My Housekeeper Chapter 5.3

" hot." It was so hot that Qiu Xiaoya's comatose consciousness gradually woke up due to the inexplicable heat all over her body. However, even when her consciousness already awoke, it was still in an absent-minded condition.

"It's hot. Why is it so hot?"

In a daze, she couldn't figure out what had happened to her. She just wanted to take off the extra restraints on her body, but when she touched it with her little hands, she suddenly found that her clothes were already gone, and only a quilt was covering her.

Quilt?! No wonder she felt so hot...she muttered in a small voice. To relieve the heat from her body, and without thinking, she kicked the blanket off, revealing a hint of coldness when her body was in contact with the room's air conditioner. It also restored a bit of clarity to her chaotic brain.

Fragments of images crossed her mind as she remembered going to a banquet with her boss, only to meet a rich young man who brought her a drink and then she got spilt by the reckless waiter. When she was about to go to the dressing room to clean herself up, she suddenly got so dizzy...

Before she lost her consciousness, she seemed to see the dirty eyes of the rich young man...this memory, coupled with the disappearance of her dress, immediately made her extremely alert.

"Boss?" Hearing the sound of the door locked, she turned her head and saw a familiar-looking man. Her nervous heart suddenly relaxed.

The heat that she had just ignored flared up again. Even after her body already adjusted to the room's air conditioning, she started to feel warm again, as her body got hotter over time...

"You idiot. You actually drank wine that others gave you. If I hadn't come in time, your tender tofu would have been eaten!"

Just as soon as he opened the door before, he saw Lin Fugui straddling her in his pants only. When he noticed the pervert was about to take off the rest of her clothes, his whole head was completely occupied by anger. He immediately pulled Lin Fugui out of bed and took a quilt on one side to completely cover her nearly naked body. Then, he just beat the pervert so hard until he couldn't even recognise his own biological parents.

When he looked up to check up on her, she was still unconscious. As he thought, the effect of the lust drug that she had been given not yet showed its effect. Since he had just given her the status as his fiancée, he decided to act according to his heart. So he asked someone to take Lin Fugui to the police station and kick out all the hotel staff who had followed him here.

However, after he locked the door and turned around, he saw that she was awakened by the effect of the lust drug. Thus he cursed loudly, without caring if she was vague or sober at that moment.

"Boss, I feel so hot!" Qiu Xiaoya didn't feel angry at all about his sudden rebuke, as she just tugged at him with this shout of hers. The lust drug effect finally showed up at this moment. The slight moment of her clarity had disappeared under the effect of the drug.

"It would have been damnable if you felt any heat before." He looked at her flushed face and the gorgeous layer of pink on her nearly naked skin. His abdomen suddenly tightened. When he realised that her unconscious charm had seduced him, he stretched one of his hands to hold her, and the beauty in his arm started to cling onto him like an octopus.

"Boss, your body is so cold. Can you give me a hug?" Her confused mind made her look completely different from how she was always acting so polite when she was sober.

In fact, whether he agreed or not, she was already holding him firmly in her arms, soaking up the coolness of his body to relieve the heat that was pouring out of her.

"Comfortable?" After he had acknowledged the affection he had for her, he started to devilishly seduce her.

"Mmm, it's nice, but I still feel so hot." She tried to press her whole heated body against him, but she still felt boiling.

Ah! It must have been because Boss had too many clothes on, so she couldn't touch his coolness directly. That was why she could still feel the heat.

As if she had figured out the crucial point, she eagerly tugged at his clothes, but her whole body felt as if it had been melted by the heat as she became too soft to exert any of her remaining strength. She could only lift her miserable-looking small face and innocently looked at him, but her hands never stopped trying to tug at his clothes.

The movement of her little hands made him so high, especially when she looked at him with her little hazy eyes that had a trace of desire in them. Suddenly, his blood boiled, and he gently put her down on the bed. He removed his clothes as quickly as possible and returned to her.

"Housekeeper, you brought this on yourself. I will not allow you to regret it, nor will you regret it. You can only belong to me for the rest of your life..." he murmured in her ear. Whether or not she remembered his words afterwards, so long as he, himself, understood the consequences of their actions.

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