My Housekeeper Chapter 3.2

Qiu Xiaoya came to be a housekeeper, not to snatch a man from someone rich's daughter. However, what kind of play was she playing now?

She didn't know what method Lin Yuer used. After returning from lunch that day, she had moved downstairs from Han Yinglei's house within a few days. From then on, Qiu Xiaoya's headache began.

"Good morning, Miss Lin." It had been more than a week now, and every day, when she opened the front door, she would see the figure of Lin Yuer standing outside. Then, against her will, Lin Yuer would force her way into the house, and whatever Qiu Xiaoya wanted to do, Lin Yuer must do it before anyone else.

Fortunately, this only happened when Han Yinglei was home. Otherwise, she would have more pain in her head. A Big Boss who only knew how to destroy her work schedule had already made her fed up. Now, plus someone rich's daughter who specialised in opposing her…

Oh...she felt more and more that her housekeeping job was dogged by bad luck1!

"Miss Lin, the Boss isn't home today." The strange thing was, before, Han Yinglei would only return home about three to four times a week. She thought that when he saw Lin Yuer come to the door and bugged him every day, he would simply sleep at his office and would not come home. To her surprise, the number of times he had returned home in the past week or so had instead become more frequent!

If it was said that he returned for the sake of Lin Yuer, his disgusting expression showed that was not it. Then why did he return home so often?

"He's not here?" Lin Yuer turned away after staring at her as if she didn't believe her story, and she tried to look around in the direction of the living room and dining table.

"Yes." Han Yinglei had not come back from work since yesterday, but Qiu Xiaoya didn't intend to explain it in detail to her.

If it had been more than a week ago, Qiu Xiaoya would have corrected Lin Yuer's impolite intrusion. Still, after a week of correction, she had given up preaching to her since it did nothing good except stir up some more of Lin Yuer's resentment towards her.

She was just a little housekeeper, so she only needed to do her duty as a housekeeper. Those emotional games between young masters and young ladies had nothing to do with her.

"Miss Qiu, Lei Gege2 and I are suitable for each other. I think you know about it very well!" Lin Yuer suddenly said after she went back to the living room and gracefully sat on the sofa. She saw Qiu Xiaoya stand respectfully to the side.

After competing with Qiu Xiaoya for more than a week, not only did she get nothing out of it, but instead, she had been corrected frequently by Qiu Xiaoya's outbursts in front of Lei Gege2, and she was starting to get bored.


"Miss Qiu, you are a smart person, and you are also pretty. You will find a suitable man in the same world as you because Lei Gege2 will surely choose me in the end. So why do you want to compete with me?" Lin Yuer spoke softly, but her words were also full of cold threats.

She was already fed up after doing this for over a week. To please Han Yinglei, she had gotten up early in the morning and went to the 15th floor to prepare breakfast, make coffee and clean the house with Qiu Xiaoya. However, her efforts were still inferior to Qiu Xiaoya's in every way. In the end, she got only his ignorance and disdain. Thus, she decided to change her strategy——as long as Qiu Xiaoya wasn't around, she believed that Lei Gege2 would be aware of how good she was to him!

"Miss Lin, I am the housekeeper hired by the Boss, and I have no intention of competing with you." Qiu Xiaoya was eager to roll her eyes when she heard Lin Yuer's words but later gave up after considering it was too unsightly.

Sometimes, she doubted where Lin Yuer's put her eyes. When did Lin Yuer see her, Qiu Xiaoya, fight for her man? Besides, that man was still her overbearing and arrogant Boss Daren 3.

It couldn't be because, in the past week or so, when Lin Yuer had been snatching her job away from her, Lin Yuer also saw that her arrogant Boss was only willing to eat the food she cooked and drink the coffee she made while he regarded Miss Lin's efforts as nothing. Hence, did this make Miss Lin's misunderstanding towards her much deeper?

Nevertheless, this situation happened because the Boss was disgusted with Miss Lin, yet Miss Lin didn't have this kind of self-consciousness. Instead, Miss Lin speculated that the pure employment relationship between her (Qiu Xiaoya) and her boss was the same as the feelings between a man and a woman. Wasn't this too ridiculous?

"No? Then why do you have to lose my face in front of Lei Gege2? Was it my fault that there was still hair on the floor? That was because the vacuum cleaner you bought was cheap, so it couldn't completely suck it up; Lei Gege2's silk shirt should be washed by hand, not by washing machine. Why didn't you tell me in advance? Also, since Lei Gege2 hates eating green peppers, why do you still buy green peppers when you are out buying groceries..." When Lin Yuer listened to Qiu Xiaoya's rebuttal, the anger accumulated for over a week burst out from her heart.

"Miss Lin, first of all, I didn't buy the vacuum cleaner, so I don't know if it was cheap; secondly, you weren't careful enough while vacuuming that there was still a hair on the floor, so please don't blame it on the vacuum cleaner; thirdly, I wanted to see which clothes you took and left in the washing machine before you had to do the laundry, but you wouldn't let me see them, and I was going to remind you, but you brushed me off and ignored me; fourthly, who made it a rule that since the Boss hates green peppers, I can't buy green peppers? Picky eating is a bad habit, and as a housekeeper, I have to manage my Boss's health by trying to get rid of the smell of green peppers and even changing the cooking method to change my Boss's picky eating habit." Qiu Xiaoya nonchalantly opened her mouth to retort.

"Your mouth is very sharp ah!" Lin Yuer's words were sluggish, obviously showing her guilty conscience, but she still glared at Qiu Xiaoya with a flushed face.

"I dare not."

"If your attitude of contradicting your master like this can’t be called a dare, then I don't know what your so-called dare is." When Lin Yuer saw Qiu Xiaoya's more open-hearted attitude, she became more dissatisfied.

"Oh, Miss Lin, you don't seem to be my master!" When Qiu Xiaoya saw Lin Yuer acting arrogant, her attitude towards Lin Yuer was still very respectful, but her words were quite sarcastic.

Now, she could finally understand why Han Yinglei looked so disgusted whenever he saw Lin Yuer. This two-faced girl was very annoying; she suddenly found that Han Yinglei seemed more likeable when compared to her.


"Miss Lin, what can I help you with?" She did not show her disgust but still maintained politeness towards the guest.

"..." Lin Yuer seemed to be really angry. She suddenly stood up from the sofa and walked towards Qiu Xiaoya. Without saying a word, she raised her and was going to slap her face.

"What are you doing?" Han Yinglei happened to pick this time to go home, and the first thing he saw was Lin Yuer about to hit Qiu Xiaoya, so he didn't even think much about it as he rushed straight forward and stopped her raised hand.

"Lei...Lei Gege2?" After Lin Yuer saw the person who had come over, she started stuttering. Apparently, she didn't expect Han Yinglei to make a sudden appearance.

"Woman, this is my house. She's my housekeeper. What gives you the right to hit people here?" Han Yinglei shook her hand off and intuitively stood in front of Qiu Xiaoya, intending to protect her.

Qiu Xiaoya noticed a wall suddenly appeared before her and was surprised by Han Yinglei's protective action, which raised great waves in her calm heart.

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It was strange. Han Yinglei's manner of speaking was still so arrogant, but why did she feel that he was not so annoying now as he stood in front of her?

"Lei Gege2, I didn't, I…."

"It turns out that you are not only shameless, but you can even tell a bare-faced lie!" When Han Yinglei noticed that she had opened her mouth to refute, his perception of her worsened.

"Lei Gege2, what is so good about her? Why are you willing to not want me for her? What can't I compare to her? You tell me, tell me!" Lin Yuer's face turned pale when she heard his hurtful words. She bit her lower lip for a bit and suddenly yelled frantically.

"You're nothing compared to her." Without thinking much about it, he blurted these words out. He didn't notice that Qiu Xiaoya, standing behind him, looked at his generous but secure back with her eyes full of unusual radiance.

"In your eyes, am I that bad?" Lin Yuer's little hand clutched her questioning chest as she staggered back several steps, with her eyes full of unwillingness, jealousy and resentment.

"Yes." Without giving any thought to it, Han Yinglei immediately nodded.

"You… both of you… I hate you. Qiu Xiaoya, everything is about you. All of this happened because of you, and I won't let you go..." Lin Yuer bit her lips hard until they bled and then turned around bitterly as she left.

"Housekeeper, are you okay?" Han Yinglei turned to ask and ignored Lin Yuer's barks like a rabid dog4.

"I'm fine. Thanks for your concern, Boss." Qiu Xiaoya lowered her head and answered in her usual respectful tone, making it difficult for others to see her expression at this moment.

"Go make coffee. I'm going back to work in the company later on." With Lin Yuer gone and Qiu Xiaoya was fine, Han Yinglei's mood improved. Thus, he suddenly instructed.

"You came back from the company just to get coffee?" As soon as she heard the order he had given, she should have immediately gone to the kitchen to make coffee, but for some reason, she suddenly put forth the question in her mind.

"Housekeeper, you talk too much." Han Yinglei scolded her gruffly after the real purpose for him to return home had been seen through by her.

Because of Lin Yuer's connection, he was afraid that Qiu Xiaoya, who was too responsible for her housekeeper's work, would be bullied by Lin Yuer...who knew why he was afraid that Lin Yuer would bully Qiu Xiaoya. Anyway, he didn't feel at ease that he would go home to sleep almost every day for over a week.

Maybe the delicious coffee she made by herself every day fed the cravings in his belly. When he hadn't had her coffee for a whole day, it made him feel all out of sorts, so he'd rushed home from work early this morning. Thankfully, he had gotten back in time to stop his housekeeper from being bullied!

However, even when he was still blurred about his feelings for her, she still talked so much and asked him that sly question, so she couldn't blame him for being mean to her.

"Sorry, Boss, I'll make it right away." She stole a glance at him and noticed that his expression at that moment was very much like the look he sometimes displayed when his forgetful habit was noticed by her, which was the arrogant look of a man who was worried about losing face...

Did this mean she had guessed it right?

For this reason, her mouth unconsciously overflowed with a smile, and while her eyes still blossomed with dazzles, she moved with light steps towards the direction of the kitchen to make coffee for him!

Footnotes Full List
  1. plagued with misfortunes
  2. older brother
  3. title of respect toward superiors
  4. insane person


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