My Housekeeper Chapter 4.3

"Housekeeper, do you have a dress to wear for a banquet?" Han Yinglei suddenly asked Qiu Xiaoya who brought in his coffee when it was close to the time for them to get off work.

"No." She came here to work, so how could she be bringing over a formal dress!

"What are your measurements?" She didn't expect Han Yinglei's response would be another follow-up question. With his composed appearance, it seemed that he treated this issue as common as if he had just asked her a question about what she ate today.

"-?" Qiu Xiaoya was stunned when he heard his question. Wasn't he just asked if she had any dress for a banquet? Why did he jump to her measurements in the next second?

"Housekeeper, answer my question."

"General Manager, how can a big man like you just ask a girl for her measurements? Especially when there is no relationship between the two of them, and this kind of question is also quite an impolite thing to ask from a girl..." She slightly frowned as she started to educate him.

"What's so impolite about this question? If I asked the other women about their measurements, they would only giggle, and then they would obediently respond with their figures." He implied that Qiu Xiaoya made a fuss over nothing. Moreover, he asked her about her measurements just to help her buy a dress in her size, so why couldn't he ask?

"Then should I say that I am honoured?" When she saw him acting arrogant, she curled her lips and muttered.

"What did you say?"

"General Manager, why are you asking for my measurement?" She felt that he would not ask this question for no reason. Thus she asked him back after she had calmed herself down.

"I want you to go to a banquet with me." He didn't answer her question directly, but he instead pointed out that he did ask her first if she had a dress for a banquet.

"Housekeeper, people say you have big chests but no brains. I don't think yours are that big, but why is your brain also this poor?!" When he noticed her look of confusion, she obviously didn't connect the two issues.

"General Manager, you can't do personal attacks on me even if you're the boss who pays me." She glared at him, with her tone filled with extreme dissatisfaction.

Hers were small? She looked down at her chest. They were at least B cup that closed to C-cup! How could they be called small? You didn't need to have big ones to be a great person, okay? Hump! Really a man who didn't know how to appreciate them!

She snorted coldly. Her already straight back stood up even more now.

"Your measurements?" It wasn't that he didn't notice that her face looked like she had been defiled, together with her subconscious actions. His eyes suddenly flashed a smile that was too fast for other people to grasp, but he still maintained the same tone as he demanded her answer.

"General Manager, it's a matter of my personal information, and I have the right not to answer." Her tone sounded like it was full of respect, but her two beautiful eyes, which could easily reveal her emotions, were currently burning with not a small amount of flame.

"Troublesome." Seeing that she really wouldn't say it, he grumbled and abruptly stood up from behind his desk while picking up the suit jacket that he had draped over his desk chair and looked as if he was about to leave.

"Let's go," In fact, he really needed to leave right now.

"General Manager, it's not time to go home yet." A workaholic who usually got off work later than everyone else, why did he have to leave early today?

When he heard what she just said, he lifted his wrist and looked at his watch. It was 5:50, ten minutes to the end of the day. "It's only ten minutes to the end of the day, don't worry about it."

"What do you mean, it's only 10 minutes away? General Manager, as long as you are a part of the company, no matter if you are the General Manager at the top or the junior staff at the lowest level, you should follow the working hours set by the company. Especially when you are the General Manager, you should set an example for the staff under you. Otherwise, if everyone is like you and doesn't follow the working hours, it will disrupt the operation of the company, won't it?" After she heard his irresponsible words, she quirked an eyebrow and spoke in much a higher pitch.

"Whether it is ten minutes or one minute away, you should do things obediently and fulfil your responsibilities during working hours, rather than be greedy for a small advantage…"

"Housekeeper, I find that sometimes you are just plain noisy." When he saw her angry appearance, it seemed as if she would make another long speech. However, he planned to take her out to pick the dress for her to wear tonight. Then he would just rush directly to the banquet location. Since he had no time to listen to her, he had to interrupt her talk.

"Am I that noisy?" Perhaps it was the first time she had been criticised this bad, that Qiu Xiaoya became so devastated and couldn't get back to her senses.

Was she really that noisy? But what she said was clearly for his good! If you saw something, not in good condition, should you just pretend not to notice and totally ignore it?

"Housekeeper, is your heart really this fragile that it can't take this kind of a blow? As long as you think you're doing the right thing, no matter what others say, just keep your conscience clear." It was his words that had struck her just now, but he was also the one who had said something just to comfort her.

The sudden look of devastation on her face touched his calm heart, and his slightly sarcastic remarks actually hid an imperceptible concern for her.

"General Manager, can you really ignore other people's views and criticisms?" She suddenly lifted her confused little face as she looked at him.

"Of course." Han Yinglei looked so confident as if he treated her question as something nonsense. "What I do and what I want to do is my own business. Whether I will succeed or fail is my own responsibility. So what qualifications do others have to criticise me on those things?"

"General Manager, you really are such an arrogant man!" Seeing his arrogant look as if he was the only honourable one in this world, she suddenly laughed.

"I have the ability to be a self-important person, so for me to be this arrogant is a matter of course." When she said that he was an arrogant man, he still smiled arrogantly since he didn't consider it to be his weakness.

"Yes, General Manager, you're the best."

"It is good that you know." No matter whether her compliment was something that only said with her mouth, while her heart said no, he still took her words as a compliment.

"Noisy housekeeper, it's already time to get off work, let's go!" This chat, unknowingly, had exceeded ten minutes, and they finally could get off work.

"General manager, where are we going?" She asked while blushing when she heard him mention the word 'noisy' again.

"Just follow me."


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