My Housekeeper Chapter 8.2

"What are the two of you doing here?" When he saw the father-daughter duo, Han Yinglei didn't care if his parents were present. He just pulled down his whole face and didn't show them mercy.

However, he believed his parents would not blame him since they also despised Lin Yuer's vicious heart. This happened because he had long told them about Lin Yuer's scheme against the daughter-in-law whom they had long wished for a long time.

"How are you, Dad, Mom, Chairman Lin and Miss Lin?" Compared to Han Yinglei's bad tone, Qiu Xiaoya was much more polite.

"Mom, Dad? Qiu Xiaoya, you are only Lei Gege1's fiancée. What right do you have to call Uncle Han and Aunt Han as your dad and mom?" The elders who were being greeted had not yet reacted, but rather, it was Lin Yuer who jumped out first resentfully.

"Miss Lin, Xiaoya is my rightful daughter-in-law, so please be polite." Cheng Meiyi raised her brows slightly, and her faint tone didn't hide her dissatisfaction towards Lin Yuer's impolite words. She even changed the way she addressed her, from the familiar Yuer to the polite Miss Lin.

How could she have thought that Lin Yuer was a very good and polite girl before? Nevertheless, her son had a good taste to choose a daughter-in-law as good as Xiaoya.

"Aunt Han?" When Lin Yuer heard the meaning of Cheng Meiyi's words, her eyes unconsciously shifted to the rings on Qiu Xiaoya and Han Yinglei's fingers and felt that she had been struck by lightning. She was about to yell out words of discontent and jealousy but was stopped by the quick-eyed Lin Boxue.

"Shut up, Yuer." He visited Han Zaiyuan and his wife uninvited this time, all for the upcoming cooperation between Linshi Company and Hanying Group. He didn't want to ruin his chances of getting the two companies to work together again because of his daughter's rude remarks.

"I apologise to everyone for my daughter's ignorance."


"Shut up."

"There is no need to apologise. Chairman Lin, what are you doing here?" Since Han Yinglei did not want to see their father and daughter act here, he impatiently interrupted them.

"Xianzhi2, I know that today is my Laoge3's birthday. So I specially brought Yuer to congratulate him." Lin Boxue said with a smile.

"Since you've done your congratulating, can you two leave now?" Han Yinglei didn't believe the reason he said and issued an order to expel the guest without consulting the others.

"Xianzhi2..." Lin Boxue helplessly sent a look of distress to Han Zaiyuan.

"Ah Lei, they're guests who have come from far." Han Zaiyuan first stopped his son from being relentless with his words. He then turned to speak with Lin Boxue, "Lin Laodi4, it's not that I don't want to help, but now, I've left all the company's affairs to Ah Lei. What decision he made, we can only support and not intervene, so I can only apologise to you for the request you've just made."

"Han Laoge3..." Lin Boxue could see that because of Yuer's impolite relationship with Qiu Xiaoya, Han Zaiyuan and his wife were unwilling to help him intercede. He could only turn to Han Yinglei and tried to persuade him.

"Xianzhi2, our two companies have cooperated for a long time. Since then, our company has been providing the main building materials for Hanying Group, and we have cooperated well with each other. Why do you want to take the bidding method for the next building materials instead of giving them directly to our Linshi Company?"

"If Linshi Company thinks that their building materials are first-class and the price is reasonable, they're welcome to participate in the bidding for Hanying Group tender." Han Yinglei sneered as he deliberately invited.

He knew they wouldn't come to the door for no reason. It turned out that they had gotten news about him wanting Secretary Xu to find another partner before he went on his business trip.

Maybe Hanying Group and Linshi Company cooperated well before. However, in recent years, he discovered that the building materials provided by Linshi Company were not good, and their asking price was much higher than that of other companies. Thus, he would take this opportunity to kick Linshi Company from being a cooperation partner with Hanying Group.

"Xianzhi2, can't you think about it once more?"

"Dad, no need to ask them anymore. Even if we don't work with the Hanying Group, we can still find another partner." Lin Yuer couldn't bear to see Lin Boxue acting with a low voice and humble attitude5. Especially now that Qiu Xiaoya was part of the Han family, she felt even more resentful and ashamed.

"Yuer, don't talk nonsense if you don't understand."

"Dad, what did I say wrong? What's the big deal about not cooperating with Hanying Group? Why on earth should the Linshi Company hold onto the Han family thigh?" What was so great about Hanying Group? What was so great about the Han family? There were many companies bigger than Hanying Group in this world. Hence, Lin Yuer disdained to ask the Han family for a bite of food!

She turned up her nose at arrogant men like Han Yinglei. So she, didn't, want, him, anymore.


"Chairman Lin, if you two, father and daughter, want to quarrel, please go home. You are not welcome here." Han Yinglei's tone became even more impolite.

"Sister Zhou, see the guests off."

It was not easy for them to finally send Lin Boxue and his daughter away. When the four people present glanced at each other, they unanimously felt relieved.

"Dad, you don't blame me for being this cruel, right?" Han Yinglei could not help but ask. After all, Lin Boxue had been a friend of his dad's for more than ten years.

"Son, even if I intercede for them, you still won't give them any mercy, will you?" Han Zaiyuan was very clear about his son's character.


"Then there is nothing to say. Son, Dad only has one thing to tell you: no matter your decision, your parents will always support you." He also knew that the quality of the Linshi Company goods had worsened over time. If not for him giving Lin Boxue some face for more than ten years of friendship, he would have followed his son's method by kicking Linshi Company from being their partner.

"Right, son. You can just make your decision freely." Cheng Meiyi echoed the same sentiment as her husband.

As for Qiu Xiaoya, knowing that Han Yinglei would be so unrelenting, mostly for her sake, her heart turned warm. Her little hand quietly held his hand to express her silent support.

"Dad, Mom, thank you." When Han Yinglei heard his parents' words and the warmth he felt from his palm, Han Yinglei's expression became more relaxed, while his soft eyes couldn't help but rest on Qiu Xiaoya.

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"Dad, today is your 60th birthday. Don't be upset about Chairman Lin's affairs. This is a small gift from Ah Lei and me. Dad, I wish you a happy 60th birthday; always be in good health, and may your happiness be as immense as the East Sea." To get rid of Lin Boxue and his daughter's matter, Qiu Xiaoya gave the packaged red wine to Han Zaiyuan promptly while sweetly turning the topic back to tonight's main topic.

"Such a good daughter-in-law." Han Zaiyuan took the gift, and he laughed out loud because of this intimate daughter-in-law of his.

"Come. Everyone should stop talking, and let's eat first." With a smile on her face, Cheng Meiyi invited everyone to the table and told the housekeeper, Sister Zhou, to start the meal as they spent the warm evening happily together.

The rest of their lives seem to return to the original path, except that Qiu Xiaoya's job has changed from housekeeper and coffee maker to helping the great General Han warm up his bed at night. They would leave work on time whenever they had less work to do. Then, they spent their free time going to the night market and seeing the night scenery to increase the fun between husband and wife relationships.

The next day, when Secretary Xu smelled something burning, he came to the pantry, saw the dazed Qiu Xiaoya, and reminded her, "Miss Qiu, your coffee is almost boiled out."

"Ga? Ah! Secretary Xu, thank you." After Qiu Xiaoya recovered from her absent-mindedness, she discovered that her coffee had boiled to less than half a cup, and she smiled awkwardly at Secretary Xu.

"Don't mention it, Miss Qiu. You just be careful." When Secretary Xu walked out of the pantry, Qiu Xiaoya decided to reboil the coffee. But she found out that she had used up all the coffee beans, and that person was waiting to drink coffee to refresh himself. She couldn't just give him this half cup of failed coffee, right?!

After thinking about it, she left the pantry and knocked on the general manager's office door. When there was a response from inside, she pushed open the door and entered.

Han Yinglei looked up blankly and found that it was Qiu Xiaoya who came in, but she was standing in front of him empty-handed, so he had no choice but to ask, "Housekeeper, where's the coffee?"

"Sorry, General Manager. I've spoiled your coffee and used all the coffee beans. Would you like to drink instant coffee instead?" Qiu Xiaoya honestly admitted.

"It's rare that you spoil your coffee. What were you thinking just now?" In pursuit of perfection, Qiu Xiaoya would do everything seriously. She rarely failed, and now she had spoiled the coffee he drank daily. There must be something bothering her mind.

"I wonder, are we going to have a baby?" After Han Yinglei's father's 60th birthday, his parents stayed home with them afterwards. Right then, she realised that Ah Lei was right. His parents truly wished that they could have a grandson!

That day, Mom not only took her to her room while Ah Lei was taking a shower just to ask her about their love affair with each other. Also, after that day, Mom would call her whenever she had time, either explicitly or implicitly, asking them to have a baby as soon as possible so their old parents would have a grandson to play with. Even her cousin went along with the ride.

She didn’t know if they had made a pact to bombard her ears relentlessly. Even the most patient person could only choose to throw up his hands in surrender after facing this kind of pressure for a whole month. In short, she even started to consider having a child herself.

"Ah, Mom and Dad have been harping about it to your ears, right?" When Han Yinglei heard her sudden suggestion, he immediately guessed the reason. Just like before he married, his parents talked about his marriage to him daily. Now that he had married, their next target changed to his wife.

"It's not just Mom and Dad, but also my cousin." How pitiful it was to be his wife. Since Qiu Xiaoya wouldn't even allow herself to be rude to her elders, she had to tirelessly listen to them bombarding her ears one after another.

For the sake of her poor ears, pregnancy was the best way to gag them all.

"It must have been hard for you."

"General Manager, are you being sarcastic? You don't even want to think about who has put me in this mess in the first place. Mom and Dad said they've been collecting male enhancement recipes for the past few days, and they're going to ask me to cook for you every day. So, should I tell you in advance that you will have to work even harder on your part?" She kept a polite smile on her lips at his unconcerned look, but her eyes couldn't help glaring at him.

Nausea rose to his throat at the thought of eating those enhancement foods every day, and a thought suddenly formed in his mind, "Housekeeper, do you want to go on a honeymoon?"


"After we married, we did nothing other than go out on dates for a few days. This time, let's go on a honeymoon!" Nowadays, he loved to have fun with her even more. This made him suspect that it was no wonder he used to feel that his life was dull since he had only been focusing on his works before.

He cast a thoughtful glance at his housekeeper in front of him while fully knowing that the reason he was not interested in anything previously was that he didn't have her by his side...

There were many things Qiu Xiaoya didn't know about managing a company, but she knew that as a general manager, he had to handle endless official business every day. Besides being busy with his office work, he also handled outside matters. No wonder he was called a workaholic by his employees. If he was not in the company, what should his employees do if they encountered urgent business?

"Since my parents want a grandson so much, they won't object to our honeymoon plan. Of course, Dad has to work a little harder to handle the company matters when I'm away!" He believed that if he was willing to fight, his dad had to endure a bit of hard work if he wanted the result. Hence, they could go on their honeymoon trip.

"Is this going to be okay?"

"It will be okay."

Footnotes Full List
  1. older brother
  2. term for one's nephew or a friend's son
  3. my elder brother [address used among friends]
  4. an affectionate form of address for a male who is not very much younger than oneself) my boy / old pal
  5. Chinese idiom: meek

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