head, continuing to scan the investment documents before him.
He furrowed his brows, indicating that he understood.

However, the assistant did not leave.

Lu Wenyue looked up in displeasure.

For the past few days, his family elders had interrogated him about the embarrassing incident involving the young actress Bao Ruanruan, who caused a scene at his engagement ceremony. Even Yuxin, who was usually well-behaved, cried and said she was too ashamed to show her face in public. He was under pressure from both sides.

However, he couldn't bring himself to reveal that his relationship with Bao Ruanruan was merely a way to provoke Tang Yuxin. He had been secretly dating Yuxin for several years. Still, she was wholeheartedly focused on her acting career and refused to make their relationship public, always telling him to wait a few more years.

He had no choice but to pretend to be interested in Bao Ruanruan, a girl who bore some resemblance to Yuxin in appearance, in order to make Yuxin jealous and push her to marry him.

However, Tang Yuxin had a change of heart and was willing to give up her career for him. But Bao Ruanruan was ridiculously stupid, actually believing that her looks were enough to win his affection and clinging to him relentlessly!

She should have known better. What made her think she was worthy of him with her awkward acting or the constant ridicule she faced from the audience?
How could an ignorant, little, unknown person like her enter the prestigious Lu family?

He wanted to kick her out, terminate her contract with his entertainment company, and blacklist her from the industry, but Tang Yuxin, in her naive kindness, stopped him.
She said that Bao Ruanruan was simply too infatuated with him, which was no great offence, and that he should forgive her.
She even insisted that Bao Ruanruan should remain with the company and be treated as her junior in the future.


However, as soon as Yuxin shed a tear, he couldn't bring himself to say no.

Lu Wenyue's eyebrows furrowed in annoyance.

If he had just dealt with Bao Ruanruan firmly, she wouldn't have caused a scene at the engagement ceremony and embarrassed them. Now, he had to coax Yuxin and their respective parents every day.

Over the past few days, his temper had been very volatile. He looked at his assistant with displeasure and asked, "Is there anything else?"

The assistant swallowed nervously and replied, "Um, Super Clean, the premium dishwashing liquid we acquired last month, had 39,435 orders returned within three hours."

Lu Wenyue was taken aback. "What was the reason for that?"

"Er, a cat mascot in a restaurant variety show stepped on Super Clean."
The assistant nervously handed over the phone.

Lu Wenyue's eyes flickered.
The OZ brand had become their biggest competitor in the past two years.
Could OZ be stirring things up?

The assistant tapped on the phone in front of him. "OZ just hired her as a brand ambassador; this is a short video advertisement featuring her."

It's OZ, for sure.

Lu Wenyue frowned.

A cute, twisting cat immediately appeared on the phone screen.

"For the unsightly stains, just wash them with OZ!"

Her voice was clear and piercing, stabbing Lu Wenyue right through the screen.
It seemed like she was insulting some kind of garbage.

"Dirty things! Just like a scumbag, quickly disappear!"

Lu Wenyue, the newly crowned Internet scumbag, was taken aback: "?????"
I'm sorry, did I just get roasted?


"What? Super Clean is my family's brand?"
In the hotel, a dog-tired Lu Wenhao, who had been washing dishes and serving trays all day, collapsed on the bed and opened his eyes in surprise when he heard his agent's words.

The corner of his agent, Liu Xie's mouth twitched.
So, Young Master, you can't even remember the name of your family's business?

"How could my brother produce the worst product in the industry? It's impossible! It must be his subordinates who are cutting corners and keeping it from my brother. Darn it!"
Lu Wenhao got angry and sat up.

If the company had more responsible people, his brother wouldn't have to work overtime every day and be so exhausted.
His brother was a human being, not a god. Even if he worked until he vomited blood, he couldn't take care of all the details!

These people were just muddling along, eating and waiting for death7 by taking such high salaries, but in the end, they were not as impressive as one of his fans.

"Say, she is so smart; could she be my fan administrator?"

Liu Xie looked confused: "Who?"

Lu Wenhao rolled his eyes.

Next time, he would ask her himself if he had the chance!


While on the plane, Bao Ruanruan took some time to make a short video for OZ dishwasher liquid. When she landed, she discovered an outpouring of compliments and flattery for the 'Big Cat' online.

The #FunnyCat# post has been viewed a staggering 150 million times.

People commented on her cuteness and praised her skills, and there was even a trend of people following her in purchasing dishwashing liquid.

Participating in safety messages seemed like a good way to go.
Bao Ruanruan was very pleased with the current progress.

She was also content with the advertising revenue.
As a result, she bought Good Family's probiotics and vitamins on Taobao for herself.

If she earned more, she could buy some ginseng to replenish her body.

"Add to the shopping cart first..." Bao Ruanruan held her phone tightly.

Soon, they arrived at the teaching building rented by the crew for the audition.

Before Bao Ruanruan entered the audition studio, Xue Jing reminded her once again.

"This palace maid role has few lines, but you must remember the character's main theme: she is dedicated to protecting her master and is willing to sacrifice her life."

Before Bao Ruanruan could even speak, he motioned for her to get out of the nanny car and picked up his phone.

She could only shrug her shoulders and walked silently into the audition building.

The designated room was on the tenth floor.
When she arrived, she found that all the dozens of seats in the room were already filled, and many people were still standing in the open space.

And almost all of those waiting for the audition were young men and women with beautiful faces and neat clothes.

The staff handed Bao Ruanruan a work badge, "You are number 98. Wait for your number to be called before you enter the inner room."

Bao Ruanruan blinked her eyes.
There were so many people auditioning for these minor roles.
Luckily, she wasn't agoraphobic8. Otherwise, she would have wanted to escape right away.

She looked around the room and chose an empty space closest to the window.

Looking at the script excerpt in her hand - to die while saving the young lady - Bao Ruanruan tilted her head.
Within seconds, her face contorted in pain as she clutched her chest, recalling the countless painful memories of her own death.
An overwhelming wave of fear washed over her.

"Someone is actually willing to die?" Bao Ruanruan muttered.

No matter how painful it was, she wanted to hold on to her last breath.
Only by living could there be hope; she simply wanted to live longer than anyone else!
She never wanted to experience the pain of repeated death again!

And in this world, once you die, you're completely gone, right?

Bao Ruanruan took a deep breath, and her exquisite eyes were filled with a strong desire to survive.
"I want to live until the end..."

Next to her, a young man in black who had originally closed his eyes suddenly opened a pair of sleepy eyes and gazed at her as she spoke.

When he saw the exquisite watery eyes above her mask and the intense will to survive in them, a trace of surprise flickered in his sleepy little eyes!

The author has something to say:

Ruanruan: There's no way I can possibly block the blade. Let Miss do it herself...
Xue Jing: ??

Footnotes Full List
  1. xiao=little, baozi=steamed stuffed bun
  2. It is written as 奥斯 (ào sī). The character for 斯 () is a combination of 其 () and 斤 (jīn).
  3. .
  4. The characters for Super Clean in Chinese are 超净(chāo jìng). 超 (chāo) has the 'right falling stroke', and 净 (jìng) has the two water dots (冫) radical.
  5. lily-white hands
  6. This person has a hand fetish.
  7. Chinese idiom: someone who is not actively engaged in meaningful activities or pursuing goals, but instead, is just going through the motions and waiting for time to pass without any purpose or ambition.


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