ROHYX Chapter 500 : Purging (2)

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The following morning, Cao De and Jiang Bin heard that Yun Qing had killed Geng Jichen and Kang Donglin and raided their families. They said that the wheel of fengshui was constantly turning, but this time, it was turning too fast.

Upon hearing this news, Cao De's expression turned grim. "Yun Qing is incredibly bold." Geng Jichen and Kang Donglin were both third-rank generals, and Yun Qing killed them and raided their families without hesitation. His audacity was genuinely extraordinary.

Jiang Bin, believing that both Yun Qing and Han Shi were ruthless killers, hastily urged, "Sir, let's hurry back!" He feared that if they stayed any longer, their lives would be in danger.

Previously, Cao De thought Yun Qing was easy to talk to. Still, now that he had seen Yun Qing ruthlessly eliminate Geng Jichen and Kang Donglin without hesitation, he began to feel uneasy. He said, "Get everything ready. We will return to the capital tomorrow." When they reached the capital this time, he would definitely file a serious complaint against Yun Qing. As for Han Shi, there was no way she could be allowed to remain.

This time, Yun Qing showed no mercy. Not only did he kill Geng Jichen and Kang Donglin, but he also wiped out all of their trusted confidants. His methods were brutal and bloody. The reappearance of Yun Qing's iron fist approach had successfully intimidated everyone, and no one dared to utter a word.

Zhao Zhuo told General Zhao, "Dad, Yun Qing has been lukewarm for half a year since he took over, and I thought he had changed his ways. I didn't expect him to just be waiting for an opportunity." Now that the opportunity had arrived, the blade had fallen.

General Zhao replied, "It is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one's character. How could he possibly have changed his nature? However, with Han Shi assisting him, his actions are no longer as simple and straightforward as before." People who were crude and direct were easy to deal with; the current situation was so confusing to people that it was a big problem.

Zhao Zhuo said, "Dad, Geng Jichen and Kang Donglin were third-rank generals. Will the Imperial Court punish Yun Qing for killing them without hesitation?" Although he knew the possibility was slim, he still hoped the court would punish Yun Qing. If Yun Qing were to step down, only his father would have the qualifications and ability to take over as the chief general of Yu City.

General Zhao shook his head. "The court will not punish Yun Qing for his crimes." Yun Qing controlled a hundred thousand troops in Yu City and had amassed millions of silver from raiding the Xu family. The court feared him so much that they couldn't even pacify him, let alone put him on trial. That was why Yun Qing and Han Shi acted so unscrupulous. Ultimately, it was due to the incompetence of the current Imperial Court.

Hearing this, Zhao Zhuo expressed his concern and said, "Dad, since we have been remaining on the sidelines this time, do you think Yun Qing will hold a grudge against us?" They had initially hoped to be the ones to fix the leak1, but in the end, they had gained nothing.

General Zhao shook his head. "Yun Qing isn't so small-minded that he would hold a grudge for this. However, I'm afraid there will be a rift between us now, and it will be difficult to regain his trust. It doesn't matter much to me, as I'm getting old, but you're still young!" If he had known that Yun Qing was prepared and the Imperial Envoys were so incompetent, he would have sided with Yun Qing earlier. It also reflected his underestimation of Yun Qing and his wife.

After breakfast, Yuxi called for Master Yang and said, "Master Yang, you know many people in the jianghu2, could you please ask them for help?"

Master Yang asked, "What is it? If it's too big, I can't let people help for free." Yuxi wouldn't ask for his help unless it was something important. And, of course, there would be a price for helping.

Yuxi replied, "If we let those people know that the Imperial Commissioner is returning with a full load of treasure, I believe many will be interested." There were countless bandits and horse thieves between Yu City and the capital. If these people knew that Cao De was carrying gold and silver treasures, they wouldn't care whether he was an Imperial Commissioner or not.

Master Yang's eyes gleamed as he asked, "Han girl, you're not one to seek revenge for a dirty look3. What's your real intention?"

Yuxi chuckled as she answered, "I am indeed that kind of person. They ransacked my residence and turned it upside down. I won't be satisfied until they pay with their lives."

Master Yang was not like Yu Zhi and Zijin. He didn't believe Yuxi would plot to kill Cao De just because she was angry. He was sure she had a plan, and the benefits of the plan outweighed the risks of murdering an Imperial Commissioner. However, he didn't want to pry too deeply. In these chaotic times, the more powerful Yun Qing and Yuxi became, the safer his own life would be. "Ten thousand taels of silver. The man is reliable. Ten thousand taels of silver can eliminate all future problems." This meant that even if the Imperial Commissioner was killed and the court investigated, they would never trace it back to Yuxi.

When Yuxi heard the price of ten thousand taels of silver, her face fell. "I only have two thousand taels left. Where am I supposed to find ten thousand taels for you?" She had spent all her money on acquiring properties, even the ten thousand taels the Zhao family had given her. Now, she had no idea where to find another ten thousand taels.

Master Yang said, "Doesn't the Charity Home still have tens of thousands of taels of silver? If you're really stuck, you can take it from there. You can always replenish it later when you have the money."

Yuxi didn't hesitate for a second before saying, "No, it's not my money. How can I use it?" This precedent was out of the question. Once you have done it, there will be a second time. Therefore, this suggestion was unacceptable.

Master Yang said, "If you're unwilling, go to Yun Qing. He just got millions of taels of silver from the Xu family. Borrowing a thousand taels of gold from him shouldn't be a problem. It's not like you're embezzling it. You can pay him back when you have the money." Seeing Yuxi's frown, he added, "You have to be flexible! Otherwise, once the Imperial Envoys leave, it'll be too late to say anything."

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Yuxi still shook her head. "No, that money isn't ours; how can we use it?" Then, she added, "But can't we offer something in exchange? Like gold?"

Master Yang looked at Yuxi and asked, "You're not going to use your own jewellery, are you? Let me tell you, those people only care about the weight of the gold and silver, not the craftsmanship. If you take those jewellery pieces to them, you'll lose out big time." Some of Yuxi's expensive jewellery was worth thousands of taels, and they were worth that much because of their exquisite craftsmanship. If they were only valued by weight, she would definitely lose a lot of money.

Yuxi wouldn't use her own jewellery. "No, it's some gold objects and gems." It was time to use the things Yun Qing had hidden in his study. If they were left unused, they would simply gather dust.

Master Yang said, "That's fine; it's best if it's still a valuable gemstone; I'm okay with carrying things that aren't too heavy." This was something that he definitely needed to do himself.

Yuxi nodded. "Okay, you go get ready first. Go find Uncle Huo tonight and have him give you the items." Besides Yun Qing and her, only Huo Changqing knew where the items were stored. It was inconvenient for her to get the items from the study, but it was much easier for Huo Changqing.

Mr Yang smiled and responded, "What's there to prepare? Just pack some clothes, and we're ready to go. But I want Yu Zhi to come with me!" Yu City was now under Yun Qing's control, so there was no need to worry about Yu Xi's safety. That was why he wanted to bring Yu Zhi along to move around outside.

Yuxi replied: "Okay."

In order to get Huo Changqing to retrieve the items from the study, it was necessary to explain the cause to him. After listening to Yuxi, Huo Changqing said, "Cao De is an Imperial Commissioner. If he dies, the Crown Prince will surely suspect we had a hand in it. That would put us in a very passive position."

Yuxi chuckled and said, "Master Yang has already assured me that this matter will not be traced back to us." Since Master Yang had given such a guarantee, it meant that the person he had found was highly reliable.

Huo Changqing still trusted Master Yang's abilities and asked, "Why is it necessary to kill Cao De? You're not the type to act rashly." Although Cao De led his troops to raid Yun Residence, it suffered no significant losses. It didn't seem reasonable to kill Cao De just for that. It was too risky, given the high stakes involved.

Yuxi explained: "The Crown Prince will be furious if the Imperial Commissioner is killed by bandits. At that time, he will definitely order troops to suppress the bandits. And that will be Yun Qing's opportunity."

Huo Changqing's eyes brightened, but he quickly shook his head. "Even if there is an operation to suppress the bandits, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Shaanxi-Gansu Governor. The Crown Prince wouldn't permit the Northwest Army to participate in that operation."

Yuxi said: "If the Governor of Shaanxi and Gansu had such capability, where would there be bandits and horse thieves in Shaanxi and Gansu? However, the Crown Prince will definitely send Ji Xuan to suppress the bandits first. If Ji Xuan fails, he will surely send the Northwest Army next."

Huo Changqing thought this plan was somewhat dangerous, but it would give them a chance. It was still a good deal to trade Cao De for this opportunity. "Okay, it's better not to use the things in the secret passage. I still have some money here, so I'll give it to Master Yang!"

Yuxi felt a little embarrassed and said, "How could I accept Uncle Huo's things?"

Huo Changqing smiled, "Zaozao's mother, we are all one family; why are you being so polite? Those things won't be worth much if you sell them here. If you find an opportunity to sell them in Jiangnan, you should be able to get a good price." 'Zaozao's mother' was what Huo Changqing called Yuxi now. It might sound ordinary, but it had a grounded and relatable quality to it.

Seeing this, Yuxi stopped being polite and said to Huo Changqing, "Thank you, Uncle Huo." After a pause, she whispered, "Uncle Huo, I don't want Yun Qing to know about this matter." As Mama Lan said, if a wife became too strong and capable, the husband would indeed have other thoughts and considerations over time. Perhaps Yun Qing could be an exception, but Yuxi didn't dare to take that chance.

Huo Changqing was slightly surprised but quickly understood and didn't try to persuade her. It was good that Yuxi had such concerns, which showed she valued Yun Qing highly. Huo Changqing said, "In the future, if there's anything inconvenient for you to do, just let me know, and I'll take care of it." When a woman could decide the fate of dozens of people with a single word, ordinary people would undoubtedly think of her as ruthless. However, Huo Changqing didn't see it that way. As long as she didn't harm innocent people and kill them indiscriminately, it was still acceptable. In a sense, Yuxi was lucky to have met such an open-minded and generous elder.

Master Yang went to find Huo Changqing that night. He planned to take the money and leave. The sooner this was done, the better, as it would be easy to delay things if it was done later.

Huo Changqing handed Master Yang the prepared box of gold and said, "Inside are gold bars." If Master Yang hadn't stated in advance that he only wanted gold and silver, he would have given him silver notes. Silver notes were so convenient to carry. Not only were gold and silver too heavy to hold, but they were also eye-catching.

Master Yang opened the box and looked at the shining gold inside. "Since Yun Qing still has so much money, why didn't he take it out and let the Han girl spend her dowry instead?"

Huo Changqing said, "This money was given to me by Old Master Yun, and now it's almost used up. I wanted to give some to Zaozao's mother before, but with her temperament, she wouldn't accept it unless she was in need of money." Now that Yuxi truly needed money, she wouldn't refuse.

Master Yang said, "That's more like it. That girl has been completely devoted to you two, uncle and nephew. You better treat her well and not bully her, or else I'll be the first to object."

Huo Changqing laughed. "Nothing like that will happen, don't worry!" When Yun Qing first married Yuxi, he had already told Yun Qing to treat Yuxi well. Not to mention that Yuxi had now saved his life as well.

Footnotes Full List
  1. Chinese metaphor: (slang) to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity
  2. lit. rivers and lakes—people who wander from place to place and live by their wits, e.g. fortune tellers, quack doctors, itinerant entertainers, etc., who are regarded as a social group
  3. Chinese idiom: small-minded

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