My Housekeeper Chapter 6.3

However, when the Boss finally went on a business trip, the quiet life that Qiu Xiaoya wished for was destroyed by the sudden arrival of a person. This person's appearance had caused her not to have time to think about what happened between her and Han Yinglei.

Because the person who had come looking for her without any notice was her laziest friend, He Ruolan. She collapsed directly in front of her immediately after she arrived, which made Qiu Xiaoya worry for her. So how could she have the mood to think about other things?

For the past few days, Qiu Xiaoya didn't want to press Xiao Lan too much whenever she looked at her sickly appearance. Thus, she piled up all the questions she wanted to ask in her heart and took good care of her.

With great difficulty, Qiu Xiaoya waited till Xiao Lan's body recovered, and then she called over He Ruolan's boyfriend——Gu Haotian. She tried to find out the cause of this situation from him. Who would have thought Gu Haotian would reply 'I don't know' to whatever questions she asked? She seriously didn't understand how he could become Xiao Lan's boyfriend with these reactions! She couldn't do anything about it other than dig out why Xiao Lan suddenly ran to her from Xiao Lan's own mouth.

Finally, the two of them eventually cleared up the misunderstanding. Afterwards, they happily bade farewell to her and went home together hand in hand. Only then did Qiu Xiaoya feel relieved.

When left alone, she stared at the wedding ring on her finger that Han Yinglei had forbidden her from taking off. Compared with the sudden desolated home, her heart felt slightly lonely for some reason. She unexpectedly missed Han Yinglei right after He Ruolan left sweetly with her boyfriend.

"It turns out that I like him so much!" She mumbled to herself.

In the past few days, after she was put under the influence of the lust drug and gave Han Yinglei her first time during the confusion, she felt like her mind was in a constant state of a mess. Now that she finally had the time to relax and think deeply about the two of them, her true feelings for him gradually became clear.

She really liked him. It must have started when he stood before her, protecting her from Lin Yuer's bullying. Her initial impression of him, her dislike for him, began to change from then on. Unconsciously, her affection for him accumulated over time, and his image started to fill her thoughts, which was impossible for her to get rid of.

Thinking of the cocky look on his face when he was so sure that she would fall in love with him, and as she looked deep in herself now when she was alone, she had to admit that he was right. However, she was somehow unable to be honest with her real feelings whenever he was around her.

"I guess I'm not as good as him when it comes to being honest with my feelings." She sighed lightly. Then it suddenly occurred to her that since she had faced up to her inner feelings, and they were now a legitimate husband and wife, why couldn't she just use this opportunity to complete her dreams courting process!

She took a notebook from her room containing her daily planned schedules. As long as Han Yinglei was around, he would often disrupt her planned schedules, and she could only obediently follow his orders. But she was already used to listing everything she had to do the next day before sleeping.

Of course, Qiu Xiaoya was aware that the dating process she wrote in her notebook might turn out to be just her wishful thinking since she wasn't that brave enough to ask her Boss to do it, but she still wrote them down anyway.

With these sweet thoughts, she planned her dream date until God of Sleep found her and went to bed with a smile.


Due to the early completion of his work, Han Yinglei, who was scheduled to travel for a week, immediately booked the next flight back to Taiwan.

At three in the morning, he finally arrived at his home. As he looked at the light yellow halo from the small lamp in the living room, as if it was welcoming a tired traveller home, he suddenly felt a warmth in his chest. This small lamp made him feel that his house had truly become his home for the first time.

Unconsciously, his heart suddenly missed his wife deeply and wished he could see her immediately.

He walked to Qiu Xiaoya's room and swallowed his heart when he found out that she had forgotten to lock the door of her room. He tiptoed inside, and after he found out that she was sleeping soundly, his heart instantly turned soft, and he was reluctant to wake her up.

Looking at her sleeping face, he felt a little sentimental. He wanted to pull a chair and sit by the bed to look at her while she slept. Somehow, he accidentally found a notebook on her desk. He didn't realise what he was doing as he picked it up and turned it over. He wanted to put it back in place when he found it was just a book where she usually wrote her planned schedules. However, he unexpectedly caught sight of the dating process at the rear part of her planning book. There she wrote a few words—

A marriage that skips the courtship process is the imperfection of the unconventional plan. I wish I will experience everything that I've missed and have a perfect ending with him.

Everything planned in the notebook seemed to represent the unspoken regrets in her heart as Han Yinglei's heart slowly became suffocated. After taking one more look at his sleeping wife, he finally decided. He put the notebook back in place. Then he went out of the room and walked to the living room. Although it was past three in the morning, he still picked up his phone to make a call.

Once the call came through, he didn't even say hello as he immediately inquired, "Secretary Xu, do I have any important plans for the next few days?"

"For the General Manager's information, you have an appointment with the chairman of Qingtian Company at noon on the 15th, then a discussion regarding the contract renewal with the General Manager of Qiaomei Enterprise Club at three in the afternoon on the 16th, and there will be a review meeting in the morning on the 17th..." Since Han Yinglei had great demands for his work, those under him often had to stay up late, and Secretary Xu was no exception. When Secretary Xu picked up the phone, he was trying to sleep. Thus, as soon as he heard the General Manager's inquiry, he quickly grabbed the PDA that he had put aside and selected several important planned schedules.

After Han Yinglei finished listening to the schedules, he quickly made a decision, "Change the appointment on the 15th to next week and leave the contract renewal with Qiaomei Enterprise to the Vice General Manager to negotiate. The review meeting will be held at a later date. You will move all other unimportant schedules to next week. Are there any questions?"

"No question, General Manager."

"I won't come to the company this week. If you have any questions, you can go directly to the President. Unless something significant happens, you are not allowed to call me." After thinking briefly, Han Yinglei simply dragged his semi-retired father into the water to spend time with his wife properly.

"Yes, General Manager." Secretary Xu wrote down what Han Yinglei said one by one.

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"Secretary Xu, have you ever been on a date?"

"" Originally, Secretary Xu, who was waiting for the General Manager to give him his next order, was so frightened that he nearly choked his saliva when he heard the words that shouldn't have been spit out by his workaholic General Manager.

"Secretary Xu, answer my question." Han Yinglei didn't even consider for one minute how scary his words could be. Instead, he felt dissatisfied with the way Secretary Xu started to stutter.

"For the General Manager's information, I have, but can I ask the General Manager, why are you asking me this question?" Secretary Xu couldn’t help being curious. Since he talked with the General Manager through the cell phone, he raised his courage and cautiously asked.

Han Yinglei's face suddenly reddened, and he sheepishly rebuked him, "Secretary Xu, you have too many questions."

"I'm sorry, General Manager."

While ignoring Secretary Xu's apology, he directly instructed, "Tomorrow morning, prepare several dating plans and send them to my mailbox."

"Yes, General Manager." Secretary Xu's mouth was respectful, but inside, he was wailing. The result of him being too talkative had made him unable to sleep tonight!

"General Manager, is there anything else?"

"Nothing more."

After Han Yinglei had handed over the matter, he was the first to cut off the call. He then went back to his room to take a bath. Once dressed in a robe, he returned to Qiu Xiaoya's room. He climbed softly, carefully hugging her without waking her up, then closed his eyes as he fell asleep.

In Secretary Xu's Mind


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