My Housekeeper Chapter 6.1

"What just happened?" When Qiu Xiaoya woke up, she found her whole body felt like it had been hit by a train. It felt quite sore and painful. When she got up from the bed, the quilt slid down her body, and she accidentally saw that it was full of blue and purple love bites. She was completely dumbfounded, as she couldn't find any impression of doing that in her mind.

She stared at the marks that shouldn't have appeared on her body, with one of her hands softly kneaded her forehead, trying to squeeze out the cause of the present situation from her blank head, but she found nothing.

"Ah, someone, please tell me what's wrong with me?"

"You have been set up by someone and fed with lust drug." The familiar arrogant voice penetrated her bewildered ears, and she subconsciously turned her head to look away while pulling the quilt with her little hand, not forgetting to cover her naked body.

"Boss?" She couldn't help but cry out in surprise when she caught sight of someone she was familiar with.

What's Boss doing here? Why does he look like he just got out of the shower? Not only is he wearing a hotel robe, but his hair is also dripping wet. Han Yinglei's appearance while he answered the question she had just asked raised even more questions in her mind.

"I'll be responsible, so let's get married!" Ignoring the fact that his hair was still dripping, Han Yinglei sat down on the side of the bed. His eyes met with her puzzled gaze, and the corners of his lips were slightly hooked. He just proposed to her in the same way he was talking about the condition of the weather today.

When he proposed marriage to her, it was more like informing her of his decision rather than asking for her permission. In other words, he did not intend to give her the choice of saying no.

"Wha, what?" When she heard his words, she nearly choked with her saliva as her face looked even more puzzled. Did she hear him wrong? How could her boss suddenly propose to her?

"Yesterday was your first time. For someone like you, who strives for perfection in everything, I believe you have set aside your first time for your future husband!" He ignored her stunned face as he analysed her by himself.

"Yes." She nodded stupidly.

"Then, that's the right way."

"The right way? What's the right way? Boss, does this have anything to do with your sudden marriage proposal?" Without head or tail1, she heard his words while she was still in a daze, and her whole reaction was also a half-beat behind2.

"Nonsense, you have given me your first time. If you don't marry me, then who will you marry?" Before he ate her last night, he already said he wouldn't allow her to regret it!!

She gave him her first time? Did this mean the dense love kisses on her body were all thanks to Boss? But he said earlier that someone had set her up. So who was that person…

"Wait a minute. My head is in a mess. How did this happen?" Her head was already confused enough, and his words made it even more so. She still had no idea what was going on.

What kind of play was she doing right now?

"All you have to do is nod your head and marry me," he instructed without consulting her. Although he noticed her confusion, he didn't seem that interested in answering her questions.

"Boss, can you tell me the whole story? Please." Skipping over the subject of him marrying her, she grabbed the quilt wrapped around her body with her small hands and squirmed toward him. Then she looked up at him so pitifully as she tried to make sense of the situation.

Although she gradually developed a favourable impression on her arrogant Boss, she didn't want this kind of marriage proposal that looked like a command. The marriage she wanted was one where she and her partner had mutual affection, just like ordinary couples in love. She longed for dates with her partner, met with each other's parents, and he would prepare a romantic proposal with flowers and ring...

It definitely was not the case right now. She was unable to make head or tail of her situation3, and she still did not understand why he would suddenly propose to her in this indescribable situation where she just woke up!

He could have ignored her. He didn't know if it was because of his affection for her, but when he saw how pitiful her pleading was, he suddenly felt he had no choice but to tell her everything that happened at the banquet yesterday. He even confessed the fact that he had turned her into his fiancée.

"Housekeeper, the fact that you are my fiancée must have been known by everyone after a day. Now that you have given me your first time, you must marry me." He said it as it should be by rights4, without even considering her feelings.

"Boss, why do you want me to marry you?" She couldn't see that he ever liked her at all. He only proposed to her because she had given him her first time. She didn't want such a marriage.

She was the one who was stupid enough to be set up by the annoying Lin Yuer and end up losing her innocence. Even if it would stain her pursuit of a perfect life, she didn't want a marriage with no emotional foundation!

When Han Yinglei realised that she still couldn't understand it, he suddenly grabbed her by the shoulder and looked straight into her eyes as he bluntly said, "Why are you so stupid? The reason I want you to marry me is that I love you. Otherwise, I wouldn't be so idle, like I have nothing else to do but marry a woman. I would rather go home."

Since he had set his mind on her, there was no longer a trace of hesitation in his heart, and he had no intention of hiding it. After all, she was the one who asked him. Hence, he just answered her.

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"-?" The surprising answer made her brain spin for a moment. Even though he still said it in his usual arrogant tone, as if for him to fall in love with her was a privilege she would only earn because her ancestors had burned so much incense for her, her heartbeat couldn't stop thumping faster.

"Housekeeper, since I love you, you must also fall in love with me… though I guess it's only a matter of time."

"Boss, you are really arrogant!" After hearing what he said, Qiu Xiaoya suddenly had the feeling of wanting to laugh. She thought about it so much when it all seemed like redundancy to him.

"Arrogance is also a required talent. As for me, I'm sure you'll find that I've got the talent to make women fall in love with me." As he stared at her smiling face while she feigned anger coquettishly, he lifted her chin with his fingertips, followed by the appearance of a devilish, alluring smile from the corners of his mouth.

"Housekeeper, you will definitely fall in love with me." His whisper was like an oath, which had firmly bound her beating heart.

For the first time, she found that when the arrogant Boss turned on his charm, he could render a person unconscious, just like her. She was utterly overwhelmed by his deliberate attempt to charm her. She could only become dizzy and happily accept his gentle yet fierce kiss. She didn't know when her little hands that were holding the quilt had climbed up to his neck…

But the cold touch on her hand made her dizzy head slightly clearer. When their lips were slightly parted, she blushed all over. She retracted her hand, lowered her head, and murmured shamefully, "Boss, hurriedly go and dry your hair! You see, all the drops of water from your hair are dripping to the bed, and it has become wet.”

"It's your job to serve me, housekeeper!" When he noticed her shyness, he teased her with a rare tenderness in his eyes.

"How can a housekeeper's job include drying up the Boss' hair!" But when she thought about it, her housekeeping job seemed to have become even more strange, and it had deviated from the scope of a housekeeper's work.

"What's the difference? I want a housekeeper who can obey me, and it doesn't matter if it's a housekeeper or a maid; obedience is the most important thing."

"..." Knowing that he was telling the truth, she could turn speechless.

"Or I'll serve you instead." Seemingly addicted to teasing her, he imagined her beautiful package wrapped up in the blanket. As he remembered all that was glorious last night, his eyes narrowed as he proposed while harbouring evil intentions5.

"What?" As if hearing something weird, she looked up at him in surprise. When she saw the light flashing in his eyes, her blush was even more gorgeous, like a ripe red apple, as he advanced to pick her up.

"I want to help you relieve the fatigue of last night." Without waiting for her approval or disapproval, he lifted her, who was inside the quilt, across the room. To her alarm, he walked into the bathroom attached to their hotel room.

With the sound of water spraying and opposition, finally came the sound of moaning that could make people who hear it blush. Her already shaken heart sank together with her betrayed body, unable to extricate herself from him…

Footnotes Full List
  1. without any clues
  2. rather slow (in performing a task, comprehending etc.)
  3. Chinese idiom: confused/muddle-headed
  4. Chinese idiom: proper and to be expected as a matter of course
  5. Chinese idiom: bad intentions


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