DBAFSC Ch 12 : She Doesn't Want To Lose Her Life While Shooting

At ten o'clock in the morning, Bao Ruanruan witnessed Chen Feng personally using the studio's account to repost the drama's lines compilation on Weibo.

Feeling slightly nervous, she held her thermos of chrysanthemum tea and opened her Weibo back-end.

Her followers would decrease.
Her haters would leave.

Once the drop was complete, she could peacefully retire from the entertainment industry.

Back-end followers count: 591,293.

An hour later, the numbers began to change as expected.

Bao Ruanruan's eyes widened in pleasant surprise.

Followers count → 592,435!

Excellent, it has increased by a thousand!
Bao Ruanruan almost jumped up in excitement, but a second later, her face turned pale as she clutched her chest and fell onto the sofa.

Her hopes were dashed.

Under the studio's Weibo post, comments started to appear sparsely.

[Bao Ruanruan still has roles to play?]
[Please don't pollute my eyes, okay! Such rubbish acting!]

[I clicked in just to make fun of her awkward acting.]
[+1, I'm here to curse her.]

However, these few active anti-fan accounts remained quiet for a while without spewing any more trash talk.
Instead, the comments section was full of question marks.

[Which one is her character video?]
[Where is the exaggerated-expression-and-insignificant Bao???]
[I couldn't find it, but I discovered a treasure. The last one, the experienced actress playing the antagonist, showed incredible acting skills. Her fierce and tormented expression sent shivers down my spine. Highly recommended.]

[Oh? Let me have a look.]

The commentator just wanted to have a look at the said video.
Only to break out in a cold sweat after watching it.

In the 10-second video, a woman dressed in palace attire appeared dishevelled, with messy long hair and a crooked hairpin. Her fair and delicate swan-like neck and beautiful oval face were only faintly visible, indicating that she was a beautiful actress.
However, she bore no burden of being a beauty. In her tear-filled eyes, there was a towering hatred born from her fall into hell, an unquenchable burning flame that distorted and terrified her originally beautiful and slender eyes.

She lunged at the camera with both hands, delivering her lines in a heartbreaking manner that startled the audience and gave them goosebumps.

[My scalp is tingling... I'm totally immersed in her character!]
[Unfortunately, being in the same production as Bao Ruanruan will even drag that experienced actress down.]

[Who is she? Her facial features look somewhat familiar. Have I seen any of her dramas?]

Everyone was deeply moved.
Curious about her identity, someone checked the cast list released by the production team and instantly suffocated.

[I have a riddle for you; can you guess who this is?]


On the cast list, Bao Ruanruan's name was clearly written for the role of Consort Yu.

Everyone was stunned.
Not only the haters but even Bao Ruanruan's original fans were extremely surprised.

——Wasn't she supposed to be a flower vase beauty who was a disgrace when she acted?

——Did our Sister put on a resurrection armour? I've never seen her act so well before!


Looking at the increasing number of followers from the back-end, Bao Ruanruan felt a bit anxious.

"Not bad. It was such an effective promotion." Chen Feng expressed his satisfaction at gaining over 1,500 followers from a single character make-up and costume session, and they were all active followers.

Cut it out; she would rather have an ineffective promotion.
Bao Ruanruan immediately took three sips of chrysanthemum tea to cool down.

"It's not like all the new followers are anti-fan accounts. If you look at the private messages, there are quite a few genuine fans. 'Sob sob, Sis, you're finally building your career!' 'I'm back again. I believe in you, Sis. I can tell from the look in your eyes during the character make-up and costume session that you've been betrayed by a scumbag! Let's start from scratch now, I'm on your side!'..." Chen Feng read out some supportive messages from fans.

Bao Ruanruan thought of Tang Yuxin, the movie queen with over sixty million followers. If she engaged in a battle with her sea of fans, they could easily overshadow her 1,500 followers in a single round.

Bao Ruanruan took a deep breath.
Baobao's heart felt bitter1.


On the day of the shoot at the island restaurant, Bao Ruanruan cherished it even more.

After filming a scene for the drama, she realised how lucky she was to be recorded as a mascot.

No matter what she did, no one would know who she was.

The haters wouldn't hunt her down to this show, and she could earn money while feeling completely at ease.

She was happy.

The July sun on the island was scorching, and the fine white sand shimmered and reflected the bright light.

People who wore thinner shoes could feel their soles burning as they stepped on it.

But Bao Ruanruan didn't feel the heat. Instead, she hummed a song while holding her thermos in her cat costume. She happily walked into the restaurant where the filming was taking place.

Cameras were everywhere, and a dozen or so accompanying cameramen were already on standby.

As soon as she entered the restaurant, she was in the camera's view.

But she wasn't the first to arrive.

The kitchen was already filled with the sound of hushed conversations.

Bao Ruanruan could hear it clearly even before she entered.

"Everyone's not here yet, so please don't confiscate my phone." 
During the filming of the show, every guest's phone would be taken away.

Bao Ruanruan instantly recognised the voice. It belonged to Qu Feifei, the youngest guest on 'Island Restaurant', a member of a girl group.

Bao Ruanruan had a strong impression of her. Although they hadn't interacted much in the previous shots, Qu Feifei performed a girl group dance based on martial arts in the lobby during lunch, which left an impression.

Her chopstick skills, combined with martial arts moves, were powerful. When her hands made piercing motions in the air, they made a whistling sound.

She was a girl who could survive in a thriller game and shouldn't be underestimated.

Her combat skills were not low.

"Xiao Qu, you have to follow the program rules."

"Alright, fine. Just give me a minute, no, no, half a minute. Let me finish promoting Sis Tangtang's new movie!"

Bao Ruanruan: "!"
Sis Tangtang?
Tang Yuxin?

In an instant, alarm bells went off in Bao Ruanruan's head!

"Xiao Qu, time's up."

"Ah, hold on, I still have three more alternate accounts to switch to. It'll be quick."

A chill ran down Bao Ruanruan's spine.
Pressing against the cat's head, she took two steps back.

Is she also a devoted fan of Tang Yuxin, who uses pseudonyms to falsify data?

Bao Ruanruan swallowed nervously.
She shouldn't be here; she should have stayed in the car.

"Oh, you're here?" Director Zheng walked out of the kitchen and saw her standing at the door as he waved his hand. "Come in quickly."

Bao Ruanruan hesitated for a moment. "We may be running out of dishwashing liquid; I'll go buy some."

Director Zheng chuckled in frustration. "I've already bought it."

As they handed over their phones and Qu Feifei appeared on the lonely and awkward camera, she immediately jumped up, showed great interest, and rushed out of the kitchen. "Since everyone hasn't arrived yet, let's go buy some snacks!"

Qu Feifei was dressed in overalls today, with her hair combed into two buns and her face rosy. She was clearly following the cute idol route.
As she hurried out, she hooked her arm onto the soft and fluffy paw of the cat.

Bao Ruan Ruan's muscles stiffened.
Subconsciously, she moved a few inches, wanting to distance herself.

And Qu Feifei, who had her arm hooked to this cat's furry arm, regretted it in the first second.
Subconsciously, she wanted to be close to the other guests on camera, but the summer on the island was too hot.

Now, the fur of this cuddly animal costume rubbed against her arm, making her skin feel sticky and uncomfortable.

But if she shook off the mascot's arm, would viewers think she was having a celebrity tantrum? Would they perceive her attitude towards a mascot worker as rude?

Qu Feifei was faced with a dilemma when she heard a soft yet breezy girl's voice coming cautiously from inside the headgear.

"Teacher Qu, I'm going to get a basket."
The cat's arm slipped smoothly out of Qu Feifei's grasp as she spoke.

Qu Feifei immediately breathed a sigh of relief as her arm was released.
The stuffy feeling was gone, replaced by a refreshing coolness.
She developed a liking for this considerate cat in an instant.

As they stepped outside, the big cat held an umbrella with one paw and carried a shopping basket with the other.

Qu Feifei felt a bit embarrassed when she noticed sweat dripping down the girl's neck through the gaps in the furry headgear.
"How about you take off the headgear, and we go to the supermarket to enjoy some air conditioning?"

If I take it off, you'll probably poke me in the head with chopsticks.
You, who used three fake accounts to manipulate data, are my nemesis.
Do you know that?

Bao Ruanruan waved her hands repeatedly, clutching the headgear, unwilling to let go even if it meant sweat pouring down her face.

Seeing her stubborn and clueless behaviour, Qu Feifei suddenly recalled her part-time job handing out leaflets while studying in Jiangcheng.

Working under the scorching sun every day was hard and tiring, but she had to grit her teeth and endure without saying a word, and she had to smile when she met passers-by.
By the time she returned to the dormitory each night, her back was covered with heat rashes.

She, too, had overcome hardship.

We are all workers in this world.

Qu Feifei felt an instant kinship with this mascot working girl.

"From now on, stick with me in the restaurant. I'll try to get you some shots."

Life-threatening shot?

Bao Ruanruan crossed her arms in an X shape. "The director just wants me to wash the dishes properly."

Qu Feifei laughed. "Why are you so honest?"

After Qu Feifei went out and returned to the Chinese restaurant, she had a positive impression of the quiet mascot.

In fact, when all the guests finally gathered, Qu Feifei would often call out to Bao Ruan Ruan, giving her more screen time beyond her washing duties.

"Big Cat, can you help me chop some green onions?"
"Big Cat..."

After ten minutes, Bao Ruanruan, unable to bear it any longer, solemnly approached Qu Feifei and lowered her voice, "Sis, I think we should keep a certain distance when we're in front of the camera."

Qu Feifei was shocked. "What's the problem with us getting close?"

Getting close to you would bring me bad luck.
I'm doomed if I'm in the shot.

Bao Ruanruan made an effort to soften her voice. "Wearing a cat costume, being large in size and brightly coloured, I would steal the spotlight at a glance. While everyone works in the kitchen, the audience should see your dexterity in cooking, Sis. How can I attract everyone's attention and waste their time with my clumsiness?"

Qu Feifei made a sound of understanding.

Everyone in the entertainment industry was competing, fighting for the spotlight and resources. 
But no one had ever discussed this matter openly.

Yet, Bao Ruanruan gently touched her head and spoke sincerely, word by word, "Sister is the main dish; I'm just a side dish. I just want to cheer for Sister from a distance."

Upon hearing this, Qu Feifei blushed.
She also had a good number of fans on Weibo, and she had experienced the cheers of live audiences during the girl group's activities.
However, she hadn't experienced many one-on-one interactions at such a close range.

Moreover, the little girl's voice was soft and sweet. As soon as she spoke, it felt as if a gentle breeze had blown into the kitchen and swept across Qu Feifei's flushed face.

Qu Feifei turned her head to look at the cat, swaying back and forth as it walked out of the frame. It felt like a small hand had grasped her heart, causing it to skip a beat.

Wasn't this just like the way she admired her sister Tang Yuxin, which had made her hesitant to enter the film industry and appear in the same frame as her sister for fear of undermining her sister's level?
Just supporting her sister from afar was enough.
She thought so, too.
She empathised with everything Big Cat said.

Qu Feifei had never expected that she would actually have such fans today!

"Big Cat," Qu Feifei excitedly took two quick steps and walked behind Bao Ruanruan, "Thank you for liking me. I will perform well and *definitely won't let you down."

Bao Ruanruan: "…?"
What misunderstanding do you have about me?

Never mind.
As long as you're happy.
She nodded obediently.

Qu Feifei blushed.

Having successfully freed herself, Bao Ruanruan walked to the nearest emergency kitchen door and calmly prepared to escape.

However, she hadn't been daydreaming for long when she caught a peculiar, hot, unstable air, accompanied by the smell of iron and char, spreading throughout the kitchen.

Author's Note:

I've been busy surviving all day today~

Footnotes Full List
  1. "宝宝心里苦 (baobao xinli ku/baobao's heart felt bitter)" is a popular internet meme used to express feelings of frustration, sadness, or disappointment. It is often used in a humorous or self-deprecating way. Besides, Bao Ruanruan's family name is Bao, and Baobao is a pet name for a child, which means baby or darling. An example of the meme:

きつね's Musing

Bao Ruanruan had once again been misunderstood. 😂


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