My Housekeeper Chapter 4.1

She was wrong! Her overbearing, arrogant boss was still so annoying, and the tiny bit of favourable impression she had for his protective gestures a few days ago was just an illusion!

Qiu Xiaoya took the empty cup to the pantry and considered whether she should ask for a raise or not. After all, her job now was extended beyond the responsibilities of a housekeeper.

"Miss Qiu, is the General Manager's coffee ready?" Asked Secretary Xu, who suddenly poked his head into the pantry.

"Ready." Qiu Xiaoya responded with a steaming hot coffee after pouring a freshly brewed coffee into the cup in her hand.

This was what she called extra work. She was just a housekeeper that he hired. So why did she now have to come into the company and become his exclusive coffee-making girl?!

It was true that he was the boss, and it gave her a tinge of pride that he liked her homemade coffee, but that didn't mean she had to commute with him, just because he, with a spoiled appetite, wasn't used to someone else's coffee!

There was no room for rejection. When an order came, she only had to abide by it, which made her hate it so much till her teeth itched. She wanted to grind her itchy teeth on a certain person's neck.

But came to think of it, for her to put something as barbaric as that in action, she was very certain that she wouldn't be able to do it!

"Miss Qiu, please send the coffee directly to the General Manager's office." Secretary Xu instructed as he returned to his seat, and his eyes looked at the computer screen while his fingers fluttered on the keyboard.

"Okay." Qiu Xiaoya nodded and walked towards the General Manager's office with the coffee. She then raised her hand and knocked on the door. She opened the door and walked in only after hearing a response from inside.

"General Manager, here's your coffee." In the company, she also changed the way she called him to 'General Manager'.

"Just leave it." Han Yinglei, who was buried in a pile of official documents, didn't even look up.

Today was the second day she had come to the company to work as a coffee-making girl. Every time she came into his office, she always saw him working nonstop as if he didn't have the time to take a breather. He may not be tired, but she felt tired while watching him work like this.

It was no wonder he was so dependent on coffee when he had such a heavy workload, but seeing how fiercely he drank his coffee made her brows furrow unconsciously.

"General Manager, a moderate amount of caffeine can accelerate metabolism, promote digestion and improve constipation, but taking excessive caffeine can be a burden to the body, such as increased blood pressure, discolouring teeth, easily suffering from arthritis, stimulating the release of bile hormones and accelerate the gallbladder contraction..." She couldn't help saying these after seeing him pick up her freshly brewed coffee and drank more than half of the cup.

"What on earth are you trying to say?" Han Yinglei asked as he multitasking, without even lifting his eyes from the document’s contents on his table.

Whether at home or in the company, she would often preach at him in her soft child-like voice, and he had long accustomed to turning a deaf ear to them. It was because her child-like voice sounded so harmless. Sometimes, when he was tired from working, he would listen to her long-winded preach in his ear, and once in a while, he would throw out a sentence or two just to stifle her. Watching her complexion changed had become an excellent way to adjust his busy mind.

She must not have known that whenever she flushed with irritation at his words, her eyes would become big and bright from anger, which was particularly interesting to him; when the realisation that he was the boss, and she was just his housekeeper, she certainly didn't know that the expression on her face and her manner of speaking would become very respectful. When in actuality, her eyes had already expressed the true emotions of her heart clearly, which made him want to tease her even more.

"General Manager, an average person can absorb two to three hundred milligrams of caffeine per day or in about three cups of coffee. If you take more than the limit amount for a day, they will harm the body. This is your third cup of coffee for today, so please, just leave it at that."

"Housekeeper, you care too much about it!" He looked up at her, and as if it was on purpose, he picked up the coffee and drank the rest of it in one gulp. Sure enough, her eyes changed colour again.

"General Manager, you are too ignorant of your own health..." When she saw that he didn't listen to her advice at all by using his arrogant face to suffocate her, her eyes became so big and round as she angrily glared at him. One day, she would really die from having an excess of anger because of him!

Knock knock...these sudden knocks on the door interrupted her from continuing her preach.

"Come in."

"General Manager, everyone is here for the 3 o'clock managers meeting. Should I ask them to come into the office right now?" Secretary Xu reported.

The managers meeting was a small regular meeting held once a week. The meeting was scheduled to be in the General Manager's office, where the managers of each department would report to the General Manager.

"Alright." Han Yinglei nodded to Secretary Xu after checking at the time, then turned his eyes back to Qiu Xiaoya, who was standing on one of his sides.


"General Manager..." When she saw that he ordered his fourth cup of coffee, this made it clear that he had treated what she just said as air. She wanted to get angry, but when she noticed all the managers came into the office one after another, she had to swallow the remaining words in her throat as she respectfully took the empty cup and walked out of the office.

However, when she left,  Han Yinglei didn't completely miss seeing her angry eyes, and a little smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. When all the managers were seated, he removed the gentle little smile and concentrated on the meeting.

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