My Housekeeper Chapter 5.2

In order to say goodbye to the host of the banquet, Han Yinglei left Qiu Xiaoya by herself and headed towards Lin Boxue alone. He simply wanted to inform him that he was leaving. When he went back to Qiu Xioya after that, they both would immediately leave the banquet. However, those who attended the banquet chose that moment to greet and form connections with him.

Since he thought that he came to the banquet on behalf of the company, he couldn't be completely disgraceful to others like he was in front of Lin Yuer. Therefore, he could only put on a false smile and perfunctorily greeted the crowd.

The polite expression on his face quickly crumbled after dealing with them for ten minutes, especially when he turned his attention to Qiu Xiaoya, who was waiting for him at the venue's entrance, and noticed a pervert was bothering her.

Fortunately, when he got rid of everyone and ran to drive away a certain pervert who dared to covet his housekeeper, the pervert had already left on his own accord.

When he breathed a sigh of relief, after some time, a disturbance came from Qiu Xiaoya's direction once more. He looked up reflexively and saw the whole chaotic situation in full view. He saw her walking out of the venue with her soiled skirt. It seemed that she was going to clean up after herself; he inadvertently withdrew his gaze. However, after he unintentionally took a glimpse at the obvious vicious smile on Lin Yuer's face, his heart gave birth to anything other than reassurance.

He finally shook off all the people who surrounded him, rushed out of the entrance, and went as far as rushing into the dressing room in the corner, without caring the difference between men and women's dressing room, while shouting Qiu Xiaoya's name.

When no one responded, he rushed back into the venue and looked for the one who had planned all these, Lin Yuer.

"What have you done?" When he finally saw her, Han Yinglei didn't have a shred of pity for Lin Yuer as he grabbed her wrist and shouted angrily.

"Lei Gege, my hand hurts. Let go of me. I really don't know what you're talking about." Lin Yuer used her free hand to strike at his large, iron-like hand. The pain in her wrist was so great that she shed tears.

This was the first time she saw him looking so intimidating, and it was also for that lowly woman who was nothing compared to her. This made her jealousy increase even more.

"No? If you say you don't know once more, I'll make sure your entire family become beggars on the street tomorrow!" Han Yinglei's expression was telling her that he wasn't joking.

"Impossible!" screamed Lin Yuer. She didn't believe that her Linshi Company couldn't fight against Hanying Group, especially when the two companies had several project collaborations. If he wanted to terminate the contracts, it wouldn't be Linshi Company that would lose out——the standard thinking of a daughter who didn't know what was going on in the world.

"In my dictionary, there is no 'impossible' word. Only I want it or not. It's up to you if you want to believe it or not." Han Yinglei snorted arrogantly.

"Xianzhi, what do you think you're doing? Our two companies are not only partners, but your dad and I have been friends for decades." When Lin Boxue saw his daughter's bitter tears, he was afraid that Han Yinglei's threat would be as good as his word, so he quickly raised Han Zaiyuan's name.

"Chairman Lin, don't use my father's name to pressure me. I'm in charge of the company now! It doesn't matter if it's my father or Emperor Laozi who comes to intercede. It will still be useless." He glared coldly at Lin Boxue, then turned his attention back to Lin Yuer.

"Tell me, what did you do to Qiu Xiaoya?"

"I didn't…."

"Secretary Xu, I want you to go back to the company now and bring out all the project collaboration documents between our company and Linshi Company. See how much compensation will need to be paid for terminating the collaborations. By the way, bring up the last annual financial statement for Linshi Company. I want a bank to pick up the project collaborations between Linshi Company and Hanying Group..." Han Yinglei suddenly threw Lin Yuer away, took out his mobile phone, and gave a series of orders to the person at the receiver end.

"Xianzhi, you can't...General Manager Han, I beg you not to be so cruel." When Lin Boxue heard Han Yinglei’s orders, it was obvious that he wanted to cut off all possessions and escape way for Linshi Company. Lin Boxue couldn't care less about his old face as he begged.

"Let's see if your daughter will cooperate!" Han Yinglei shook off Lin Boxue's climbing hand. For the sake of Qiu Xiaoya's safety, he wouldn't care about other people's sentiments and faces.

"Yuer, what did you do? Hurry up and make things clear." Lin Boxue knew that his only hope was on his daughter. He grabbed her already red hand and hurriedly requested.

"Dad, why did you have to beg him? Will our Linshi Company lose to him?" Lin Yuer asked with a bit of coquettishness.

"You, this stupid daughter…."

"My patience is limited." This was a total warning.

"Yuer, speak up."

"Lei Gege, there's a bunch of little housekeepers like that woman. Why do you care about her so much? Even if she's good at everything, she's not from the same world as you. Only I am. Both our families have both the gates and the houses match, which make us both a gifted scholar and a beautiful lady..." Lin Yuer didn't seem to understand the situation yet, as she had fallen head over heels for Han Yinglei.

"Yes, she's just a little housekeeper, but she's also my fiancée." Han Yinglei gave Qiu Xiaoya a new identity without even thinking much about it after watching Lin Yuer repeatedly make a big deal about her family background, without even caring about the people watching the show around her.

"Impossible. Lei Gege, you are lying to me, right?"

"Who are you to me? I don't need to lie to you." Han Yinglei had no more patience to even look at Lin Yuer's lost face.

"Chairman Lin, if you don't ask your daughter to surrender my fiancée, then you will just have to wait to declare your bankruptcy!"

"Yuer, come on, tell him where did you hold General Manager Han's fiancée?" For his hard-earned Linshi Company, Lin Boxue hardened his heart as he slapped the absent-minded Lin Yuer and harshly asked her.

"I just want Lin Fugui to drug her, accompany her when she's unconscious, and then feeds her some lust drug to ruin her innocence...hehe, that's a powerful medicine...maybe they are already producing clouds with their turn of the hand and rain with another in the room right now. Moreover, they do it with that little housekeeper's own accord..." Lin Yuer, who had recovered her senses, finally confessed that she wanted someone to drug Qiu Xiaoya, but her unwillingness to share made her curse Qiu Xiaoya viciously.

"Damn." Han Yinglei cursed under his breath, and he no longer paying attention to Lin Boxue and his daughter.

He found the person in charge of the hotel in the shortest possible time, pulled out the guests' information in the accommodation room, and once he found out the room number where Lin Fugui was staying, he rushed to rescue that person.


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