My Housekeeper Chapter 7.1

As Qiu Xiaoya was sleeping, she suddenly felt her body became much hotter over time. When she opened her eyes, she noticed she was being hugged by a man who shouldn't be here right now. "Huh? Shouldn't you still be on a business trip to the United States? When did you get back? Why are you sleeping here?"

Now that it was a hot day, plus an extra body heat next to her, it was no wonder she was feeling quite hot.

"Morning." Her voice woke up Han Yinglei. With a wide smile on his face, he was going to kiss her, but because of her being sharp-eyed and deft-handed1, he was immediately blocked by her hand.

Before she could break away from his embrace, she saw his face getting closer to hers, so she instantly blocked his mouth and said, "I haven't brushed my teeth yet. It's not hygienic. So you're not allowed to kiss me."

"I haven't brushed my teeth either, so it's okay."

When she heard his words, she really didn't know whether to laugh or cry2. Thus, she could only stare at him ferociously. "You may not find it wrong, but I do."

"Housekeeper, we are already husband and wife, so you shouldn't care about that too much." He looked at her resistance to his approach as if he were looking at an unreasonable child.

"It has nothing to do with whether we are married or not. It is a matter of hygiene..." She argued strongly on just grounds3, but it was a pity that someone was not interested in listening.

"Housekeeper, let's go on a date!"

"What?" When she heard him suggest what she planned to do last night, she stared at him blankly and then unconsciously put down her hand on his mouth.

Am I dreaming?

"Ah! Han Yinglei, how dare you steal a kiss from me? Didn't I tell you not to kiss me before I brushed my teeth?" Her mind was busy pondering over his words when she was snapped out of it after she realised that a disobedient man had stolen a kiss from her.

She yelled at him, indirectly letting her know she was not dreaming. However, their date was not the most important one at that moment. The most important thing was that he kissed her without brushing his teeth… oh well, she hadn't brushed her teeth either. Sure enough, he was born to ruin her perfect life!

"I don't steal kisses; I kiss openly, and since you're my wife, I'm willing to kiss you. Don't even think I would be like this if it were any other woman!" Once he had done telling her that, he gave her several more pecks on the lips. Before she could react, he had already left her lips with a satisfied-looking arrogant face that made people want to slap him.

"Han Yinglei——" she shrieked once more.

"Stop screaming; I'm hungry." The tone she raised was not sharp enough, as it still sounded so gentle and mild, so he took it for granted.

"What's that got to do with me? If you're hungry, get out of bed and get yourself something to eat. Just don't bother me." She seemed to have forgotten that he was her Boss as she turned her head, trying to ignore him. However, her stomach was acting against her, and it chose that moment to make grumbling sounds.

"Looks like you're hungry too, so get up and make breakfast." With a slight upward quirk to his lips, he got out of bed.

"We are now husband and wife, so don't speak to me in a commanding tone." She obviously heard his laughter. Hence, her face went so red that she deliberately turned her back on him while feeling shy and angry.

She directed most of her emotions at herself, but she was just taking them out on him.

He didn't reflect at all after hearing her accusations. He just shrugged and said, "That's just how I speak. You're overthinking it."

"Housekeeper, you are my housekeeper and my wife. You can't refuse to prepare breakfast for me." After a pause, he added, "During my business trip to the United States, when I didn't have any of your coffee or food, I felt like I was missing something. Be kind, housekeeper. Please go prepare breakfast and coffee to fill my stomach."

"Really?" Although he had only expressed his feelings narratively over the past few days, to Qiu Xiaoya's ears, they had become the most touching, sweet words. The corners of her mouth curled up unconsciously. The feeling of anger and humiliation that she felt just now she had thrown all far away.

"Are you happy now? Housekeeper, I'm hungry, so can you go cook breakfast for me?" he asked once more after he noticed that her mood had improved a lot.

"Yes, Boss."

Once the two finished their breakfast, the matter of them going on a date was brought up again. Originally, Qiu Xiaoya was delighted, but the next second, she remembered that Han Yinglei had just returned from a business trip and should go to the company today. How would he have the time to go on a date with her? The result was a series of lectures from her mouth: like he should not play for the sake of not going to work, or he, as General Manager, should be the best model for employees...

When she had said enough and wanted to catch her breath, he stated that he took the leave the company had given him, which meant that he was not skipping work intentionally, making her blush again on the spot and unable to speak.

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Finally, the two reached a consensus that they would be going out on a date, but...

"Why are we going out separately?" Han Yinglei leaned on the car door, looking at Qiu Xiaoya, who had changed her clothes and applied a layer of makeup. He didn't understand her logic.

"You're the one who said you wanted to go on a date. A date, by definition, is when a man and a woman meet up at a time and place, so of course, we have to go out separately to make it taste like a date." Although she had never been in a relationship, she had seen other people on dates and had her own ideas about dating.

"What an unnecessary move." Since their meeting place was in the underground parking lot, they just took the elevator one after another to meet up.

"Boss, if you think I'm making an unnecessary move, why did you do what I asked? Anyway, you're the boss, and I'm just a little housekeeper. So if you say no, what else can I say?" She was pleased to know that he took a special leave of absence from work to go on a date with her, but couldn't he be a little sweeter and more agreeable to her suggestion?

She had also put on a beautiful dress and beautiful makeup for this rare date, but he didn't seem to see it, and there was not even a word of compliment coming from him.

"Why do you keep calling me boss, housekeeper?" He ignored her complaints and picked up on the way she addressed him instead.

She resisted the idea of giving him a roll of her eyes and deliberately said with great respect, "Because you are my boss, Boss. Are you satisfied with this answer?"

"Housekeeper, I am asking you out to have fun with me as your husband. So don't call me Boss anymore."

"Yes, Boss Daren4."

"Housekeeper, I thought you were dying to go out on a date. After all, you're dressed up beautifully for the occasion. But I can't help feeling that you're angry!" Han Yinglei was no fool. Of course, he could tell she was in a bad mood, but he didn't understand why she said she was angry.

"Do you think I am beautiful today?" Qiu Xiaoya didn't want to pay attention to him, but when she heard his praise, she couldn't help asking.

"Of course, my wife is beautiful. Not to mention that you have dressed up specially; that's made you even more charming." He looked proud, and seeing her exuberant and charming look, he finally knew why she was angry just now.

Ah… women were still women. They always liked to hear men say nice things to coax them.

"Housekeeper, can you call me by my name?"

"Ah Lei, where are we going on a date?" She asked when she was finally in a good mood, following his wishes. Although she used to plan all the itineraries before travelling, it was his appointment today. Thus, she naturally thought that he would have this date properly mapped out.


Footnotes Full List
  1. agile
  2. Chinese idiom: dumbfounded
  3. well-substantiated argument
  4. title of respect toward superiors

Shoushan Mini Info

Shoushan, Taiwan
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Located on the western edge of Kaohsiung, Shoushan (literally “longevity mountain”) is known by many names such as Chaishan (柴山), Takao Mountain (打狗山) and Monkey Mountain (猴山). In the early days, aborigines grew a generous clump of arrow bamboo trees here, whose stalks were made into weapons to fight the pirates at the time. These arrow bamboo are known as “takao” in the local indigenous language, hence the name “Takao Mountain.” During the Dutch rule, the colonisers found out that this mountain was (and still is) basically occupied by a legion of monkeys and simply named it “Monkey Mountain.” In 1923, the Japanese Prince Hirohito (裕仁皇太子), who later became Emperor Showa (昭和天皇), visited the Monkey Mountain. The visit coincided with his birthday, so to wish him longevity, the mountain was renamed “Shoushan.” - Round Taiwan Round


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