My Housekeeper Chapter 6.2

Qiu Xiaoya couldn't believe that they really got married like this?!

An example of Taiwan Marriage Notarization
From what I've read, effective May 23, 2008, this kind of notarisation can only be released by the Household Registration Bureau Office (HHR). No more notarisation from the courthouse. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Image Credit | Fuzzy_Barbecue (Two Foreigners Getting Married in Tainan VS Our own countries?)
Last night, because of his constant demands, he put her in a deep sleep because of excessive physical exhaustion. When she was still dazed from sleep early in the morning, he suddenly dug her up from the quilt and brought her to the courthouse for marriage notarisation. His parents and her cousin had also come to be their witnesses.

When she thought she was wearing the red wine-stained, crumpled violet evening dress and made a promise for a lifetime with him in front of the relatives of both sides, she felt so humiliated. At that time, she must not have woken up yet and had a knotted brain before she would allow herself to appear in front of everyone in such an inappropriate manner.

Oh, why did she feel that when she met him, her standard in pursuing perfection had quickly emerged into something abnormal?!

"Housekeeper, why are you in a daze? Hurry up and help me prepare my luggage." Han Yinglei called her out when he noticed Qiu Xiaoya standing in a daze in front of the closet.

"Yes, Boss." When she heard his call, she suddenly recovered and habitually answered respectfully, but there was a bit of sadness between her brows.

She wondered what he had told her cousin when she thought of their marriage notarisation in the courthouse this morning. Why did her cousin, who had always been protective of her, agree to let them marry without even asking her?

Was his charm that amazing?

"Didn't I tell you to stop calling me 'Boss'? I'm your husband, so call me by my first name." When he heard how she addressed him, he suddenly felt he was a little harsh on her. Thus, he opened his mouth to correct her.

Both of them were already married, and she still called him 'Boss', as if she deliberately distanced herself from their current relationship. Obviously, he would not be happy with it.

🦊: Didn't you call her 'housekeeper' first?

"But I'll still be your housekeeper for the next three months." Even though they were already married, she didn't feel it was real. Hence, she had better get her housekeeper duties in order first.

Besides, would anyone immediately go abroad for business as soon as they got married? It happened that her fresh out of the oven, the newly-married husband did. Unconsciously, the sadness in her eyes became even more visible.

"But you're also my wife."

An example of current & new proposed Taiwan IDs.
The bottom picture of the first image, the current ID, stated the spouse's name. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Image Credit | CNA (數位身分證110年7月全面換發 3縣市先試辦, Oct 6th, 2020)
"Boss, you don't have to always emphasise our relationship. We just went to the courthouse this morning to notarise our marriage. Although you are going to the United States for a business trip after less than a day of getting married, you are still the husband registered on my ID card…." She picked out a few sets of clothes from the closet, folded them on the bedside, and said out loud what was on her mind, laced with complaints that she hadn't noticed in her words.

"Are you angry? Is it because we just got married today, and I forgot to tell you in advance that I will fly to the United States for a business trip at night?" When he heard her grief like she was an abandoned wife, he reached out and grabbed her busy little hand as he asked her tentatively.

The business trip to the United States tonight had been set as early as a month ago. At that time, he didn't expect that he would suddenly drag his housekeeper to get marriage notarisation. Even his parents and the housekeeper's cousin had been notified to be their witnesses on short notice last night.

Of course, the notarised marriage was just to tie her down first, and for the make-up wedding, he had already told his parents and the housekeeper's cousin to discuss it together. After they had done all the preparations, it would be a pleasant surprise for his housekeeper!

"Boss, you think too much. You are the boss, so you don't need to tell me your whereabouts in advance." She wanted to get her hand back, but he wouldn't let them go. Thus, she couldn't help it. She just verbally and deliberately called him 'Boss' continuously, refusing to give in to his wish to change the way she addressed him.

After they got married, he still called her 'housekeeper' and instructed her to do things at every turn. It was like being his wife was no different from being his housekeeper.

"Little liar." When he saw her heart and mouth at variance1, he affectionately touched her little nose. "You're angry means you care about me. I am pleased. It seems that I will not need to wait too long for you to fall in love with me."

"Boss, don't make wild guesses. Do you want me to prepare your luggage for tonight's business trip or not?" As if he had predicted correctly what was truly in her heart, she glared at him and raised her tone. Unfortunately, her soft, childlike voice was too harmless, so Han Yinglei still had that cocky grin on his face.

"Okay." He nodded.

"Then why don't you let go of my hand?" Her right hand was in his grasp. How could she continue to fold his clothes with only her left hand?

He didn't let it go but instead grabbed her left hand and said, "Housekeeper, go to the United States with me!"

Her angry mood made him feel slightly smug. It was like getting his precious toy, which made him not want to leave her side.

She looked into his eyes and noticed their unconcealed tenderness. Suddenly, her dissatisfaction dissipated a lot, but the smug smile at the corner of his mouth made her slightly angry, as if she could not hide anything she was thinking from him. A hint of wryness leapt to her mind as she deliberately asked, "Boss, is this an order?"


"Then my answer is, I, won't, go."

"Why? You clearly don't want me to leave, so why won't you go on a business trip with me?" He really couldn't figure out what this woman was thinking.

He could see that she was upset because he had to go on a business trip to the United States right after they had just gotten married. However, now that he had asked her to go with him, how could she still disagree?

"Boss, you said it's not an order. So, no matter my reason for not wanting to go, it's my problem. You don't have to ask me anymore." She took advantage of the moment when he was dumbfounded, and his hands relaxed for her to pull back her hands and concentrate on folding his clothes. Afterwards, she put them one by one into his open suitcase.

She didn't intend to go against him. She just wanted to take advantage of his business trip to the United States to get a few days alone to think about what kind of feelings she really had for him and how a mere housekeeping job could somehow make her entangled with him.

She also had to think and figure out how to make the perfect ending for all these imperfections that had gone beyond her plans!

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  1. Chinese idiom: say one thing and mean another


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