ROHYX Chapter 523 : Vicious Mean

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In the early morning, the eastern sky glowed crimson as wisps of cooking smoke drifted across the courtyard. The air was filled with a delicate veil of mist.

As Yuxi emerged from her room, she looked up at the clear sky and remarked, "From the twelfth month last year until now, except for a light snowfall in between, it has been sunny most of the time." A long period of sunshine at the height of winter didn't bode well.

Mama Qu interjected, "As the old saying goes, 'A bountiful snowfall heralds a prosperous year.' With all this sunshine in the middle of winter, the insects in the fields won't die." They couldn't predict droughts or floods, but pest infestations were likely to happen. If the harvest didn't turn out well, the people of Yu City would face another year of hardship.

Yuxi nodded. "This year will certainly be turbulent." If the harvest failed, the common people would struggle to survive. It would be strange if things remained peaceful.

For some reason, Yuxi recalled what Momo1 Quan had told her about the situation in her ancestral home in Shaanxi. Her heart stirred, prompting her to enter her study once again.

Mama Qu did not know whether to laugh or cry as she watched Yuxi's retreating figure. Her mistress hadn't been involved in household affairs lately, but she hadn't been idle either. Aside from caring for little Zaozao, she spent much of her time absorbed in books.

As lunchtime approached, Yun Qing returned from the front courtyard and approached Yuxi, who was sitting in a chair. "Yuxi, Chen Shi experienced some complications with her pregnancy yesterday. If you have the time, please go and visit her."

Yuxi was a little surprised. "How could Chen Shi have a complication in her pregnancy?" Since becoming pregnant, Chen Shi had not left her house and concentrated on raising her child.

Yun Qing responded, "Chen Shi became upset when she discovered that one of the maids serving Tianlei got pregnant."

Yuxi asked, "This is a domestic matter, and we should not interfere." Regardless of her relationship with Chen Shi, she wouldn't want to get involved in such matters. Besides, although Yuxi didn't like Chen Shi, since Chen Shi could still bear a child, she wouldn't want the eldest son to be born to a concubine.

Yun Qing nodded. "You can just visit and offer your well wishes, but don't get involved in anything else." He was good friends with Fu Tianlei, so now that Chen Shi's pregnancy had complications, Yuxi should pay her a visit. However, she definitely shouldn't interfere in other matters.

Yuxi nodded and said, "Then I'll go this afternoon!" Maidservants getting pregnant and climbing into bed were not uncommon in the capital city. However, they were rarely seen in this place.

As she was going to visit a patient, Yuxi did not dress extravagantly. She changed into a seventy-per cent new outfit, did a simple wash, and went to the Fu family with Mama Qu.

The Fu family courtyard was also a three-entry courtyard, and Chen Shi and Fu Tian Lei lived in the innermost courtyard. Walking all the way there, it felt particularly bleak and deserted.

Chen Shi was stunned to hear that Yuxi had come and hurriedly asked someone to help her out. When she reached the door and saw Yuxi, she was even more stunned.

Yuxi wore a short jacket with a crossed collar and butterfly patterns woven with gold thread, as well as a lotus-coloured pleated skirt. Her hair was styled in a crescent-shaped bun, and a jade phoenix tail orchid hairpin was pinned diagonally in her hair, adding a touch of elegance to her dignified appearance.

Seeing that Chen Shi was staring at her intently, Yuxi smiled and asked, "Saozi2, is there something wrong with my appearance?'"

Chen Shi regained her senses and smiled. "Dimei3 looks stunning and captivating. There is nothing inappropriate about it." There were rumours that Han Shi had been saved by Master Yang from the clutches of the King of Hell, but looking at Han Shi's complexion, she didn't resemble someone who was about to die of poisoning.

Upon hearing the words 'stunning and captivating', Mama Qu subtly furrowed her brow. Her mistress's appearance had nothing to do with being stunning but rather exuded an air of scholarly elegance. She couldn't understand the meaning behind Chen Shi's statement.

Yuxi didn't dwell on Chen Shi's words but looked at her protruding belly as they walked and said, "If I remember correctly, the child should be around nine months now." It was like saying that Chen Shi would give birth next month.

Chen Shi nodded and replied, "Yes, the physician said the due date is at the end of the second month. It could even be earlier." The physician had already mentioned that this child would be a boy and would usually be born earlier.

Yuxi sat down and began to talk to Chen Shi about their experiences of raising children. Since they were both mothers, talking about their children was undoubtedly the best topic of conversation.

After talking for less than two-quarters of an hour, a maid announced the return of Fu Qingluo.

As soon as Fu Qingluo entered the room, she took off her large dark green cloak to reveal a red riding outfit. The outfit was form-fitting, accentuating her slender curves and making her look exceptionally alluring.

Mama Qu frowned at the sight. Even the courtesans in the brothels of the capital did not dress so revealingly.

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Surprised to see Yuxi, Fu Qingluo exclaimed, "Madam Yun is here." Then, looking at Yuxi's rosy complexion, Fu Qingluo cried, "Saozi2, I told you not to believe the rumours outside. Look, Madam Yun is perfectly fine!" She had said that someone as smart as Han Yuxi could not be so easily assassinated. The rumours circulating outside that Han Shi had been badly poisoned and was dying were not to be believed. As it turned out, she had been right all along. From the end of last year until now, Han Yuxi hadn't appeared in public for the past half a month. Even during the first few days of the Lunar New Year, Han Yuxi didn't receive any outside guests. Although the people at the Yun residence claimed that Han Yuxi was fine, the outsiders didn't believe it at all.

When Chen Shi heard this, she felt somewhat uneasy and asked Fu Qingluo, "Why did you come back?" Fu Qingluo had a quarrel with Fu Jian on the second day of the Lunar New Year and went to stay at the estate.

Fu Qingluo replied, "I heard that one of the maids in the residence is pregnant, so I came back." She wanted to see who dared to climb into the master's bed. After all, it had been four years since the last incident, and she suspected these people had forgotten about it.

Han Yuxi lightly smiled upon hearing this and said, "Saozi2, I have to go back. I've been away from home for so long, and Zaozao must be looking for me. That little girl will cry if she can't find me." Since Fu Qingluo had sold off the maids who climbed into her brother's bed before, and now one of them was pregnant, Han Yuxi didn't know what Fu Qingluo might do. So, she thought it would be best to return quickly and not be involved in this matter.

Chen Shi didn't wait for Fu Qingluo to speak and immediately said, "Alright, then next time you come, be sure to bring Zaozao with you." Qingluo was not good at being discreet at all. How could she discuss family matters in the presence of an outsider?

After Yuxi left, Fu Qingluo asked Chen Shi, "Saozi2, how are you going to deal with that despicable woman? You're not thinking of letting her keep the child, are you?"

Upon hearing this, Chen Shi's eyes immediately turned red. She said, "Qingluo, her child is still your brother's flesh and blood." It would be easier to deal with if it were just a matter of climbing into someone's bed. But the problem now was that the maid was already pregnant. If anything happened to the maid, her father-in-law would not spare her.

Fu Qingluo was frustrated. She said, "What with this excuse of 'flesh and blood of the Fu family'? Something born from climbing into someone's bed wouldn't turn out well." Her sister-in-law was good in every way, except she was too soft-hearted and incapable of being ruthless.

After leaving the Fu residence and getting into the carriage, Mama Qu wondered, "Madam, is no one going to discipline that Eldest Young Miss Fu?" Mama Qu had seen Fu Qingluo at their residence before, but at that time, Fu Qingluo was modestly and properly dressed. Today, she couldn't even bear to look at her outfit.

Yuxi shook her head. "No. Fu Tianlei spoils his younger sister very much, so even if General Fu wanted to discipline her, he wouldn't be able to." Fu Tianlei felt guilty about what happened in the past, so he did everything he could to protect Fu Qingluo.

Mama Qu remarked, "She's simply outrageous."

Yuxi chuckled lightly and replied, "That's the Fu family's business, and it has nothing to do with us." She had no interest in getting involved in other people's affairs.

Later that evening, Yuxi heard the news that the maid had lost her child. She exclaimed, "What? The maid lost her child because of Fu Qingluo?" If the child had been aborted by Chen Shi, Yuxi wouldn't have felt much. But if it was Fu Qingluo, she couldn't help but be surprised.

Yun Qing made a sound of agreement. He had just been discussing things with Fu Tianlei when someone from the Fu family sent word that the maid had a miscarriage, and they still didn't know whether the maid was alive or dead. When Fu Tianlei heard this news, he immediately went home.

Yuxi was puzzled and asked, "Why is Fu Qingluo so protective of Chen Shi? Could there be a reason behind it?" It was normal for a wife to want to harm a concubine's child, but it was perplexing when a younger sister-in-law got rid of her own future nephew or niece. Moreover, the nature of selling a maid was quite different from that of terminating one's own sibling's child. Fu Qingluo's strong protection of Chen Shi made Yuxi feel that something was wrong. She had a feeling that there was more to the situation.

Yun Qing explained, "Chen Shi was the one Tianlei chose for himself. General Fu was against it at the time, saying that their families weren't a good match." Chen Shi's father was a small-time peddler; her brother had only become a petty official of the sixth rank after joining the military. At that time, Fu Jian was already a third-rank general, so he was naturally reluctant to let Fu Tianlei marry Chen Shi.

Fu Jian wanted Fu Tianlei to marry a woman from a prestigious family who could provide powerful backing for Fu Tianlei. But Fu Tianlei fell in love with Chen Shi. He said that she was gentle, kind, and innocent, and of course, Chen Shi was also very beautiful. Fu Tianlei was determined to marry her, and Fu Jian's opposition was useless. After his wife was killed by a concubine, he lost all authority over his children. After dragging this out for two years, Fu Jian finally had to agree.

Yun Qing and Fu Tianlei were good friends, and they would talk freely over a drink, so Yun Qing knew more about Fu Tianlei's situation.

Yuxi listened in silence without further comment.

After hearing about the situation, Mama Qu spoke to Yuxi, "Madam, this Chen Shi is not only cunning but also of questionable character." It was strange for Fu Qingluo to return from her estate, far away from Yu City, in such a short time. And as soon as she returned, she made the maid miscarry. What was there to misunderstand? The information was definitely given to Fu Qingluo by Chen Shi herself. Chen Shi wanted to use Fu Qing Luo's hand to get rid of the child. Now that the maid's child was gone, this matter had nothing to do with Chen Shi.

When Yun Qing discussed the matter with Yuxi last night, she could already sense the situation's complexity. Yuxi responded, "Fu Qing Luo's willingness to be used as a pawn by Chen Shi is not surprising, and she only has herself to blame." Yuxi believed that it was not bad for women to have strategies and calculations because it allowed them to better protect themselves. But if they used such tactics on people who had been good to them, they should never be befriended because such people had no principles.

Footnotes Full List
  1. (dialect) elderly lady
  2. sister-in-law or a term for a young married woman
  3. younger sibling / younger brother's wife

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