My Housekeeper Chapter 4.4

As Qiu Xiaoya rode in Han Yinglei’s car, they finally arrived at an expensive designer clothing store. When she heard him ask for the store lady boss's assistance in preparing a dress and styling her for the banquet within an hour, Qiu Xiaoya finally knew why he had suddenly brought her here.

"General Manager, I'm just a small housekeeper. Can I not go to the banquet?"

She was just a housekeeper! How come the Boss suddenly used her as a shield to get married? She had suddenly become his coffee-making girl before; now, he wanted her to accompany him to a banquet. Wasn't this housekeeper's job description a little too varied? Then what role would she, the little housekeeper, play next time?

"I just want you to be my female companion." Han Yinglei dispelled her hope with this one sentence.🧐


"Shut up and just go try on the dresses." He sat on the sofa in the clothing store, reserved for customers, and handed her, who could not utter any objection, over to the lady boss.

Not long after, the lady boss brought Qiu Xiaoya, who had already changed her clothes, to Han Yinglei and presented her to him. "Mr Han, can you look at this aqua blue dress? Miss Qiu's snowy and innocent appearance will attract many people's attention."

"Change it." The V-neck of the water-blue dress made people faintly see her cleavage, and when she turned around, he could see that her entire back was exposed. Initially, she looked gorgeous in his eyes, but then their expression changed with a hint of displeasure.

"Mr Han, how about this two-piece dress? Off-the-shoulder shirt, a white skirt in wavy folds, and a small vest made of lace as a change. Very fresh and pure, with a bit of flirtatious feel, which emphasises Miss Qiu's petite but perfect body proportion..."

"Change." Although this two-piece dress didn't show her back or cleavage, it exposed her arms and entire slender curve. They looked good, yet Han Yinglei still felt dissatisfied with it, as his face had the same annoyed expression as before.

" Mr Han, what about this dress in black and white…." The lady boss' biggest boss was the one who would pay for the dress. Even when she had to change Qiu Xioya's dress for no less than five to six sets, the lady boss' smiling face hadn't changed from the beginning until now. She would work extraordinarily hard to find the best ones from inside the store while hoping that there was one that he would like.

Nevertheless, when that certain person took a look, there was still no trace of satisfaction on his face. "Change."

"General Manager, aren't you going to the banquet at 7:30? If I keep on changing, we will be too late." Qiu Xiaoya was originally going to change her dress, but he only glanced at her and immediately asked her to change. She had no choice but to remind him about this.

She initially thought her shopping style of nitpicking at everything, wanting to find the same thing at the best price, already seemed troublesome enough in other people's eyes. She didn't expect to discover that there was a man who was even more exaggerated than she was today.

"As long as I arrive there." Han Yinglei wasn't interested in attending the banquet, especially since Lin Yuer’s father hosted today’s banquet. This circumstance made him even less interested. However, the President had already promised that they would attend it and ordered him to go as the company’s representative. He was not allowed to decline.

Since the President wanted him to go, he would just go. But he didn't promise to be early, nor did he promise to stay at the banquet for long. He planned to show his face, and then he would just go home.

At his unconcerned reply, she frowned instead of following the lady boss to pick out the next dress for her to change into as she said, "General Manager, it's not good to be late, especially when you've already promised to be on time in the first place."

"Housekeeper, just try your dress." He saw that the boss lady had chosen a violet evening dress, and she stood far away as she watched them talking. He signalled Qiu Xioya to the lady boss with his pouted lips, not interested in arguing with her.

Anyway, he was already used to her lectures from time to time. Since she loved to lecture, he let her lecture him as much as she wanted. It didn't affect him anyway. Besides, as long as he became more aggressive or put up his Boss' identity to keep her under control, she would mostly do as he told her. At that time, her facial expression would look so amusing that it had become all the more reason for him to ignore her little flaw, her love to lecture him!

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"General Manager, since I've changed into so many dresses and you're not satisfied with any of them, why don't you just pick one for me directly? That will save much more time." She felt that all the dresses earlier were only a little too revealing, but every single one suited her and looked outstanding. Hence it made her wonder what had caused Boss Daren2 to become so disappointed with them!

"Lady boss, bring over the dress you're holding." He said nothing to her but spoke to the lady boss on the other side.


"Do you want me to change it for you, housekeeper?" After receiving the violet evening gown from the lady boss, he looked at Qiu Xiaoya with a condescending glance while his mouth was slightly curved upward.

"I'll change into it myself." When she saw him looking so serious, she took the dress and hid in a dressing room closest to her. This time, he no longer sat on the sofa but waited outside the dressing room where she was currently changing.

After getting dressed, Qiu Xiaoya walked out of the dressing room. Before she had time to see how effective the dress she was wearing, she was surprised to see him standing outside the dressing room with amazement and admiration in his eyes.

The shoulderless close-fitting evening gown, with a corrugated shape on the chest and a fishtail hem, showed her exquisite figure and made her look touchingly lovely. However, after noticing her spotless white arms, he automatically frowned.

"Mr Han, here's a silk shawl in the same colour." The lady boss was looking much brighter this time. When she saw him keep disliking the best-selling dresses before, she finally realised what he disliked about them. So, when she saw him frowning, she immediately came up with a purple shawl and personally put it on Qiu Xiaoya.

"Mr Han, how does this look?" Sure enough, Mr Han's overall face looked much better.

"This is the set. Then, help her match it with the right accessories and make-up for the whole look." The additional shawl gave her a different and elegant look as Han Yinglei finally had a genuine smile. An order was given again, and before Qiu Xiaoya could speak, the lady boss, who had guessed his heart, laughingly dragged her aside to take care of it.

It was ten past seven, and by the time the lady boss was done with everything, it was time for the banquet, but he didn't care. If he was late, then let him be late because having his housekeeper stood beautifully beside him was all that mattered!

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