ROHYX Chapter 501 : Purging (3)

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The weather was sunny, and Yuxi held Zaozao in her arms as they stood in the vegetable garden, watching everyone level the ground. They had spent the past two days tidying up the courtyard and finally had the chance to organise this vegetable plot today.

Zijin suggested, "Madam, why don't we plant trees instead of vegetables? If we plant vegetables, they'll be bare in the winter. It's better to plant evergreen pine trees!"

Yuxi was speechless when she heard this. "If you want to plant trees, you have to wait until spring. If you plant them now, how will they possibly survive?" This girl really has no common sense at all.

Zijin muttered to herself that she hadn't said to plant them now.

Mama Lan interjected from the side, "Madam, I think it's better to build a greenhouse. With a greenhouse, we won't have to worry about not having fresh vegetables in the winter. If there's too much, we can even send it to the restaurant." Vegetables were scarce here even in normal years, let alone in winter. So Mama Lan thought that building a greenhouse to grow vegetables would be the most cost-effective option.

Yuxi shook her head. "The cost of a greenhouse is too high; it's not feasible." Building a greenhouse would be like burning money. Furthermore, apart from the cost, she lacked expertise in this area.

As they were talking, they heard Shiliu walk over and say, "Madam, Er Nainai1 Zhao is here and has already arrived at the front courtyard!'"

Yuxi knew that Tu Qingmei would visit today but hadn't expected her to come so early. She immediately carried Zaozao back to the inner courtyard.

Tu Qingmei2's visit this time had two purposes. First, she wanted to see how Yuxi was doing, and second, she had a favour to ask of Yuxi. Tu Qingmei's tangdi3 worked under Kang Donglin's command. When Yun Qing executed Kang Donglin, Geng Jichen, and their trusted subordinates, even though it didn't implicate the lower-ranking soldiers, they were still worried. Even if Yun Qing wouldn't settle accounts with them after autumn4, their promotions would definitely be affected. Tu Qingmei's tangdi3 wanted to be transferred from the original military camp. Even if he couldn't join Yun Qing's personal army, he could at least enter the troops led by Yun Qing's trusted generals.

After hearing this, Yuxi smiled and asked, "Why didn't your tangdi3 go to the Zhao family's military camp?" General Zhao was also one of the top figures in Yu City.

Tu Qingmei shook her head. "Not only my tangdi3 but also my elder brother and my father are not allowed to join the Zhao family army. As for the reason, I don't know either. Yuxi, if it's inconvenient, then forget it."

Yuxi shook her head and said, "If it's a matter within the household, I can still help, but military affairs are beyond my control. However, I think your tangdi3 and his wife are overthinking things. As long as he performs well and accumulates enough merit, he will definitely be promoted and given more opportunities. These opportunities will inevitably be given to those around him🦊."

When Zijin, standing nearby, heard Yuxi's words, a smile appeared on her face. Madam's lies were really smooth. There was nothing about the inside or outside of this place that Madam didn't know.

Tu Qingmei smiled and said, "I said the same thing, but my dimei6 is still worried. Once I tell her about this, she should be reassured." Since he wasn't her own younger brother, she wasn't too concerned about it either.

Yuxi didn't pursue the subject further but instead brought up Tu Qingmei's pregnancy: "Your pregnancy is almost two months along, and it seems quite well-behaved!" Many people experience adverse reactions during the early stages of pregnancy, and Yuxi had some as well, although not severe.

Tu Qingmei replied, "These two months have been quite good." The baby was not yet three months old, so it was too early to say. Even after three months, many people still had strong reactions.

Tu Qingmei gently touched her belly and expressed, "I just hope this one is a son." With a son, her heart would be at ease.

Yuxi smiled and said, "Don't worry, this one will definitely be a son." In fact, the baby was only two months old. Even the Imperial Physicians wouldn't dare to say for sure whether it would be a boy or a girl. Yuxi only said this to comfort Tu Qingmei.

Hearing this, a smile appeared on Tu Qingmei's face as she said, "Speaking of which, Zaozao is also approaching six months now. Shouldn't you think about having another child?" Seeing Yuxi's nonchalant expression, Tu Qingmei continued, "I know you're not worried, but you should think about General Yun. He's already twenty-three this year and will be twenty-four next year. Many men his age already have sons who are five or six years old. So, Yuxi, you really should hurry up." General Yun's current status and influence were far different from before, and if some vixen were to seduce him and bear him a son, Yuxi would have nowhere to turn.

Yuxi smiled. "Let's discuss this after Zaozao is ten months old and weaned." She also wanted a son, but such things couldn't be rushed. She'd studied pharmacology herself and knew that it was best to have a one-year gap between pregnancies. Too frequent pregnancies could cause severe damage to the mother's body. Yuxi had experienced the hardships of growing up without a mother, so she would rather delay having a child and make sure her body was in the best possible condition. Otherwise, if she had a difficult delivery or complications, she might find relief by parting with her own life, but it would be the child who would suffer.

Tu Qingmei, being observant herself, noticed the situation and decided not to insist any further. "It's almost the eleventh month now, Yuxi. Isn't it time to start the Qingming Hall classes?" General Yun used to focus only on the orphans of the Yun family army. But now that he had become the chief general of Yu City, the Qingming Hall intake should not only be open to the children of the Yun family army.

Yuxi nodded. "The children from the Charity Home are about to move into their new home. Once they move out, the Qingming Hall can open for classes. There will definitely be more students this time than last year. I'm not sure if the three-entrance residence will be big enough." This time, the school would be open to orphans from all over Yu City, as well as children from the Charity Home who meet the requirements. The number of students might double.

Tu Qingmei said, "With so many children, the expenses will be considerable. Will there be enough money?" With hundreds of people, even the monthly cost of food would be enormous.

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Yuxi replied, "I can still afford three meals a day." Providing three meals daily was manageable, but anything more was beyond her means.

Tu Qingmei said, "Yuxi, let me be frank with you. It's commendable that you have a kind heart and want to help these children, but you shouldn't use up all your family's resources. You must also think of your own children's future." She believed it was good to do good deeds but within reasonable limits. Yuxi's selflessness in using her dowry to help others was too extreme. If all her money was spent on others, nothing would be left for her children. She was selfless to others but cruel to her own children.

Yuxi heard the implication of Tu Qingmei's words and responded with a smile, "Tu Jiejie7, there's an old saying that goes, 'If you rely on mountains, they will collapse; if you rely on people, they will grow old.' If my children are capable, they will make their own fortunes. If not, I still have land and shops. In the future, even if they have to live on rent, they can still eat and wear clothes without worrying. Anything more than that is unnecessary. Having too much money can actually bring trouble instead of security." If she had a spendthrift child, even a mountain of gold and silver could be squandered.

Yuxi's perspective on this matter was also influenced by her observations of Qiu Shi. Her Dage8 and Er Ge9 never paid attention to their mother's private wealth, allowing Qiu Shi to spend freely. When she spent considerable sums on charity, the two brothers had no objection. Therefore, instead of focusing on leaving a large inheritance for her children, it would be better to think about cultivating them into talented individuals.

Tu Qingmei smiled and shook her head twice before saying, "Meimei10, you really have a big heart."

When Tu Shi returned to the Zhao residence, she told Madam Zhao about her conversation with Yuxi. Although she acknowledged the reasoning behind Yuxi's words, and her argument made sense, she personally couldn't bring herself to spend all her money on other people's children.

After listening, Madam Zhao sighed with emotion. "A virtuous mother brings blessings for three generations11. Yun Qing is truly fortunate to have married Han Shi!' She had seen and experienced a lot over the years, and only then did she understand this principle. However, she did not expect Han Shi to be so insightful at such a young age.

Da Nainai12 Zhao disagreed, saying, "That's what they say, but I don't believe she's really willing to give away all her dowry. Besides, if she's that kind-hearted, why doesn't she take in all the orphans in Yu City? Why does she have to stipulate that they can only be the children of martyrs?" Ultimately, Madam Han only did this to win people's hearts.

Madam Zhao frowned. "While Han Shi's actions can be seen as an attempt to win people's favour, not everyone can do it as well as she can." Madam Zhao's perspective was quite different from Da Nainai12 Zhao's. She believed that Yuxi was the brilliant one who knew how to assess her abilities and act accordingly rather than engaging in acts of kindness without principles.

Sensing her mother-in-law's displeasure, Da Nainai12 Zhao stopped speaking.

Madam Zhao shook her head, realising that her earlier intention to encourage her eldest daughter-in-law to build a good relationship with Han Shi would have to be abandoned. Han Shi was so intelligent that if she spent more time with her eldest daughter-in-law, she would surely discover her true thoughts. It might end up backfiring and causing unnecessary complications.

That same afternoon, Yu Cong escorted the twenty gold, silver and jewellery boxes back to Yu City. These items were openly and directly deposited into the military storeroom.

When Yun Qing returned, he told Yuxi, "The secret passage has been sealed. Yuxi, I want to change the meeting place to the residence." In the future, when he had difficult decisions to make, he could discuss them with Yuxi. If they were at the military headquarters, it would be too far away, and it would be inconvenient to ask Yuxi about many things.

Yuxi naturally hoped that Yun Qing would work at the residence, as this would mean that he would spend most of his time at home, allowing them to spend more time together as a couple. "That's really great," she replied.

Thinking ahead, Yun Qing said, "I plan to buy the neighbouring residence and join it to ours. That way, the estate will be more spacious." The left side would be reserved for the children and should not be occupied by anyone else. With the increasing number of people following him, the current three-entrance residence was not enough to accommodate everyone.

Yuxi nodded with a smile and asked, "When Yu Cong brought those items back, they must have run into Cao De and his group on the way. Did they say anything?" Both groups were travelling on the main road, going back and forth, so it would be unlikely that they would not run into each other.

Yun Qing removed his coat as he replied, "Yu Cong said they didn't encounter Cao De and his group." He paused momentarily and explained to Yuxi, "Yu Cong and the others travelled through the night without taking any breaks. Perhaps they simply missed each other on the road."

Yuxi thought Yu Cong might have received advance notice; otherwise, it would have been too coincidental for them to avoid Cao De and his group like this. However, it was best that they didn't meet to avoid any conflicts. She asked, "According to the schedule, the grain and military supplies from Jiangnan should have arrived by now. Why is there still no news? I hope nothing unexpected has happened. If something went wrong, it would be a big problem.

Yun Qing responded, "The journey has been delayed due to heavy rain. However, Yu Cong has received word that the shipment of grain and fodder has reached Xinping City and will soon arrive in Yu City."

Yuxi breathed a sigh of relief. Once the shipment reached Xinping City, she wouldn't have to worry anymore. "What about the beddings, uniforms and other supplies? Were they damaged?" she asked.

Yun Qing shook his head. "We haven't received any updates on that yet, but there shouldn't be any problems!" If the grain and fodder were fine, then the military supplies should also be fine.

Footnotes Full List
  1. er=second, nainai=young mistress of a family
  2. green plum
  3. a male cousin who is the son of one's father's brother
  4. Chinese idiom for postponing punishment or revenge until a later time
  5. I actually have difficulty understanding this sentence 积攒了足肯定是要留给身边的人. After checking with Poe's Gemini AI, it explained that 'Tu Qingmei's cousin would have the chance to elevate and benefit those who had supported him, including his wife and family, after he had progressed in his career'.
  6. younger brother's wife; sister-in-law
  7. elder sister, which can also be used for intimate older female acquaintances
  8. eldest brother
  9. er=second, ge=elder brother, short form for Gege
  10. younger sister, which can also be used for intimate younger female acquaintances
  11. Chinese proverb: A mother who possesses good character, wisdom and nurturing qualities will not only positively influence her own children but will also bring blessings and prosperity to her family for generations to come.
  12. da=eldest, nainai=a young mistress of a family


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