DBAFSC Ch 11 : Incredibly Dangerous; She Needs To Be Even More Careful

Bao Ruanruan breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the Director yell 'Cut'.

With almost lightning speed, she moved two metres away from Han Mo.
She made sure there were several people between them for safety.

Her intuition was sharp, and she noticed that Han Mo had glanced at her at least ten times since they started filming, each time lingering a little longer.
Bao Ruanruan's scalp tingled with unease.

As soon as the filming ended for the day, she ran off to pack her things without looking back.
She couldn't wait to say goodbye to Han Mo, whose 'hate level' was through the roof.

"How was the filming today?"
As soon as she settled down in the lounge, Chen Feng called with concern.

Bao Ruanruan carefully considered her response as she removed her make-up. "I did my best."
Today, she had done everything she could to keep her distance from the enemy.
But he was clearly still very interested in her, and she didn't know what plan he had devised with Lu Wenhao to deal with her. He hadn't done anything today, but the alarm hadn't been lifted yet.

She couldn't afford to let her guard down.
There was still a scene with just the two of them to be filmed. She had to be even more careful.
It was truly like walking on thin ice.

"All right, I'll be more cautious next time. I'll give it 200%."

She spoke as she took out a small notebook and meticulously added to her 'cautious' guidelines for the next shoot.

Shortly after Han Mo had finished talking to his assistant and was on his way to his exclusive dressing room, he passed by the rest area for the supporting cast.

The girl's ethereal and soft voice, yet full of determination, reached his ears clearly, word for word.

He paused in his steps, standing at the doorway, where he saw her fair face, flushed pink from the sunlight, her seriousness evident as she spoke and made notes in the script.

At that moment, something inside Han Mo, a preconceived notion, melted away in the sunlight, half dissolved.

Her crying scene just now, not many actresses in this 'Kun Ning' web drama crew could have delivered such a gripping performance.
The lead actress, with her idol baggage, couldn't even bring herself to cry and shout the way she did, completely disregarding her image and throwing herself into the fear of death.

Honestly, he couldn't even offer any further guidance after her performance just now.

Despite all this, she was still dissatisfied with herself and felt she needed to work even harder?

Han Mo took a deep breath.
Aside from her character, her dedication to acting was commendable, unlike the unprofessional rumours about her circulating online.

[Lu Wenhao: How was it, Big Brother Han? Is she really that bad? Did the Director scold her until she cried? Tell me all about it!]

Han Mo: "..."

Not only did the Director not scold her, he also wanted to praise her.

[Lu Wenhao: Hahaha, when did Big Brother Han learn to have a sense of humour? You're starting to sound like a sarcastic old man!]

Han Mo: "?"

[Lu Wenhao: The Director's 'praise' made her cry her heart out and regret joining the crew. What a thrill!]

Han Mo: "............"
He was at a loss for words.
He didn't know how to respond.

Han Mo walked into the make-up room and glanced at the time, only to realise that today's shooting had ended earlier than any other day. The expected numerous retakes hadn't happened, and her crying scenes were done flawlessly in just one or two takes.

He flipped through the script and noticed that two scenes involving her and several other supporting actresses were still scheduled for the day after tomorrow.
"Please call and coordinate with the production manager; I'll be taking a leave the day after tomorrow and need to reschedule the shooting. I've just informed Director Chen."

The assistant immediately made a phone call to pass on the message.

A few minutes later, the assistant returned with a reply, "Big Brother Han, everyone else is fine except for Bao Ruanruan. She's not in the make-up room, and we can't reach her. It seems she has already left. The production manager will contact her agent later."

She has already left?
Han Mo was taken aback.

It was the first time he'd come across a junior actress who didn't say goodbye to her seniors before leaving.

Was she unaware of the etiquette, or was she just being disrespectful?

The entertainment industry had always been a hierarchical system based on seniority. When he started acting, he would say goodbye to every senior before leaving the set.
Even today, he made sure to bid farewell to the Director, crew members, and the actors with whom he had scenes that day.

"It seems like she has left? And even the production manager didn't know?"
If she left without telling the production manager, what if she had scenes scheduled for tonight?
Didn't she even bother to confirm?

What's wrong with her attitude...

Han Mo's slightly favourable impression of her vanished completely.

"Never mind, let's go." Han Mo changed his clothes and stood up with the script in his hand.

After greeting a few actors and the production staff, he hurriedly walked towards the Director's resting room to bid farewell to the Director and assistant director. However, when he got there, he heard a familiar, clear, and soft female voice.

"Director Chen, when will the water scene be shot tomorrow? What time in the morning? Where is the pool located? Can I go see it today?"

Han Mo's footsteps came to a sudden halt.

Bao Ruanruan hasn't left yet?
She's actually still with the Director, going over tomorrow's scenes, and wants to visit the shooting location in advance?

The words 'dedication' and 'professionalism' seemed to shine brightly behind her slender figure.

Meanwhile, inside the room, Bao Ruanruan was utterly unaware of someone's imagination.

She was anxiously looking at the script—[Consort Yu pretends to be pushed into the lake by Consort Min and disappears under the water instantly before being rescued by the Emperor].

Goodness gracious! She immediately exclaimed in her mind.

There was a time when she was acting in the game and had to perform a scene where she fell into the water. Unfortunately, she hit the back of her head and lost consciousness. However, the crew mistakenly thought she was holding her breath. By the time they realised something was wrong and pulled her out of the water, she had already stopped breathing.

This script was incredibly dangerous!

On top of that, she had to wait for the 'Emperor' to come and rescue her.
Who played the role of the Emperor?
It was Han Mo from the enemy faction.

But what if he was delayed?

Just the thought of it sent shivers down her spine.
You can't rely on others as much as you can on yourself; she must be fully prepared.

So she asked the Director directly.

"The artificial lake is inside the film studio. Turn right here, and it's about 500 metres away."

Bao Ruanruan nodded.
Once she reached the lake, she had to check the depth of the water.
She had to make sure she could stand on the bottom of the lake with her feet.

If she could stand, the risk of drowning would be minimal.
But if the lake turned out to be too shallow or too small, there was still a chance that she might fall in and accidentally hit her head...

"Director Chen, do you think it would be believable if I pretended to fall into the water with this pose?" she asked.

Assistant Director Zhou Tianchen took one look and nodded thoughtfully, "It might work."

Han Mo, who was standing by the door, had a complex expression on his face.

She's really... not what the rumours had portrayed.

Han Mo turned around in silence, unwilling to eavesdrop any longer.

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However, just as the assistant director was about to leave, he heard her ask, "In the next scene, after I am rescued from the lake, I supposed to pretend to mistake the Emperor for Concubine Min and scratch his face twice. Can I do it gently?"


"How could I bring myself to do such a rude thing to Teacher Han!"
Bao Ruanruan spoke sincerely.
The animosity between them was already relatively high, and his favourability towards her was in negative territory.
If she had to scratch his face, it would be an endless quest for revenge.

When would this cycle of revenge ever end? She valued peace.

"Oh, you're his fan?" the assistant director exclaimed in surprise.

Bao Ruanruan paused for a moment, her eyelashes trembling. "Ah, I'm just his lifelong fan, that's all."
As long as she could live well, she could call herself anyone's fan.

"Haha, that's right. Scratching him was just for show. He's the Emperor, and you're his consort. If you really laid a hand on him, your entire family would be punished!"

Bao Ruanruan immediately breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good, then."

Han Mo stood there, stunned.
She was... his lifelong fan?
As long as her idol lived well, she would support him unconditionally and be unwaveringly loyal to him, just like his hardcore fan?

That night, Han Mo tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep. Finally, he got up and sent a message to Lu Wenhao.

[I've also met a fan.]
[She may have some moral issues, but... she's a hardcore fan of mine, and now I feel a bit confused.]

Lu Wenhao, who was in the middle of a 5v5 match, glanced at the message that popped up. "???"

"D*mn, what the...!"
His Zhuge Liang, lying in ambush in the bushes, was killed by the enemy's Li Bai's ultimate ability.

"F**k, Zhuge Liang, what the hell are you daydreaming about!"

Lu Wenhao: "!"
This is annoying.

He lost the game, and his ranking dropped!
D*mn it!

He quit the game and checked his WeChat. "What's Big Brother Han up to?"

Ten minutes later, Han Mo received a message.

[Lu Wenhao: A king will carry a bronze player1. Can't you help your fan improve? Don't hesitate, Big Brother Han, let's play a 5v5 match! Carry me to victory!]⚔️

Han Mo fell into deep thought.
Help a fan improve?


A few days later, as the sun began to rise, Bao Ruanruan was still in bed when she received an excited voice message from Chen Feng in the WeChat group.

"Xiao Bao, did you talk to any seniors on the 'Kun Ning' set? One of the seniors recommended you for a supporting role in an anti-Japanese drama. It's not a big role, but it's a quite positive one, a female underground party member."

Bao Ruanruan, still groggy, pressed her hand to her head.
When did she talk to any seniors?
"Oh, it might be the Assistant Director. I had a long conversation with him yesterday."

"That's great! It seems like you're doing really well in your acting. Keep it up!"

Chen Feng created a new account, #BaoRuanruanStudio#, and was ready to go all out to promote her.

By the way, the official promotional poster for 'Kun Ning' will be released today at 10 o'clock, along with a line of dialogue for each character. How did your dialogue turn out?"

Bao Ruanruan tried to recall: "It's okay; it's at the level of begging the antis for forgiveness."

Chen Feng: "......???"

Bao Ruanruan sniffled and mustered up the courage to open her Weibo account, which she hadn't dared to look at for a long time.
Number of fans: 590,000.

The original owner of the body's last post was about her heartbreak, as she consoled her faithful fans in the comments section, which numbered less than 100.
The remaining forty to fifty thousand comments were from those who had unfollowed her or her black fan, who either told her they had unfollowed or insulted her.

That's right.
She caused a huge scene at the engagement ceremony, offending not only the Lu family, friends and fans of Lu Wenyao but also his fiancée, the famous actress Tang Yuxin.

Tang Yuxin had 69.32 million followers on Weibo.
Even if you removed one digit, those people could still crush her.

Bao Ruanruan felt a chill run down her spine and quickly turned off her phone.

She didn't want to gain more followers; she just wanted to lose them.
Please, haters, unfollow her quickly!


Lu Corporation.
Lu Wenyao had just finished lunch with Tang Yuxin and was about to start his afternoon meeting.
The assistant knocked on the door and entered.

"Mr Lu, Han Mo is the top candidate for our Minghai Gas Stove brand endorsement. Please take a look at his character image and lines from the project he's currently filming."
The assistant used the PAD to show the official character photos and audio recordings on Weibo that 'Kun Ning' had just released.

Lu Wenyao raised his eyebrows and put down the signing pen in his hand.
He took the PAD, but the assistant's index finger accidentally pressed on the video link at the bottom of the Weibo list - the bewitching concubine Mo Ruyu.

In a split second, a piercing scream erupted, accompanied by a horrifying image of a dishevelled woman with smeared eyeliner, bright red lips, and a stark white face.

"You vile woman, you've ruined me!"

Lu Wenyao: "...!"

"Even if I go to hell, I'll take you with me!"
The once gentle and tender eyes, now filled with hysteria and malice, resembled a vengeful spirit clawing out of the abyss.

Lu Wenyao: "...!!!"

The PAD in his hand suddenly felt searing hot, and he instinctively pulled his hand away.

It landed on the laptop with a loud thud, instantly turning the screen black.

Lu Wenyao: "..............."

Author's Note:

Bao Ruanruan: I'm the biggest fan of my own life.

Footnotes Full List
  1. The lowest level in MOBA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiplayer_online_battle_arena .
  2. If I'm not mistaken, Lu Wenhao referred to a Chinese MOBA game called Honor of Kings.

    Li Bai is at 06:01, and Zhuge Liang/Kong Ming (global version) is at 09:03

きつね's Musing

Han Mo has become the second person to mistake Bao Ruanruan for his fan. Unlike the 'other person' who misunderstood because she had 'saved' him from 'being hit by balls', at least Bao Ruanruan did say she was Han Mo's fan, although she did it mainly to save her own life.

Oh, this is just extra info on the real Kun Ning Palace in the Forbidden City.


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