My Housekeeper Chapter 9.1

Sheraton Princess Hotel, Hawaii

"I didn't expect our parents would be more impatient than we are. Once you mentioned to them that we would go to Hawaii for our honeymoon trip, they immediately booked out air tickets and hotel accommodation." Qiu Xiaoya was stunned, speechless by Han Yinglei's parents' quick action. She was once again confirmed that his parents had wished for a grandson like crazy.

Since the hotel room had been booked for half a month, it seemed that his parents would rather go to great trouble to take over the company once more. This was to let the two of them 'be straightforward with themselves' without fear of trouble coming from the rear.

"I've told you it would be fine!" Hang Yinglei's face was full of pride when he knew that his plan had been a success. He had long seen through his parents' thoughts.

"Yes, you're the best.” The first thing Qiu Xioya did when she arrived at their hotel room was to unpack her suitcase while bickering with him. They would be staying in the hotel for half a month anyway.

"That's a no-brainer.”

Except that, in the middle of unpacking, she suddenly sounded confused as she held up a sheer nightdress that barely had a covering function in her hand. "Huh?! This dress isn't mine, is it?"

She checked her suitcase, and she confirmed that she hadn't taken the wrong one. But why were there clothes inside her suitcase that didn't belong to her? And there was not just one or two...

Almost all the clothes in her suitcase were replaced with similar sheer garments, with the only difference in colour and sexiness of level which was either more or less!

"What's the matter?" He glanced at her and noticed the red nightdress in her hand. "Housekeeper, did you buy this nightdress to seduce me?"

"This is not my nightdress. Moreover, I don't need to seduce you." It was because he had always been with her. She already suffered enough just by coping with his endless passionate demands, and she wouldn't look for trouble by herself by doing tricks like seducing him.

Then, why did her suitcase have so many clothes that didn't belong to her? What's even more exaggerated was that even the price label hadn't yet been torn off.

When he heard her denial, he realised that the clothes in her luggage that didn't belong to her intended to seduce people. A smile suddenly crept onto the corner of his mouth as he asked, "Have Mom ever touched your suitcase?"

"How do you can’t be! You mean to say that Mom put this sheer..." She paused for a moment, then tried to reason out the purpose of his question, but she could only reluctantly admit that he was right. It looked like Mom would go to any lengths just to get herself a grandson.

"Does Mom want me to stay in the room all day long, so she changed almost all my clothes into sheer nightdresses?" Since this was her first trip to Hawaii, she had planned many itineraries. She wanted to enjoy Hawaii's beautiful cultures and customs to the fullest. As a result, Mom actually played this kind of game with her?!

She couldn't really find any other adjective to express how she was currently feeling, other than she couldn't either laugh or cry.

"Ha, that's a good idea." When Han Yinglei thought of how pretty she would look in her sheer nightdress, he suddenly felt a tightness in his lower abdomen. He wondered if he should be a dutiful son and stay locked in their room with her.

When Qiu Xiaoya heard his agreement, she resentfully grumbled in a flirty manner, "What's good about it? I don't want my first trip to Hawaii to end up only staying in the hotel room, as I can't have fun anywhere else. Then why do we need to go abroad? It would have been much cheaper just by directly locking us up at home."

"I remember there's a shopping mall near the hotel. Let's go shopping first, shall we?" She didn't want to have memories of their first honeymoon, where all she could remember was they only spent their time rolling around in the big bed inside the hotel room.

"Do you have cash on you?"

Although she wondered why he was asking this question, she answered honestly, "I only had some change. Mom said that it is best not to bring cash when travelling abroad. If they were stolen, it would be very troublesome...but I had my credit card with me, so we can just swipe it."

"Trust me, the credit card won't work for a while." Since Mom had helped prepare sheer nightdresses for her, there was no way Mom wouldn't think that Qiu Xiaoya would want to buy other clothes to wear. He seldom brought cash with him when he went abroad. She, Qiu Xiaoya, an obedient daughter-in-law, didn't bring much cash either. The remaining thing they could rely on right now was credit cards.

He believed that his parents had requested the bank to suspend their cards as soon as they boarded the plane. No wonder they booked round-trip tickets for them and paid for their accommodations all at once. It appeared that they had planned everything.

"How can that be?”

"If you don't believe me, you can call and ask."

Seeing the confidence on his face, she pulled out her phone and called the bank, where they informed her that the card she had was indeed unusable.

By the look on her frustrated face, he knew he was right. "Do you believe me now?"

"Then what should I do now?" In addition to this dress that she had on, another one she had prepared was left in the suitcase. But, they would be staying here for half a month!

"Listen to our parents by locking ourselves in our room and try to be straightforward with each other." He deliberately revealed his lecherous look, but there was a serious light in his eyes.

"Don't think about it, Ah Lei. Your mind should not be full of yellow thoughts. I've decided that even if I only have one change of clothes to wear, I'm going to visit all the places of interest that I've planned before. For now, let's go and visit 'Pearl Harbour'."

They first went for a walk in the harbour, followed by them watching some precious documentary films. Then they took a yacht to see the wreckage of the USS Arizona that was sunk by the Japanese during World War II.

As it seemed that ‘Pearl Harbour’ had become a little stuffy for them, they planned to alter their current activity to a more sedate activity by taking a ride to the 42-acre Polynesian Cultural Center.

The Polynesian Cultural Center was the world's largest cultural centre. It offered visitors the unique cultures of the eight ethnic villages of Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Aotearoa, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand and the Marquesas Islands. Still, their main activity was visiting the Grand Theater and enjoying its large-scale performances performed by more than 100 people.

The performance was staged by seven major ethnic groups, accompanied by magnificent music and plots. Each dance was awe-inspiring, especially the torch-throwing and volcano eruption carried out by the Samoan people. Finally, the show took a curtain call with all dancers dancing together, greatly inspiring the audience.

As an audience member, Qiu Xiaoya let out a loud cheer as she felt that she hadn't come in vain. She even managed to toss her feeling of helplessness at the beginning in the hotel room because of Cheng Meiyi's actions to the back of her head.

After the performance, the two took a ride back to the hotel. Instead of entering their room, they walked arm in arm to a nearby beach.

"Ah, so comfortable." Qiu Xiaoya sighed while listening to the sound of the waves in the breeze. She seemed to have put aside her restraints in such a relaxing resort and no longer paid particular attention to her perfect posture.

"Are you not afraid of your clothes getting dirty?" Han Yinglei teased when he watched her learn from other travellers by sitting lazily on the beach.

She pulled him down and sat beside him. After squinting at him, she added. "Once we return to the hotel, obviously we must change the clothes anyway. So, it doesn't make much difference whether it will get dirty or not...the worst thing to me is, unable to go out and only stay in the room."

He wrapped his arms around her waist and let her whole body lean against him. He whispered in her ear, "It's not bad for us to be shut in our room because I'll be there to accompany you."

"Shameless." She said, trying to avoid the heat in his words while her face flushed slightly.

"If you don't believe me, let's lock ourselves in our room tomorrow and try not to go out." Thinking about the sheer nightdress that Mom had prepared for her, his interest increased.

"No way."

"But I have decided, as my wife, you can only obey." The main purpose of this honeymoon trip was to be a straightforward person. He wouldn't let the fun between them be obstructed.

"This is male chauvinism. Now it is the 21st century, which emphasises equality between men and women. So I have the right to say..." Before she could spit out the last word, he sealed her lips, and she couldn't utter any more words except for an overflow of moans.

She was so confused by the kiss that she couldn't even remember how they walked back to their hotel room because her body had already melted beneath him, and she could only dance with his heat...
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The desperation of future grandparents.


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