My Housekeeper Chapter 4.2

The managers meeting usually lasted for only an hour, but today's main report was about the Kenting Holiday Resort construction project that Hanying Group had undertaken. The report was about the progress of the new system implementation; also the time and cost savings it had achieved so far.

The smooth implementation of the new system allowed today's report to be completed effortlessly, but Han Yinglei's expression was not as good as the managers had expected, causing them to flee back to their departments as soon as the meeting was over.

When all the managers were gone, Han Yinglei's face still didn't look any better. Not for any other reason than when she brought in his cup of coffee, she also brought the same coffee to the managers who were present in the meeting. He was very upset. He watched as the managers smilingly thanked her and drank the coffee that she had brewed. This felt as if they had taken half of his possessions away from him!

He knew perfectly well that she was only polite, but he was still emotionally upset. What made him even more unhappy was that he could smell the rich aroma of coffee that only her hand-made coffee could give off. However, after he sipped the coffee that she served him, he realised that she did not personally brew the coffee in his hand...

In other words, the aroma of coffee he had been smelling was coming from the coffees she had served the managers...

Her being bias added up to his frustration. He sat behind his desk, completely unmotivated to work. Then, he simply pressed the internal line and asked Secretary Xu to call Qiu Xiaoya into his office.

"You are my housekeeper. Your job is to serve me and listen to my orders. You don't need to do other things." Han Yinglei said these words as soon as she came in.

"General Manager, what have I done wrong?" Qiu Xiaoya asked respectfully while staring at Han Yinglei with her being unable to make head or tail of his current actions.

Weird! When did she ever offend him? Her eyes peeked at the coffee cup she had placed on his desk at the beginning of the meeting. His tongue couldn't be that clever to detect that she didn’t actually brew the coffee she delivered to him, could it?

She admitted that she did it on purpose. Who told her Big Boss to dismiss the kindness of his little housekeeper, and it seemed like he was unable to drink the coffee made by others. So as she respected her Big Boss's wish, as she gave him his fourth cup of coffee——made from an instant coffee!

"Don't ask more. You only have to listen to me."

"General Manager, if you don't make it clear, how do I know where I have done wrong? By then, how can I improve?" She would not allow any unclear faults of hers to remain unresolved. If she were really at fault, she would immediately improve herself, and she would never make the same mistake twice.

"Fine. I'm only going to say this once, so I want you to listen to them carefully. You're the housekeeper that I hired. The person you should serve is only me. Everyone else, except for what I have told you, you can just ignore them." He said it seriously as he asked her to exactly abide by his words.

She belonged to him alone. So he wanted her to pay attention to him alone. The sudden surge of strong emotions caused quite a stir in her heart, but when she thought that he was the boss who paid for the service, thus she should obediently listen to his words. Even if he liked her and wanted to dominate her alone, that should be her honour, too. He would never allow her to say no.

After hearing what he said, why did she have the illusion that he was jealous?!

But what could he be jealous of without any rhyme or reason? Qiu Xiaoya stared at him blankly. He said that she was his housekeeper and that the only person she should serve was wouldn't be as she thought, would it? He was jealous that she served her personally brewed coffee to the managers who had attended the meeting just now?

Was that right? After the meeting, he looked quite upset, so was it just like what she had thought? Her thoughtful gaze was placed on his face again as if she was trying to find some clues that could confirm her guess, but the corners of her lips unconsciously curved up, revealing a delightful giggle sound.

"Did you hear what I said, Housekeeper?" Looked at her. She just laughed at him. He suddenly felt his cheeks turned warm, which made him growl gruffly at her.

"General Manager, if we have guests in the house and you're not there, do I have not to pay attention to those guests too?" Though based on her character, it would be unlikely for her to follow what he just said: to concentrate on serving him alone, but mischievousness suddenly surfaced in her heart as she deliberately asked him this question.

She didn't know why but she felt that his overbearing attitude at this moment was like he tried to hide it from her, but he had made it more conspicuous, which made him look quite adorable to her.

"Of course."

"What if the guests are General Manager's parents? I should not pay attention to them either?"

"Rub...other than my parents and me, you don't have to pay attention to whoever else comes to the door." He almost let the word rubbish slip out from his mouth, but luckily he stopped in time to glare at her and told her what he just said.

"Housekeeper, enough with this nonsense question, okay?"

"This is not a nonsense question, General Manager. It's just that I need to know exactly what my job is as your housekeeper so I don't accidentally do something wrong again." She had a legitimate reason to ask the previous question, but her smirk became even more visible when she saw him act out his former high profile manner.

Oh no! A few days ago, she felt that he had changed from being annoying to not so annoying, and now she thought that he was quite adorable. Her change in feelings seemed to have been progressing a little faster.

She took a glance at him and decided to complete her housekeeping job as her top priority. As for the emotional change in her heart, she has to wait until she can truly clarify it!

"In short, you are my housekeeper, so you only need to listen to me." He made his own conclusion without knowing that all kinds of thoughts were flashing in her mind.

"Yes, General Manager."

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